Building Brand Following on your Facebook Timeline


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A Social Media / Facebook Marketing Case Study on how good content posts on your Facebook Brand Page can bring a genuine fan-following without spending too much advertising dollars.

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Building Brand Following on your Facebook Timeline

  1. 1. Building a Brand following on your Facebook Timeline A Social Media Case Study K Pradeep, Niyati Technologies |© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  2. 2. Campaign Brief Client: GRT Jewellers To promote the Valentine Collection of Gold Rings, Ear-Rings and Pendants on Facebook To drive Online Sales – as Special Valentine Offer Price made available for online purchase only. To increase Likes, engage Fans and get more brand visibility Duration : 2 Weeks (February 1 to February 14, 2013)© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  3. 3. Campaign Plan Client: GRT Jewellers Create a daily-deal Timeline on the Facebook Brand Page Posts to carry Website URL and call-to-action ... Direct audience to site Engage Fans and build fan-page activity to build brand fan-bassadors© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  4. 4. Facebook Cover Image Client: GRT Jewellers© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  5. 5. Facebook Wall Posts Client: GRT Jewellers Insight 1 : Better Social Sharing when there is no Obvious or forced call to action on Image – like Price or Buy Online© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  6. 6. Facebook Wall Posts Client: GRT Jewellers Insight 2 : Introducing the audience to the Price Points – from high to low, also showed increased audience engagement and activity.© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  7. 7. Campaign Performance Client: GRT Jewellers Insight 3 : Nailing it down to the right audience. Targeted at places where the showrooms were present, and more from cities that clocked more online sales ...© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  8. 8. Campaign Performance Client: GRT Jewellers Spiralling from 600 to 3500 Users Capitalizing on the Valentine Trend and talking about the Valentine Collection the mindset of today’s young couples© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  9. 9. Campaign Performance Client: GRT Jewellers Just about the right audience we wanted. Men who brought them online as a Gift for their Valentine.© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  10. 10. Campaign Analysis Client: GRT Jewellers Here’s what we believe clicked, and worked in our favour ... 1. Not going after the numbers game. Advertising Money could have brought more Likes and more Shares. But then it would have been difficult to measure the real pulse of an audience who were genuinely interested on the brand. 2. Good Design and Content. People loved the jewel and appreciated the uniqueness in its design. The wall-posts helped portray GRT Jewellers as a brand with a unique design collection at all price ranges. 3. The L-E-A-N Principle. Having an eye and an ear on the conversations helped us nail down to specific genuine buyers and engage them ... thereby enabling conversions and sales.© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  11. 11. Niyati’s LEAN Principle for Social Media Marketing Listen-Engage-Appreciate-Nurture To discuss more about our data-driven Social Media and Search Marketing Solutions for your brand, get in touch with us today. K Pradeep +91 98840 42639 Ramesh Nair +91 98840 82639 Visit us at© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |
  12. 12. About Niyati Technologies At Niyati Technologies, we bring to your table proven expertise in search and social media marketing. Our solutions are driven by analytics and are result-oriented. We believe people and good communication can bring a brand a greater fan-following more than just advertising dollars. Established in 1999, Niyati offers Branding, Responsive Web Design, Digital Marketing, Web and Mobile Application Development to clients across the world.© 2013 Niyati Technologies | |