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AATM 2012 - Properties PPT

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This session, Serious Play: Teaching the Properties of Operations Through Games, was presented at the AATM annual conference on September 22, 2012.

This session, Serious Play: Teaching the Properties of Operations Through Games, was presented at the AATM annual conference on September 22, 2012.

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  • Dr. Bill McCullum at the University of Arizona led the writing efforts for the CCSS-M, and he groups the SMPs like this. He takes the problem solving and precision Standards and groups them together as overarching habits of mind…these two are relevant at all times. Then he groups the reasoning and explaining Standards together and calls them “reasoning and explaining”…this certainly corresponds to “reasoning and communication” from the CPRs.Next puts the modeling and tools standards together, which is where we can see the strongest evidence for “representations” from the CPRs.And finally, he grouped structure and generalizing together, which is where we can see some evidence of “connections” from the CPRs, though this link is a bit weaker.As you can see, this organization points out that the CPRs were purposely integrated into the SMPs from the beginning. Take a mental snapshot of this diagram…as you become more familiar with the SMPs in the coming months, remember that they are built upon the CPRs…those important processes that students should be using on a daily basis to help them learn and use mathematics at a deep level.


  • 1. Serious playTeaching the properties of Operations through games Kimberly Rimbey, NBCT Ph.D. Candidate kimrimbey@gmail.com
  • 2. Arizona’s Common CoreStandards - Mathematics
  • 3. Content Standards “…using strategies based on place value, properties ofoperations, and the relationships between operations…”
  • 4. Standards for Mathematical Practice Reasoning & CommunicationProblem Solving & Modeling &Using Precision Using Tools [Representation] Seeing Structure & Generalizing [Connections]
  • 5. What are your goals?
  • 6. Properties…What do you know?How do you teach them?
  • 7. Teaching with Games
  • 8. 1) Math Talk
  • 9. 2) Individual Accountability
  • 10. 3) Fun Factor
  • 11. Trying out the games…What do I need to consider? Grade Differentiation LanguageWhat do I need to prep? Materials Pre-made vs. student prep
  • 12. Commutative Property
  • 13. Associative Property
  • 14. Distributive Property
  • 15. What are your goals?
  • 16. Interested in More??? Sign up for the extensive handout  Includes all three games  2 versions of Switcheroo (+, x)  2 versions of Four in a Row (+, x) Go to www.kpmathematics.com
  • 17. For more information:kimrimbey@gmail.com Play on!