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Podcasting in Education
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Podcasting in Education


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A presentation I gave on how educators and students can use podcasting in their classes and for education.

A presentation I gave on how educators and students can use podcasting in their classes and for education.

Published in: Education

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  • Transcript

    • 1. Podcasting in Education
    • 2. Podcasting: An Overview A quick run-through of this exciting medium
    • 3. Overview This seminar will cover: the fundamentals of podcasting how it can enhance teaching and learning in and out of the classroom Software used: GarageBand for Mac OS X
    • 4. What is podcasting? Podcast defined Media files distributed over Internet using syndication (RSS) Why “podcast”? It’s a portmanteau: ‘iPod’ + ‘broadcast’ Distribution of podcasts RSS, iTunes, Juice = all ‘podcatchers’
    • 5. 30m People are 25m 20m listening. Weekly listeners 15m Podcasting use has greatly 10m increased since its mainstream introduction in 2004, and will 5m continue to grow. 0m 2012 2009 2010 2011 2005 2006 2007 2008 2004 Chart Data: Bridge Ratings
    • 6. About RSS Really Simple Syndication For publishing blogs, news, podcasts “Readers” aggregate RSS “feeds” Almost all browsers are aware of RSS
    • 7. Know your formats MP3 Compressed audio AAC Compressed audio Enhanced content Bookmark-able
    • 8. The workflow Create Using audio editing software GarageBand (OS X) Audacity (Multi-platform) Final Cut Studio (OS X) SoundForge (Win)
    • 9. The workflow Distribute Publish to the web .Mac iTunes Podcast Directory RSS / Blog Blackboard (TBA)
    • 10. The workflow Access With podcast clients or MP3 player iTunes iPod / iPhone Windows Media Player other MP3 player
    • 11. Podcasting for Teaching & Learning A new and exciting format: Integration into classroom assignments Publish it online Every group member can take part in projects Look beyond ‘course-casting’
    • 12. Lectures Record lectures, publish them as podcasts Use as lecture format for tele-courses, online classes Teachers can publish podcasts to prepare students for upcoming material Teachers can use podcasts for delivering lectures to free up class time for active learning and interactive exercises
    • 13. Assignments Students record & publish assignments Group projects can be developed and published via podcasts Incorporate multi-discipline approach Teachers can subscribe to students’ feeds, download submissions automatically
    • 14. Other uses Discuss curriculum to faculty & administration Information delivery tool Create debate assignments Record and publish interviews Link to supplemental materials
    • 15. Some examples Univ. of Connecticut: students participate with teachers, answer students’ questions Stanford, Duke, others on iTunes U,
    • 16. GarageBand ‘08 A crash course in Apple’s consumer-level audio editing software (part of the iLife suite)
    • 17. The interface
    • 18. Tracks The interface
    • 19. Tracks Timeline The interface
    • 20. Tracks Timeline Controls The interface
    • 21. Tracks Timeline Controls Timer The interface
    • 22. Tracks Timeline Controls Timer Master volume The interface
    • 23. Tracks Timeline Controls Timer Master volume Podcast chapters The interface
    • 24. The information sidebar Displays current section artwork Set title / artist / other metadata Set overall podcast description
    • 25. The media browser sidebar Audio From iTunes or GarageBand files
    • 26. The media browser sidebar Audio From iTunes or GarageBand files Photos From iPhoto or Aperture
    • 27. The media browser sidebar Audio From iTunes or GarageBand files Photos From iPhoto or Aperture Video From iMovie, iPhoto, or iTunes
    • 28. The podcast chapter list Displays specified chapters with custom artwork for each Allows chapter images to link to web sites when clicked Sets main podcast artwork on left-hand side
    • 29. Fine track controls Podcast track Images & chapters Voice tracks Engineered for best sound quality Jingle track For playing music behind podcast
    • 30. Podcast Demos
    • 31. Available Software Various clients that are available to make podcasts and share them with others
    • 32. Podcasting software For Windows: Camtasia Studio ($300, TechSmith, screen capture, 30-day trial) Mixcraft ($65, Acoustica, audio-editing suite, trial available) Audacity (free, open source, audio-only, multi-platform)
    • 33. Podcasting software For Mac OS X: GarageBand ($79, part of iLife, included with new Macs) ProfCast ($60, convert PowerPoint/Keynote to podcasts)
    • 34. Where to find / publish iTunes Podcast Directory Various internet blogs iTunes U