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The Ninjitsu of the Internet-Savvy Skeptic
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The Ninjitsu of the Internet-Savvy Skeptic


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Presented by Tim Farley at Skep-Tech 2013 in Minneapolis, April 6, 2013.

Presented by Tim Farley at Skep-Tech 2013 in Minneapolis, April 6, 2013.

Published in: Technology

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  • 1. 忍 The Ninjutsu of the Internet-Savvy Skeptic 術 Tim Farley - @krelnik Research Fellow, James Randi Educational - -
  • 2. 忍 術Who is Tim Farley?
  • 3. What s the Harm? 忍 術
  • 4. Skeptic History 忍 術
  • 5. 忍Skepticality podcast 術
  • 6. Virtual Skeptics 忍 webcast 術
  • 7. Skeptical Software 忍 Tools 術
  • 8. 忍 術What does ninjutsu have to do with skepticism?
  • 9. Evolution 忍 術 6 creationism groups$1,080,000 $35,500,000
  • 10. Lobbying 忍 術 200+ religious organizations $348,000 $375,000 $350,000,000
  • 11. Campus 忍 術 $998,000 $500,000,000
  • 12. The Nones 忍 術•Growing and growing•But still a minority•Our weakness in numbers puts us at a disadvantage in grass roots activism
  • 13. 忍Asymmetric Warfare 術•Unconventional tactics•Weaker side relies on strategy in place of strength•Guerilla warfare or insurgency
  • 14. Skeptical Ninjas 忍•Ninja (or shin-obi) were covert 術 agents and mercenaries in feudal Japan•They were very highly trained•They used unconventional tactics to outmaneuver & outsmart opponents
  • 15. 忍18 ninjutsu disciplines • (精神的 教養) • Seishin-teki kyōyō • 術 Hensōjutsu (変装術) Shinobi-iri (忍び入り)•Taijutsu (体術) •Bajutsu (馬術)•Kenjutsu (剣術) •Sui-ren (水蓮)•Bōjutsu (棒術) •Bōryaku (謀略)•Sōjutsu (槍術) •Chōhō (諜報)•Naginatajutsu (長刀術) •Intonjutsu (隠問術)•Kusarigamajutsu (鎖鎌術) •Tenmon (天門)•Shurikenjutsu (手裏剣術) •Chi-mon (地門)•Kayakujutsu (火薬術)
  • 16. 忍 術精神的 Seishin-teki kyōyō教養 spiritual refinement
  • 17. 忍First a humane 術person, then a warrior Yossi Sheriff
  • 18. Why spirit? 忍 術• Some become mercenaries simply for the money or the thrill•True ninjas must be dedicated and loyal•Training weeds out the thrillseekers
  • 19. Attitude 忍 術•Steel yourself - the Internet is a rough place•Remain calm - don t become that Someone is wrong on the Internet! person•Know why you are doing this•Argue to a goal - not just to argue
  • 20. Ethical 忍•Don t use unethical techniques 術 •Hacking •Buying links or followers •Spamming •Copyright abuse beyond fair use
  • 21. 忍 術 Taijutsu体術 unarmed combat
  • 22. Social media 忍 術•Which should I support - Twitter, Facebook, Google+, others?•Answer: as many of them as you possibly can
  • 23. Be findable 忍 術•People are less likely to find you unless you are present on their preferred platform•At least have a minimal profile with links to where you do hang out
  • 24. Social media tools 忍 術
  • 25. 忍 術 Bajutsu馬術 horsemanship
  • 26. Curation 忍 術•Simply gathering content can be very valuable•Assists your fellow skeptics & others•Provides new resources•Builds on others work
  • 27. Platforms 忍• Storify (social media) • Facebook feeds 術• Tumblr • Lanyrd (events)• Reddit (links) • Blog aggregators• YouTube playlists • RBUTR• Twitter lists
  • 28. 忍術
  • 29. RBUTR 忍 術
  • 30. RBUTR 忍•Crowdsourced 術•Subscribe to Subjects and Pages•Request Rebuttals •Good resource for material to rebut!•Requests and rebuttals feeds notify you
  • 31. 忍術
  • 32. 忍術
  • 33. 忍術
  • 34. Skep Tech is on 忍 Lanyrd• Go to http:// 術 • Past talks & videos• Entire schedule • Books for sale• All speakers • Add your blogs,• Twitter handles photos, etc.
  • 35. 忍 術 Naginatajutsu長刀術 pole sword
  • 36. Arming yourself 忍•Was 2012 the year of skeptical 術 software tools? •Browser plug-ins •Smartphone apps •Gamified web sites
  • 37. 忍 術
  • 38. FourMatch 忍 術
  • 39. Pundit Tracker 忍 術
  • 40. Reality Drop 忍 術
  • 41. 忍術
  • 42. 忍術
  • 43. 忍 術 Chi-mon地門 geography
  • 44. Choosing a battlefield 忍 術• Your own website(s)• Your enemy s website(s)•Common platforms
  • 45. Your own website 忍• Must-have resource 術•You own and control it•Other spaces can become inhospitable - banning, DMCA takedowns, etc.•Domains are portable
  • 46. Host carefully 忍 術•Keep in mind potential future battles•Pick a provider with a good record of legally defending their customers•(Example from Romania)
  • 47. 忍Your enemy s website•Pros: • 術 Cons: • Learn more about • Moderation of them posts • Reach out to their • Banning of users lurkers • Debate them
  • 48. Platforms 忍• Ning sites (Atheist Nexus) 術 • Scribd• LiveJournal • Stack Exchange• Wikis • Soundcloud• Prezi,
  • 49. Cross-posting 忍•YouTube, Vimeo, DailyMotion, etc - video 術•Meetup, Facebook, Eventbrite, Plancast, Lanyrd - events•Flickr, Facebook, Smugmug, etc - photos•Slideshare, SpeakerDeck,, etc - presentation slides
  • 50. 忍Platform plus/minus•Pros: • 術 Cons: • Discoverability • Banning • Compatibility • You don t own your site • Support from third parties • You may not own your content
  • 51. Recommendation 忍 術•Don t put all your eggs in one basket•Spread bits of content across many sites•Best discoverability, insulation against platform problems
  • 52. Community 101 忍• 術 Create an account•Fill out your bio•Post an avatar•Reveal your identity (if you can)•Be nice to other people•Participate in friend and follow process
  • 53. Community 101 忍 術•Carefully read & understand all community rules•Go slow at first if you are unfamiliar•Ask questions, get permission•Use all features of the community, not just the ones that benefit skeptics•Don t be a spammer!•Don t just be negative!
  • 54. Skeptics vs public 忍• 術 Many communities are not explicitly skeptic - may be averse to skeptic use•Try to mix skeptic uses with non-skeptic - shows you appreciate the platform (not just abusing it)•Be direct and polite - this is not the place for sarcasm & hyperbole
  • 55. 忍術
  • 56. 忍Wikipedia v Whats the Harm 術
  • 57. Knowledge Graph 忍 術
  • 58. Skeptics Stack 忍 Exchange 術
  • 59. What formal education did 忍 L.Ron Hubbard have? 術
  • 60. 忍 術手裏剣 Shuriken-jutsu 術 throwing weapons
  • 61. Outreach via SEO 忍•Search Engine Optimization 術•Technical changes to make your site more appealing to Google•Simple things•Avoid the snake oil
  • 62. 忍 術 Non-brain-damaged webdesign and link building are 100% of SEO. Ted Dziuba
  • 63. Easy Help 忍 術•Google s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide•30 pages, very straightforward
  • 64. Example - Headlines 忍•Newspapers don t use clever 術 headlines much online•SEO is the reason•Headline should contain keywords and search terms that someone would use to find you
  • 65. Owning your SERP 忍 術
  • 66. 忍 術 Kayakujutsu火薬術 fire & explosives
  • 67. 忍Meta-data and feeds 術•Meta data makes your content more discoverable•Feeds make it more adaptable to other uses
  • 68. Meta-data 忍• Keywords • MP3 ID3 tags 術• Tags • Captioning on videos & transcripts• Hyperlinks • Google authorship• Alt= text • Twitter Cards &• Geographic encoding Facebook Open Graph
  • 69. Twitter / Facebook 忍• • Twitter Cards & Facebook Open 術 Most blogs can support them if you Graph use the right template• Decorate your posts to make them more engaging
  • 70. Twitter example 忍 術
  • 71. Google Authorship 忍 術•1. Google Plus profile with photo•2. Put your site in Contributes To in your profile•3. Link from your content back to your Google Plus profile
  • 72. Google Authorship 忍 術
  • 73. Geographical 忍 術
  • 74. Building on this 忍 術
  • 75. 忍 術 Chōhō諜報 espionage
  • 76. Investigations 忍 術•Know how to obtain information about an adversary•Standard tools allow you to gather it•Can come in handy later
  • 77. Tools to know 忍• NSLOOKUP - look • 術 up a site name to get Email headers can tell you where an an IP address email originated• WHOIS - find out • IP2Location & who owns a WhatIsMyIPAddress domain name or IP can tell you where address an IP address is physically
  • 78. Image search 忍 術
  • 79. 忍術
  • 80. Psychic Pat is a stock 忍 photo 術
  • 81. Cheesy fortune teller 忍 術
  • 82. 忍術
  • 83. 忍 術Questions?
  • 84. Tim Farley 忍•Twitter: @krelnik 術•Facebook: /krelnik•Blog:•Site:•Email: