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  • 1. ,7 1. Intenta poner las siguientes palabras en dos grupos distintos (contables e incontables) *-b*-lt"ne a gfass *f v**tiskg *rñr:g* jui*e te* *f¡scciate cake I ür*lshrgs**:s *rt aru:eletts **ipseh*e*e red scixe a tsÉttntü, biscr.¡its ékicken **$p fra*it B {ilp *f **fSee b*e:" : ,s ba***a :tea : ,a gfass cf witiskY ,orange juice ran omelette chsco*ate cake , ,a lanreté ,cfiick*n souF biscuits ,red lsine chips beer I need somü bread. I n*ed s-*rne biscults 2. mira la tistade la compra de I d*n-t *eed .a*y . milk, Stephanie para mañana y , -.*--, re||ena|osespaciosen|asIn.ead.scnr.*iche*se-, frases con "some", "any" o "a". I ne,ed a melcr: and ,someI +reng€5¡ *;¡^* **.{ **o*^^- { lbr¡t tr dc¡rt ne*d eny ,bana*a= **d I dent ¡r, I r. 1 l.- - - -¡ **^r*- lnÉeG any "" Eppres" -"¿ rl"--- -i t { need sorne cigarettes and a new$pñp*r" :. need a bottie of Bacardi I and some beer. j".,Y*g *g*d ,S,Smg ? pütñt$e$" 2. You need some ? e#gs: 3. rellena los espacios 3 Y** d*nt flged ,ány tr, fT1**t -Con "some","anf o"a". :,4" y*t¡ n:ggd, güfnÉ + gliVg Aif , 15, Y*x nesd s*me .r sa,lt. i ¡6. D* yüu need Érly *. gartic? 7. ü* Y*ü ñ*ed anY - milk? S. Y*r¡ need r * ffyÍng p,*,n,
  • 2. IlI 4. Escribir en forma correcta las oraciones. l. i do*t have car. I cjont irav-r i csr 2. A p,otatoes arent expensive pntatoes arefi,t expensive 3. A*tr nev*r wears hat. Ann never wear a hai 4" Are you ioaking for job? are you io*ki*g i+r a ¡o*t F. fu1ary doegnt *at a r:reat. ,lor*ry. Jcesn,i eai. mesi 6. $rrr going tc party tonight. i nr going t* a par,.y toaight 7. il* yau iike a cheese? d* y*u tik* *rre*sit fiilo3rouwantcrlpafcoffee?doy+r.liE¡aniacup*fcoífe? g, * have great idee. I have a greai id+a {0. ,Feru is cor,tntry in Ssuth Amertca. ini is acclntr-v in S*uih Anreríca 5. completar las oraciones con "some", "any" o "no"_ t. We need *srTrÉ - $*tat*es far th* p$tstc saisd. 2. is th.ere any v rnayonnaise ,at h.srne? 3, I dont want ffny v broccol¡ in the salad, i hate jt lll 4. We need no v rice túday. We l¡ave twc bcxes in t*re cabjr:iet. . 5" There are sofil€ - apples in the refrigerater" 6, There isnt any v bread. Flease gü ánd buy same.