LSN Lead System Network Review - Legit or Scam Compensation Plan


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LSN Lead System Network Review - Scam or Legit?

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So what is the Lead System Network or LSN?

It is a tool suite for marketing any business you'd like. Imagine being able to get rid of a lot of the currently used marketing products you pay for each month.

For example, you could get rid of you Aweber, GetResponse, or Constant Contact subscriptions. You could get rid of your GoTo Meeting account. How about your lead capture pages such as or something similar.

The list could go on and on. Even a mobile app creation software utility if you're currently using something of that nature.

The Lead System Network has an entry level product suite that includes all of the above mentioned features, to include many more such as Google Hangouts software and voice and sms text messaging software.

All of this for $30 per month!! That's seriously crazy in comparison to what people pay every month for their marketing tools.

So go ahead and check it out for free at and see what's got everybody so excited.

You can also check out the complete review over at

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  • I have personally used System before. A friend of mine he is also an expert trader. He suggested me Andy Lank System.
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LSN Lead System Network Review - Legit or Scam Compensation Plan

  1. 1. krazykont ent .com Shane Wegner Lead System Network Review: Legit or Scam Compensation Plan Ready? Ok, cool. This Lead System Network review is just f or you. Haha… Like that? A review f or you! Ok, my bad. That was some weak jokes there. (: But on a serious note, what is LSN and is it the right gig f or you? Guess we’re gonna f ind out. Oh snap. Here I am thinking about you f irst. What about me? For whatever it’s worth, I’m Shane and I’m here to give you what you asked f or. But if by chance, you’re here looking f or a way to change some things up in your days, Which I’m guessing has something to do with making a little money online f rom home or wherever it is you sleep, Well then that’s pretty slick too. You just happen to stumble upon your lucky day. Why? Come on now, gotta ask? We all know there’s a ton of cash hiding in this thing we call the internet. Only trick is, where the hell is it all and how do I stumble on some right? Like f lat on your f ace stumble! I get it, look and look but….. Like I said, lucky day hay! What if the trick wasn’t f inding it at all? What if you could bring it to you? Hmmmm… Check! Be sure to bounce stage lef t right here and peep it. Whoa! Af ter you f inish reading is cool. So let’s do what we do and break down the tool-set and BIG Pimpin compensation plan shall we… Lead System Network Review
  2. 2. I’m still trying to f igure out if dude above is Neo f rom the Matrix or just a damn good look-a-like? Whatever… Either way, slick is slick and quick is quick. Background Like anything else out on this crazy f reight train we call the world wide web, do your research. There’s scum, there’s crap, and there’s down right shit out there today. But there’s also a lot of really good opportunities put in place by really good and well intentioned peeps. Some new, and some old. Key is, if you start out all research with the crappy outlook, well hope you love that job cause it’s yours. You’ve gotta stay open minded. The Lead System Network is going to give you all the tools you need to get in this rank and bank lif estyle. You gotta have tools to win at this game of chess. It’s where most people f ail to be quit honest. You’ve gotta have leverage to do anything in real volume. And the tool-set we’re gonna go over next is just the type of tools I’m talking about. Marketing tools is where it’s at. Don’t EVER let anyone try and convince you that your simply in business. Furthest f rom the truth. Well, not completely I guess. Business yes. But it’s the marketing business. Can’t sell shit if you can’t get people to take a look at it right? Yeah I know, dif f erent thought huh. You can buy me a drink later. I just opened your eyes to where the money’s at. Did you see it?
  3. 3. So LSN was put together by industry leaders and veterans that understand the business. They knew that if they could put together the right set of tools that any business could use, well it’s a win/win. But they put it all together at such a competitive price that they knew it’d be tough to resist. Damn psychology works every time in marketing. Here’s a quick look at an overview by the couple behind LSN. Income I’ll just keep it real. We all wanna make money with the products we use. Hell, that’s why most network marketing companies do so well af ter all. Share in the proceeds and everybody wins. So my answer to can you, would have to be yes. However, you may pref er to sleep all day. I know the f eeling. Love me some! And that’s part of the beauty of learning to work online. However, that doesn’t mean there’s no work involved. Everything takes work, and this will be no dif f erent. But you can learn to work smarter vs. harder. And this system has just about every thing you could need to accomplish that. Regardless of where or how you use it. Can you get yourself some up in here? I don’t know, what’s your work ethic? If you work it, it seems to have some very big potential. The craziest part to me is the amount of 100% commission payouts going on. Sure looks like it’s positioned to help you win. Plus, along side some badass blogging tips/tricks and behind the scenes marketing mojo, you’re unstoppable. Let’s jump into the compensation plan and see just how bomb that bad boy is shall we… Compensation Plan The Lead System Network compensation plan is really quite simple. You will receive 100% of the $30 monthly cost f or each and every direct ref erral you share the tools with. Yup, you got that right. You get ALL of it paid directly to you. And that’s each and every month on a residual basis. (: So how does the company make money?
  4. 4. Good thinking yo! That’s a damn good question. You see, there’s a monthly Af f iliate f ee of $19.95 per month that anyone wanting to earn an income selling the products will have to pay. And only the non-legitimate companies try to pay commissions out on money only. The company will keep all of the af f iliate f ee. Not that big of a deal, af ter all, they gotta get them some too. Now what about the Pro Tool Suite? How do you get some of those there coins right… When you activate your Pro Tool Suite, you get f ree access into the 3×9 f orced matrix. This is where the big team building revenue starts playing a f actor. You see as a f orced matrix, it’s designed so that everyone wins. You will actually benef it f rom the growth of not only your own team, but f rom the building of your up-line as well. This is and can be extremely powerf ul over the course of a little time. So powerf ul, that you can actually generate a true $1,000+ monthly income without ref erring or recruiting anyone. Peep out this income table below to get a little taste of what’s at stake. Now that’s sick as all getup! Not too mention, good side income f or many people. And then when you go and toss the Master Distributor f ee of $1,000 and the Franchise Member f ee of $2,500
  5. 5. into the mix, well things start to add up quite nicely. You see, when someone you personally enrolled participates in the above two products, YOU get the entire commission. How do $3,500 days sound? Totally can happen as people upgrade their product suites. So as you can see, it’s not if there’s any money to be made, it’s really just how much. Products Basic Tool Suite The basic tool suite carries a monthly cost of $30 and is really anything but basic. This bad boy is looooadded. It’s like everything MacGyver would have needed if he was a business guy. Custom Lead Capture Pages w/ Creator Custom Email Auto Responder Custom Text/SMS Message Auto Responder Custom Voice Auto Responder Custom Postcard Auto Responder (Crazy Right) Custom Sales Funnel Creation Custom Authority Blogging Platf orm (I got a f ew tricks f or this) Light-Box Creator (Pop-Ups) Ad Co-Ops (built in lead generation) Lead Management Sof tware Complete Marketing Statistics Already Done f or You Ad-Copy (Facebook Ads, etc.) Built-In Webinar Platf orm Custom Google Hangouts And I think I’m gonna stop there f or now. AS you can see, this thing is loaded to the top with marketing tools. And you’ll also be able to brand yourself online using the custom blogging platf orm. You can use the blog f or whatever purpose. Say you’re in a dif f erent online or of f line business, or should I say marketing company. Lol… (: You can use this system to leverage the power of it’s marketing tools and strategies that will be taught, to generate leads and sales in anything you are doing. Mix that badass marketing platf orm with the blogging and SEO skills I’m going to teach you f or f ree once you decide to jump in and become a Krazy Kat, shits gonna get real!
  6. 6. Pro Tool Suite This package carries a monthly cost of $100. And it obviously includes all of the Basic Tool Suite components. Plus some pretty slick stuf f to boot. Custom Mobile App Creator (yup, build ‘em yourself ) Custom Bulk Mailer Free Entrance into the Forced Matrix (compensation) Mobile Access and Building Capabilities The big items being added in the pro membership are the mobile app creator and getting access to the f orced matrix. I’ll touch on the f orced matrix in a bit, but just know it has some crazy income potential to it. And f or those of you unaware, a f orced matrix means you actually get help building your team and income. (: Master Distributor This product is a one-time purchase and it carries a cost of $1,000. Wholesale Apps Program Co-Op Share Entrance into the Mastermind Marketing Community So the big items here aren’t just the top-notch marketing training and co-ops. But you actually get the ability to become involved in the wholesale app program. Now there hasn’t been a lot of inf ormation released yet on this part of the system. Basically just because things are still in pre-launch and sometimes you’ve just gotta keep some secrets. But I can only imagine, and I’m sure you agree, that being involved in any part of out mobilized app world is a good thing. Franchise Program LCPS System White Label Reselling Rights Now this bad boy is the ultra mack daddy and it carries a 0ne time cost of $2,500. This gives you the ability to completely White Label the entire marketing powerhouse. Imagine being able to sell a complete system such as this, packaged and wrapped up as your own. Hell yeah! You’d be in like Flynn no doubt. Pros First let’s take a look at the upsides of LSN and how it can be a benef it to you.
  7. 7. Very low price point in comparison to the number of tools you get. Products and tools that ANY business not only can use, but really needs to be successf ul. A simple system to use and navigate, even f or the complete novice/newbie. Completely cross-platf orm usability allowing you to market your business f rom anywhere. Leveraging your marketing to reach thousands of people f rom within one system. Products that every marketer needs, while generating an income by simply sharing the tools. Done f or you marketing templates to use in any business. Tools that are actually used today by most of the top marketers in the industry. And these are just some of the positives coming f rom the system and tools. There are plenty more, but none more important than the ability to house ALL of your marketing tools under one roof . Cons Anybody who does a true review of a product/opportunity and doesn’t share some cons about it is well, f ull of it. Everything always has it’s upsides, as well as down sides, and the Lead System Network is no dif f erent. Although it gives you a crazy amount of uses, some people might think they don’t need so many tools. Having everything f inally under one roof , could seem overwhelming to some at f irst. You somewhat put all of your eggs in one basket, which sometimes isn’t recommended. There is the $19.95 af f iliate f ee if you want to generate an additional income by sharing the system. As with anything, there will be a new learning curve while you learn everything the tools have to of f er. So again, is everything simply peaches and creme here? Not exactly. But that will ultimately come down to deciding whether or not the Pros outweigh the Cons. Summary So if I where to give you an unbiased assessment of the complete system and opportunity, I’d have a f ew things to address. First, this type of system has been available f rom other companies in the past. So it’s not entirely a new concept. However, the commission structure is def initely a dif f erentiating f actor. Compiling a bunch of tools under one roof has def initely been done by others. But the upside to this, is that companies usually tend to learn f rom other companies mistakes. And I do f eel that this is what we are seeing here with LSN. And I personally don’t care what anyone says, the number of tools at your disposal here is f riggin crazy! If you do nothing but use the tools included in the $30 Basic Tools Suite to help build any business you’re
  8. 8. currently building, you are going to save yourself a shit ton of money month af ter month. And at the end of the day, any smart entrepreneur knows that it’s all about ROI and cash in the bank at the end of the day! So I guess the question is, how smart are YOU? Is saving money on the tools you’re currently using to grow your business important to you? I most certainly hope you’re shaking your head right now! And if not, well you’ve got a rude awakening ahead. LOL… Just giving you a hard time. (: So if not only saving money on your marketing tools sounds good to you, but having an additional income stream available to you by simply sharing the same tools you use to build you business sounds good, let’s do this shall we. And my bonus to you f or joining our badass team of Krazy Katz, is the ability to copy the exact system we all use to generate a damn good income online. You see, most people are af raid to give you their best tricks of the trade and Secret Sauce, but not me. I give you the primo shit that works each and every day in my business! Why? Why the hell not? You deserve success just as much as I do! And to be completely honest, I get all jacked up when my team crushes it and makes money. It means I’m adding value and not doing what most do by sharing empty promises and bullshit. I like looking in the mirror every morning and knowing that I’m a part in a bunch of peoples success stories. So let’s lock arms and make it happen shall we… Af ter all, it’s completely f ree f or the next 30 days anyways so why the hell not! So I truly I hope this review wasn’t only inf ormational and gave you a good understanding of things, but helped you decide whether or not LSN is right f or you. And as always, by joining me and our team, there’s no getting lef t out in right f ield by yourself . We don’t just dominate the search engine rankings and help put your business on auto-pilot, but we stack some serious cash around here too. How? Well drop me a line the comment box below any post on this site and I’ll be in touch f or sure. I look f orward to helping you not only in your new online business, but helping you achieve awesome rankings with your blog as well. Because af ter all, that’s just what we do around here. We rank, we make bank, and we even get a little Krazy and have f un at times.
  9. 9. So you’re ready to take the plunge and make some Krazy Kash huh? Can’t say as though I blame you. To Your Success, Shane Wegner More Krazy Stuf f ... YouTube Video Review of DS Domination Dad’s Living Lif e “Like a Boss” Krazy Kontent Making Money Online With eBay & Amazon