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Online Teaching Tools in the Classroom
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Online Teaching Tools in the Classroom


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An overview of Delicious and Blackboard for student outreach and engagement in the classroom.

An overview of Delicious and Blackboard for student outreach and engagement in the classroom.

Published in: Education
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  • 1. Online teaching tools in the classroom Reaching your students using Delicious and the resources available in Blackboard February 19, 2010 — 3:15 P.M.
  • 2. A brief overview ✤ Delicious: social bookmarking ✤ Blackboard Tools ✤ Discussion boards ✤ Blogs ✤ Wikis ✤ Podcasts
  • 3. Signed in as kreeger I delicious Home Bookmarks People Tags Se Home See what's hot on Delicious, or go to your Bookmarks Fresh Bookmarks Popular Bookmarks Explore Tags The freshest bookmarks that are flying like hotcakes on Delicious and beyond. See more recent bookmarks Apple - Aperture - What's new in Aperture 3. SAVE 6 via photography designersmust workflow photo 42 Related Tweets 2010 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit - SAVE 3 via models photo bikini porn women Delicious: 34 Related Tweets Answering The Bush “Miss Me Yet?” Billboard SAVE 3 via graphs bush advertising 22 Related Tweets WordPress To Posterous Users: Graduate to a Full Blog SAVE 3 Social Bookmarking. via posterous wordpress mashable 12 Related Tweets 5 Insightful TED Talks on Social Media SAVE 333 via socialmedia ted social video socialnetworking 7 Related Tweets What Small-Business Owners Need to Know About Cloud Computing - SAVE 5 Social bookmarking: tag and share online resources. via cloudcomputing no_tag saas @READREVIEW cloud_computing 7 Related Tweets Follow others’ bookmarks and discover similar sites. YouTube - T-SHIRT WAR!! (stop-motion music video) via SAVE 6 animation humor for videos stop 6 Related Tweets 8 Ways Google Can Become a Social Hub Overnight | Search Engine Journal SAVE 7 via google social media search social-media 5 Related Tweets Snowmaggedon 1.0 in Time Lapse - DCist SAVE 5 via dc snow blog_post blizzard timelapse 5 Related Tweets Foursquare Inks Deals With Major Media and Entertainment Brands SAVE 49 via foursquare mobile socialmedia geolocation trends 3 Related Tweets delicious about blog terms of service privacy policy about our ads copyright policy forums support
  • 4. Delicious ✤ Sign up for an account: pick a username/password, and you’re set ( ✤ Install bookmarking tools if desired (Firefox, MSIE, ‘bookmarklets’) ✤ Start bookmarking and tagging websites to Delicious ✤ (optional) Share with others
  • 5. demonstration
  • 6. Delicious in the classroom ✤ Have students sign up for accounts ✤ Tag websites with assignment-specific tags (llt121 or llt121zeusassignment) ✤ Along with general tags (greek, mythology, olympus) ✤ Sense of collaboration: students share their findings with the class at posting time ✤ Reusability and persistence
  • 7. Join Now! What's New? Learn more Help Sign In delicious Home Bookmarks People Tags Search Delicious Search Save a new bookmark Nathan Borror's Bookmarks Browse these bookmarks BETA Bookmarks | Network | Tags | Subscriptions Site: See more bookmarks in Popular or Recent. sketch22 Type a tag Bookmarks 960 Tags Options Display options Top 10 Tags 397 design 169 11 FEB 10 iProcessing SAVE video 75 >"iProcessing is an open programming framework to help people develop native iPhone applications using the Processing language." This may help with the learning django 53 curve. news 44 iphone processing programming programming 43 9 politics 42 10 FEB 10 The Art of Editing: The New Old Skills for a Curated Life SAVE journalism 38 >"Editing is to media as a performance is to a composition: It is an act of interpretation, rich with opportunities for personal insight, misguided judgments, or brilliance. flash 33 Each individual is different, and each individual will construct experiences differently. In our new editorial roles, we’re tasked with acting as equal parts consumer and inspiration 33 editor." music 33 editing media information news Tag Bundles 7 09 FEB 10 Leah Buechley's turn signal jacket built with LilyPad Arduino SAVE 17 apple 5 Every geeky bikers dream. design 16 lilypad led clothing arduino cycling entertainment 26 news 8 Touch | Interaction with RFID and NFC SAVE 819 places 3 Every wonder what RFID looked like? programming 14 work 2 rfid visualization interaction innovation Unbundled Tags 896 For Mac OS X SAVE 422 All Tags 969 This is proof designers need to get more comfortable with the command line. `lessc style.less --watch` isn't hard to type. lesscss design commandline Fritzing SAVE Great tool for documenting your Arduino projects. 1449 arduino electronics schematics prototyping tools interaction opensource
  • 8. Questions?
  • 9. Home Help Logout My Blackboard Courses Welcome, Benjamin Tools My Announcements Announcements No system announcements have been posted in the last 7 days. Calendar CIS290-Sp10-899: Advanced Microcomputer Applications Tasks View Grades Still sick Send Email Sick child Blackboard: User Directory more...... Address Book My Calendar Personal Information No calendar events have been posted in the last 7 days. Blackboard Sync Teaching Tech Tools more... Courses: Quick View Courses in which you are enrolled: AGR200-Sp10-001: Wine Appreciation for Consumers CIS290-Sp10-899: Advanced Microcomputer Applications Wikis, discussion boards, podcasts, blogs, and more. Courses in which you are a TA: ETC Pod casts The campus standard for class collaboration.
  • 10. Tools for student engagement ✤ Discussion boards ✤ Blogs ✤ Wikis ✤ Podcasts
  • 11. Discussion boards ✤ Discussion boards > forums > topics > replies ✤ Post a topic, have students reply to the topic or each others’ replies ✤ Great for keeping record on general discussion ✤ Comments can often include other sources of media (web links, pictures, etc.)
  • 12. Discussion board demonstration
  • 13. Blogs ✤ Also great for fostering question and answer discussion ✤ Teacher posts question/topic, students discuss in the comments ✤ Students post private posts, teacher sees all of them and comments on their posts ✤ Students and teachers alike post blog entries and everybody can comment on everything
  • 14. Blog demonstration
  • 15. Wikis ✤ Ideal for collaborative documentation ✤ Everybody edits pages and creates links to new pages ✤ Create a knowledge base of related topics ✤ Groups work together to write one document for the group
  • 16. Wikis in Plain English
  • 17. Wiki demonstration
  • 18. Podcast delivery ✤ Create podcasts using GarageBand, Audacity, etc. ✤ Upload to Blackboard Content Area as a podcast episode ✤ Blackboard indexes podcasts and gives you a ‘subscribe in iTunes’ link ✤ Great for group projects that are audio/ video based; content is available to class as soon as they’re posted online
  • 19. Podcasting in Plain English
  • 20. Podcasting demonstration and examples