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Middle east airfinance_conf

  1. 1. 25th & 26th September 2012 • Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai www.airfinancejournal.com/MEA10thAnnual MiddleEast andAfrica Airfinance Conference Book before 24th August 2012 SAVE US$300Gold sponsorsBronze sponsors Eco sponsorFeaturing the following key speakers:Brian Jeffery, Senior Vice President, Corporate Treasury, Emirates Airline REGISTER TO THE CONFERENCE…Ricky Thirion, Vice President, Treasury, Etihad AirwaysAdel Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia …and get access to the Airfinance Network –Mukesh Sodani, Chief Financial Officer, Flydubai your gateway to fellow delegates and over 2,000Nirmal Govinda das, Vice President, Financing, Corporate Treasury, Emirates AirlineDon Hubbard, CFO, Jazeera Airways airfinance contacts all over the world.Simon Glass, Chief Financial Officer, AWAS See the delegate list, discuss the latest newsJonty Nel, Senior Vice President and Region Manager, GE Capital Aviation ServicesPolis Polycarpou, Vice President, DVB Bank SE and much moreRich Wiley, President and Chief Executive Officer, Jackson Square Aviation
  2. 2. 10th annual MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA airfinance conference AGENDA DAY ONE: TUESDAY, 25TH SEPTEMBER 2012 08.15 Registration and morning refreshments 09.00 Chairperson’s opening remarks 09.10 Strong financials for Emirates Airline • A resilient and profitable airline whose business model sees it through every crisis • 2013 financial strategy • Where does Emirates see opportunities in the future? Brian Jeffery, Senior Vice President, Corporate Treasury, Emirates Airline 09.40 Etihad maintaining long-term profitability • What is Etihad’s strategy for sustained long term profitability? • Financing requirements and strategies • Using Abu Dhabi’s developments as a platform for growth25th 26th September 2012 • Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai Ricky Thirion, Vice President, Treasury, Etihad Airways 10.10 Market overview – growth potential and risk analysis in10th Annual the MEA region • Is political risk back on the table for lenders in the region or should it be?Middle East and Africa • Update on Gulf Air, Tunisair, Egypt Air and Bahrain Air • Middle East and Africa aviation market trends and growth patternsAirfinance Conference • 2012-2013 sources of financing • Where is the price of oil going? Polis Polycarpou, Vice President, DVB Bank SE 10.40 Morning refreshments and networking Airfinance Events present the 10th Annual Middle East and Africa Airfinance Conference, 25th 26th September 2012, 11.30 Air Arabia, a self sustainable business Jumeirah Beach Hotel, Dubai. • Revenue maximisation and cost minimisation strategy With a 200% increase in inter-regional passenger traffic over the • Funding sources, fleet planning and growth strategy last ten years, the Middle East remains one of the most robust • How does Air Arabia ensure capital guaranteed investments? airline markets in the world. Adel Ali, Group Chief Executive Officer, Air Arabia In Africa, economies and air transport markets continue to grow 12.00 The future of ECA guaranteed deals in the Middle East despite weaker yields on profitability. and Africa Where stagnation characterises so much of the industry today, • How much has the ECA business been affected by its financing costs? Middle East carriers offer energy and a ‘can do’ attitude in • How will that impact ECAs’ capacity to back deals in the Middle East and Africa going forward? abundance, embodied by the region’s so-called Big Three carriers, • Will ECAs increase capacity in the region in 2013? Emirates, Etihad and Qatar Airways, which are expected to bring • What financing structures/flexibility will ECAs offer in the future? important additional capacity in the market. Bob Morin, Vice President Transport Division, For its 10 year anniversary, Airfinance Events’ Dubai conference Export-Import Bank of the United States will bring together the CFOs and CEOs of the region’s most Pascale Lefevre, Head of Transport Department, Coface important airlines together with lenders, lessors, investors, ECAs Gordon Welsh, Director, Aerospace, UK Export Finance and manufacturers to discuss the 10-20 year aircraft market outlook for the Middle East and Africa. 12.45 Lunch PROGRAMME HIGHLIGHTS: 14.15 Over-capacity in the Middle East • With more than 85% of the world’s population within reach • Are there too many aircraft in the Middle East? • Is there enough capacity? of a direct flight, find out how Middle East carriers such as • How will orders be financed over the next five years? Emirates, Etihad, Qatar Airways, Air Arabia, Flydubai and Jazeera Airways in particular will act as powerhouses for 15.00 Aircraft market assessment and forecast the region’s growth over the next decade • How does air travel growth varies per country in the region? • Hear how much straight commercial lending vs. ECA • How will manufacturers support such growth? backed funding will bankers be able to offer in the region • Will manufacturers hold back on order agreements with local carriers given concerns over the region’s over-capacity? in 2012 and beyond from DVB Bank, Citigroup, SMBC, François Collet, Head of Structured Finance, Airbus Standard Chartered, Natixis, Deutsche Bank and Mario Formica, Vice President Marketing, ATR Nedbank amongst others Raphaël Haddad, Vice President, Sales, Middle East and Africa, • Find out the ins and outs of new structures in ECA Bombardier Commercial Aircraft funding, including the pre-funded ECA bond from US Mathieu Duquesnoy, Vice President, Commercial Aviation, Middle East and Exim Bank Africa, EMBRAER • Is there an issue of over capacity in the Middle East? Tim Myers, General Manager and Vice President, Aircraft Financial Services, Will local investors become more active in the region? The Boeing Company Is political risk back on the table for lenders in the Moderator: Simon Finn, Senior Vice President, DVB Bank SE Middle East and Africa? Have answer to these questions and many more at Airfinance Events’ Dubai conference this 15.45 Afternoon refreshments and networking September.
  3. 3. 10th annual MIDDLE EAST AND AFRICA airfinance conference16.15 How is Jazeera Airways’ new business model performing? 12.10 Where is the MEA operating lease market going?• How has the airline’s turn-around plan performed and what kind of • Are leasing companies having difficulties placing future deliveries in airline is Jazeera today? the MEA region?• Ongoing and future financial strategy • Is there an excess supply of new aircraft in the Middle East and can it• After having recently revised its fleet plan, how many orders is Jazeera be financed? looking to place in 2013? • Do lessors try to place 10 year and older aircraft in the Middle East?• How will aircraft orders be financed? • Lessors’ capacity for PDP financing in the region• Leveraging from Jazeera’s aircraft leasing business, Sahaab Simon Glass, Chief Financial Officer, AWAS Aircraft Leasing Jonty Nel, Senior Vice President Region Manager, Middle East,Don Hubbard, Chief Financial Officer, Jazeera Airways Africa Russia/ CIS, GECAS16.45 Straight commercial lending vs ECA backed funding Rich Wiley, President and Chief Executive Officer,• Will commercial lenders be able to extend their commitment to the Jackson Square Aviation industry and particularly to the MEA market? Volker Fabian, Chief Commercial Officer, Intrepid Aviation• How much straight commercial lending will bankers offer in 2013? Shane Matthews, Head of Credit Risk, SMBC Aviation Capital• Will we see less underwriting and more club deals in the region?• What would be bankers’ advice to MEA airlines in 2013? 12.50 Lunch• What are bankers doing to educate some of the local banks or Islamic institutions which are looking to come into the market? 14.15 Credit issues for aviation financeMunawar Noorani, Managing Director, Citigroup Global Markets • How does aviation compare to other industries in the current economic climate?Richard Moody, Asset Finance and Leasing, Deutsche Bank AG • MEA airline industry risk profileFraser Chestney, Head of Aircraft Finance Group, • Judging an airline’s competitive positionSumitomo Mitsui Banking Corporation (SMBC) • Revenue generation and cost controlTaimur Baig, Regional Head Aviation Finance, Structured Finance, • Analyzing profitability, cash flow and the balance sheetStandard Chartered • Credit risk in aircraft leasing and secured lendingChristian McCormick, Chief Executive Officer, NatixisTransport Finance • Reviewing rating agencies: What has changed?James Geldenhuys, Head of Aircraft Finance, Nedbank Capital David Staples, Managing Director, Corporates,17.30 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of day one Moody’s Investors Servicefollowed by drinks reception sponsored by 14.45 Do you need Cape Town? • Is Cape Town an unresolved issue? • Do all countries need Cape Town and what is investors’ take on Middle East and African countries in particular? • What happens if you don’t ratify Cape Town? Scott Scherer, Vice President, General Manager, Aircraft Financial Services, BoeingDAY TWO: WEDNESDAY, 26TH SEPTEMBER 2012 Patrick Käufer, Managing Director, Global Head of Aviation Debt Financing,8.30 Morning refreshments and networking Deutsche Bank Securities9.15 Chairperson’s opening remarks Gordon Welsh, Director, Aerospace, UK Export Finance9.30 New structures in ECA funding 15.15 Is there a future for capital markets transactions in the• What are the new structures offered by US Exim/ UK Export Finance? Middle East and Africa?• All you need to know about the pre-funded ECA bond • Will we see more capital markets funded deals in the region in 2013?• What flexibility will new and hybrid structures offer airlines? • Will we see hybrid structures with tranches funded by the capitalBob Morin, Vice President, Transport Division, markets and other tranches by commercial banks in the future?Export-Import Bank of the United States • With all recent senior unsecured deals requiring large amounts of unencumbered assets, are capital markets products not just a form of10.00 Flydubai: Reviewing growth and financing options secured debt?• Future financing requirements and financial risk analysis • Will we see truly unsecured funded deals in MEA any time soon?• Does Flydubai see Islamic finance and bond issuances as viable • Is the ABS market a viable option now? alternative funding sources? Scott Corman, Managing Director, Credit Suisse Securities• What other financing product is the airline using or looking into?• Medium to long-term growth plans Nirmal Govinda das, Vice President, Financing, Corporate Treasury,Mukesh Sodani, Chief Financial Officer, Flydubai Emirates Airline Greg Lee, Head of Trade, Transport and Infrastructure Finance,10.30 New engine technology and benefits of existing programs Goldman Sachs• How are existing engine programs performing? Johan Visser, Executive Director, JP Morgan• What engine technologies will drive performance and durability in the future? 15.50 Chairperson’s closing remarks and end of conference• New technology maturation timelineNicolas Durand, Product Marketing Director, CFM11.00 Morning refreshments and networking11.30 Will the local investor base invest in aircraft, spares orother needs in 2013?• Are local investors convinced by the ROI on aircraft?• What would it take for them to get more involved in the MEA aviation market?• When do these local investors expect to be fully active in the Middle East and how much capacity will they have? For further information on sponsorship or exhibition• Would sovereign wealth funds consider investing outside the MEA region? opportunities please contact Graham Sherwood• Spares investment in 2013 and beyond Tel: +44 (0) 20 7779 8857Troy Lambeth, Chief Executive Officer, Fax: +44 (0) 20 7779 8353Sanad (a Mubadala Aerospace company) Email: gsherwood@euromoneyplc.comHani Kuzbari, CFA, Executive Vice President, Novus Aviation Capital ©Airfinance Events 2012. Airfinance Events reserves the right to alter the venue and/or speakers. Airfinance Events is a division of Euromoney Trading Limited.
  4. 4. 10th Annual Middle East and Africa Airfinance Conference • 25th 26th September 2012 • Jumeirah Beach Hotel, DubaiRegistration 5 Easy Ways To RegisterStandard conference fee US$2,299 Online: US$1,999Early Bird Registration Fee (Book before 24th August 2012 and save US$300) www.airfinancejournal.com/MEAPlease quote ELE1130 on all correspondance Total US$ Email: Multi-booking discounts are available: call UK +44 (0)20 7779 8729 or kproverbs@euromoneyplc.com email kproverbs@euromoneyplc.com for more details Fax: (UK) +44 (0)20 7779 8603 Telephone: (UK) +44 (0) 20 7779 7222 or (USA) +1 212 901 3828 Post: Kieran Proverbs Euromoney Seminars Nestor House Playhouse Yard London EC4V 5EX UKDelegatesDelegate 1 (please print) Delegate 2 Delegate 3Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Other): Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Other): Title (Mr/Mrs/Miss/Dr/Other):First name: First name: First name:Surname: Surname: Surname:Job title: Job title: Job title:Company: Company: Company:VAT No (EU only): VAT No (EU only) : VAT No (EU only):Address: Address: Address:Country: Country: Country:Postcode: Postcode: Postcode:Tel: Tel: Tel:Fax: Fax: Fax:Email: Email: Email:The information you have provided will be safeguarded by Airfinance Events who will to remain confidential and fax back this form to +44 (0)20 7779 8603. 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Invoice me (option not available after 6th September 2012)Beneficiary: Euromoney Seminars Account No: 11385119Sort code: 30-12-18, IBAN No: GB58LOYD30121811385119 Please complete and return this form together with a copy of yourSwift Address: LOYD GB2 LCTY quoting ELE1130. bank transfer or check, payable in US$ to Euromoney Seminars, andAll charges to be paid by sender. send by post or fax to: Euromoney Seminars, Nestor House, Playhouse Yard, London EC4V 5EX, UKPayment by debit or credit card Tel: (UK) +44 (0)20 7779 7222; Fax: (UK) +44 (0) 20 7779 8603To make a payment by credit card, please call +44 (0)20 7779 7222 or visit Email: kproverbs@euromoneyplc.comwww.airfinancejournal.com/MEA to book and pay online www.airfinancejournal.com/MEAAdministrative InformationVenue: Cancellation policy: All bookings are considered binding on Registration fee: The registration fee includes participationJumeirah Beach Hotel receipt of booking form. Payment is required on receipt of in the conference, lunches and documentation material,Jumeirah 3 Road subsequent event invoice unless the registration is made on which will be available in electronic format the night beforePO Box 11416 or after 6th September 2012 when payment must be made the event. Please use your username and password in orderDubai, United Arab Emirates at the time of registration. This is a prepaid event. If you to access them. All bookings are considered binding onTel: +971 4 3480000 cannot attend you must cancel your registration in writing receipt of the booking form. Airfinance Events reserves the no later than the 6th September 2012 to receive a refund right to change the currency and pricing of the conference atTravel Accommodation: For all Accommodation minus a 10% administration charge. We cannot accept any time up to the date of the event.please contact the reservations team at Banks Sadler verbal cancellations. Cancellations made after this timeon +44 (0) 1904 682639 or email: are liable for the full conference fee. We suggest you send a For immediate information on this and related events, pleaseeuromoneyseminars@banks-sadler.co.uk. substitute to attend in your place at no extra cost. call telephone: USA Toll Free (free from within the USA) (USA) +1 800 437 9997 or (USA) +1 212 901 3828 orBanks Sadler have negotiated preferential room rates Cannot attend? Please pass this brochure on to a colleague (UK) +44 (0) 20 7779 7222 or alternatively email:on behalf of all Airfinance Events delegates and look or you can purchase the online documentation for US$599. registrations@euromoneyplc.comforward to assisting you with the best accommodation for If your company is registered within the EU please supplyyour budget. your VAT number. For further information on sponsorship or exhibition opportunities please contact Graham Sherwood Tel: +44 (0) 20 7779 8857 or Fax: +44 (0) 20 7779 8353 Email: gsherwood@euromoneyplc.com