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Friends in Service Helping
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Friends in Service Helping


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This was a class assignment to create a public relations campaign for a local non-for profit organization in Ithaca.

This was a class assignment to create a public relations campaign for a local non-for profit organization in Ithaca.

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  • 1. FISH Friends In Service Helping A Public Relations Campaign Primary Contact December 6 Kayla Inanc 2010 845-596-0025 Active Reactions PR Kayla Inanc Zachary Keller Meredith Maresco Andrew Hicks Caprice Malone Krystina Puleo Christine Rugg
  • 2. Public Relations Campaign Table of Contents Table of Contents .............................................................. 2 Executive Summary ........................................................... 3 Our Agency ........................................................................ 4 Situational Analysis Competitors ........................................................... 5 Research ............................................................... 6 In the Media Today ................................................ 7 SWOT ............................................................ 8 Public Relations Plan Objectives & Strategies ......................................... 12 Target Audience .....................................................13 Tactics ....................................................................14 Measurement & Evaluation ................................................18 Timeline ..............................................................................19 Budget ............................................................................... 20 Biographies ....................................................................... 21 Appendix ............................................................................ 28 2
  • 3. Public Relations Campaign Executive Summary Active Reactions Agency is delighted to present our strategic recommendations for Friends in Service Helping, commonly known as FISH We exist as a team of critical thinkers, creative designers, and strong presenters. Our agency thanks FISH for taking the time to consider our proposal. Our plan addresses current problems that FISH is faced with and wishes to resolve. First, the proposal addresses the issues of clients. FISH is looking to bring in more clientele, so the proposed plan suggests improvements to the website, issuing radio PSAs that encourage people to use the service, and by using surveys to gauge client satisfaction and improve services where needed. Second, the plan addresses the issue of volunteers. FISH desires more volunteers to drive the clients. The plan handles this by also issuing radio PSAs asking for drivers, and encouraging volunteers to give their time to a good cause. Brochures and flyers will be distributed to increase awareness as well as setting up stations at local events to attract volunteers. Finally, the plan addresses the issue of donations. We created a donation letter to be sent to local businesses and organizations, as well as a list of these places. We considered areas that have been top contributors to the Tompkins County area as well as medically related fields. 3
  • 4. Public Relations Campaign Our Agency Active Reactions Public Relations is an up-and-coming, creative relationship agency that specializes in creating strong, efficient, and sustainable connections between the mass public and your company. Stemming from our name, we strive to activley establish and accomplish goals, objectives, and evaluations between your target audience and your brand. Here at Active Reactions, we keep our clients involved throughout the duration of the project with a constant sharing of ideas to ensure the most dynamic and innovative techniques are implemented to reach our goals. We feel that our clients should have the upper-hand when creating a successful public relations campaign. In order to accomplish our mission, we have devised a plan that we consistently follow, this plan is called our ”Active Model.” The  Active  Model Analyze the current situation within your market environment including competitors, external variables, finances, promotions, brand awareness, etc. A S Select the best course of action including which goals to accomplish, objectives to complete, and strategies to implement. Create a complete campaign including media materials, goal-oriented tactics, and C E innovative umbrella ideas that will entice the audience. Evaluate and measure what we have implemented as a campaign and provide accurate and valuable feedback for future experiences. 4
  • 5. Public Relations Campaign Situational Analysis Competitors Gadabout is a service that provides transportation to elderly and disabled residents of Tompkins County. The service picks up the clients directly from their homes and brings them to where they need to go, including but not limited to medical related appointments. Formed in 1976 due to the lack of efficiency in the bus system, Gadabout made use of government funding to meet the high demand of transportation needs from disadvantaged individuals. Gadabout now makes over 38,000 trips with its expanded line of 15 handicap accessible buses. Their service fees are very low and are determined by the distance traveled. However, Gadabout struggles with their dwindling number of volunteer drivers as well. ADA Paratransit is available to those who are no longer able to take advantage of the fixed-route T-Cat system due to disability. It offers door-to-door service to ADA certified individuals who transpiration to any type of appointment. It conveniently operates on the weekends and during the evening hours. This service is also very reasonably priced and is based on distance traveled on a one-way trip basis. Family Care Giving is an organization in which informal care givers account for a significant amount of the assistance given to people in need. According to the Long Term Health Care Needs Assessment of 2010, 91% of the receivers of this help are over the age of 70 and 73% of the care givers are under 65. They assist in daily activities such as grocery shopping, help with the bills, snow shoveling, housework, preparing meals, and transportation. Hospicare & Palliative Care Service of Tompkins County offers a number of high quality services to those who are diagnosed with a terminal illness. With the use of highly trained counselors and volunteers, this non-profit organization has been providing a number of services since 1983 for an affordable price. Transportation is one of the services Hospicare offers to its clients along with chores, errands, counseling, and physical support. 5
  • 6. Public Relations Campaign Situational Analysis Research According to the Long Term Health Care Needs The problem stands as transportation remains the most Assessment of 2010, FISH provides almost 2,000 difficult problem to address. Making an integrated system of transportation rides per year. Since the Tompkins Long Term efficient transportation is difficult for a number of reasons Care Council and Health Planning Council Unmet Needs Survey including the lack of volunteers and rural addresses at which determined that transportation is the number one concern come clients reside. Medicaid does cover the cost of among people in need, the service FISH provides is vital to the transportation for those who are eligible, however the gaps in community. One thousand eight hundred and eighty people transportation services makes it difficult for individuals to indicated transportation difficulties in this survey, solidifying the coordinate transportation. A new cooperative extension of growing concern among the members of the Health Planning Cornell called Way2Go helps Tompkins County consider the Council. different options they have for their transportation needs. One of the many available selections includes volunteer transportation services. However, FISH is not included on the list of alternatives. In addition to applying conclusions found in the Long We would also suggest the implementation of another Term Health Care Needs Assessment of 2010, there is survey to determine the potential interest of volunteering among currently a survey being taken by many of the FISH clients. the college student demographic. Ithaca College and Cornell The survey exposed matters including quality of experience University could potentially be valuable resources for with FISH services, how clients heard about FISH, importance additional volunteer service. They are often looking to give back of FISH services to members’ health, and alternative options to the community in which they live by providing their services in members consider. The responses that come from these a number of ways. In addition, many students have mandatory surveys should be highly considered in the further marketing volunteer hour requirement they need to meet and FISH offers a expenditures of the organization. great option for these students. They survey will include questions to determine whether or not they have the resources and qualifications to fulfill the volunteer requirements. Refer to the Appendix for a recommended sample of this survey. 6
  • 7. Public Relations Campaign Situational Analysis In The Media Today There has been very rare coverage of the FISH organization by local news coverage. In the past two years, the Ithaca Times, Ithaca Journal, and Finger Lakes Community Newspapers have not covered any stories about FISH, nor have they had any promotional material in print, broadcast, or television. Years ago, they had an ad in the Town Talk Column of the Ithaca Journal, which significantly aided in recruiting new volunteers. Recognition from local media outlets would be very beneficial to the organization, which is why we created three public service announcements for FISH to advertise their services and target potential volunteers, as well as a press release to hopefully increase their exposure in local news media. We chose a very specific selection of media targets to reach the specifically defined audiences we chose to target. FISH’s biggest competitor Gadabout has however been mentioned numerous times in the past two years in publications such as the Ithaca Journal and sites like, increasing their exposure to potential volunteers and clients. All of the stories written about them have positive exposure and discuss the importance of its service. Volunteers have been named “driver of the year” and expected plans for improvements and additions to their service were discussed. This coverage is beneficial to the Gadabout organization for getting their name out there to ultimately increase their potential resources and opportunities for growth. 7
  • 8. Public Relations Campaign Situation Analysis SWOT - Strengths Reputation Low Commitment Required Personal Service FISH is a nationwide organization with The friendly staff at FISH is very grateful FISH provides transportation on a different chapters offering different services. for their volunteers. They are understanding and personal level by accommodating each client Years of service all over the nation have added are willing to accommodate your availability. This separately and assigning one driver to each client. to its standing as a successful volunteer flexibility and no set requirement per month allow They make arrangements based on an individuals organization offering quality services to people the volunteer to help as little or as much as needs rather than setting a general time for the in need. The local chapter of FISH also has been possible depending on the commitment level, client to work around. In times of sickness, this is known to be a reliable source of transportation which varies by person. the preferred manner of transportation because it for Tompkins county residents. offers the most flexible accommodation for the client in a very personal setting. Service Area Committed Staff and Volunteers Free Services Fish is not limited to the city of Ithaca, The close net group of individuals that FISH is a volunteer organization and all their services expand throughout all of Tompkins are devoted to the success of this organization of their services are complimentary regardless county. Many people from the outskirts of the do everything that they can to help their clients. of the miles traveled. This is beneficial to the county have the opportunity to take advantage of They take on the responsibility of serving as the clientele struggling financially rather than paying this service to get to appointments in the more liaison between the customers and the for a taxi, bus, or other transportation service populated areas of Tompkins County. With their volunteers as well as organizing an accurate offered in the county. website, they can inform clients from out-of-Ithaca. schedule for volunteers to follow. 8
  • 9. Public Relations Campaign Situation Analysis SWOT - Weaknesses Reaching Clients Decreasing Volunteers Lack of Funds Thus far in the organizations lifespan The organization is facing a growing FISH is a volunteer service and there has been little marketing done to advertise number of volunteers who are no longer able therefore their funding is minimal. They are their services to clients. There are many people to help because of their own illnesses and affiliated with United Way but the only funds they in need of the assistance offered however aging bodies. Right now FISH has 20 receive are through donations and grants from cannot take advantage of the opportunity volunteers who share the responsibility of local organizations. On average, they receive because of the lack of communication and they driving, with one person signed up per day to $40 to $50 a month from grateful clients, are unaware of the services FISH offers. provide rides. FISH would need more volunteer however this is not enough to support the drivers to meet the demand of more clients amount of business they are looking to do. looking for help. No Centralized Office Small Staff Transportation FISH is run through the homes of board The FISH board is made up of six Right now, every volunteer is expected members across Tompkins County. There is no individuals, and there are currently 20 volunteer to drive his/her own vehicle to the clients place central meeting place for them to organize, drivers. These small numbers do not allow the of interest. However, these personal vehicles manage, or meet. There is currently only one organization to grow and provide service to the are not handicap accessible to accommodate board meeting held per year, with a local place greater urban areas of Tompkins County. With clients who need special assistance. This limits of work the board and volunteers could gather more volunteers, FISH could provide service to their abilities to help individuals with to hold meetings, make arrangements, organize many more clients who depend on assistance to special needs. data, discuss budgets, or allocate funds together. get to important appointments. 9
  • 10. Public Relations Campaign Situation Analysis SWOT - Opportunities Market Expansion Corporate Sponsorship Donations/Grants FISH has the opportunity to expand By reaching out to local businesses, Donations and grants would help the their organizations client base by reaching FISH has the opportunity to generate more organization significantly by expanding their clients from all over Tompkins County. They funding for their organization. These funds opportunities. This money could be used for also have the same opportunity to acquire new would be greatly beneficial to them because it more effective marketing techniques that in volunteers from these areas. Increased number would allow FISH to provide more service and turn would reach a more accurate audience of of volunteers and clients would help make the expand their organization in many different ways. potential volunteers. organization more efficient in the operation of For example, these funds could be used as their services. reimbursement for the money volunteers spend on fuel. Large Supply of Local Students Large demand for service Way2Go Recognition There is a great resource right here in The large numbers of senior citizens Way2Go is a cooperative extension Ithaca that FISH has the opportunity to benefit that live independently in Tompkins County are in of Cornell that offers a variety of alternative from. There is a large pool of stdents and student need of transportation services that are offered transportation possibilities to residents of organizations that are willfully looking to do by FISH. These individuals choose to live on their Tompkins County. The Taxi and Car Service community service to give back to the community. own opposed to living in an assisted living facility. selection lists a number of non-profit This is a large pool of potential volunteer drivers transportation organization, however FISH is to draw from. not listed on the page. By getting recognition on this site, a number of individuals in need could consider the service FISH offers as the only complementary service provided. 10
  • 11. Public Relations Campaign Situation Analysis SWOT - Threats Competitors/Other Non-­Profit Low Levels of Awareness Complementary services FISH is facing competition from other The low level of awareness within the Certain assisted living facilities include organizations that offer similar services. For community about FISH could affect the transportation in their costs. For example, example, Gadabout Transportation Services organization by losing customers to other Kendall at Ithaca offers complimentary rides to and ADA Paratransit offer ride for very transportation services. any type of appointment for its residents. reasonable prices to residents of Tompkins County, however there are eligibility requirements to use theseservices. These transportation ve- hicles are also handicap accessible for those who are in need of it. 11
  • 12. Public Relations Campaign Public Relations Plan Objectives and Strategies Objectives Friends in Service Helping is one of the two transportation services offered in Tompkins County. Unlike its other transportation ally, FISH is free and customized to your schedule. Volunteers take their personal vehicles to bring clients to and from medical appointments. In the past, FISH relied primarily on word-of-mouth to promote its business. We feel that in order to increase awareness and continue their work, a more centralized approach will need to occur. Therefore we have set aside the following objectives: o To increase local awareness of its free services o To reach volunteers, clients, and donators who can help, use, and contribute to the services Strategies The overall theme of our public relations campaign is “Making Friends Since 1966.” This slogan relates to FISH since the acronym stands for Friends in Service Helping. We chose “Making Friends Since 1966” for the slogan because FISH emphasizes the relationships between the drivers and clients and the feeling of friendship that is created. The more clients, volunteers, and donators that FISH has could increase the potential friends that could be involved in giving or receiving these important services. Our slogan emphasizes the personality that we aspire to convey to our clients. Active Reactions has worked hard on trying to find solutions that would fit best for your organization. By identifying three target audiences we were able to devise multiple ways to reach them in order to create a strong brand presence. The first thing we did was to create the PSAs which are free and helpful for nonprofit organizations like yours. Cayuga Radio Group is familiar with the request and Tracy Summers of Q-Country has worked with us on developing an effective PSA from her experience of broadcasting. This would appeal to all three audiences of donators, clients, and volunteers. We also would consider sending donation letters out to local organizations who would be willing to support this service of Tompkins County. In the letter, we used results from a Health and Assessment survey done by Tompkins Country and emphasized the fact that transportation to and from medical appointments was the number one concern of residents. This surpassed needs such as shelter and food. We want to take advantage of all the local events Ithaca does so we suggest reserving a booth at the upcoming Chili Fest and for the future Apple Fests, etc. Getting out in the town will allow your organization to interact with residents who may not have heard of the service. It will put a face to your organization and face to face contact is the best way to strengthen and confirm relationships. We firmly believe that this will create stronger brand awareness for FISH. 12
  • 13. Public Relations Campaign Public Relations Plan Target Audience We  have  identified  three  major  target  audiences  clients,  donators  and  volunteers  coming  to  a  total  of  317  people: Clients are people over the age of 50 who are considered Senior Citizens according to AARP, the American Association for Retired People. FISH services are available at no cost to Senior Citizens who are no longer able to transport themselves to doctor’s appointments, the grocery store or to run personal errands due to physical ailments or not owning a car. Senior Citizens make up approximately 62% of FISH clientele. Young Adults between the ages of 18-25 that receive welfare benefits. Welfare benefits include but are not limited too: Nutrition Assistance (Food Stamps), Health Insurance programs (Medicaid), Social Security Insurance, Child Support, Section 8 and Cash Assistance. These programs are offered to assist them with the financial costs of living. FISH services are another form of assistance. Tompkins County includes rural areas such as, Brooktondale, Caroline, Danby, Lansing, Groton, Dryden, and Cayuga Heights, Varna and Trumansburg. FISH extends their services to people who live in these areas that are not able to drive. The remaining 38% of FISH clientele is made up of Young Adults and Children, who represent only 1% of the 317 people that FISH serve annually. Donators. Although FISH receives some funding from the United Way, they can also apply for a Community Grant from the Tompkins County chapter of the United Way. FISH receives about $3,000 from Tompkins County Trust Company, Women’s Community Building, and Service League. It would be a great idea to reach out to other local banks for donations as well as other places Senior Citizens frequent often such as the Salvation Army and Doctor’s offices including Cayuga Medical Center and the American Red Cross. FISH could also look into well known “chain” companies that look to give back to their local community, for example Wegmans Grocery. Other places such as drug stores and smaller grocery stores that aren’t able to make a monetary contribution may allow jars at the register for their customers to donate. Local Colleges and Universities in the area could also be potential donators, Ithaca College, Cornell University and the Tompkins Cortland Community College.   Volunteers are a very important entity of non-profit organizaitons. While FISH does not turn away volunteers they prefer to have new retirees. Not only does it give them something to do with their new found free time it’s also only for a few hours a day. Our SWOT analysis showed that there is a low commitment required for volunteering, which attracts other persons 18 and older to volunteer. Pushing FISH to accept volunteers outside of their preferred retirees. FISH employees understand the need for scheduling to be flexible in order to accommodate each volunteer. 13
  • 14. Public Relations Campaign Public Relations Plan Tactics - Online Media Online Media Although our demographic is older, we still feel can be very useful as at least FISH @ some of them have access to a computer. With Ithaca Daily News the revamping of our website, we hope to include a “Request a Ride” tab that will let individuals ask for rides online in a simple and quick way. Our web address will be listed in articles posted in these news websites as well as on the the sidebars as ‘“Tools for Readers.” A new web address would make FISH much easier to find on the internet. Currently FISH and information on FISH can be found on their website at The website contains a great deal of information pertaining to the organization, but is very text heavy, which could lead to confusion. Our first priority regarding the website is to organize the website to be clear and concise for the readers. We want the people searching the site to be able to locate the information they need easily, whether they are clients, volunteers, or donators. While the website is presently easy to navigate, we would like to add interest by adding more pictures, brighter colors, and less text. We’d also like to incorporate a “Request a Ride” tab on the page. These improvements to the website will encourage more people to visit and read the website. The more visits to the website, the better the chance to increase awareness about FISH and to gain more clients, volunteers, and donators. Also, a well managed website attracts more people and pushes previous site visitors to suggest to others to visit the site. Having FISH located online also allows the organization to reach a greater number of Tompkins County residents than most other forms of media. For example, the children of senior citizens in the area who are tech savvy and find FISH online may then suggest the service to their parents to use. Active Reactions feels that by improving the website, FISH will gain many more clients, volunteers, and donations and will greatly increase the overall awareness of the FISH organization (See Appendix). 14
  • 15. Public Relations Campaign Public Relations Plan Tactics - Print Media Print Media is our most prominent Ithaca Times medium in promoting FISH. Its the most direct Ithaca Journal way of contacting our target Finger Lakes Community Newspaper demographic. Older individuals are still Ithacan Cornell Chronicle reading the newspapers and relying on print Cornell Daily Sun for information. The above stated print Cornell Alumni Magazine articles are the most popularly read Tompkins Weekly newspapers, magazines, and journals in the Life in Finger Lakes Magazine Tompkins County area. Ithaca Community News Brochures, flyers, and postcards will be produced to increase awareness about FISH and to reach more clients, volunteers, and dona- tors. The brochure will describe FISH as an organization, the services they provide, and contact information. In addition, the brochure’s back page will be perforated, so that volunteers or donators can tear it off and send their information or donation into FISH Some of the key locations that the brochure will be at are local medical offices, assisted living homes, churches, and community areas. Having the brochure in these areas will allow FISH to reach the greatest number of potential clients, volunteers, and donators. Along with the brochure, flyers will also be made with the organizations name and contact information. These flyers will be placed in similar areas as the brochure and on bulletins around the area. While the flyers do not divulge as much information about the FISH organization as the brochures, they will brightly colored to ensure people look at them and will have contact information, so if people want to learn more they can call or go to the website. Lastly, postcards will be made and mailed to those in the community that may be interested in donating to FISH. Mailing postcards is a more personalized way of asking for a donation. The postcards may also lead to more clients and volunteers since they will be distributed to FISH’s target demographic. On the whole, the promotional materials that will be produced to promote FISH and their services will use a majority of the budget, but will be the best way to increase awareness and involvement with the organization (See Appendix). 15
  • 16. Public Relations Campaign Public Relations Plan Tactics - Radio Media WSQG 90.9 FM Binghamton’s Jazz & News Alternative Radio is a prime medium to use to reach WICB 91.7 FM Ithaca College older audiences. Generally our volunteers WVBR 93.5 FM IIthacas Real Rock Station would be driving to and from work at the WYXL 97.3 FM Lite FM 97.3 hours we’d ask the PSA to be played as well WQNY 103.7 FM Q Country as students listening driving to and from WHCU 870AM (10-12pm) News Talk class. WTKO 1470 AM WTK Oldies WYBY 920 AM Bible Broadcasting Network MLNL 1000 AM Christian Radio WNYY 1470 AM Progressive Talk Creating a Public Service Announcement (PSA) is the first course of action that Active Reactions is going to take to increase awareness about FISH and their free service. The PSA will serve as a way to describe what exactly FISH does, who uses the service, how to volunteer for FISH and the contact information. The PSA will be distributed to local radio stations including Q-Country 103.7, Winx 106.1, and other FM and AM stations. The radio stations chosen are apart of Cayuga Radio Group, which is a group of radio stations that reach a large part of the surround- ing Ithaca area. The radio group consists of several stations with differing target audiences. By airing the PSA on multiple radio stations, FISH is gaining the attention of a wide range of people living in the Ithaca area. We would also ask that they split the PSAs through the morning drive, midday, afternoon drive, and evening. A radio PSA is able to target both the younger generation as well as the older generation. We believe by airing a PSA, FISH will receive more volunteers, more clients, and more donations from the people living in Tompkins County. (See Appendix) 16
  • 17. Public Relations Campaign Public Relations Plan Tactics - Local Events & Donations Local Events Donations Promoting FISH to the public is very important and One way to increase donations for FISH. is to write a is key in increasing the overall awareness of the organization. letter to businesses in the surrounding area asking for a Therefore, Active Reactions believes that promoting the service donation. The letter describes what the FISH organization that FISH provides at local events would be beneficial. One is and who is involved in the organization. Also, the letter upcoming event that FISH could promote at is Chili Fest on illustrates exactly what the donations will be used for. This February 19, 2011. This event draws people from all over letter would be distributed to local businesses including banks, Tompkins County and would be an excellent source for new grocery stores, medical locations, insurance agencies, and clients, volunteers, and donators. Having a table at the event will other privately owned businesses. Not only will the donation allow people to talk to those already in the organization and to letter increase the amount of donation FISH receives; it will see exactly what the organization does. A table would also allow also increase awareness about the services FISH provides. A people to interact with potential clients, volunteers, and donators donation letter is an inexpensive way to market the FISH and inform them of why FISH is important in the community. organization and increase donations (See Appendix). Overall, tables at Chili Fest and other similar events will help increase awareness about FISH and allow FISH as an organization, be involved with the community. 17
  • 18. Public Relations Campaign Measurements & Evaluations In order to measure and evaluate the effectiveness of our proposal, our agency will do the following: Donations Website Traffic Survey We will keep a list of those people We will monitor the website We will use surveys to see how donation letters were sent to. From there, traffic on the F.I.S.H website. We will see satisfied the clients are with the service. we will keep track of who responds with how many people visit the website daily, and We will see if they are satisfied with the donations, and who doesn’t. We will use which parts of the website they visit. We will ability and ease to make appointments this to create a master list of those who use this information to see how useful the and if they are happy with the have the potential to be repeat donators. website is, and whether or not the professionalism and punctuality of the information people are seeking is easily drivers. accessible to them. Media Coverage Media Relation Rides We will monitor radio media coverage We will monitor media relations We will track how many people to see how often the radio stations play the PSAs to see if FISH is mentioned in any other make appointment for rides by telephone for FISH. We will attempt to make a connection media outlet aside from radio. We will and by website to see which method between the number of times the PSAs are monitor newspaper, television, and people prefer and to see which types of played, and the number of people who call in Internet media outlets. people use which method. This will help to donate, volunteer, or use the service based on the time of day the PSA is played, and the us to refine the appointment process to number of calls received at that same time or make it more efficient for everyone. soon after. 18
  • 19. Public Relations Campaign Monthly Tasks Timeline The FISH public relations plan begins with publicity for the FISH organization. Using the suggested media outlets to January reach all target audiences located throughout Tompkins County. Plan and decide which materials are going to be used for marketing. Create a plan of action. Create a budget. Partner with an organization from Ithaca 2011 College to raise funds. Begin planning, set date and location. Begin promoting in the following media outlets: Online: Relaunch website, Ithaca Daily News, Print: Feburary Ithaca Journal, Ithaca Times, Cornell Daily Sun. Continue working on IC fundraiser event, begin advertising the event. Local Bank Outreach. March Continue promoting in the media outlets: Radio: WICB 91.7 FM, WYXL 97.3. Broadcast: WSYR 9 News, MBNG 12 Action News. Finalize event and continue advertising. Salvation Army & American Red Cross Outreach April Ithaca College Fundraiser. Local Grocery Outreach May Set up a table at the GIAC Festival to pass out flyers and have a sign up for volunteers. Nursing home outreach: Beechtree Healthcare Center. June Set up a table at the Ithaca and Juneteenth festivals to pass out flyers and have a sign up for volunteers. Nursing home outreach: Kendall of Ithaca July Senior living outreach: Titus Towers August Partner with an organization at Cornell University to raise funds. Begin planning set the date and location Nursing home outreach: Longview September Begin holiday promotions. Continue working on Cornell event. Start advertising after the date and location are set. Register to attend a GRANT informational session with the United Way of Tompkins County. Nursing home outreach: Cayuga Ridge October Finalize event plans and continue advertising. Attend GRANT informational session. Local Physician Outreach: Cayuga Medical Center, Convenient Care November Cornell University Fundraiser. Merrell Shipherd Flexible Fund GRANT Application Due December Local Physician Outreach: Gutherie Medical Clinic 19
  • 20. Public Relations Campaign Budget for Materials Our budget for the public relations campaign for FISH is 450 dollars. While this is not an expansive budget, we are confident that we will be able to achieve what we need to with the money we have. However, one result of our campaign that we would like to have is to receive more donations for FISH so that in the future they have a bigger budget for what they need. The majority of our budget will be used for printing costs for the print media we are creating to promote the organization. The print media we are using are brochures, postcards, and flyers. The brochure we are able to create and print for free. We will only need to pay four dollars for the shipping and handling costs. We will allocate 268.51 dollars for the flyers which will be 81/2 by 11 sheets printed in 4-color. Along with the flyers, we will create postcards that will be sent to the donators for $123.85. These postcards will be 4-color on the front and black and white on the back. After the printing costs we are left with $57.64, which will go to buying stamps for the postcards and any other unforeseen costs. The budget is being used wisely and is being put towards the items, which will accomplish the objectives of the Active Reactions public relations campaign for the FISH organization. Flyers Postcards Shipping and Handling Other Expenses 20
  • 21. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Andrew Hicks Andrew Hicks, a sophomore at Ithaca College’s School of Health Sciences and Human Performance, is a Sport Media major. Born and raised in Syracuse, New York, Andrew attended Manlius Pebble Hill School where he was a fulltime member of the yearbook staff, the school newspaper, and the school’s community service club. He has involved himself with several activities since entering college. He is a member of the Gamma Chi chapter of the Phi Kappa Sigma International Fraternity, an on-air DJ on the nationally recognized student run radio station 92 WICB, and has done on-air videography for both the Ithaca Football and Men’s Basketball teams. Over the past year, Andrew has gotten some valuable field experience within his major. Within his first week of being a freshman, he attained an internship with Syracuse ISP Sports, as Sport Marketing and Broadcasting Company as an Event Coordinator where he assisted in pre-game activities such as assembling sponsor-provided tents and taking photographs of fans, as well as assembling a Syracuse University radio network. During the summer of 2010, he interned with the Operations Department of the Syracuse Chiefs, a Triple-A baseball team, where his main job was to maintain the customer service desk and coordinate all of the in-game contests and promotions. Within his hometown, he has also been quite active. He attained his first job as a Customer Service Clerk at Tops Market when he was only fifteen years old, and he has had this job ever since. He is also a frequent donator to the American Heart Association and participates in the annual American Heart Run/Walk under the name “Team Wayne Hicks”, named after his father who passed away of a heart attack in 2002. Some of his favorite hobbies are to constantly check for the latest sports news, go jogging, play basketball and baseball, write about his life, read an interesting and funny book, and obsess over all Syracuse sports. 21
  • 22. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Kayla Inanc Kayla Inanc, a junior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is an integrated marketing communications major with a minor in sociology. She is a member of Sigma Iota Epsilon Management Honor Society as well as the recipient of the Direct Marketing Educational Foundation Lee Epstein Scholarship and Ithaca College’s Carl Sgrecci Scholarship. Currently, she is interning with Cayuga Radio Group in the marketing and promotions department. She helps organize and plan for the events as well as putting commercials on air and doing any other tasks that are required. She plans on studying abroad in Siena, Italy this summer. As the President of Ithaca College’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter, she has recently organized and held an annual networking night with local professionals and students. She also runs a charity basketball tournament in the spring for the Make a Wish foundation. In addition, she is a writer for the new fashion blog, IC Spotted. In her spare time she volunteers with the Ithaca Youth Bureau’s Big Brothers, Big Sister’s program. She serves as a mentor for a 10-year old girl. Kayla has also been active with the Women’s Club Soccer Team and Colleges Against Cancer in the past. She has designed posters for Ithaca College’s STAND chapter as well as IC Justice on a need-basis. Kayla has held part-times positions with Posa Posa Restaurant in Nanuet, NY, as well as the Ithaca Youth Bureau’s Recreation Soccer Department. During the summer prior to junior year, she has interned with Cornell Cooperative Extension 4-H Youth Development of Rockland County aiding with marketing and promotions materials. She also helped plan events for youth and develop educational programs for the elementary schools. That summer she also interned at Wainscot Media in Montvale, New Jersey, where she compiled media lists and geo-mapped to push their print articles to their online publications. Born and raised in New City, NY, Kayla attended Clarkstown South High school where she graduated with honors from the National Honor Society, the Business Honor Society, and the Foreign Language Honor Society. She was captain of her varsity soccer team her senior year as well as her club soccer team. She volunteered with the local church to make and distribute sandwiches to the poor. She enjoys hanging out with her friends, being active, and going shopping when she is home. She has traveled to Turkey with her family many times to visit her relatives. 22
  • 23. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Zachary Keller Zachary Keller is a senior Integrated Marketing Communications major at Ithaca College while also holding a Communication Management and Design minor. He has held a 3.4 GPA during his career as a student at Ithaca College. In addition to higher education in the United States, Zachary has spent almost six months in South America studying and travelling while fulfilling his passion of experiencing new cultures. This past summer, Zachary interned at Cenergy communications in East Aurora, NY, a brand activation company that specializes in sports marketing and promotions. After he graduates from Ithaca College, Zachary would like to experience free-lance brand design work followed by agency work while having a self-established business on the side. Zachary belongs to several clubs at Ithaca including the American Advertising Federation as well as the American Marketing Association. He has also acted in a Ithaca College Television broadcasted sitcom for two years. Zachary has played both varsity and club soccer while here at Ithaca College. He also managed a town league ice hockey team. He is an avid hiker, snowboarder, and film critic. In high school, Zachary was a part of two major musical productions with significant roles. Zachary is proudly from East Aurora, NY, located right outside of his favorite city, Buffalo. He graduated from East Aurora High School with an advanced regents diploma and helped out regularly with the East Aurora Boys and Girls Club. He is the son of Paul and Mary Keller and has two siblings in Ryan, 16, and Haley, 19. 23
  • 24. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Meredith Maresco Meredith Maresco, a senior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is an integrated marketing communications major. As a transfer student who originally came to Ithaca as a journalism student, Meredith has one more year left before she graduates. She hopes to study abroad in Ireland or England at some point. Next summer, she plans on interning at a publishing house. After graduation, she hopes to work at a publishing house in sales and sales promotion, or possibly publicity and event planning. Meredith is not currently an official member of any organizations, but hopes to join the Ithaca College chapters of the American Marketing Association, Public Relations Student Society of America, and American Advertising Federation next year. She occasionally writes for the Ithacan, the Ithaca College newspaper, and attends meetings for the Ithaca College chapter of the Society for Professional Journalists. Meredith has been a student worker in the Campus Center Dining Hall for the last year and a half. She hopes to become a student manager for Spring 2011. She is also a part-time office manager for Hudson Valley Advertising/Sales Intercept. For Hudson Valley, she writes press releases, edits and copies proof for mailers and brochures, and maintains client databases. She also does research for new business. Born and raised in Pomona, NY – just an hour outside New York City – Meredith attended Ramapo Senior High School. There, she was a member of the National Honor Society, English Honor Society, and Social Studies Honor Society. She was a staff member of the school’s newspaper, The Gryphon, for four years, a nd was the paper’s editor as a senior. Also as a senior, she won the Rockland County Journal News Journalism Award.From there, Meredith went to SUNY Rockland Community College. She was a member of the Sam Draper Mentor/Talented Students Honor’s Program, was a member of the Dean’s List, and graduated Phi Sigma Omicron. Meredith was a member of the SUNY Rockland student newspaper, Outlook Student Press. She was the youngest managing editor, and went on to become the paper’s editor in chief. Meredith is an active reader and writer – two of her favorite hobbies. She comes from a close-knit family, which consists of her parents, two older brothers, and two adorable dogs. 24
  • 25. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Caprice Malone Caprice Malone, a second semester Junior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is a Communications Management and Design major with a concentration in Corporate Communication. This coming summer, she will be attending classes at Ithaca College’s program in Los Angeles. After graduation, she plans on working as an Event planner in the Entertainment Industry. In her free time, Caprice volunteers at local community centers in the Ithaca area that serve at risk teens. In the last year, Caprice worked as a student assistant in the Office of Human Resources at Ithaca College. Last spring, she started her own business called C3 Consulting. C3 specializes in providing creative assistance to small organizations and businesses; in the area of events, promotion and marketing. As a native Ithacan, Caprice graduated from Ithaca High School, where she excelled in Chemistry and served as Secretary to the Future Business Leaders of America. She was also a member of African Latino Club and was a Dance Instructor at the Community School of Music & Arts. Caprice also was a member of both the Junior and Varsity Cheerleading and Track teams. In June 2009, Caprice partnered with CP productions, a non-profit event production company, to organize the Urban Theory Fashion show, raising over $800.00 for churches in New Orleans. In 2004, Caprice received the William DeWinter Award from the Tompkins County Human Rights Commission, for organizing a Hurricane Disaster Drive to provide aid to the victims in Haiti and Grenada. The drive successfully raised over $500.00 in monetary donations, and over 4,000lbs of food and clothing items. 25
  • 26. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Krystina Puleo Krystina Puleo, a junior at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications, is an integrated marketing communications major with a minor in Spanish. With a cumulative average of 3.78, Krystina has earned a place on the Dean’s list for the past three semesters. Next year, Krystina plans to study at the Ithaca College Los Angeles Program where she hopes to intern at a public relations agency. After graduating, she plans to work in New York City in the public relations field. After having been a member of the Ithaca Chapter of PRSSA for two years, she now serves as the director of promotions for the club. In this position, she is responsible for creating marketing material for events including logos, event names, and posters. In addition, she serves as the Vice President of Marketing for the Women in Business Network. Her responsibilities include creating marketing material for on campus events and fundraising as well as managing the club’s Facebook account. She is also an in-shelter volunteer at the Tompkins County SPCA, where she serves as a dog socializer. Krystina also serves as the secretary of Ithaca College’s women club soccer team. The IC women’s club soccer team is a very competitive team with an impressive #8 standing in the Region I NIRSA standings. Her position requires her to have an active role in holding tryouts, choosing the most talented players for the team, and organizing team practices and workouts. She also is involved in creating the three-month schedule with top competing schools from the northeast. Having games as far away as Pennsylvania, it is necessary to organize transportation, eating arrangements, and sometimes overnight accommodations for 24 girls. Over the summer, Krystina had the opportunity to intern in the public relations department of Kenneth Cole Productions in New York City. The experience to work on such a high profile fashion company was a great experience. She complied and updated monthly credit reports from multiple media by constantly checking fashion blogs, magazines, and weeklies for credits. She was also active in the making of celebrity mailing lists and sending the product to different editors for photo shoots. Born on Long Island New York, Krystina was raised in a small village and attended a private catholic middle school and graduated from Babylon High School. She enjoys spending time with her family at the beach. She has traveled to Italy and hopes to do more traveling in the future. 26
  • 27. Public Relations Campaign Biographies Christine Rugg Christine Rugg is a sophomore at Ithaca College’s Roy H. Park School of Communications majoring in Integrated Marketing Communications with a minor in Speech Communication. With a cumulative GPA of 3.6, Christine has been accepted to attend Ithaca College’s program in London, England next semester. While in London, Christine will be doing an internship dealing with marketing. Christine hopes to gain experience in knowledge about the marketing field while in London, to help her attain an ideal job after graduation. While at Ithaca College, Christine has gained experience in working with teams of people. During one team project, Christine was elected team leader and planned the event “A Night for the Kids.” This event allowed parents to drop their kids off at a local church to be babysat while they went out for the night. The event was very successful and many parents asked when there would be another one. Christine has also created a strategic communications plan for Ithaca College on how to market the sustainability movement on campus. During this project, Christine created a functioning website that received high regards from her professor. Throughout her time at Ithaca College, Christine has held a serving and bartending position at the local Applebee’s restaurant. She was awarded employee of the month after two months of working there and was promoted to bartender after five months. Christine was a member of Ithaca College’s Public Relations Student Society of America chapter during her freshman year. While in the club, she attended networking nights, weekly meetings, and helped planned club events. Born and raised in Ithaca, NY. Christine attended Dryden High School where she graduated with an advanced diploma in business, served as yearbook editor and was captain of the girl’s basketball team. She also participated in the youth and philanthropy program associated with United Way. While in high school, Christine traveled to Italy and Spain for two weeks on spring break and went to Mexico to help build houses for those without. Growing up and going to college in Ithaca, Christine enjoys being close to her family, being able to visit her two older brothers at Rochester Institute of Technology, and being able to go to her younger brother’s soccer games. 27
  • 28. Public Relations Campaign Eleanor Carey Appendix (866)255-6545 Press Release FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE FRIENDS IN SERVICE HELPING IS LOOKING FOR HELP FROM THE COMMUNITY ITHACA, NY-- January 1, 2010-- The Ithaca chapter of Friends in Service Helping organization is looking for volunteers, additional clientele, and donations from the local community. In the first half of, 2010 FISH volunteer drivers drove over 8,000 miles and served 300 clients all over Tompkins County. Their services are very important to a number of people however, the declining number of volunteer drivers is limiting the transportation they are able to provide. To find out more information, to volunteer, or donate please call 1-866-255-6545. There are a number of volunteer opportunities available at FISH. They are looking for volunteer drivers to medical and health related appointments. They are also asked to select a minimum of two days per month to be on call for transportation. The service is available 8am to 5pm on Monday through Friday. Volunteers are expected to use their own personal vehicles and be prepared to pay for fuel costs. They should have a clean driving record and knowledge of the Tompkins County area. In addition, FISH is looking for potential telephoner’s who would be responsible for transmitting messages and establishing collegial relationships with FISH drivers. They are asked to volunteer a minimum of one day per month and should have access to a personal phone. The Tompkins Long Term Care Council and Health Planning Council Unmet Needs Survey determined that transportation is the number one concern among people in need in Tompkins County. FISH is a non-profit organization that provides transportation to individuals who need rides to and from appointments anywhere in Tompkins County. They are one of the six service agencies ranked as “high impact” in the county, and the growing demand for the service is affecting the organization greatly. Donations are greatly appreciated, and are used for a number of function’s including fuel reimbursement and marketing material. The growing demand for FISH transportation services are due to an expanding range of medical services offered in Tompkins County, the aging of the general population, and the economic state of the nation increasing pressure on a number of people. To request a ride from FISH please call 1-866-255-6546 with the following information: name, address, phone number, name and address of medical/health service, and date and time of appointment. About FISH: FISH, an acronym for Friends in Service Helping, is a non-profit organization in Tompkins County. FISH volunteers provide free rides to Tompkins County residents in need to medical and health related services. All rides are smoke-free, private, confidential and comfortable. FISH primarily serves elderly citizens who may be frail or who no longer drive, and Tompkins County residents who have limited transportation options and resources. FISH has been in Tompkins County since 1966 having been started by members of St John’s Episcopal Church. Today FISH is non-sectarian and is governed by a six member Board of Directors. 28
  • 29. Public Relations Campaign Appendix Donation Letter November 6, 2010 Friends in Service Helping 310 Comstock Road Ithaca, NY 14850 866-255-6545 Dear Ms./Mr.: We are the Friends in Service Helping (F.I.S.H), a non-profit organization devoted to giving free rides to those who cannot take themselves to doctor appointments. We are completely dependent on volunteers who generally are recent retirees. Volunteers use their own personal vehicles and take clients to and from appointments with little or no gas reimbursement. This benefits the clients who are struggling financially rather than paying for a taxi, bus, or other transportation in Tompkins County. We were ranked one of the six “high impact” service agencies of Tompkins County. During the first half of 2008, we drove 9000 miles and serviced almost 400 clients. Our close group of individuals who run this service, allow for the success of our organization. Unlike other transportation agencies, our schedules are made off when our clients need us. According to a need assessment proposal prepared by Tompkins County in 2010, FISH is one of the two transportation services provided. The proposal also indicated that 1,880 people were in need of transportation, the highest need classification on the chart against financing and assisted living. In the past we were partnered with a parent non-profit but our contract has expired. Due to our limited funds we are having difficulty gaining volunteers, clients, and donators. In order to keep helping those in need, we would greatly appreciate your help. Given that we are a non-profit organization, the money we use to support our organization comes strictly from donations and awards we have won in the past. Many locals depend on our service to get to their doctor appointments. Any type of donation can help our organization get the message out greatly and to continue serving the residents of Tompkins County. If you would like to learn more about Friends in Service Helping, please call 866.255.6545 or check our website out at: Thank you for your time, Your friends at Friends in Service Helping (F.I.S.H) 29
  • 30. Public Relations Campaign Appendix Brochure 30
  • 31. Public Relations Campaign Appendix Print Ad 31
  • 32. Public Relations Campaign Appendix Website Enhancement 32
  • 33. Public Relations Campaign Appendix PSAs VOLUNTEERS CLIENTS DONATORS FROM: Friends in Service Helping FROM: Friends in Service Helping FROM: Friends in Service Helping (FISH) (FISH) (FISH) CONTACT: Kayla Inanc, 845.596.0025 CONTACT: Kayla Inanc, 845.596.0025 CONTACT: Kayla Inanc, 845.596.0025 FOR USE: 11/20/10-TFN FOR USE: 11/20/10-TFN FOR USE: 11/20/10-TFN TIME: 30 SEC TIME: 30 SEC TIME: 30 SEC “The Friends in Service Helping “Are you unable to drive? Worried “Friends in Service Helping of program is dedicated to providing about how you will get to your Tompkins County exists to take those free transportation to those in need. doctor’s appointment? Friends in in need to their medical appointments We have driven Tompkins County Service Helping or “FISH,” in Tompkins at no charge and on their residents faithfully to and from their County can help you. Our volunteer schedule. Volunteers, time and doctor appointments over the years. based services offer free transporta- resources are desperately needed to Now we are asking for your help. tion to and from your keep the exceptional work of F.I.S.H Please come donate your time and appointments made entirely around going. If you or your company is help us continue helping those in your schedule. We have been recog- looking for a way to give back to your need at no cost. If you or someone nized by Tompkins County as one of community please call FISH at eight you know can help, we encourage you the six “high impact” service agencies. six-six, two five-five, six five four five. give us a call at 866.255.6545.” Please call us at 866.255.6545 if you Or visit:” are interested. We are happy to help.” 33
  • 34. Public Relations Campaign Appendix Survey Recommended Student Survey for FISH 7. How much free time do you have per week 1. College you are attending a. Less than an hour a. Cornell b. 1-2 hours a day b. Ithaca c. 3-4 hours a day c. TC3 d. more than 4 hours a day d. Other ______ 8. Are you involved with any clubs? If so, please say which one 2. Age ______ 9. How many hours are you willing to commit to your community service 3. Year in College _____ obligations? 4. Do you have a car you can drive? 10. Do you have a clean driving record? a. Yes a. If no, please explain your history. b. No 5. Do you need to perform a community service for a club you are involved in? a. Yes b. No 6. Would you be interested in driving the elderly to medical appointments for free? a. Yes b. No 34
  • 35. Public Relations Campaign THANK YOU! 35