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    3. 3. Bisleri Profile• A Italian origin company by Signor Felice who firstbought the idea of selling bottle water in india.• Mineral water under the name Bisleri was firstintroduced in Mumbai in glass bottles in two varieties –bubbly & still in 1965.• Parle bought over Bisleri in India In 1969.• Currently 54 bottling plants , 9 plants are companyowned & rest are franchisee or contract packers.• Company put through multiple stages of purification,ozonised & finally packed for consumption.• Company commitment to offer every Indian pure &
    4. 4. • Advertising Campaign– First Ad Campaign– PLAY SAFE– Second Ad Campaign– The Sweet taste of Purity– Third Ad Campaign– Bisleri The Mountain Water– Fourth Ad Campaign– Bisleri bottle falling from mountainPromotion
    5. 5. • Where is the Product in theCustomer’s MindBisleriAquafinaKinleyBrain CellsOxyrichHimalayaBrilliantBestMineralWaterBISLERIPositioning
    6. 6. AVAILIBILITY EVERYWHERE• Availibility of the product brand on main core part ofthe citywhere it is easy visibility.• Staying visible in the market makes to know theevery change an happening .• Every brand needs a good advertising campaign toestablishitself in the market .• Most of the retailers usually keep highly advertisedbrands.• Considerable number of retailers who said highermarginswas also one of the deciding factors for selling aparticular brand.• Two Basic questions to take in mind which brands
    7. 7. AVAILIBILITY EVERYWHERE• Sampling to be done in geographical as well asindividual.• Target the youth market specially developingmarket,trendypacks to attract more and more customers.• Every Interface with the consumer is being used asan opportunity to reinforce the message.• Market is too congested and confused in the mumbaiend customers & its region, so the company shouldproperlypromote & strengthen the distribution channel tosurvive the competition.• Every distribution vehicle used for supply beenpainted in bright blue as bisleri bottles have,bearthe bisleri logo and sport catchy baselines like “playsafe”.• More focus on AVAILIBILITY & DISTRIBUTION OF
    8. 8. Price• Comparitive Pricing– Geographical Pricing (TransportationChugs)E.g. Gujarat Village Rs.5/- Per Ltr.Mumbai Rs.12/- Per Ltr.• Product Line Pricing– Image PricingOld Pack Rs.5/-Per 500mlNew Pack Rs.9/-Per 500ml
    9. 9. Place• Intensive Distribution– Increasing bottling units– A fleet of vehicles route properly onstrictly logistics regulated base– Maximum retail outlets , each & everyregions of Mumbai– Every Railway stop have the outlet forbisleri
    10. 10. THE MAJOR PLAYERS IN PACKAGEDWATER INDUSTRY– Parles Bisleri– Coca Cola Kinley– PepsiCo Aqua Fina– Manikchand Oxyrich– Parle Agro Bailley
    11. 11. Major Players Market Share in India2009
    12. 12. SCOPE & RELEVANCERelevance• Implementation of productimprovements which come out ofconsumer research.• Try and focus on the new trendsin the industry .• eg: Flavored waterScope• Bring out different products andextend its product line.• Story would be different if afterlaunch of Kinley and Aquafina inmineral water segment Bisleriwould have challenged them onsoft drink with thums-up whichwas the biggest trump card of itstime.• plans to increase its productportfolio in the water andbeverages segment.
    13. 13. Strengths• Bisleri is the synonymous with brandedwater• Bisleri is the pioneer in the market• Major market share• Generic name for packaged drinking water• 40 years old brand so name itself is TRUST• Focus on safety n PURITYWeakness• No continuous innovation in the product• Not able to penetrate on premium segment• Not more focus on advertisementOpportunities• Can enter in the market of juices &beverages• Can enter in the market of water purifier• Can tab the maximum rural market of thecountry• Tie-up with railway canteen,resorts & stallsThreats• From the players like Kinley, Aqua fina,Himalaya Bailley, & Other local & ruralproducts• New enters in the market like Amul• If government ban on plastic use, thencompany will be in trouble
    14. 14. DESIGNED TRADITIONALSYSTEM• We at Bisleri value our customers & therefore have developed 8 unique packsizes to suit.• According to the need of every individual. We are present in 250ml cups , 250mlbottles, 500ml, 1L, 1.5L,2L which are the non-returnable packs & 5L, 20L which arethe returnable packs.• Something refreshingly new, bisleri have introduced Bisleri Natural MountainWater – water brought to you from the foothills of the mountains situated inHimachal Pradesh. Hence our product range now comprises of two variants : Bisleriwith added minerals & Bisleri Mountain Water.• Treat your family to pure Bisleri, in economical, tamper-proof 20L packs:• Insist on using Bisleri with the specially-developed faucet. The newfaucet ensures that Bisleri is dispensed directly from the jar, leaving nochance for contamination. Also avoid using hot and cold machines or anydispensers, since they could be a source of contamination.
    15. 15. PROFESSIONALLY OUTLOOKBY DOING GAP ANALYSIS•To provide the highest quality product, keeping in mind all aspects includingfreshness, purity and safety, and making it easily available to the consumer ata very affordable price.•To achieve international standards of excellence in all aspects of energy anddiversified business with focus on consumer delight through value andservices of product and cost reduction.•Bisleri is perhaps already ten steps ahead of its competitors and willendeavor to widen its gap in the times to come.• Bisleris brand positioning stresses on pure, clean and safe drinking water.•To attain leadership in developing, adopting and assimilating state or arttechnology for competitive advantage.•To provide better quality of product and services through sustained marketresearch and product development.•To foster a culture of participation and innovation for employee growth andcontribution.•To cultivate high standards of business ethics, and total quality management• preserve ecological balance and heritage through a strong environmentconscience.
    16. 16. THE METHODOLOGY• Segmentation, targeting and positioning is veryimportant• Distribution network plays a very important role• Packaging and pricing play an important role inbrand building and brand recalling• Innovation is the key for success of a firm so it isimportant to change with time• Advertisements help in promotion of the brand• Customer is the king.
    17. 17. THEMETHODOLOGYA range of productsthat suits all theoccasions– For daily traveling consumption (250ml cups,250ml & 500ml bottles)– For Long traveling consumption (2, 1.5 & 1 Ltr.)– For Office, Home, Marriage or Meeting use (5 &20 Ltr. Returnable packs)
    18. 18. Targeting• Targets middle segment people• Price of the Bottle is such that can beaffordable to the all segments• Company planning to target moretowards lower segment
    19. 19. • The observation shows that most of the population in Mumbai &its region agree that people are getting Health Conscious now-a-days.• PREFERENCE MORE FOR MINERAL/PACKAGED WATER OVERNORMAL WATER BECAUSE OF HYGIENE.• According to survey, 35% of retailer go in for advertised productsand nonadvertised products .OBSERVATION
    20. 20. Recommendation– Keep Innovating at regular interval, Brand image in themarket.– BRAND IS ALWAYS THE SAME AS B-RAND YOU HAVE TOINNOVATE IN THIS OTHERWISE YOU FAIL.– Increase the margin offered to retailers,goodschemes should be given.– Improve penetration in the market which includesrural market.– The market is too congested and confused in the Mumbairegion, so the company should properly promote & strengthenthe distribution channel to survive the competition.– Advertise regularly to maintain top of mind recall– Improve ties up resorts hospitals,bar&restaurant.– Introduce sparkling water to cater to niche category& obtain more shelf space– Keep tab for duplication
    21. 21. FINAL BUSINESS PLAN• The market size is further projected to increase to265 million cases by the year 2014-15 this works outof a projected growth rate of nearly 11% a year.• Some of the future plans to maintain the top spotthat Bisleri commands in the Indian market are:• New pack sizes in bottles and cups Increase thedistribution network with an investment of over 200crores .• The demand has been further fueled due toincreasing income and changing lifestyle of the urbanmiddle and upper classes of the population due toglobalization.• To enhance capital and fixed assets of the group to
    22. 22. FINAL BUSINESS PLAN• We can divide the entire market into two segments:Retail consumption market Household & Institutionalconsumption market.• It is also triggered by advertising and wide —spreaddistribution of the product.
    23. 23. CONCLUSION• After analysis of the data & facts we have collected fromconsumer & the retailers & matching them with theobjectives one can say that there is very good future formineral water market.• According to survey, 35% of retailer go in for advertisedproducts.• BRAND MOSTLY SOLD .• Regarding the growth and future prospect of the mineralwater market nearly all of the retailers were optimisticand ranked it as a very rapidly growing excellent market.