New sport coaster run relay


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Try a fun, new sport that utilizes only 2 coasters and 2 chopsticks! Teams of 2 to 10 will use their skills to throw, run, balance

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New sport coaster run relay

  1. 1. COASTER RUN RELAY A new indoor/outdoor sport for the entire By Kanae Quinn family!for Assignment #4 Connect & Combine
  2. 2. What do you need?• 2 Round drink • 2 Flat end • Field, yard, coasters in chopsticks beach or long different hallway colors3.5”-4” in With square Max. 50diameter ends yards
  3. 3. Rules of the game Number of players (need 2 teams) • Minimum 2 for 1 on1 or ideal 10 for 5 on 5 Objective • From the starting line, one player from each team throws the coaster like a Frisbee disc out to the 10 yard line. • Each player runs with his/her chopstick as quickly as possible to their coaster, picks it up, balances it and returns to the starting line. • The next player throws his/her coaster out to the 20 yard line, runs, picks up the coaster and returns as quickly as possible to the starting line. • The relay continues until all players have had their chance to throw, run, balance and return. The yardage increases by 10 yards for each player. For five players, the yard increases to 50 yards. • There are three sets to a full game so the players must repeat three cycles.
  4. 4. Rules of the game Dropping the coaster • If the coaster is dropped by a player, he/she must go back to the beginning and follow the sequence of throw, run, balance and return to the starting line. Coaster throw shortfall • The coaster must be thrown for accuracy to make each yardage mark. The coast can hit the line to meet the minimum requirement. • If the coaster falls short, the player must retrieve the coaster and attempt again from the starting line until the coaster meets or exceeds the proper yardage.
  5. 5. What does it take? Speed BalanceAgility Patience
  6. 6. Penalties Pushing, tripping opposing player • If a player is seen pushing or tripping an opponent, the player must return to the starting line and begin again. Picking up the wrong coaster • If a player picks up the wrong coaster, he/she must return to the starting line and begin again. • The opponent can then continue by picking up the remaining coaster on the field.
  7. 7. Field Layout: Out and BackA5A4 A1 A2 A3 A4 A5A3 A2 A1 Start & Finish LineB3 B2 B1 B1 B2 B3 B4 B5B4B5
  8. 8. StrategiesChoose the right player Don’t rush for the right yardage• If the last player cannot • The Coaster Run throw 50 yards, then requires a combination choose him/her to go of balance and speed. first or second. • If players rush and drop• Consider wind’s speed the coaster, they lose and angle before time by having to throwing the coaster return to the high. beginning.
  9. 9. Get your team of five andstart playing today!COASTER RUN RELAY