"c...&-"•::Eu                                                                                                            S...
Zari decorations.9.5x9.5cm from India.      Hanging Christmas          Back again by popular       Back again by popularHe...
"c&1--"•::E                                                                                Pack of 10 Christmas cards, one...
Traditional zardozieembroidery. Bell. Bern.   Recycled paper beeFrom India. 7GD13l        hive I net garland.             ...
Ill•c~2                                                                                                       Sustainable ...
Set of 4 persimmoncoasters with bamboo      Food cover and basketinlay. Dia 9. From        with red net. Dia30cm.   Persim...
II•IllcIzIll                                                                                                            Re...
Blue bamboo design ceramic ware. Soup bowl Inner design. Dia 18x8.5cm.From Vietnam. 5KO~l8 Outer design. $18.95 EACH SK0ql...
IllE0:a:•...-u."     Teal capiz salad bowl. Dia 29xl0cm. From      Indonesia. BKOOl S$36.95                               ...
Recycled bike chain bowl. 3lxl0cm. From India.    Ceramic spice drawer with 6 hand painted draws.1G0183 $44.95            ...
Ill&0:E•......-"                                                                           Engraved Aluminium range. Doubl...
Sheesham woodS aluminium running man keepsake. Box. 18xllx5cm.           Cat and mouse bookends made from Acacia wood. 28x...
UlE02:•......-"                                                                          Reversible, red                  ...
l       l                                                                                                            ··t  ...
"~00•                                                                                                             Set of 3...
,;t                                                                                                                       ...
"-Ul-=0""Uluuc                                                                                                         Fel...
l    Wallet eco leather.      Exquisite extra soft cow hide leather shoulder    13xl0cm. From India.     bag. 30x39x7cm, s...
">...0                                                                              Intricately carved Sheesham wood octag...
~                                                                                 ~      ~                                ...
".- ..Ill-A0      Fair coffee, beans. World. 250g OC0261 $8.95      EACH Fair coffee, ground. World OC0265      Africa. OC...
ONLINE     J;l    www.oxfamshop.org.au                                            BYPHONE                                 ...
,.,   .      . . .. ..,,     .......     ...... .                                                                     Set ...
Oxfam shop  christmas catalogue 2012
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Oxfam shop christmas catalogue 2012


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Oxfam Christmas shop

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Oxfam shop christmas catalogue 2012

  1. 1. "c...&-"•::Eu Small Jute Christmas Xmas Cards Pk 10 Tree topper, handmade wreath. Dia 12.5cm, Baubles S Stockings 2 from recycled paper. Loop Scm. From designs 15.5xllcm H23cm. From Vietnam. Bangladesh. 7G0140 each 3S0654 $12.95 3G0143 $15.95 $14.95 Metal Christmas tree paravan. L100cm x approx H15cm. From Indonesia. 1G0178 $24.95 Pack of 5 Christmas cards, 1 design, PEACE hanging, brass printed message letters with beads S inside. 15.5xllcm Pack of 3 gift wrap, silk tissue, with gold stars. bells. L86cm. From each. 3S0658 $6.95 50x70cm. From Bangladesh. 3S0027 $12.95 India. 1804 $21.95 A. Christmas tab leware set, 4 placemats, and 4 napkins. Placemats 42x32cm 7K0034 $29.95 B. Name holder xmas tree with star silver plated hllx3.5cm 1G0170 $6.95 EA Ouirky and charming Recycled paper decs. C. Platter rectangular red capiz 30.5x9.5x2.5cm version of a traditional D6x7.5cm. Vietnam. 8K0035 $29.95 D. Set of 3 Joy white, gold Recycled paper, quirky and charming version of a Christmas Angel. Bell. 3G0200 Tree. S terra cotta tea light holders 6.5x6.5x6.5cm traditional nativity scene, set of 5. 04.5H12CM. HBcm. From Vietnam. 08Hx10.5cm. 3G0204 9W0209 $14.95 From Vietnam. 3G0195 $29.95 3G0301 $7.95 $7.95EACH ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY, DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU 0 ... ,
  2. 2. Zari decorations.9.5x9.5cm from India. Hanging Christmas Back again by popular Back again by popularHeart 7G0126 Star. tree pouches. 1Bcm. demand, coloured demand, set of 310x10cm. 7G0127 Tree. From India Red. glass leadlight star. coloured glass Advent calendar - beautifully hand embroideredB.3x9cm. 7G0128 7G006~ Green. !Bern. 16cm. From India. leadlight stars. Bern. cotton with 24 pockets. 34x43cm. From India.$9.95EACH 7G0065 $7.95 lG002~ $7.95 India. lG0025 $14.95 7G003l $39.955 pc painted Nativity set with Vietnamese hats.H7XD2.5cm. From Vietnam. 6G0352 $34.95 ~· C)J~ Set of 3 sweet angel Zardozie embroidered candles. H7.5xW6x Dia Set of 4 ceramic hand star set/5. 6.3cm each. 4.5cm each. From painted bird decs. From India. 5G02~l Bangladesh. 9W0206 Bx5x3.5cm each. From Bright and cheerful ceramic tree of life. $19.95 $9.95 Peru. 5G0206 $39.95 H42x39cm. From Peru. 5G0203 $119.95Assortment of ceramicshards, set in metal.Bxll.Scm. FromVietnam. 1G0179 Set of 3 hand painted papier mache balls with$4.95EACH birds. Dia Bern. From India. 3G0188 $29.95Silver plated wire heart Dove designs. Pk 12 gift cards, blank inside. 7x7cm. 3S0661 $2.95 Packwith tiny bells on edge.12x13cm. From India. Delicate red star silk paper garland with fine g_old of 10 Christmas cards, printed message inside. 15.5xllcm. 3S0655lGOl69 $7.95 print. Ll20cm. From Bangladesh. 3GOl~~ $9.95 $12.95 Two sheets of gift wrap. 50x70cm each. 3S0663 $3.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 455 or visit one of our 15 shops.
  3. 3. "c&1--"•::E Pack of 10 Christmas cards, one desig_n, little town. 15.5xllcm each. 3S0536 $12.15u !.~· : -. 1 _..,.. Pack of 10 Christmas cards, 2 designs. CD jazz S blues CD Christmas around Pri nted on recycled Christmas. 880056 the world. 9YO/j Celtic Christmas CD. Card with ornaments attached to each card. paper. 15.5xllcm $24.95 $24.95 880070 $24.95 9.5x14.5cm each. From China. 3S0280 $18.95 each. 3S0539 $12.95 Set of 6 gift tags in paisley design with _ box. gift 6x6cm From Bangladesh. 3S0592 $6.95 Pack of 10 Xmas card, Garland of Sinamay Card embroidered envelopes, one design, Giselle angles. ornament partridge S Xmas Cards Pk 5 Owls. printed message Ll64cm. From pear tree. From China. 15.5xllcm each. inside. 15.5xllcm. Gift tags set 6 flower w seqyin. 6X6cm. From Philippines. 3G0150 3S0352 $9.95 3S0657 $6.95 3S0653 $12.95 Bangladesh. 3S01j81j $6.95 $16.95 White wash terracotta decorations. 5.5x5.5cm each,Box:18.5x12.5cm. Indigenous designs. Pk 12 gift cards, blank inside. 7x7cm. 3S0660 $2.95 Pack of 20 Christmas cards w envelopes. Mix of Bang~desh.SG Q !jlj2 Pk of 10 Christmas cards, blank inside. 15.5xllcm. 3S0656 $12.95 blank and with messages 3S0071j $14.95 $7.95 Two sheets of gift wrap in different designs. 50x70cm. 3S0662 $3.95 ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU
  4. 4. Traditional zardozieembroidery. Bell. Bern. Recycled paper beeFrom India. 7GD13l hive I net garland. Beautiful shisha embroidered xmas stockings.$9.95EACH L3.2m. Vietnam. Set of 3 felt owl hanging decorations. L9.5x4cm. 48x23cm. From India. Green. 7G0063 Red. 7GDD12Diamond. 7G0132 3G0302 $14.95 From Nepal. 7G0106 $14.95 $29.95 EACH Frankincense gift candle in box 300gm, burn time 35 hours. BcmxBcm. From India. 9C66 $17.95Hanging wooden batik Jukurrpa soft coverreindeer decoration. Recycled paper hanging decs. Set of 2 Dia 4 & diary, 2013. From9cm. From Indonesia. Scm. Vietnam. Balls. 3G0197 Set of 2 Disks. Dia 6 Orange & cinnamon gift candle in box. SxBcm. Australia. 3S06936G0289 $9.95 & Scm. 3GD252 $9.95 EACH From India. 9C67 $17.95 $24.95 Aboriginal Art Cards 2013 Aboriginal ArtHanging cinnamon wood decs 10xS.Scm. Diary people & planet 2013. 21Smm deep x Pack of 24 cards. ReconciliationVietnam. Ginger Man. 6G01j8l Tree. 10x10cm. 16Smm wide. 3S0666 $22.95 Calendar. 240mm 15.5xllcm each. Calendar. 3SD6656G0ij83 Angel. 10x10cm. 6GOij8ij $7.95 deep x 350mm wide. 3S0667 $24.95 3SD659 $18.95 $24.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 l.f55 or visit one of our 15 shops. •
  5. 5. Ill•c~2 Sustainable joint wood cho(!ping board. Slx3Scm. From India. 6K0207 $38.95Ill:z:u....-~ Set of 3 interlocking pottery bowls. Hl3xW22xL22cm. From Indonesia. SKOLJlLJ Tajine pottery ware. Dia 3lxH21. From Indonesia. Tagines S couscous cookbook. L2LJ x W20cm, lLJLJ pages. Black pallewa stone mortarS pestle. Dia 10x6.5cm. From India. $54.95 SKOOlS $54.95 3BOOBLJ $34.95 LJK0033 $19.95 Black pottery ware salt and pepper dish. 10xl0x3cm. From Indonesia. LJKDD26 $8.95 Mango wood owl shaped trivet. HlS.Sxl2.Scm. From India. 6K0139 $9.95 Cotton oven mitts with Cotton apron. Lll2cm. brown dots. 30xl8cm. From Indonesia. From Indonesia. 7K0088 $23.95 7K0087 $14.95 ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU "
  6. 6. Set of 4 persimmoncoasters with bamboo Food cover and basketinlay. Dia 9. From with red net. Dia30cm. Persimmon, mango wood & bamboo. Servers.Indonesia. 6KD173 From Vietnam. 3K0069 35x8x2.5cm. From Indonesia. 6KD17l $24.95 Pack of 3 cool beans cotton tea towels.$16.95 $18.95 Plate.l6xl6x2cm. 6KD175 $18.95 72x47cm. From Indonesia. 7K0090 $27.95 Persimmon, mango wood & bamboo platter. 45xl6x2cm. From Indonesia. 6KD17Lj $44.95 Persimmon Vetiver root and cotton runner XO cotton pot holder.Persimmon and mango wood salad bowl with W35 x 200cm from llx23.5x23cm. Frombamboo inlay. Dia 30xl2.5cm. From Indonesia. Persimmon 6 Vetiver root and cottoh striped Indonesia. 8K0037 Indonesia. 7K00896K0170 $89.95 place mats 50 x 35cm 8K0038 $34.95 $24.95 $9.95Set of 6 dip dishes in coloured leaf shapes with Milk jugs. 10x5cm. From Vietnam. Black 5K0505 Raised leaf bowl 12x6x7cm. From Vietnam. blueblack tray Tray Dia 28cm, Bowls 8.5x5.5cm. From Grey 5K0506 Green 5K0507 Blue 5K0508 Yellow and grey. 5KD5llj Yellow and green 5KD515 RedVietnam. 5KQ!j98 $59.95 5KD509 Red 5KD5l0 $8.95 EACH and black 5KD516 $7.95 EACH Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 LJ55 or visit one of our 15 shops.
  7. 7. II•IllcIzIll Rectangular Peony dish. 38x2lcm. From Vietnam. SK0368 $44.95::E...u-~ Set of 3 stainless steel Set of 3 stainless steel serving spoons. 20 - tea spoons. Ll3cm. 28cm long. From India. From India. 1K0019 Ceramic Peony dip dishes in woven basket with 1K0017 $24.95 $16.95 lid. Dia 30xh7cm. From Vietnam. SC84 $54.95 Stainless steel cheese knife in mouse shape. L2lcm. From India. 1808 $12.95 Stackable hand painted blue and white peony Hand Painted Peony teacup. Dia 8xH7cm. From Salad servers with hammer finish and swirled teapot and teacup set. 17x9cm. From Vietnam. Vietnam. SK0410 $5.95 EACH Teapot with end. 28x6.3cm. From India. 1K0048 $19.95 SK0367 $25.95 side handle. Dia ll.SxHlO.Scm. SK0412 $19.95 Set of 4 beer glasses Set of 6 sheesham made from recycled wood carved leaf glass. 16x7cm. From shaped coasters Bolivia. SK0283 Recycled glass cup. Hl6.5cm. From Bolivia. 16.3x6.5x9.5cm. From Shes ham wood tray with handles. 46x25xl0cm. $19.95 SK0288 $17.95 India. 6K0205 $18.95 From India. 6K0209 $44.95 ALL .OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU . ,
  8. 8. Blue bamboo design ceramic ware. Soup bowl Inner design. Dia 18x8.5cm.From Vietnam. 5KO~l8 Outer design. $18.95 EACH SK0ql9 Set of~mugs. Dia 7.5xl0cm. $34.95 5K0q2q Rice bowl, inner design. Dia12x7cm. 5K0Lj20 Outer design. $9.95 EACH 5K0~21Black lacquer tray with bamboo design. 45x28x2.5cm. From Vietnam.6K0210 $59.95 Ceramic plate with blue bamboo design. Dia 20.5x4.5cm.From Vietnam. 5K0~22 $18.95 (Note: Mugs not included)Black tea with naturalfruit flavours. 25teabags. From Sri Teacup and saucer. Blue. Dia 14.5x3.5cm. FromLanka. OC0Lj09 $3.95 Vietnam. 5K0519 $19.95 EACH Red. 5KD520 Red teapot with faintSheesham wood and glass tea box with 8 stripes. 14.5xH13cm.compartments. 30.50xl7x9cm. From India. From Vietnam. 5K0521 Wooden bowl. Dia 7x9.5cm. From Thailand. Green outer. 6K0102 Red outer.6K0212 $48.95 $44.95 6K0103 Blue outer. 6K010Lj White outer. BKOlOS$14.95 EACH Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 LJ55 or visit one of our 15 shops.
  9. 9. IllE0:a:•...-u." Teal capiz salad bowl. Dia 29xl0cm. From Indonesia. BKOOl S$36.95 Aluminium candelabra for q taper candles or tea lights. 3l!x5x5.6cm. From India. 1G0102 $29.95 White wash finish wooden chest. 20.50xl5xl0cm. From India. 6GDY76 $24.95 Set of 3 aluminium offering boxes. 22.5x22.5xll!cm. From Indonesia. 1G0199 $49.95 - "· Set of q aqua cotton napkins. l!Bxl!Bcm. From Indonesia. 7K0081 $23.95 White wash finished Photo frame,l! various iron and glass lantern. sized frames in white Set of 6 turquoise striped vetiver root cotton 21.50x21.50xl!3cm. wash finish. Rectangular teal capiz platter. 30.5x9.5x2.5cm. placemats. 50x35cm. From Indonesia. BKDDYl From India. 1G0238 Ll!SxWl!l.Scm. India. From Indonesia. BK003Y $29.95 $34.95 $64.95 6G0337 $44.95 Glass mosaic votive candle holder. 8.50x7cm. From India. Red. 5GOY28 Aqua. 10x7.50cm. Sono wood salad servers. L3l!.Scm. From Red capiz salad bowl. Dia 29xl0cm. From 5GOY30 $15.95 EACH Indonesia. 6K0163 $24.95 Indonesia. BKOOlB $36.95 ALi. OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU
  10. 10. Recycled bike chain bowl. 3lxl0cm. From India. Ceramic spice drawer with 6 hand painted draws.1G0183 $44.95 22xl5x6.5cm. From India. 6K0208 $69.95 Reversible Aluminium Black palewa stone tealight holder with robin figurine. H6cm. holes and silver polish.Recycled bike chain trivet. 17.5cm. From India. From India. 4G0175 H8.5cm. From India.1K0027 $22.95 $7.95 lG0137 $16.95Checked wooden box. 10.5xl0.5x7.5cm. From Tea set including 4 cups and tea pot on tray.India. 6G0468 $24.95 Checked wooden Teapot: dia llxHll, teacup: 6.5xH5cm, Dish: Container. Alebestar. Scm. From India. 4G0168photoframe. 24.5xl9.5cm. 6G0469 $26.95 25xH2cm. From Vietnam. 5K0522 $74.95 $7.95 Black pallewa. 7.5cm. 4G0169 $14.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 L!55 or visit one of our 15 shops.
  11. 11. Ill&0:E•......-" Engraved Aluminium range. Double sided mirror. Dia 7.5cm. From India. 150231 $12.95 3 drawer chest. 25.5xl5.5xl2.5cm. 650479 $69.95 Engraved aluminium range. Keepsake box. lOxlOcm. From India. 650430 $18.95 Large photo frame. 21.5xl6.5, innerlSxlOcm. 650477 $24.95 Small photo f rame. lSxlS, inner 9x9cm. 650478 $19.95 A. Ouilt cover with lt pillow covers double side printed 210x210cm, pillows 50x70cm $179.00 7H04 32 . B. Carved sign harmony bead Decorative jar with tree wood 45xl6x2cm $24.95 650 452 . C. Box secret lock carved elegant top. 33xl8cm. Recycled patchwork range. Cushion cover. black velvet lin ing 20x6xl3cm $39.95 650369. D. Photo frame From India. 550441 L!Oxl!Ocm. From Bangladesh. 7H0426 $29.95 double sided shesham wood 26x20.5cm $34.95 650461. $54.95 Table runner. 122xlt0.5cm. 7K0055 $44.95 ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU .
  12. 12. Sheesham woodS aluminium running man keepsake. Box. 18xllx5cm. Cat and mouse bookends made from Acacia wood. 28x25.5xl4cm. From From India. 660470 .$23.95 Pencil holder.l0x7.50cm. 660471 .$14.95 Thailand. 660277 .$49.95 Sheesham wood photo frame with 3 square frames. 28x9.5cm. From India. 6G0460 $24.95Paperweight with hand Cat and mouse stonepainted owl design. sculpt ure. Cat Bx4cm,9cm. From Vietnam. Mouse 4x2.5cm. From Rectangular aluminium cobble design platter. Sheesham wood letter rack. 26xl8xllcm. From460152 .$7.95 India. 4G0177 .$12.95 29xl6x4cm. From India. 1G0235 .$39.95 India. 6G0423 .$23.95 Glasses stand "nose" shape. 15x6x6cm. FromEn am led aluminium money box. 10x8x5cm. From Enamled aluminium coaster. lOcm. From India. India. Aluminium. l G lOl Sheesham wood. 6H03 OIndia. Cat. 1G0220 Owl. 1G0221 .$22.95 EACH Cat. 1K0043 Owl. 1K0046 .$5.95 EACH .$18.95 EACH Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 Lt55 or visit one of our 15 shops. •,
  13. 13. UlE02:•......-" Reversible, red tealight holder llxBcm. From India. Red "friends" fruit bowl. Dia 24xllcm. From India. 1G0233 $39.95 Also available in aluminium lG0234 $16.95 finish. 1G0119 Handwoven cotton rug. 140x90cm. From India. Black & white checks. 7H0370 Green & white checks. 7H0371 $39.95 EACH Set of 4 votives on tray. Tray 3lxl3x8.5cm, Votive 6.5x6.5cm. From India. 5G0427 $29.95 Set of 3 bamboo and Round trivet made Round bowl made from Recycled paper drawer recycled paper from recycled paper. recycled magazine unit with 6 drawers. baskets. Dia Dia 20cm. From 32xH10cm. From paper. Dia 15xH6cm. 15.5xl0xh22.5cm. Vietnam. 3K0066 Paper plate with bee net design. Dia 40xH5cm. Vietnam. 3G0265 From Vietnam. 3GD064 From Vietnam. 3GD27l From Vietnam. 3G0233 $16.95 $13.95 $7.95 $59.95 $19.95 ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU
  14. 14. l l ··t ~ i I ~ ·r ~· ~ 1> t~~ ~ I .:t <, J I J Joint wood range. Bear photo frame. 16xl2.5cm. Hanging multi-colour, cotton stuffed animalsSheesham wood A-Z bookends. 15.5xl0xl5.5cm. From India. 6G0463 $14.95 Jig saw cube. 7.5cm with bell. Birds. 90cm long. From India. 7K0 056From India. 6G0465 $39.95 sq. 6G0464 $14.95 $28.95 EACH Owls. 7K0057Multi colour striped cotton mat. 50xl00cm. FromIndia. 7H0429 $24.95 Handmade in Banglaoesti, ttiese terracotta herb pots, lanterns and water drippers will add a charming and decorative touch to any garden or kitchen. The terracotta range is made from clay which is collected locally by the fJroducer themselves, and then formed into shape with the aid of moulds and left to dry in the shade. They are then fired and finally finished with a white wash paint. The producers of the range, CORR-The Jute Works, began its journey in 1973 witti a special mission to rehabilitate the war-affected poor rural women of Bangladesh. This rehabilitation was to be achieved by providing the women with opfJortunities for economic indeP.endence by producing handcraft items out of the locally available raw material jute. A. Lantern owl white wash terracotta h2lxwl3cm $14.95 5G0426. B. Herb P.lanter frog white wash w saucer 11.5xl3xl6cm $16.95 5G0424. C. Lantern dove terracotta white wash 19x2lcm w tea light $14.95 5G0443. D. Herb planter owl terracotta white wash with tray l3hxl4xllcm $16.95 5K0272. E. Pot dripper bird kosh colour hl7cm $3.95 5G0420. F. Pot dripfJer frog kosh colour hl4cm $3.95 5G042l. G. Pot dripP.er elephant kosh colour hl6.5cm $3.95 5G0422. H. Pot driP.P.er owl kosh colour hl6cm $3.95 5GOLJ23.Sheesham wood owl bookends. 10x32cm. FromIndia. 6G0 410 $58.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 LJ55 or visit one of our 15 shops.
  15. 15. "~00• Set of 3 soaps for men. 19.5x6.5x2cm. From• India. 9WOl25 $14.95~Ulz Recycled tyre mouse pad. Ll6.5xW13.5. Cotton wrist rest with-0:c From India. 8GOD93 $3.95 lavender. 13cm L. From Nepal. 7WDDl2 $7.95 -..." Photo frame. 25x20cm. 8GOl0Li $24.95 Jewellery box. 20x15.50x8.50cm. 8GOl05 I $29.95 Notebook. 18xW13cm. 3S0618 $17.95 / f · ~:~ Notebook jaipur cover Gift wrap paper bright Card 6pk silk paper. Gift tags set 10 Paisley elephant design. lotus gold print set of 15.3x11.5cm. From Susheel des. 6.2 x 7.6 2Ltx16cm. From India. 5 sheets. From Nepal. Bangladesh. 3SOL!78 ems. From India. 3S06ll.J 3S060Li $19.95 3S0076 $19.95 $17.95 $6.95 Notebook recycled Set of 9 small cute Set of 5 Nalanda Notebook with buttons ceramic elephant cover, plain paper saris purple Notebook world map Tiny notebook with silk paisley design cards des soft cover. candles. 10x10cm. inside. 12 x 10cm. patchwork. 1Bx13cm: cover. LtxLI.5cm. From with envelopes. 25X18CM. From India. From Thailand. 9WDl87 15x10cm. From India. From India. 3S0620 From India. 3SD6l6 Nepal. 3SOL!92 $2.95 3SD622 $19.95 $11.95 3SD612 $9.95 $12.95 $19.95 EACH. ALL OUil PIECES HAVE A STOilYr DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.OilG.AU
  16. 16. ,;t ·-( !i,:, - Candle spa votive. From India. happy heart Hand woven cotton lavender eye pillows. Do not Lavender fragrant gift set contains luminary 9W0192 Tranquility. 9W0193 New energy. 9W019Lj heat. From Nepal. L26cm. From Nepal. Dog. votive candle and soap made with essential oils. $16.95EACH 7W0001 Cat. 7W0002 $17.95 EACH 13.5x9.5x7cm. From India. 9W0195 $19.95 Hand-made scented mango butter soaps. Gift set with incense and incense holder. 15xllx3cm. From India. 9W0200 $14.95 16x5x205cm. From Thailand. 9W0190 $7.95 Sampler stacked tea bag Perfume sachets. From India. Lavender. 9W0178 varieties black tea. Musk. 9W0179 Lemon. 9W0180 Rosewood. 14cmHx7cmDia. OC02ll 9W0181 Tea Neroli. 9W0182 $5.95 EACH $13.95 Blended with essential and natural oils, these stylish reed diffusers are a much greener way to enjoy fragrance as tney dont use petroleum or paraffins. Supplied standard with the reed diffuser sticks, the fragranced liquid is slow ly drawn UP. the length of the sticks to disperse a delightful scent slowly and constantly throughout any room or office. Essential oil spa. lOML each. India. happy heart 9W0029 Quiet mind spa. 9W0032 Oil burner palawa stone cut out flower design. $14.95EA 12xl0cm. From India. 4W0016 $17.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 LJSS or visit one of our 15 shops.
  17. 17. "-Ul-=0""Uluuc Felt spectacle case. 19xl2cm. From Nepal. Brown owl. 7AOY23 Blue owl. 7AOY2Y $14.95 Leather Tote bag. 27x35cm. 2A012l $59.95 Glasses case.l7x9cm. 2A0ll7 $12.95 Lipstick case. 9x3x3cm. 2AOll8 $4.95 Wallet.l3x9x3cm. 2A0ll9 $26.95 Purse.lOxlOcm. 2A0120$14.95 EACH Synthetic chiffon Earrings 5.5cm dia. From India. purple blue Tagua nut bracelet. Ahimsa Silk scarf red summer scarf featuring Tagua Nut Jewellery . Necklace. lt2cm From lAOllY Orange red 18-23cm. From and ivory stripes. .buttercup flowers. Colombia. 8A02Y9 Colombia. 8A02Y8 $59.95 Earrings 4cm. Blue. 55xl88cm. From India. olive.lAOllS $7.95 43xl80cm. From India. $25.95EACH BA0250 Red. 8A0258 $14.95 EACH 7A0389 $39.95 7A0372 $19.95 EACH Pleated Shoulder Bag Mazzie net key ring with flower made from pouch 6x8cm. Black. Ladies Colour Palette wallet. 14xllcm {when mozzie net material. Recycled bomb shell range 3cmxl.7cm. From 8A023Y Orange. closed}. From India. Plum outer. 2A0122 Yellow H27xW36xDBCM. From 8A0235 Grey. 8A0236 Cambodia. Earrings. 1A0099 $28.95 Necklace. Cambodia. 8A0232 outer. 2A0123 $29.95 EACH L43cm. lAOlOO $29.95 Pin. lAOlOl $29.95 $42.95 $6.95 ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU ""
  18. 18. l Wallet eco leather. Exquisite extra soft cow hide leather shoulder 13xl0cm. From India. bag. 30x39x7cm, strap LlBOcm. From India. 2A0091 $49.95 2A01 29 $159.95 Stories of past lives bracelets made from upcycled leather and rubber. From Guatemala. Persist 20cm+/- 2A0093 Flexible.l9cm +/-. 2A009LJ Flow. L20cm. 8A0153 $15.95 Earth bracelets. Ll9-20cm. From Guatemala. 8 strands. 7A0316 $26.95 5 strands. L21-22cm. 7A031S $21.95 Necklace glass beads Horn disc necklace in LLJBcm. From India. Ring holder in form of yellow and off-white. Black & white 5A0127 an elephant. H9cm. Ll35cm. From India. Green & white. 5A0128 From India. 1A0117 Flower Power Glass Rings. one size fits all, M. From India. Thist le 5A0125 8A0218$25.95 $18.95 EACH $10.95 Sunflower 5A012LJ Marigold 5A0121 Black Arum 5A0123$4.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 q55 or visit one of our 15 shops. •
  19. 19. ">...0 Intricately carved Sheesham wood octagonal Dice set w /5 dice. table. Supplied flat packed. Dia 53xH54cm. From 6.5cm square. From India. 6F033Y $250.00 India. 6T33 $17.95 Kids pouches with milk chocolate buttons. from UK. Fairy. OC0351 Pucket wood board game. 60x40cm. From India. Pirate. OC0352 $11.95 6T0156 $89.95 EACH. Sheesham wood domino box with brass inlay. 2lx9x5cm . From India. 6T0025 $27.95 Kisii soapstone chess set with carved stone I Wooden toy farm playset 22 pes in box {non toxic animals. 40x40cm. From Kenya. YG0201 Handpainted clowns skittle set {non toxic _paint]. JJaintl. 19xl4xl8cm. From Sri Lanka. 6T0097 $195.00 37xl8x7cm. From Sri Lanka. 6T0155 $65.95 $49.95 ALL OUil PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.OlG.AU
  20. 20. ~ ~ ~ ~ -- Organic bars. From We are all born free Belgium. Sesame. mini hardback book. OC0380 $0.75 15.6x13.6cm, 6Epp. Nougat. OC0381 $1.75 3801 01 $12.95l Monkey soft toy with Kids Instrumental vest. 15x17x27cm. Dreamland CD. 880071 Heart shaped not ebook The Scaly Tailed Possum Barefoot toys in assorted colours. H13cm. From From India. Brown. with sequms. 7x7cm. and Echidna softcover $24.95 Kids African Sri Lanka. Echidna 7T0100 Kangaroo H28cm. 7TOll2 Green. 7TOll3 From India. 3S0 62 1 book. 18x15.5cm. Playground CD. 9X99 7T0101 $39.95 $21.95 $7.95 3801 07 $12.95 $24.95 Wooden Echidna number puzzle, 1-10. 19x12cm. 6T0 160 $34.95 Cute leather Owl coin Keyring elephant. purse with press stud 3.5cm. From Indonesia. Wooden koala puzzle. 6 worry dolls in a box. closure. 7.2 x7.2cm. Green 6A0055 Light 13x18cm. From Sri 4.5x3.5cm. From From India. 2A01 32 blue. 6A0056 Red. Lanka. 6T0096 Guatemala. 2J09 Soft toy Bunch of 4 Banana Babies. W22xH18cm . $5.95 6A0057 $4.95 EA $34.95 $4.95 From Sri Lanka. 7TOll6 $42.95l I.... Occarina whistles, Hacky sac crocheted hand painted cotton in assorted terracotta, assorted colours. Approx Dia colours. 10x7.5cm. 7cm. From Guatemala. From Peru. 5A17 7Y47 $6.95 $11.95 Buy online at oxfamshop.org.au, calll800 088 455 or visit one of our 15 shops.
  21. 21. ".- ..Ill-A0 Fair coffee, beans. World. 250g OC0261 $8.95 EACH Fair coffee, ground. World OC0265 Africa. OC0267 East Timor. OC0269 Decaf. OC0270 Fair instant coffee, freeze dried granules. lOOg. OCOLJ29 $8.95 Green tea bags 50. lilxllx6cm. From Sri Lanka. OC031LJ $4.95 Black. OC0315 $4.50 Flav black tea. Earl Grey. 25 bags. OCOLJOS $3.95 EACH Lemon. OCOLJ10 Orange & Mango. OCOLJll Rooibos. OCOLJ12 $4.50&&0u Fair organic World Blend Espresso beans. !kg. Fair Dark Chocolate Spread. ilOOg OCOl92 Outback Spirit gift sets featuring Australian native ingredients. Chutney. OC0262 $29.95 $6.95 EACH Foodies Dia~ 2013. 3x285gm OCOLJ83 $21.95 Dressing. 2x250ml OCOLJ84 $17.95 Hot sauce. Ground. OC0266 Hazelnut. OC023LJ 3S0680 $29.95 5xl60ml OC0482 $19.95 Food Lovers guide to the world 380119 $49.99 Ukuvu Sauce & mini grinders jlift pack. OCOLJ71 $19.95 Cookbook global vegetarian kitchen Zaatar Arabic Spice hcover. 380076 Blend. 80gm. From $49.95 Israel. 0059 $6.95 • I =- ____., ~ Reza combines Calender 2013 world in Indian flavours and your kitchen. 3S0607 dishes. 380121 $22.95 $35.00 ALL OUl PIECES HAVE A STORY. DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.OlG.AU
  22. 22. ONLINE J;l www.oxfamshop.org.au BYPHONE 1800 088 455 J BYMAIL ~ HOW TO ORDER send your order form and payment to Oxfam Shop Reply Paid 86135 BYFAX 03 9347 1983 ......_ 0 e ?u~t~~~ Oxfamshop & • ... Carlton VIC 3053 0 PRODUCT NAME PRODUCT CODE OTY $ PRICE PER ITEM $TOTAL1 includes GST where applicable • Ul A •Il 0I . Every time you buy from an Oxfam Shop you re helping us fight pover t y and tran sform t he live s of tho se w ho need it most. GOODS TOTAL $ - ----- Please add 15% of the good s total for delive ry within Au strali a, with a minimum of $6 POSTAGE & HANDLING $ _ _ _ __ and a ma ximum of $16. Use coupon code Z41 38J for free shipping on orde rs ov er $80. DONATION $ _ _ __ _ TOTAL PAYMENT ENCLOSED $ _ _ _ __ PAYMENT METHOD POSTAL ADDRESS D Credit Card D Cheque D Money Order Name _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ Address _ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Please debit my D Visa D Mastercard 0 Amex State _ _ _ Post code Telephone Card no: Supporter 10 (if known] _ _ _ _ _ _ _ ___ DODD DODD DODD DODD DELIVERY ADDRESS If different to above Name _ __ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ __ Ca rdholders Name - - - - - - - - - - - ---- - - Address - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - Signa t ure _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ Ex piry: _ _,___/_ _ __ State Post code _ _ _ Telephone _ _ _ __ _ Delivery Norm ally your order will be despatched within a few days an d arrive within two wee ks. If we ca nn ot f ulfi l you r order you will be notif ied and of course, not charged . Please Is this a gift order? D Yes (we post the receipt to you] note you r order may be sen t in more than one parcel. For overse as orders please ph one us fo r Our Guaran t ee Most items in this cat alogue are handmade and while t hey are described and delivery charges and sc hedules. Prices vali d fr om 28/10/2012 to 25/12/2012 or until sold out. phot ograp hed as accurat ely as possible someti mes differences do occur. However, if youre Oxfam Australia Trad ing Pt y Ltd ABN 27 006 44 8 291, t rading as Oxfam Shop, is a wholly-owned not complet ely satisfied with your purc hase we will gladly refun d its price immediately. Please subsidiary of Oxfam Austra lia. All products avail able only wh ile stocks last. All images are for see the back of the advice sent with you r goods for details or return the items within 35 days of illust rat ion purposes only to de monst rate t he ever cha nging eclect ic ran ge of pro du cts we have. de live ry wit h a sho rt exp lanato ry note an d we ll re f und the cost of the product. SHOP LOCATIONS ACT: Canberra Centre NSW: Broadway Shopping Centre, Kotara Westfield OLD: Brisbane Myer Centre, Garden City Westfield SA: Adelaide Charl.es Street, Marion Westfield TAS: Launceston Centreway Arcade VlC: Carlton Leicester Street, Chadstone Shopping Centre, Doncaster Westfield, Knox City Shopping Centre, Melbourne Walk Arcade WA: Fremantle Queen Street, Perth Hay Street. For opening hours and contact numbers please visit: OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU/RETAIL _ NEAREST
  23. 23. ,., . . . .. ..,, ....... ...... . Set of 6 striped, Red Capiz S Coconut vetiver rootS cotton Salad Servers L35cm placemats. 50x35cm.Soft toy, indigo cotton elephant L23 x W18cm from Indonesia. From Indonesia. Striped vetiver rootS cotton table runner.from Indonesia 7T0088 $24.95 6K0122 $27.95 8KOOil0 $34.95 35x200cm. From Indonesia. 8K0039 $24.95ALL OUR PIECES HAVE A STORY, DISCOVER THEM AT OXFAMSHOP.ORG.AU