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AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
AOK ChangeBase Win7
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AOK ChangeBase Win7


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Ultimate tool for application compatibility testing before any migration to Windows 7, Windows 2008R2, Application Virtualisation, IE8, 64 Bit

Ultimate tool for application compatibility testing before any migration to Windows 7, Windows 2008R2, Application Virtualisation, IE8, 64 Bit

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  • Migration is only start point - the applications and workplaces should be assured to function 100% error-free. To help you further, we have a solution namely “QtestBASE” which addresses in detail exactly theses aspects.

    To check the Decision paper, please visit on:

    For further information, please contact me via Linkedin.

    Abdus Salam
    QtestBASE Product Manager
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  • 1. Technology Overview & Demonstration
    Uri Buchatski
    Solution Architect
    Glasshouse Israel
  • 2. Agenda
  • ChangeBASE Background
    • Software author of AOK – the market leader in automated application compatibility assessment and REMEDIATION
    • 15. BETA Launched Feb 2007 > Full Product launched Oct 2007
    • 16. Global client base:
    • 17. Fortune 1000 and FTSE500, Private , Public Sector clients
    • 18. North America, EMEA, APAC, Australasia, India, South Africa
    • 19. Focus is to:
    • 20. Reduce costs
    • 21. Simplify processes
    • 22. Speed deployments, and
    • 23. Improve quality and consistency of applications
  • What does actually do?
    • Tests against over 250,000+ rules, to detect, report, and act on any identified issues or conflicts
    • 24. AOK then AUTOMATICALLY fixes the majority of the issues through application of rule-based logic, and the creation of MST files
    • 25. AOK dramatically reduces the time to test for application and website compatibility when migrating to:
  • Migration Process and Where AOK Fits
  • 26. In our recent emedia survey, 66% of responding subscribers indicated that the primary challenge to migrating to any new Windows platform was application compatibility.
    The good news is with you can get 95+% of your apps working on Windows 7
  • 27. What Types of files does analyse?
    Microsoft Setup Executables (EXE's)
    WinInstall Setup Files
    Wise Installation packages (WSI, WSE and EXE)
    MSI Application packages (MSI, MST, MSP)
    Microsoft App-V files (SFT )
    Radia (REFWI)
    Radia (IPR)
    Website source code
  • 28. The AOK Product Family
  • 29. Windows 7, 64-Bit and App-VMigration Challenges
  • 30.
    • 70% of engagements accelerated Windows 7 migration as a result
    • 31. Scale of applications tested ranges from 50 apps to 12,000 apps
    • 32. During test automatically fix around 10% of these apps during the engagement
    • 33. Uniquely show pain point and offer a solution
    From the large portfolio of applications across the Win 7 engagements the following application compatibility results were generated;
    From these results the top application compatibility issues were;
    Our Findings
  • 34. Windows 7 64-bit Compatibility Issues
    AOK Plugins:
    DirectX Video Acceleration API
    Non-Supported VDM Functions
    PAE and AWE API
    Un-Signed Driver
    Windows 16 bit Deprecated API
    Summary: Un-Signed Drivers the biggest cause of non-fixable issues
  • 35. App-V Client Compatibility
    AOK Plugins:
    No Shortcut Check
    Non-Supported Reboot Requirements
    Hard Coded References Scan
    Non-Supported Driver
    Non-Supported Service Installations
    Summary: Device Drivers the biggest cause of non-fixable (RED) issues
  • 36. The Effect of Automated Fixing
    Total apps assessed = 8,500+ in 8 accounts in less than 2 weeks
    Analysis before Fixing:
    Approximate averages:
    Green = 34%
    Amber = 61%
    Red = 5%
    After AOK Automated Fixing:
    Approximate Averages:
    Green = 92%
    Amber = 3%
    Red = 5%
    AOK Fix-it
    To Manually Test and Remediate 500 applications, it will take you between 10-15 man months. With AOK you can Test and Fix 500 applications in less than ONE BUSINESS WEEK!
  • 37. Client Examples:
    Global Bank: Tested 4,754 applications
    Global Engineering & Construction Company:
    Tested 1690 applications
  • 38. Migration Challenges
  • 39. Microsoft Office Migration Challenges
    • Office and 3rd party application integration levels has increased in last few years
    • 40. Making migrations more complex
    • 41. Office has grown to become a major component of the workstation build
    • 42. A build update may be required
    • 43. Many applications are expecting services and settings provided by older versions of Office
    • 44. Office 2010 will have a new directory structure
    • 45. Poorly packaged application portfolio’s may have hard-coded dependencies on previous versions of Office
    • 46. Moving from Office 2000 to Office 2010 is a very significant upgrade and will affect large numbers of application packages.
  • Office 2010 Compatibility Plugins
    AOK Office 2010 Plugins:
    Deprecated API Analysis
    Deprecated Component Analysis
    Deprecated File Format Analysis
    Deprecated IISAM Driver Analysis
    Migration Registry Setting Analysis
  • 47. Office 2010 Compatibility Summary
    • Organizations moving from Office 2000, XP, and 2003 should also include the Office 2007 AOK Plugins
    • 48. Office 2010 migrations may be more complex than Windows 7 for document-centric organizations
    • 49. Migrating to Office 2010 Expectations;
    From Office 2000: Difficult
    From Office XP: Moderate
    From Office 2003: Moderate
    From Office 2007: Relatively straightforward
  • 50. Internet Explorer 8/9
    Compatibility Challenges
  • 51. IE Compatibility Overview
    Grouped into 3 Areas;
    Server Compatibility
    Web Server (IIS) – IIS 7
    Server OS Platform Compatibility – Server 2008 R2
    Client Browser Compatibility (IE 7 and IE 8)
    Presentation Issues (CSS)
    Security Restrictions
    Browser breaking changes
     Application Integration Issues
    Application Browser level integration
    Application documentation as HTML
    Application dependencies on IE rendering engine
  • 52. How Does AOK Help?
    AOK for IE8 will automatically analyse and remediate;
    • IE Integrations Desktop Applications
    • 53. Drag and drop an application onto AOK
    • 54. Client Code
    • 55. Drag and drop a URL from IE onto AOK
    • 56. Drag many URLs (100s/1000’s) from Text or Word into AOK
    • 57. Go to the Green Light site and add your URL into our online analyser
    • 58. Server Code
    • 59. Drag an IIS folder directory onto AOK
    • 60. Drag a root folder and automatically transverse all sub-directories
  • IE8 Compatibility Analysis
    • Examines Security Restrictions
    • 61. Application code for API issues
    • 62. Looks for Deprecated Features
    • 63. Checks for ActiveX Controls
    • 64. Examines Scripting Issues
    • 65. Web Applications Issues
    • 66. Security Restriction Issues
    • 67. HTML/CSS Compatibility
    • 68. IE Presentation Issues
    • 69. Scripting Compatibility Issues
  • Reporting
    • AOK will Test against multiple platforms
    • 70. Windows 7
    • 71. Server 2008 R2
    • 72. 64bit
    • 73. App-V
    • 74. XenApp & XenDesktop
    • 75. ThinApp
    • 76. SVS
    • 77. Office 2007 & 2010
    • 78. IE 7/8/9
    • 79. Determine ‘best fit’ deployment
    • 80. Gain immediate visibility of App Portfolio Status
    • 81. Focus remediation effort on RED apps
    • 82. Plan Resources more effectively
    • 83. Illustrate Application Status to the business
    • 84. Gain Management buy-in
  • 85. Where AOK fits in the Migration workflow
    Fix compatibility issues and convert applications to required deployment format
    Prepare and pass packaged applications to SCCM for deployment
    Eliminate duplicate and redundant applications to reduce the overall cost of the migration
    Scope, resource, and plan migration projects in line with business objectives
    Know which applications will install and run on Windows 7
    Identify deployed and used applications and desktop hardware across the enterprise
    Windows 7
  • 86. Example Clients
  • 87. AOK Summary
    ChangeBASE AOK enables:
    • Illustration of application and website compatibility across your whole portfolio which means you can:
    • 88. Reduce costs
    • 89. Simplify processes
    • 90. Speed deployments, and
    • 91. Improve quality and consistency of applications and websites
    • 92. Automated remediation =
    speed of application compatibility fixing
    cost savings in time and budget
    • Accurate OS and application migration planning
    • 93. Accurate business case planning
  • 94. DEMO
  • 95. Q&A