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Original Screenplay for my upcoming production!

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  2. 2. LEILA AND THE ARISTOCRATS ACT ONE THE PARTY EXT. SERA’S HOUSE- AFTERNOON 17 year old blonde LEILA MAY HOWARD is exiting boyfriend CASEY REYNOLD’s truck. He is exiting the driver side. LEILA (V.O.) Everyone experiences in their life at some point in time something so wonderful and beautiful that they pray they never forget even one second. Something so positively wonderful that nothing can bring them down, even if for that moment. Then there are the ones you wish you could forget but yet you remember every detail more vividly then you could ever imagine. SERA PRESCOTT, a beautiful brunette 19 year old EXITS the truck behind Leila. She is followed by blonde 19 year old SCOTTIE HAYES. LEILA (V.O.) (CONT'D) And Normally it’s the moments that you can’t forgot. Moment’s for years to come that you’ll will replay over and over again wondering if maybe, just maybe you did something different it would have played out with better results. But that’s the thing you can think that but you never can change what happens. Sometimes you make the right choices and sometimes you don’t. And if you don’t that’s how you’ll remember what happened. And what happens next no one could have predicted. COLTON HARNOIS,20 years old, follows behind Scottie. They are approaching the house. SERA I’m sorry for dragging you guys into this mess Leila. CUTS TO:
  3. 3. 2. INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE- FRONT DOOR- AFTERNOON Sera walks into the house followed by Casey, Leila, Scottie and then Colton. Leila’s eyes go wide. Casey stops walking behind her. LEILA Oh my god. Melissa. BLACKOUT FADE IN ON: INT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH HALLWAY- DAYTIME FIVE MONTHS EARLIER- Words appear and then fade out. It is a Friday Afternoon, lunchtime. The school is bustling with students running around class to class, place to place. We Follow Leila down the hallway. She is dressed casually, hair pulled up carrying a bag of chips and pop. CUTS TO: EXT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH BLEACHERS- DAY THE BLEACHERS CASEY REYNOLDS,17, is sitting on the bleachers waiting for Leila. He is good-looking in the shy softspoken sense. He is sitting beside Leila’s best friend, MELISSA CARTER,18. Melissa is Asian, thin and attractive always wearing tight clothing for attention. They don’t have to wait long as Leila is walking towards the bleachers from behind. CASEY One day that girl is gonna be on time I swear it. MELISSA I wouldn’t bet on it Casey. Why speak of the little bitch now. HEY BITCH!
  4. 4. 3. Melissa waves to Leila who is now stepping onto the bleachers from the other side of where they are sitting. Casey smiles. CASEY Not very nice to keep your best friend and your boyfriend waiting Leila. Leila laughs and nods, agreeing. LEILA I know, I know. I’m sorry. It was Miss. Halliwell. She’s such a bitch. She made me wait after class to come tell me I was talking too much in class and if I didn’t stop she’d have no choice but to transfer me to lame Mr. Barton’s class. Casey and Melissa nod. Leila kisses Casey and sits beside him opening her can of coke as Melissa continues applying her lip gloss, or reapplying. MELISSA That’s Miss. Halliwell for you. Stupid Wench. CASEY She’s really nice to me. Maybe that’s because I actually listen to her when she’s talking. Leila and Melissa look at each other. They shake their heads. LEILA Oh, Case. When are you gonna let it sink in that the only reason she’s nice to you is because you have a cute face! Casey Blushes and shakes his head, flattered but in disbelief. CASEY I’ll admit that when you admit you talk a lot in class. LEILA Fine, I talk a lot in class. Leila smiles and Casey again shakes his head.
  5. 5. 4. LEILA (CONT'D) Say it Casey. CASEY I don’t think it’s true but Miss. Halliwell thinks I'm cute. The two girls laugh at him. He blushes again, embarrassed. LEILA My, My. Mr. Reynold’s. Aren’t we full of ourselves today. Casey nods and laughs. Melissa is also laughing. Leila is watching Casey squirm. CASEY Ha Ha! You’re Funny. Melissa takes an Black and Yellow colored invitation out of her purse. It has a Big Yellow Thunderbolt on it. MELISSA So, Lookie what I snatched from Katrina today when she wasn’t looking. Leila takes the invitation and stares at it. LEILA NO WAY! HOW DID YOU DO THAT? Casey takes the invitation from leila and examines it. MELISSA Well it was pretty easy considering she has the attention span of a gnat. Casey is confused as Leila takes the invitation back. CASEY I don’t get what the big whoop here is. It’s an invitation to a party. Melissa and Leila both look at Casey. He is confused. LEILA No Casey. It’s not just A party. It’s THE party. An Aristocrat party. Casey, now catching on furrows his brows.
  6. 6. 5. CASEY Who cares. Kellie went to one of their parties last year and she said it was pretty lame. Melissa and leila laugh. Melissa takes a chip from Leila’s bag of chips. Leila is sipping her coke. MELISSA Kellie would say that, that girl wouldn’t know fun if it punched her in the face. LEILA Little Miss. Oh I like to play Board games and eat Vanilla ice cream. MELISSA That girl is nauseating. CASEY Ok. So let me get this straight. Kellie is nauseating. Miss. Halliwell is a Bitch and the Aristocrats are cool? The two girls nod. LEILA Whoa, Can’t stump you babe! MELISSA Well we wouldn’t actually know if they’re cool. This is the first time we have ever had an invitation to one of these parties. Casey Nods. He then remembers something he must have forgot. CASEY When is this party? Tonight? Leila examines the invitation and then nods. LEILA Yeah. Oh my god. I can’t believe this!
  7. 7. 6. CASEY Aren’t we going to Robbie’s party tonight? I kind of told him we would go. Leila looks at Casey, pleadingly. LEILA Casey, come on do you know how long i’ve wanted to go to one of these parties? I mean come on. We like have to go! Casey looks at Leila who is pleading with him and then at Melissa who for some reason is also doing it. CASEY You two are retarded. Yeah fine. Whatever, but you owe me Leila! MELISSA Yaay! LEILA Is that dirty talk Mr. Reynolds? CASEY What? How was that remotely dirty? Leila Laughs. Melissa stands up and Casey looks at her. MELISSA Well as fun as it was waiting for most of lunch to show you that I have to start getting my shit for class. So I will see you two lovebirds after school! LEILA Ditcher! OK. See you. Melissa Kisses her palm and blows it at them. She starts walking off the bleacher. CASEY After school! Don’t be late if you want a ride anywhere! (O.S.)
  8. 8. 7. MELISSA Whatever you say love muff! Leila and Casey look at each other and smile. CASEY Finally I get you to myself. They kiss for a few seconds, getting more heated with each one. Then the bell rings. LEILA Well look at that we’ve been kissing for thirty minutes. CASEY Nice. Another lunch down the tube. Leila takes Bobby’s hand and looks at him. LEILA Honey, we have like a million more lunches to go before we graduate. I wouldn’t think about it so much. Beside we can do more of that tonight after the party. Casey nods, agreeing. He stands up and stretches kicking his sub wrapper underneath the bleachers and starts walking down. Leila grabs his hand and he pulls her by the waist towards him as they walk slowly towards the school. CUTS TO: EXT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH BACK EXITS- DAYTIME. Sera Prescott is standing with 17 year old BEN KRAMER, 16 year old FRANKIE JAY LOREN who is a newcomer and MALLORY CHURCH, 17. Mallory is a beautiful free spirited brunette who barely attends classes except on days to hand out invitations, Frankie is a red haired vegetarian who likes the wheat parts of Lucky charms. Leila and Casey walk down the steps. Leila is laughing.
  9. 9. 8. Sera looks up at The couple descending the stairs towards the doors. SLO-MO: Leila laughs again and Casey shakes his head. Sera is looking at Leila and Casey. Ben looks over at Sera and shakes her by the arm. SLO-MO.CUT. BEN Well, are we inviting Matty or not? Sera shakes her head and then looks at Ben and Mallory. SERA Uh, not. He’ll probably bring his stupid friends and ruin everything, BEN Well we can’t have that. Colton would be pissed if Matty and Co. ruined his bday. Leila and Casey approach Sera, Mallory and Ben. LEILA Excuse me. MALLORY You may pass! Mallory and Ben laugh as Casey and Leila pass by and disapear into the school. Sera shakes her head at her friends. SERA You two need to lay off the pot at school. It makes you stupid. BEN Isn’t that pretty much why people smoke pot? Sera Shakes her head and walks away with Ben and Mallory following her away from the school.
  10. 10. 9. INT. THE HOWARD’S KITCHEN.- LATE AFTERNOON. MRS. JOY HOWARD, 42, is wearing her curly brown hair up and an apron as she is cooking dinner in the kitchen, very much an old fashioned wife. Leila, Casey and Melissa enter the kitchen. LEILA So what’s cookin’ good lookin’. Joy turns a shade of red never seen before by Leila. JOY Oh you know. This and that. Hi kids so how was school. TGIF? Joy looks at Casey and smiles. LEILA Mom. I told you never to say that out loud. That’s an in your head kind of expression. Leila rolls her eyes. Joy shakes her head. JOY Sorry Leila I must have forgotten who the mother around here is. Won’t happen again! Leila smiles. LEILA Alright I'll let you off the hook this time. JOY Any plans tonight? ‘Cause I was thinking we could stay in and play yahtzee with your father! Melissa, Leila and Casey all look at each other. LEILA Tempting as that sounds we’re gonna go watch a movie at Robbie’s place. Casey’s face goes red and Joy looks over at Casey. He is the obvious signal that Leila is telling her a fib. He becomes nervous.
  11. 11. 10. JOY Is that true Casey? CASEY Oh, yeah. Don’t worry I’ll have her back by ten! Leila, Melissa and Joy look at Casey. Joy opens the oven and prods at the roast inside. (SOFTLY) MELISSA Ten, are you kidding? Joy turns back around, closing the oven. JOY OK. Deal. Ten sounds good and Since tomorrow is Saturday we can play a mean game of Yahtzee. LEILA Oh man. Yeah OK sure. Joy nods and turns around to continue mixing the cookie dough she had been working on moments earlier. Melissa, Casey and Leila walk out of the room and Leila pinches Casey really hard. CASEY Ow! CUTS TO: INT. LEILA HOWARD’S BEDROOM- LATE AFTERNOON Melissa walks into the room and flicks on the light she is followed by Casey and Leila who storms in smacking Casey in the back of the head. LEILA What the hell were you thinking? Ten O clock, on a Friday night? What are you stupid or something.
  12. 12. 11. CASEY I’m sorry. I don’t know what happened it just sort of popped out of my mouth. Leila looks at him as Melissa begins to brush her hair in the mirror in the background. LEILA What do you not think before you say something anymore? Because last time I checked that’s what normal people do. They think before they talk. And I realize how worked up I just got and feel bad and am now calming down! And Sorry. Casey smiles at leila. And Leila walks over to him. CASEY No Leila, I’m sorry. Next time I promise I'll say Ten thirty. They laugh and Leila playfully punches him softly on the chest. LEILA Shut up . Leila walks over and sits on her bed. Melissa turns away from the mirror to look at the couple. MELISSA So what are we gonna wear tonight. Oh and I'm borrowing an outfit if you don’t mind. LEILA Your my best friend why would I care if you borrowed any of my clothes and don't mention the Halloween costume incident. MELISSA What, I don’t see how that was a big deal you said I could borrow something to wear. Melissa looks at Leila. LEILA It was Halloween and I didn’t think you meant my costume.
  13. 13. 12. MELISSA Well you said you weren’t going to wear it to school. Leila shakes her head. LEILA OK so not a big deal like a year old. Just go ahead and pick something out. But if I want to wear it your gonna have to choose something else. MELISSA Goodie. Thanks! Melissa gets up and walks towards Leila’s closet and opens it up. She immediately begins tearing through Leila’s wardrobe. Meanwhile Leila and Bobby begin kissing. And they lay down on her bed. MELISSA (CONT'D) Keep it PG 13 bitches. That’s some shit I don’t want to see. LEILA Whatever you say mother!! Leila and Casey smile at each other and continue necking as Melissa pulls out a short dress. LEILA (CONT'D) That’s what I'm wearing. Melissa groans and throws the dress onto the ground. MELISSA Of course. Melissa continue rummaging through Leila’s closet and she finds a dress she likes and she makes a giddy squeal. CUT TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -EVENING Standing by the front door near the stairwell is The ditsy blond, 17 year old HILLARY O’SHAYE. She is dressed to the nines holding a clipboard and a pen.
  14. 14. 13. Across from her is her boyfriend 19 year old KURT RAMSEY. He is blonde and athletic and dressed fairly casual. He is holding a glass bowl with invitations ripped in half. Loud music is playing and we see different colored lights bouncing around the room and Hillary’s face. Two girls are standing between Kurt and Hillary. Hillary is checking the invitation list to see the invitation name on it. HILLARY There you are. Have a good time. GIRL You know it. The two girls run O.S And we see Hillary and Kurt look at each other annoyed. KURT NEWBIES. HA-HA. Hillary nods as a boy walks up to the door. He hands Kurt his invitation. HILLARY Name please! PANS TO: THE STAIRCASE AND FOLLOWS UP THE STAIRS PAST THE RED ROPE INTO THE UPSTAIRS LIVING ROOM WE HAD SEEN AT THE BEGINNING. There we see Sera, Mallory & Frankie Jay sitting on the couch. They are clad in Shiny metallic costumes. They are drinking from odd shaped glasses with bright colored liquor in them. (Reds, Oranges, Greens) There is a Mirrored Silver tray sitting on the small side table in front of them with cocaine on it. FRANKIE JAY You know we could make a lot more money if we started charging admission. SERA I think we’re making enough money Frankie. Frankie nods as Mallory gets up and begins twirling holding the edges of her skirt.
  15. 15. 14. MALLORY I feel so, good. Sera and Frankie Jay look at her. Frankie smiles and begins to laugh as Sera leans over and begins prepping a line of cocaine for herself. SERA Yeah, Coke will do that to you. Mallory stops twirling and runs up to Frankie. MALLORY Dance with me Little Jay. Frankie smiles. FRANKIE JAY Yeah, Yeah. Why not! Mallory drags Frankie by the hand until she is standing up beside her and they begin to dance together playfully. Obviously enjoying each others company. Sera sniffs her line and then sits back rubbing her nose. She watches the two girls dancing for a few seconds and then she glances up at the wall to see the time. SERA Go get the others, it’s almost time. Mallory instinctively stops dancing and she looks excited she runs off around the staircase down the hall and barges into a room. It is Ben and Colton’s room. Colton is putting his shirt back on as Colton is smoking a cigarette lying on the bed. BEN Yes, Mall? Mallory smirks knowing what was going on. MALLORY It’s time. Ben and Colton look at each other and then Colton looks at Mallory. COLTON Cool. We’ll be out in a second.
  16. 16. 15. BEN I love this song Ben nods his head to the music and puts out his cigarette. CUT TO: DOWNSTAIRS BY THE FRONT DOOR. Kurt and Hillary are checking over the list for the invite and nod. Leila, Casey and Melissa are standing in the doorway. HILLARY You sure look different today Katrina. Leila Casey and Melissa look nervous and Leila nods. LEILA It must be the nose job. HILLARY Well have fun. Leila and Melissa look at each other again and smile. MELISSA Oh, we will. The three begin walking down the hallway towards the main room (downstairs living room). They see a huge crowd of people. They walk slowly passing a couple making out in the hall. Casey grabs Leila’s hand as they enter the room. The room is immaculately set up. With Streamers, flashing lights, lights swaying across the room in many colors. The guests are all dressed prim and proper. There is a makeshift sort of stage in the back of the living room with a wind machine and confetti machines set up around it. LEILA Wow, this is pretty snazzy. MELISSA Yeah, apparently they go all out every Friday.
  17. 17. 16. Casey looks around a male couple is kissing a couple people away. Two girls are dancing sexually with each other. He obviously feels out of place as he’s glancing around. Casey reaches over and taps a girl who is standing in front of them. She turns around. THE GIRL WHO KNOWS Yeah? CASEY Do you know where we can get drinks? The girl nods as Melissa and Leila look at him talking. THE GIRL WHO KNOWS Over there by the sink. There is a girl who will make you some drinks. She extends her arm and points to where 18 year old MANDY JONN is standing dressed in black. She is mixing drinks for a couple. CASEY Thanks. OK girls I'll be right back. Fuck is that Mandy JONN? THE GIRL WHO KNOWS I think that’s her name. CASEY Great, I used to date her in grade nine. This should be fun. I’m getting drinks. LEILA OK. Make mine something fruity. MELISSA Me too! Casey nods as he takes off in the direction of the sink. MELISSA (CONT'D) So, should we dance now or wait until we’ve had a few. LEILA I guess it wouldn’t hurt to start busting a move The two girls laugh as The girl who knows turns to them.
  18. 18. 17. THE GIRL WHO KNOWS I wouldn’t do that yet. They’ll be coming down soon. Melissa looks at the girl. MELISSA Whose coming down? The girl who knows just smiles at them. THE GIRL WHO KNOWS This is your first time isn’t it? LEILA Yeah, is it that obvious? THE GIRL WHO KNOWS Definitely. The aristocrats. They’re coming down. LEILA Oh, I just thought that was the name of the parties. MELISSA Who are the aristocrats? Two bright spotlights turn on with Kurt’s help and shine into the hallway. THUNDERSTRUCK by AC/DC begins to play and the crowd goes silent. Leila looks at Melissa as Casey begins to walk back over to them. THE GIRL WHO KNOWS You’re about to find out. SLO-MO: WE GO DOWN THE HALLWAY TOWARDS THE STAIRWELL SLOWLY . HILLARY AND KURT ARE PULLING THE RED RESTRICTION ROPE OFF OF THE STAIRWELL. WE PAN TO THE STAIRWELL WHERE WE SEE “THE ARISTOCRATS”. WALKING DOWN THE STAIRS LAUGHING AND SMILING. Colton, Mallory, SCOTTIE HAYES,19, Frankie Jay, Ben, & Sera. They walk past Kurt and Hillary who after they pass begin returning the red rope to where it once was. CUTS TO:
  19. 19. 18. THE DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM. We can See Leila, Melissa, and Casey in the back against a table. Colton Leads the way into the living room. The crowd parts like the red sea making way for the six of them to reach the “stage”. They begin climbing up onto the stage and turn to face the crowd. The crowd cheers. The room goes dark for a few seconds. THEN BAM. The music kicks up louder and silver lights begin to shoot around the room and they begin to dance on the stage. The wind machine turns on and the crowd cheers again and begins to dance as well. The confetti machine is going now and it falls slowly onto the crowd beneath it. Leila, Melissa and Casey all look at each other amazed. Sera searches her eyes through the crowd and her gaze lands upon Leila. Sera smiles and looks at Ben who is beside her. SLO-MO-CUT. BEN Uh-oh. I’ve seen that look before. They smile at each other. Melissa runs to the crowd and begins dancing so leila joins her dragging the hesitant Casey with her. Leila and Casey are dancing together. Leila takes a drink out of her cup. She grimaces and then downs the rest. Leila turns and faces away from Casey and looks up to see Sera. Sera is looking at her. Leila Is dancing and watching Sera Dance. Sera smiles and looks away continuing to dance with Ben and Mallory. Frankie jay and Colton dance SLO-MO: Leila turns and begins dancing with Casey a little bit more provocatively. She looks to the side at Sera. Sera looks her right in the eyes and Leila returns the stare. Then Leila breaks eye contact and looks back at Casey. Casey is smiling now enjoying what he assumes is all her attention. SLO-MO-CUT.
  20. 20. 19. LEILA I THINK I NEED ANOTHER DRINK! CASEY ME TOO. I’LL GO GRAB US SOME MORE! Leila nods as Casey walks off and Melissa, who had been dancing with a stranger walks back to leila. MELISSA THIS IS INSANE LEILA. WHERE’S CASEY? The song changes to a softer girly rock type song about getting someone’s attention. Leila looks at Melissa. LEILA HE’S GETTING US ANOTHER DRINK. MELISSA GOOD. THE FIRST ONE WENT DOWN SURPRISINGLY EASY! Leila nods smiling as Ben and Mallory walk towards them. Melissa turns around as the guy she had been dancing with calls her back to dance. MELISSA I’M GONNA DANCE SOME MORE TELL ME WHEN THE DRINKS GET HERE. Leila laughs. LEILA YEAH SURE! Leila now notices the two headed towards her. Sera and Frankie Jay walk down the hall towards upstairs as Kurt and Hillary come into the room carrying a cashbox and head towards the stage where we can now see a big black box beside it. Leila watches as Mallory and Ben approach her. MALLORY She wants you to come upstairs. LEILA who does? BEN Sera, you dummy. Come with us.
  21. 21. 20. Leila looks around at Casey who is waiting for his drinks to be made. LEILA I have to wait for my boyfriend. He’s getting drinks. Mallory and Ben look at each other. BEN No you don’t. Come on. Leila is surprised as Ben and Mallory each grab one of Leila’s hands and brings her down the hallway. Melissa looks as Leila walks off and she signals to her dance partner “one second.” Melissa walks to the hallway and watches as Leila disappears upstairs and Mallory begins to adjust the rope. Melissa runs over to Mallory. MELISSA What are you doing with my friend? Mallory looks at her. MALLORY Don’t worry. She won’t be long. Melissa pushes forward. MALLORY (CONT'D) Uh-uh girly. No one can come up unless they’re invited. Melissa tries to push past Mallory who pushes her downstairs. Kurt rushes into the room. KURT Hey, Break it up. You out. MELISSA What? Why? MALLORY She’s fine. Just keep her from coming up. Kurt Nods as Mallory begins walking upstairs.
  22. 22. 21. MELISSA What are you doing with my friend? KURT She’ll be fine. Just go back to what you were doing. Melissa begins walking back into the other room angrily. CUTS TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -EVENING Mallory walks up the stairwell and into the room where Leila is sitting beside Ben on the couch. MALLORY That girl is pretty fiery hey! Leila and Ben look at Mallory as she walks over and sits down beside the couch, on the floor. BEN Who is? MALLORY That friend of yours uh, what’s your name? Mallory looks at leila. LEILA Oh, me? Umm Leila. Leila May Howard. MALLORY That’s a cute name. But we’re gonna call you Leila May. It’s more, earthy than Howard. Leila looks at Mallory strange and than looks. MALLORY (CONT'D) So yeah, your friend. She almost beat me up to get up here. LEILA Melissa? Really? She’s normally pretty tame. Leila looks at Mallory who is taking out the cocaine tray.
  23. 23. 22. MALLORY Well she was ready for fisticuffs. LEILA Weird. Why wasn’t she allowed up here? BEN Just think of this as the VIP room. Off limits to the regular P. LEILA OK. But why am I up here any ways? My boyfriends gonna be pissed off. Mallory looks over at Leila who is her do a line of coke. BEN Boyfriend, pffft. He’ll cope. MALLORY We saw the way you two were looking at each other. It shouldn’t be a surprise to you that she invited you up here. Leila breaks her gaze on Ben and turns to Mallory. LEILA Who? That Sera girl? I was just looking at her. Mallory laughs and offers some to Ben who shakes his head. BEN You two weren’t just looking, you were gazing. Lovingly. Trust me. I’m an excellent people reader. You dig her. LEILA Excuse me? I’m not like that. BEN Like what? Like a human? Like somebody who feels impulses and urges. Mallory shakes her head at leila and does her line. Leila looks at Ben. Seeing she has offended him.
  24. 24. 23. LEILA I didn’t mean it like that I'm just not like that. BEN Again, with the like that comment. Leila you never know what you like or who you are for sure until you try new things. Broaden your horizon, you know. Leila nods. LEILA I know what you’re saying. Sera walks out of a bedroom dressed in a black dress and her hair pulled up. She walks into the room and looks at Mallory and Ben. They immediately stand to leave. MALLORY Well it was nice meeting you Miss. Mayflower. Hopefully we’ll meet again. LEILA It is a small city. BEN I’ll see you before you leave. Leila nods and the two descend downstairs. Sera walks over and sits on the couch behind the table. SERA I just have to do this first and then we can talk. LEILA OK. But I don’t know what you think is going to happen. Sera nods and Leila looks off. CUTS TO: THE DOWNSTAIRS STAIRWELL. Mallory and Ben walk down to see Kurt, Melissa and Casey talking.
  25. 25. 24. CASEY She’s my girlfriend. I have a right to see her. KURT I’m sorry but you can’t go up there right now. Mallory observes the conversation and jumps right in. MALLORY You two need to relax. Come with me and we’ll get a nice drink and talk about this. Mallory is eyeing Casey up like a beautiful sight. CASEY I don’t want a drink I want to see my girlfriend. BEN Oh, drama rama. Calm down. She’ll only be a few minutes. They’re just talking. MELISSA Then why can’t we go up there if they’re just talking. BEN Because it’s the rules. And if you don’t follow the rules you have to leave this house. It’s quite simple. MELISSA We’ll leave when we get Leila. MALLORY Just come with me and we can talk about what’s going on and then you’ll understand. Melissa and Casey look at each other and then Casey nods. CASEY Fine but if she’s in trouble I swear I’ll...
  26. 26. 25. BEN There’s no trouble in this house. Don’t worry. MELISSA This is screwed up Case. Casey nods and looks up the stairs as Kurt stands in front of them. Melissa follows Ben and Mallory. Shortly after so does Casey. CUTS TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRATS ABODE- EVENING Sera hands Leila a drink off of a table. Leila smiles. LEILA Thanks. SERA Yeah, no problem. So having fun? LEILA Well I was But now I'm just really confused. What’s going on? Sera sits down beside Leila and takes a sip of her drink. SERA What’s to be confused about I simply asked you to come and talk. LEILA Then what’s with all the secrecy? SERA It’s just the way we work. It’s not really a big deal even. Trust me. Leila observes Sera drinking and takes a sip of her drink. She finds it helpful in the situation. SERA (CONT'D) So I know you felt it.
  27. 27. 26. LEILA Felt what? SERA You know, when we were looking at each other, the intensity. The passion. The way you started dancing just a bit more impressive when you knew you had my attention. Leila dry swallows air,she is getting uncomfortable but she does know what Sera is speaking of. LEILA What do you mean? We were just looking at each other. SERA A little long for two girls to be staring at each other like that. LEILA Sure, so we had an awkward moment so what. We don’t even know each other. SERA Awkward? Is that how you felt? Awkward? LEILA I’m a little bit drunk OK. Don’t you think your making a big deal of it.? Sera shakes her head and places her drink on the table. SERA See I know your lying to yourself. I know you felt it. The feeling of excitement. The unknown. Leila pauses. Afraid to admit it to herself that maybe she did have a feeling other than awkwardness. LEILA So what? People feel things all the time. It doesn’t mean they always have to act on them. Besides if your taking this where I think you are well I'm sorry but I'm taken. My boyfriend is downstairs.
  28. 28. 27. Leila looks at Sera and can feel her looking back. Intensely. Sera looks at Leila and speaks seductively. SERA I’m sorry. I guess I must have read too much into it. I apologize. Leila is relieved to not have to further the conversation and sighs, beginning to relax, unsure if it’s the drink or if it’s the company she’s keeping. LEILA It’s no big deal. Shit happens. I’m sorry if I led you on. SERA OK. Well then it’s settled then. LEILA I guess so. Leila is feeling angst. Confused because she did feel something and obviously so did Sera. However Sera was almost too eager to dismiss it. Wether it was new to her or not. SERA OK then. LEILA OK. So I'm gonna go. Leila begins to stand up. SERA Wait. There’s just one more thing. LEILA What? Leila is standing now and turns back to see Sera. Sera gracefully moves forward and pulls against her. She feels the warmth on her neck. Leila looks at Sera as She Presses her face against hers and kisses her. It’s a slow moving kiss. Leila is surprised, confused and a little bit excited. Leila closes her eyes and begins to kiss her back. They continue kissing for a few seconds and then they part. SERA So you felt nothing huh? Leila is in shock she actually just did that.
  29. 29. 28. There is a noise behind them and Leila pulls back swiftly. They turn around to see Ben and Colton Hanging off each other. Ben looks at leila and Sera. He grins. Colton laughs and walks off. BEN That’s my girl. See that wasn’t so bad. LEILA I have to go. I’m sorry. SERA Leila! Leila ignores Sera and pushes past Ben who looks as she runs down the stairs. BEN See you. So, you were right. SERA WOW! Colton comes back out of the bedroom he had walked into, shirtless. COLTON Are you coming? BEN Keep your pants on I’ll be right there. COLTON Fine then. I’ll just have to do this myself. Colton turns around and walks back into the room. Ben laughs and runs after. Sera is standing by herself and she smiles and lays back onto the couch. She laughs. SERA Whoo, what a rush! CUTS TO: THE DOWNSTAIRS STAIRWELL. Leila runs past Kurt and towards the hallway. She catches the attention of Casey and Melissa. They run towards her.
  30. 30. 29. CASEY Leila. Babe, are you OK? LEILA Yeah, I'm fine. Leila takes Casey and kisses him. Her eyes explain that she isn’t feeling it the way she had before she kissed Leila. She kisses him again. They part. CASEY I’m kind of glad that we had to wait for you. Melissa reaches them now. MELISSA What the hell was all that about upstairs? LEILA I , I’m not too sure. All I did was talk to some girl Sera. CASEY Sera Prescott? The Lesbian? What did she want? LEILA You know her? CASEY Sure, everyone does. She dropped out of school last year but is always there every Thursday and Friday doing who knows what. Leila looks at Melissa and then Casey. Melissa senses something’s wrong. MELISSA Are you sure you’re OK? LEILA I’m fine Melissa OK? Let’s just go. CASEY Well it’s almost eleven. Your mom’s gonna kill me.
  31. 31. 30. LEILA Or be happy you actually got me home before 2 for once. Casey nods and he grabs Leila’s hand. The three head towards the door. They walk outside of the house Kurt shuts the door behind them. Hillary walks over to him. HILLARY Why is she so special. I’m still not even allowed upstairs! KURT I don’t know. CUTS TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -EVENING Sera is standing by the larger window overlooking the outside. She looks out and sees Leila. She watches as leila gets into Casey’s truck. He starts it up and begins to drive off. CUTS TO: EXT. SERA’S HOUSE Leila is looking back at Sera from the truck window as they drive off. Sera waves and then walks out of sight. Leila looks ahead of her and then at Melissa who is staring at her. LEILA I love you Case! CASEY I love you too Leila. The truck drives away down the road, turns a corner and drives out of sight.
  32. 32. 31. LEILA AND THE ARISTOCRATS ACT 2 TRANSITIONS MONTAGE:LEILA AND SERA MUSIC IS PLAYING. INT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH HALLWAY- DAYTIME Casey and Leila are walking down the stairs at school and they run into Melissa. They are mimicking talking. In the distance we can see Sera and Ben. They look at Leila. Leila looks back at them and they continue walking. Leila still watching them. CUTS TO: INT. LEILA’S BEDROOM-EVENING Leila is lying on her bed with Casey and she begins to kiss him. Casey starts rubbing her back. Leila closes her eyes. She opens them and she is kissing Sera. He sits up and she leans forward and begins kissing him again. Her eyes wide. CUTS TO: EXT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH BLEACHERS- AFTERNOON Leila And Melissa are walking towards the bleachers. Mallory Ben and Frankie Jay are smoking pot on them. Mallory is swaying around and Ben is bobbing his head to the music while Frankie Jay is talking to Sera who is revealed to be there with them when Leila and Melissa go and sit down on the bleachers.
  33. 33. 32. Melissa smiles awkwardly at them and Leila and Sera gaze at each other again. Leila blushes and looks away. Leila bites her lip and looks at Melissa and begins talking. CUTS TO: INT. TAYLOR HIGH LOCKERS -DAYTIME Leila is at her locker and she opens it. An invitation falls out. It has her name on it. It’s for another party at Sera’s house. She looks at it. It reads: “Please come, Alone. Leila” Leila looks at it again and then looks around. She nods her head pondering the invite and sticks it into her binder. She grabs a textbook and shuts her locker. She walks down the hall. CUTS TO: INT. THE HOWARD KITCHEN- LATE AFTERNOON. Leila, Casey, Joy and HANK HOWARD,42. Are eating dinner. Leila takes a bite of the chicken and looks at Casey who is talking to Joy and Hank. Joy laughs and Leila fakes a smile and Joy looks at Leila. Leila looks at her mom and makes a face as if to say “why are you staring at me?” Leila looks at Casey and smiles at him as he continues telling a story obviously about Leila as stated by his body language. CUTS TO: INT. LEILA’S BEDROOM- EVENING Leila is sitting on her bed and she looks down at the invitation on the night stand beside her. She picks it up and stares at it. She smiles and gets up off of her bed. MONTAGE END. CUTS TO:
  34. 34. 33. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH HALLWAY- DAYTIME We follow Melissa as she walks down the hallway towards Leila at her locker. Leila turns to Melissa and smiles. MELISSA Sup, biatch! Leila looks up at her and smiles. LEILA Hey girlfriend. They laugh. Leila looks at Melissa. MELISSA Excited about the movie tonight? Should be good. LEILA I don’t know... Melissa looks at leila. MELISSA I don’t know as in you think it could suck or I don’t know as I don’t know if I'm coming. LEILA The second one. MELISSA Really? Aw, Come on Leila. You’ve bailed on me twice this week. What’s going on with you? Leila looks away from melissa and then back to her. LEILA I don’t know Melissa. I’m just not feeling that good. MELISSA Really? Have you been to a doctor?
  35. 35. 34. LEILA No, My mom says she’s going to take me tomorrow if I'm still feeling sick. Melissa nods and they begin walking and then Melissa stops and she grabs Leila arm. MELISSA OH MY GOD. Are you pregnant? Leila looks bemused at Melissa. She shakes her head. LEILA God, no. I’m not pregnant it’s probably just a flu or something. MELISSA OK, just checking. Because I mean you and Casey do have sex a lot more than most people. LEILA That’s not true. We haven’t done it in like weeks. Melissa looks surprised and they continue walking down the hallway towards the staircase. MELISSA Really? Weird. Why not? LEILA Are we really talking about why I haven’t been giving it up to Casey? Isn’t that something guys talk about. Melissa nods. MELISSA Yeah, and best friends! Which we are. So Spill. LEILA I don’t know. I’m just not feeling it anymore.
  36. 36. 35. MELISSA What? What does that mean? LEILA Look Melissa. I don’t really feel like talking about this right now OK. So I'll see you tomorrow OK? MELISSA Isn’t Casey driving us home tonight? Leila stops walking and looks at Melissa. LEILA No I think I'm gonna walk! MELISSA OK. Whatever. Talk to you some other time I guess. Melissa walks away glumly and Leila takes a deep breathe and continues walking up the stairs. EXT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH BACK EXITS- DAYTIME. Leila is walking out of the school carrying her backpack. She looks hurried. The door opens after her and Casey runs out. CASEY There you are. Where are you going? Aren’t you catching a ride with me and Melissa? Leila turns around and looks at Casey she shakes her head. LEILA I don’t think so. I think I'm just gonna stay home tonight. I’m not feeling so good. CASEY Oh. Well don’t you want a ride than? If you don’t feel good. Hey maybe I’ll blow off the movie too and we can just stay in and watch DVD’s, drink soup. All that uh, good stuff.
  37. 37. 36. Leila shakes her head and Casey looks disappointed. LEILA I just want to be alone. You know how I get when I'm sick. I’m sorry. When I feel better maybe we can go see the movie. Just me and you. Casey nods, upset, but willing to settle. CASEY Sure. Cool. So you sure you want to walk. Leila nods. LEILA Yeah, I could use the air and the exercise, good for the body. Casey walks up to leila and kisses her. She kisses back, weakly. He pulls back. CASEY Are you sure you’re just sick? LEILA Yeah, what else would it be? CASEY I don’t know. You’ve just been acting weird lately. Leila looks at him accusingly despite knowing full on what he’s talking about. LEILA Why is everyone saying that? I’m the same me. I’ve just been feeling a little off. CASEY Sorry, I was just worried. You haven’t really seemed into spending time as much lately. Leila can feel her heart breaking for Casey but she is confused and knows it wouldn’t be fair to him to be with him if she wasn’t WITH HIM. LEILA. I know, I’m sorry. I just need to rest up. (MORE)
  38. 38. 37. LEILA. (CONT'D) Everything will go back to normal as soon as I’m all refreshed, OK? Casey nods and rubs her arms. CASEY Sure. Just let me know when that happens. LEILA. Yeah, OK. Well you better go. Don’t want to keep Mellie Bellie waiting. CASEY HA-HA. No, sure don’t. So I’ll call you later tonight. Leila nods. And she turns and begins walking away. CASEY (CONT'D) I love you! Leila nods and waves back. Casey looks hurt. He watches her walk away for a second and his cell phone rings he opens it up and answers. CASEY (CONT'D) Sorry. I was just talking to Leila. Yeah,I’m coming! Casey turns and walks back into the school still talking on his cellphone. CUTS TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -AFTERNOON We are in the downstairs living room which is all ready for the party to be had later that evening. Ben, Colton and Mallory are dancing together. Obviously High. Sera,Scottie,Frankie Jay, Hillary,Kurt and Mandy are sitting at the glass table near the back-door to the patio. Hillary is smoking as is Sera. HILLARY There’s other girl’s out there Sera. Sera looks at Hillary.
  39. 39. 38. SERA I know that you moron. But I don’t want another girl I like this one. Scottie takes the cigarette from Sera. SCOTTIE Maybe she’ll come. SERA That’d be great. But we got sidetracked. This is a business meeting. Frankie, go join Mallory and Ben. FRANKIE JAY MMhmmm. Frankie gets up and walks over to the dancing trio who are dancing to music playing softly in the background. Colton goes and sits where Frankie had been. COLTON OK. So what did Raymond say than? Sera looks at Colton and then across everyone’s faces. SERA He says we’re burning more than we’re earning. We’re gonna go into debt with him if we don’t stop using more than we are selling. COLTON So what we’re supposed to just keep selling for him and not get any benefit out of it? Sera shakes her head. SERA No Colton. We’re just going to have to ease up a little. HILLARY Well not everyone is doing it. SERA I realize that which would mean i’m talking solely to those that do which apart from the help is everyone.
  40. 40. 39. Hillary and Mandy look at each other and then at Kurt. Sera opens the cash box and displays the money inside. It’s a lot of cash to have on hand. A Dangerous amount. SERA (CONT'D) So everyone understand what I'm saying? We need to turn this out double fold. OK? Everyone nods. SERA (CONT'D) Ok good. I’m going to get dressed. Come Scottie you should shower. Everyone laughs at him. SCOTTIE Thanks Sera. Scottie follows Sera out of the room. On the way out Sera stops and laughs at the dancing fools in the background. Colton then goes and joins them. Hillary, Mandy and Kurt who had been standing at the table all site beside each other to talk in secretly. HILLARY So what, now we’re the help? Like this is major. KURT I know. How long are we going to have to pay our dues before they invite us to join. HILLARY I don’t know but i’m getting sick of this shit. Mandy looks at them and nods. MANDY I know I mean look at Frankie Jay. She started pledging after all of us and they picked her first. HILLARY This is total bull.
  41. 41. 40. Hillary, Mandy and Kurt look at Frankie dancing and laughing with Colton,Ben and Mallory. MANDY (O.S.) Tell me about it. CUTS TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -EVENING Kurt and Hillary are standing by the front door. A couple passes them and enters the house. We see Leila enter and she hands her invitation to Kurt. HILLARY Welcome back. LEILA Thanks. Is Sera here? KURT I would hope so, this is her house. HILLARY They’ll be down in minutes. LEILA OK, thanks. Leila makes her way off screen and Hillary and Kurt look at each other. CUTS TO: THE DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM-EVENING Leila makes her way over to Mandy and waits for a drink. The song changes to THAT’S NOT MY NAME by THE TING TINGS. The Spotlights face the hallway and everyone is silent waiting for their arrival. This time we realize why everyone anticipates their arrival. Not for the fun or the dancing but for the drugs.
  42. 42. 41. Leila grabs her drink and starts walking over towards the stage area. We see Colton and Mallory walking down the stairs towards the stage. They are dressed in 60’s fashion. The girl’s have big hair and the boys are all in skinnies. Leila smiles as they all pass her into the newly opened pathway to the stage. Sera passes her and smiles back. Leila smiles and cheers when they take to the stage. Leila begins dancing to the music along with everyone else. Sera is looking at Leila and she gestures for her to come up onstage with her. Leila shakes her head. Sera beckons again and Kurt comes behind Leila and begins to march her towards the stage. Leila is blushing and laughing. LEILA. OH MY GOD. Leila is laughing as Sera pulls her on stage and starts dancing beside her. Ben and Mallory cheer. Leila begins dancing with Sera and they smile at each other. The confetti machine pumps the confetti across everyone. SLO-MO: Leila looks at Sera and smiles and Sera grabs her hand. Leila blushes and then Sera leans in and kisses her on the lips. We pull away slowly as the confetti falls and they kiss. Ben Colton and Mallory all clap and laugh. Frankie Jay and Scottie continue dancing and laugh as well. HILLARY , MANDY AND KURT LOOK AT THEM IN DISGUST. HILLARY ROLLS HER EYES AND PLACES HER HANDS ON HER HIPS. CUTS TO: INT. BEN’S BEDROOM. Leila and Sera are lying beside each other on his bed. Ben, Colton and Mallory are lying on the floor staring at the ceiling, all very happy. BEN Tonight couldn’t have went any better.
  43. 43. 42. MALLORY It was magical. Leila and Sera laugh. SERA I would have to agree with that. Sera smiles at Leila who nods and grins. LEILA I can’t believe i lied to come though. That’s not like me. SERA I’m glad you did. The two girls smile at each other. MALLORY’S HAND REACHES ON TOP OF COLTON’S AND SHE CLENCHES IT. HE LOOKS OVER AT HER. BEN IS STILL STARING AT THE CEILING. HE LIGHTS A CIGARETTE.COLTON PULLS HIS HAND AWAY. Leila and Sera are lying facing each other. LEILA So I don’t know how this sort of thing works? I have a boyfriend. Sera nods knowingly. SERA Well the only thing you can do is think about it I guess. Like are you happy with him? LEILA Well I thought I was and then we met and after that it’s just seemed, forced. SERA Well do you love him? Leila looks down and then back up. LEILA I’m not sure, I don’t know. This is just a really confusing situation. (MORE)
  44. 44. 43. LEILA (CONT'D) I’ve never had these feelings about a girl before. It’s kind of scary. SERA Is that a good scary or bad? Leila smiles. LEILA I guess it’s a bit of both. Mainly a new kind of scary. Leila and Sera laugh. BEN AND COLTON GET UP AND THEN THEY LOOK AT LEILA AND SERA. BEN We’re gonna go to your room unless you want to. SERA (O.S.) No, no, we’ll go CUT TO: INT. SERA’S BEDROOM- EVENING Leila and Sera walk into her bedroom it’s large and painted a beige color with very proper furniture. LEILA Wow, nice room. SERA It used to be my mom’s before she died. LEILA Oh, sorry. How long ago was that? Leila lays on the bed beside Sera now. SERA It was almost two years ago. Leila nods and looks sympathetically at Sera. LEILA That must have been hard. Even though she’s a knob, if my mom died I'd seriously lose it.
  45. 45. 44. SERA I always assumed it’d be like that for me too. But she died and time went on & I was OK. Plus she left me the house for when I was 18. So that was pretty sweet. Leila smiles at her. LEILA So you barely have to work. Just pay power, electricity and groceries? How does that work. SERA I just pay what needs to be paid. I’m sorry I just don’t like talking about finances and business stuff. It’s all kind of lame. Very unromantic if you ask me. LEILA My bad aha. So what do you want to talk about? Sera looks at leila and smiles. SERA Who says we have to talk? Sera leans forward and kisses Leila. Leila sits up and the kiss more. CUTS TO: INT. CASEY’S LIVING ROOM- EVENING. Casey is lying on his bed listening to music working on his homework. He reaches and grabs the phone. He dials a number. CASEY Hey Mrs. Howard. Can I talk to Leila? Yeah. What? Casey looks shocked and hurt.
  46. 46. 45. CASEY (CONT'D) Oh, yeah no. I forgot she was going out with Melissa. Yeah. No it’s fine I’ll call her some other time. Sure, bye. Casey drops his phone and looks at the picture of him and Leila on his wall. He shakes his head and looks down. CASEY (CONT'D) Oh, Leila... SOFT MELODIC MUSIC BEGINS PLAYING. He hangs his head and keeps shaking it. He sits up and his eyes are watering. He holds the top of his head. CUTS TO: INT. SERA’S BEDROOM- EVENING Leila and Sera are kissing on the bed. Leila lays down on the bed. She is in her bra. Sera pulls off her shirt and they continue kissing. Sera lays on top of Leila and grabs Leila’s hand placing it above her head. Leila is looking up at the ceiling and then her eyes meet with Sera’s and they continue kissing. The camera pulls away from them very slowly. CUT TO: INT. THE DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM- EVENING Scottie,Mallory, Frankie Jay and Scottie’s female friend are sitting at the table talking. Ben and Colton are smoking a cigarette lying on the stage. COLTON I’m serious, it was hilarious.
  47. 47. 46. BEN I bet. Just to see the look on her face. God I can’t believe I missed that! Ben looks at Colton and smiles. BEN (CONT'D) I’m glad I came back. COLTON Yeah, me too. BEN Well I couldn’t take waking up without you. I just wish it wasn’t so seedy still. Colton looks at Ben and smiles. COLTON Hey well nobody is shoving it up your nose Ben. BEN I know, it’s just after I left and came back it seems like I’m being judged by every move I make. And I just want to fit in again. Like before. Colton looks at Ben and half smiles. COLTON You’ll always fit in here, with me. Ben leans towards Colton. BEN God, your so cheesy. COLTON You love cheese though. They laugh a little, tensely and then kiss. MALLORY LOOKS UP FROM EVERYONE AT THE TABLE AS THEY TALK AND SHE LOOKS AT BEN AND COLTON. SHE LOOKS AWAY QUICKLY, THE HURT APPARENT IN HER EYES.
  48. 48. 47. CUTS TO: INT. THE HOWARD’S FRONT ENTRANCE- EARLY MORNING. Leila walks in slowly and shuts the door behind her. She hears a noise coming from the other room so she quickly runs up the stairs just in time to miss Joy. Joy is holding a cup of tea and a book. She walks back over to the couch and sits down. She picks up a book and looks at the carpet and sees Leila’s shoes. JOY Leila? Are you home. There is a pause and a few seconds later we hear Leila. LEILA (O.S.) I’m in the shower. JOY When did you get home? LEILA Before midnight. I snuck in so I wouldn’t wake you. Joy nods eager to believe any lie or half truth her daughter feeds her. JOY Oh, OK. Well I'm about to make breakfast do you want any? LEILA (O.S.) I’ll have some waffles if you are making waffles. JOY It’s settled. We’re having waffles then! Joy gets off the couch and places her book onto the table. She starts walking headed for the kitchen.
  49. 49. 48. CUTS TO: EXT. THE HOWARD’S BACKYARD -AFTERNOON Leila is lying on her picnic table in the backyard. She is listening to music and Melissa is sitting on the bench beside her. MELISSA You didn’t have to lie to me Leila. I am your best friend I'm pretty good about these kinds of things. Leila looks at her and nods. LEILA. I know Mel. It’s just I was nervous. I never thought in a million years I'd be.. MELISSA A Lesbo? You mine as well say it if you’re gonna join the train to gay town. Leila laughs and so does Melissa. MELISSA (CONT'D) No, really it’s cool leila. I’ve always wanted to be friends with a hairy clam diving hippy and now i am. Joyous day! Leila shoves Melissa back from her. LEILA I’m not anything like that. It’s just it feels different with her then when I'm with Casey. You know. MELISSA I guess, but what are you gonna do about Casey then? Leila sits up and has a sip of the iced tea beside her.
  50. 50. 49. LEILA I guess I'm going to have to break it off with him. She looks down and then back at Melissa. MELISSA That’s gonna kill him. Poor guy, he’s so in love with you. Leila is aware of this and she feels horrible but she doesn’t need a reminder from her “ Best friend.” LEILA Thanks, I believe I know that. MELISSA Hey, don’t be mad at me. This isn’t my fault. If anything I should be mad. Your the one living this secret life behind all our backs. Leila looks amused at Melissa and shakes her head. LEILA Secret life? Oh my god I went to one party without you and now I'm this big rebel. Like god, no wonder I didn’t tell you. MELISSA Well what do you expect me to just be like oh cool I’m glad you blew off plans we’d made months before and lie about being sick so you could go to some big Lesbo party and Mac on some girl behind your boyfriend’s back. Leila looks at melissa shocked at her cutting remarks. LEILA Well when you put it like that. MELISSA Tell me another way to phrase it that makes it sound less crappy than it really is. (MORE)
  51. 51. 50. MELISSA The fact is (CONT'D) all of those you did things maybe you didn’t do it thinking about what would happen but you still did them. LEILA I’m sorry Mel. I didn’t mean to hurt you or Casey it’s just I was confused OK. I didn’t know what to do. Do you think it was easy? To lie to everyone, and to do all these things I didn’t even understand why I was doing them? Leila looks at Melissa and she bursts into tears. LEILA (CONT'D) Because, no honestly it wasn’t. But I had to. It was eating me up inside. I had to find out what was going on with me. Sure I did it in a really shitty way but that doesn’t make me a bad person. It just makes me human OK. I'm not a genius. I don’t know everything and something new, something strange I'd never felt before came over me and I needed to explore that and if you don’t understand that well then there’s nothing I can do about that. Leila continues to weep and Melissa looks at her and she feels bad. She reaches out to hug her. MELISSA Leila... LEILA No, you know what, don’t touch me. Grab your shit and go. OK. Just go. Melissa looks shocked at Leila. MELISSA I don’t believe you. You’re fucked! Melissa stands up grabs her purse and storms off. She walks away. Leila wipes the tears out of her eyes.
  52. 52. 51. MELISSA OPENS THE GATE TO LEAVE LEILA’S YARD AND CONVENIENTLY THERE IS CASEY ABOUT TO ENTER. HE SEES MELISSA HAS BEEN CRYING. CASEY What’s wrong? MELISSA Why don’t you ask leila. Melissa continues walking away angrily. Casey looks at Melissa walking away and then turns to see Leila sipping her iced tea, partially recovered from her outburst. Casey walks over towards Leila and he looks upset. CASEY What the hell is going on Leila. Why is Melissa crying? Leila looks up having been oblivious to his arrival. LEILA I really don’t want to get into this right now Casey OK. Please. CASEY No Leila. We have to get into this. You've been acting different all week and then last night I find out you lied to your parents about being out with Melissa when you told me you were sick. What the hell is going on? Casey stands in front of Leila. His arms crossed. LEILA I can’t do this Casey OK. Not right now can you please just let it go. We can talk about this later. CASEY No Leila. Tell me right now. I’m your boyfriend I have a right to know what’s going on with you. Please, just stop shutting me out. Leila looks up at him the pain in his eyes. She starts crying.
  53. 53. 52. MUSIC BEGINS PLAYING SOFTLY- SENTIMENTAL HEART- SHE & HIM. CASEY (CONT'D) Leila. I never meant for that. Oh, I'm sorry. Casey reaches over and hugs her kissing the top of her head. CASEY (CONT'D) I love you, you know that right? Leila nods and then pulls back. LEILA You’re going to hate me after I tell you this though. CASEY I will never hate you leila. Just tell me please. What is going on? Leila nods her head and then looks at Casey. LEILA You know that party we went to last week. Casey nods. LEILA (CONT'D) Well see that girl, Sera, who wanted to talk me. umm, well something strange happened between us. Casey looks at her strangely. CASEY What do you mean between you? WE SEE MELISSA STANDING BY CASEY’S TRUCK AND WE HEAR A LOUD NOISE FROM LEILA’S BACKYARD AND MELISSA TURNS AROUND AND STARTS RUNNING TOWARDS THE BACKYARD. Leila is looking at Casey his eyes are watering. He is looking at Leila. He is shaking his head. CASEY (CONT'D) Tell me your kidding me Leila. Just tell me your joking.
  54. 54. 53. LEILA I’m sorry Casey. I wish I was. Casey shakes his head. He walks up to her and looks her in the eyes. CASEY No, no. Leila. I love you, you love me too I know you do. Doesn’t that mean anything to you? Leila is crying now. LEILA Of course it does. I just don’t know what anymore. I’m sorry i sound like a bitch. Casey is intensely angry now. CASEY You’re damn right you do. Fuck Leila. I can’t believe this. Leila gets off the table as Casey cries. She walks over to him and reaches out to hug him. LEILA I’m so sorry Casey. Casey pushes her and she falls onto the grass. CASEY No you don’t get to do this Leila. You don’t get to just break my heart and expect me to make it easy for you. No way, Fuck that, Fuck you! Casey walks off crying trying to hold it back. Leila just lies on the grass sobbing. She rips a chunk out and throws it. CASEY WALKS OUT OF THE GATE AND SEES MELISSA. HE BREAKS DOWN CRYING. HE DROPS ONTO HIS KNEES AND MELISSA RUSHES OVER TO HIM AND HOLDS HIM IN HER ARMS. SHE IS CRYING TOO. MELISSA Oh Case. I’m sorry baby. You didn’t deserve this.
  55. 55. 54. Casey is crying harder and he squeezes Melissa. They are beside the front door and Joy hearing the commotion looks outside and sees what’s going on. JOY Casey? Melissa? What’s going on? She runs out and stands behind them. CASEY Leila broke up with me. JOY Oh you poor thing. Joy leans down and scoops him up and holds him in her arms. Leila walks over and sees what’s going on and Melissa is staring at her and shaking her head. Leila, still crying, runs off deeper into the backyard. THE MUSIC DROWNS OUT ALL SOUNDS CUTS TO: EXT. SERA’S HOUSE - AFTERNOON Leila is walking towards the house holding her arms. She runs over and knocks on the door. THE DOOR SWINGS OPEN AND WE SEE BEN AND FRANKIE JAY WHO IS HOLDING A JOINT. BEN Aw, honey, come here. He hugs Leila and brings her into the house. Frankie closes the door behind them. INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -AFTERNOON Sera is talking to Scottie, Mandy and Hillary.
  56. 56. 55. Kurt is hitting on Mallory by the fridge. They all look when they hear Leila’s sobs. Sera looks over and jumps out of her chair. SERA Casey? LEILA Yeah. Sera rushed over and kisses her on the forehead and holds her. They fall onto the ground. Colton enters the room and Ben runs over and hugs him BEN If you ever do that to me I'll kill you. He laughs and they hug and Mallory rolls her eyes in jealousy. HILLARY AND MANDY LOOK AT EACH OTHER AND SCOTTIE LOOKS AT MALLORY WHO IS LOOKING AT BEN & COLTON. HE NODS, FINALLY UNDERSTANDING. CUT TO: INT. CASEY’S BEDROOM- EVENING. He is lying on his bed. Awake. He is looking at the picture of him and Leila on his wall he gets up and rips it off. He rips it in half and drops it into his garbage, still crying. Very visibly upset. He kicks his garbage can in his room. He sits on his bed and hangs his head into his hands. CUT TO:
  57. 57. 56. INT. BEN & COLTON’S BEDROOM- EVENING Ben is laying in bed watching a movie with Colton. Ben looks at Colton and smiles. Colton looks at Ben and wraps his arm around him. WE FOLLOW COLTON’S GAZE OUT THE DOOR. WE SEE MALLORY, FRANKIE JAY AND SCOTTIE TALKING AND LISTENING TO MUSIC. MALLORY IS DANCING AS PER USUAL. WE GO BACKWARDS INTO SERA’S ROOM. Sera is lying with leila’s head on her chest. Leila is asleep and Leila is brushing her hair. She kisses Leila on the forehead and closes her eyes. THE MUSIC SLOWLY FADES OUT. FADES TO BLACK. CUTS TO: INT. SERA’S BEDROOM - DAYTIME FADES IN ON: Leila and Sera are sleeping side by side on Sera’s bed. Leila opens her eyes slowly and she sits up. She looks at sera who is asleep on the bed. She gets up and creeps out of the room slowly. We follow her into the upstairs living room where Ben and Frankie Jay are sitting up eating a bowl of lucky charms (a very large bowl.) They are drinking big mugs of milk. LEILA Morning. Ben and Frankie look over at her. BEN How’d you sleep. LEILA Like a rock, surprising given the situation. Frankie Jay nods. FRANKE JAY Not surprising. Her bed is like heaven. Her mom had a bad back. So it makes sense.
  58. 58. 57. Leila looks at her as if wondering if she had a thing with Sera too. Frankie quickly realizes this. FRANKIE JAY Oh, but it wasn’t like that. I just slept in there when she passed out on the couch. I’m not into girls. Or guys that much. I think I might be A-sexual. They all laugh. BEN Umm, you’re a plant who reproduces with itself? Nice! FRANKIE JAY No. But I wonder what it’d be like to be a plant. Can you think? LEILA I don’t think that plants can think so much as just ... be plants.. Frankie nods and Ben offers out the bowl. BEN Do you want any? LEILA No thanks I normally just drink coffee and have waffles in the morning. FRANKIE JAY Well La Dee Da. Aren’t we something. They laugh. LEILA I don’t mean it like that I mean my mom normally makes waffles in the morning and holy do I sound lame. BEN No, that sounds nice. My parents care more about their new cars than they did me. LEILA That’s awful.
  59. 59. 58. BEN It could have been but I got them back. Crashed one of them the day they bought it. Proved a point. And thus I'm living here. They laugh. Leila stretches. BEN (CONT'D) I was gonna make some coffee later anyway everyone here drinks it want to help me? LEILA Sure. Also is there a phone I could use. I need to call my mom. Frankie whips out her cellphone. FRANKIE JAY We don’t have a land line but you can use my cellular device. Just keep it short. It’s not free until past 6. Leila takes the phone. LEILA Thanks. FRANKIE JAY Wait it’s Sunday never mind. Use it all you want. LEILA Maybe I'll even call china. Frankie jay laughs. FRANKIE JAY I’m gonna trust that’s a joke. LEILA Good hunch. Leila begins dialing her parents number as ben grabs a handful of the dry cereal. He frowns. BEN Lame. It’s all the wheat shit. He drops his handful back into the bowl.
  60. 60. 59. FRANKIE JAY What’s wrong with the wheat parts, they’re the best ones. Ben and Leila both look oddly at Frankie Jay. CUTS TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRATS ABODE- DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM-DAY Sera, Colton, Scottie, and Mandy are sitting at the table by the patio. Leila, Ben and Frankie Jay are sitting on the stage. Mallory is sitting on the floor. A door can be heard opening and closing. A few seconds later Hillary walks in briskly followed closely behind by Kurt. They head straight for the table and stand behind Mandy who is normally standing. Ben lights a cigarette and begins explaining to Leila the going ons at the house, the business side of things. BEN So we get a shit load of drugs to unload at our parties and we keep a small profit and give the rest to Raymond, our dealer. LEILA Isn’t that kind of a bad scene to be into? Dealing? Mallory looks back at leila. MALLORY It’s plain idiotic but they seem to like it not to mention the free blow we score from the deals by ripping people off. BEN Which is exactly where the problem lies. See we keep coming up short financially because we’re losing clients because people are catching on to our little adjustments to the goods. Frankie jay takes the cigarette from Ben and has a few drags.
  61. 61. 60. MALLORY And last time we were short he threatened to kill us and even beat up poor defenseless Colton. BEN Colton’s my boyfriend. Mallory looks away as he says this, taking it as a personal jab. LEILA Yeah, he’s pretty cute. FRANKIE JAY So are you completely gay or would you say you’re more bisexual? Mallory, Ben and Leila look over at Frankie Jay who shrugs. FRANKIE JAY (CONT'D) What? I’m just wondering. I’d like to know. LEILA I don’t know, honestly, I thought I was straight and then I met Sera and she just makes me feel something I haven’t felt before. Frankie and Ben smile. Mallory giggles. And lays on the floor. THE SIX TALKING BUSINESS AT THE TABLE CONTINUE THEIR DISCUSSION COMPLETELY OBLIVIOUS TO THE OTHER CONVERSATION. SERA LOOKS OVER AT LEILA AND SMILES. WE CAN’T HEAR THE CONVERSATION BETWEEN THE PEOPLE AT THE TABLE. ONLY MALLORY SAYING WHAT FOLLOWS. MALLORY Maybe it’s love. I know you say you were in love with that guy or whatever but who knows. Maybe it was just a good connection and with Sera it was love at first sight. LEILA It’s possible I guess, I don’t know.
  62. 62. 61. Leila looks at sera and then smiles back. CUTS TO: INT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH HALLWAY- DAYTIME Casey is walking with Melissa in the hallway. They are talking as they walk towards Leila’s locker. MELISSA We’ll just tell her we can work through this. I mean she’s gay now? Like yeah right. That’s so not Leila. (CONT'D) CASEY I still can’t believe it. She broke up with me for a girl? What the hell is that Melissa shrugs as they turn to where Leila’s locker is. MELISSA OK, is she really doing that right now? Casey and Melissa stop walking and we see Leila laughing with Sera and Ben. SERA Well look who it is. Leila turns around to see Casey and Melissa. Her face goes red and she feels nervous, as if just meeting them for the first time. Melissa and Casey walk over to Leila. MELISSA So what, you have a new posse now? We’re suddenly not cool enough for the cool club?
  63. 63. 62. LEILA Don’t be like that Melissa. Look I'm sorry the way things played out the other day.. Casey shakes his head. CASEY You know what Leila, just save it. Clearly you’ve moved on. A little faster than I thought but you have. I hope you and your girlfriend have fun together. Sera and Ben approach the group. LEILA So what you two don’t even want to be friends with me now because of this? Melissa shakes her head. LEILA (CONT'D) Are you serious? Sera looks at Casey and Melissa, and then back at Casey. SERA So you’re the tough guy, huh. Pushing around a girl. Wow, that’s so cool. Casey looks at Leila,Ben and Sera. He shakes his head. CASEY Whatever, I gotta get to class. I don’t have time for this. Ben looks at Casey and can tell he’s hurting and he smiles sympathetically at him before he walks off leaving Melissa alone. MELISSA You know, you’re such a bitch Leila. You seriously broke his heart and what do you do? Two days later go around to school flaunting your new lover? Like what’s wrong with you, seriously.
  64. 64. 63. Leila looks away, her eyes watering. Sera steps up to Melissa. MELISSA (CONT'D) And you. Your a skanky home wrecker. The fact that your cool with what you did really proves what kind of girl you are. SERA And what kind of girl is that? BEN Everyone needs to calm down. Leila and Ben look at each other as they can feel the tension rising. MELISSA Your a stupid ignorant selfish bitch . That's what kind of girl you are. Melissa doesn’t get to finish what she says as Sera punches her in the face. Melissa falls onto the ground. LEILA Sera, no. Melissa looks up at Sera,Ben and Leila. Leila reaches out her hand for Melissa. MELISSA Don’t touch me you skank. Melissa stands up and runs off. LEILA What did you do that for? SERA I wasn’t gonna just sit there and let her talk shit about you. You don’t deserve that. Leila is crying again. LEILA Yeah, I do.
  65. 65. 64. SERA No, what you need is to have some fun get your mind of this shit. Come on. Leila looks at Sera. And ben smiles. LEILA What, what about school. Sera grabs Leila by the hand and the three of them begin heading for the school exit. TAKE ME TO THE RIOT BY STARS PLAYS. CUTS TO: EXT. THE LOVE FIELD- DAY Leila,Sera,Ben, Frankie Jay and Scottie are sitting on a picnic table drinking wine from fancy glasses smoking and doing lines of coke. LEILA AND SERA ARE LAUGHING DRINKING THEIR WINE BEN AND FRANKIE JAY ARE RUNNING THROUGH THE FIELD LAUGHING SMOKING POT. SCOTTIE AND BEN PLAY KNUCKLES AND BEN KEEPS PULLING BACK. LEILA AND SERA KISS UNDER A TREE WHILE THE OTHER THREE PLAY TAG. CUTS TO: INT. TAYLOR COMPOSITE HIGH SCHOOL - DAY CASEY AND MELISSA ARE SITTING IN CLASS STARING AT LEILA’s EMPTY SEAT. A GIRL WALKS UP TO CASEY AND STARTS TALKING TO HIM SO MELISSA SMILES AT HIM, HAPPY HE COULD BE MAKING PROGRESS. CUTS TO:
  66. 66. 65. INT. LEILA’S BEDROOM - EVENING Joy is standing in the door way of Leila’s room. She looks at her empty bed and shakes her head. Hank comes up behind her and places his hand on her shoulder. CUT TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -DAY Colton is standing at the front door he hands LACKEY 1 an envelope of money and Lackey 1 nods. Colton shuts the door and walks away. INT. LEILA’S BEDROOM - EVENING Hank walks into Leila’s room and finds Joy snooping through Leila’s drawers. LEILA I just need to know what’s going on with her. She’s always out with Melissa. HANK I think you should have a little more faith in that girl. She’s got a good head on her shoulders. CUT TO: INT. THE ARISTOCRAT’S ABODE -AFTERNOON Ben and Frankie Jay are walking up the stairs to the main living room. We See Mallory try to kiss Colton and he just pushes her away. Ben and Frankie walk upstairs and Ben walks over and sits with Colton. He kisses him and Mallory walks away. CUTS TO:
  67. 67. 66. INT. THE DOWNSTAIRS LIVING ROOM-EVENING Leila is sitting on the stage with Ben and Frankie Jay and they are gesturing wildly and laughing. Leila is doing a line with Sera and Ben. Sera, Colton, Hillary,Mandy,Kurt and Scottie are having a meeting about business. Sera is putting money into the cashbox. The living room is now full of people partying and dancing. Leila,Sera,Ben,Colton,Mallory,Scottie and Frankie are dancing on stage. Hillary and Kurt are selling the drugs at the table. CUTS TO: INT. CASEY’S BEDROOM- EVENING. Melissa and Casey are sitting on his bed talking. Eating a bowl of popcorn with a DVD playing in the background. MELISSA We’re gonna have to do something Casey. She hasn’t even come to school. Apparently she’s in the hospital recuperating after a surgery. CASEY No, she’s not. Melissa looks at Casey and nods her head. MELISSA Clearly. Her mom keeps calling my house and I keep lying for Leila saying she’s in the washroom or the shower. I don’t want to keep doing that. CASEY Then don’t. She didn’t think about us any when she was doing whatever it is she was doing. Fuck she dumped for a girl. We shouldn’t be the ones having to cover her ass.
  68. 68. 67. Melissa eats a handful of popcorn. She opens her mouth to talk and a few pieces fall out. They laugh. CASEY (CONT'D) You’re really disgusting. Melissa laughs and falls back. Casey leans and pulls her up. CASEY (CONT'D) Don’t wanna choke. They laugh more. CASEY (CONT'D) If Leila doesn’t come back to school tomorrow I think that we should go talk to her parents. Melissa shakes her head. She holds her arms out and swallows. MELISSA I know Leila, she definitely would never talk to us again if we did that. Casey shrugs and leans his head to the side. CASEY As opposed to now? CUTS TO: EXT. SERA’S HOUSE - BACK PATIO- AFTERNOON Leila, Sera, Frankie Jay and Ben are on the back patio listening to music. LEILA Do you ever think you’re going to quit selling drugs? SERA Yeah, probably. It’s not exactly a lifetime career. LEILA What do you plan on doing then, for the rest of your life? Sera shrugs and looks at Leila.
  69. 69. 68. SERA I don’t really know. Maybe a painter or a writer. LEILA Cool, I want to be a therapist I think. BEN I want to be an actor. FRANKIE JAY Don’t you mean actress? Everyone laughs except Ben who turns red. BEN No, I don’t mean an actress you bitch. He laughs and passes the joint to leila. Leila Takes a puff and exhales. LEILA I think you’d be a good actor Ben. BEN Then you haven’t seen me act before have you. SERA When we still went to school he was in some stupid play and halfway through he ran offstage and never came back. Leila looks at Ben who is laughing. BEN It was Soo bad . Frankie Jay takes the joint from Leila. LEILA But speaking of school I'm going to have to start going again. Sera looks at leila. SERA I thought you were going to drop out.