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5 Oregon Hiking Locations

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  • Ed270 hiking

    1. 1. Hiking in Oregon
    2. 2.  These are only a few of the beautiful locations that I have hiked with friends and family. Hiking is not only a great way to enjoy scenic Oregon but a fun way to get some exercise as well.  May this remind you of places you have hiked, prompt you to hike somewhere new, or encourage you to go hiking for the first time at one of these delightful locations.
    3. 3. Silver Falls State Park First opened in 1933, Silver Falls is Oregon’s largest state park. While Silver Falls is widely visited for it’s beautiful waterfalls it also provides many other recreational opportunities year-round. The Trail of Ten Falls provides different hiking opportunities for varying levels of hikers, depending on the distance and elevation people are most comfortable with. Overall, Silver Falls provides a moderate hike.
    4. 4. Multnomah Falls Multnomah Falls Park was first donated in 1915 with the lodge being built I 1925. Multnomah Falls boasts Oregon’s highest waterfall at 542 ft. and offers two main hiking opportunities, although it connects with others. The first takes you along a paved path to the viewing bridge about ¼ mile. The second is a steeper climb past the viewing bridge, 1.1 miles to the top of the falls.
    5. 5. Willamette Mission Park Willamette Mission State Park is a beautiful historic site located near the Wheatland Ferry. Along with easy hiking/jogging opportunities, the park also provides, camping, picnic areas, and equestrian trails. The Willamette Mission Park provides a flat terrain in both paved and non-paved trails for an easy and scenic hiking opportunity.
    6. 6.  The trip from Lower Macleay Park to the Pittock Mansion is about a 5 mile round trip.  This hike provides a moderate climb with a beautiful view of Portland and Mt. Hood from the mansion grounds.  The trail winds up the mountain with about 900 ft in elevation gain before reaching the Pittock Mansion.  There are other hiking opportunities from Lower Macleay Park or Pittock Mansion, depending on your starting point, as both trails lead into and merge with others.
    7. 7. Baskett Slough This Wildlife Refuge was established in 1965 and is home to many ducks and geese as well as other woodland animals. Baskett Slough provides its miles of dirt hiking trails as well as observational platforms for viewing the wildlife and surrounding area. While there is elevation climb, it is gradual, resulting in an easy hiking trail.