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Prepare for the job search through personal assessment and research of companies and positions of interest. Learn about the employer's hiring process and what your process should look like as a …

Prepare for the job search through personal assessment and research of companies and positions of interest. Learn about the employer's hiring process and what your process should look like as a proactive job searcher. Learn about free job search resources available to Murray State University students and alumni.

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  • 1. Job Search Strategies Murray State Career Services 100 Oakley Applied Science Bldg 270.809.3735 | murraystate.edu/career
  • 2. Agenda ▪ Preparation ▪ Process ▪ Follow-up ▪ Resources
  • 3. Job Search Preparation ▪ Self-Assessment ▪ Personality, interests, values and skills ▪ PersonalityTraits: 16personalities.com ▪ Interests: MyNextMove.org ▪ Values, Skills & Interests: Kuder (Career Services) ▪ Know your worth ▪ NACE Salary Calculator: link ▪ Occupational Outlook Handbook: link ▪ Glassdoor: link ▪ HomeFair: link ▪ Salary.com: link
  • 4. Job Search Preparation ▪ Explore Career Options ▪ What are you prepared to do? ▪ What can you do with your major and experience? ▪ Where do you want to work? ▪ Where is your industry growing? ▪ Research companies and jobs of interest ▪ Job SearchTools ▪ Develop Resume and Cover Letter ▪ Register with RacerTracks ▪ Take advantage of Mock Interviews
  • 5. Their Selection Process ▪ Identify a need ▪ Develop a job description ▪ Post the job description ▪ Company website, job boards, social media ▪ Review applications ▪ Phone/Skype interviews ▪ On-site interviews ▪ Make job offers
  • 6. Your Job Search Process ▪ Identify hiring companies/organizations ▪ Update resume and cover letter ▪ Follow hiring process instructions ▪ Ask questions as needed ▪ Submit application ▪ Follow-up ▪ Prepare to interview
  • 7. Job Search ProcessTips ▪ Stay positive ▪ Don’t compare yourself to others ▪ Network ▪ In person and online ▪ Follow-up throughout the process ▪ Don’t disappear and appear uninterested
  • 8. Be patient and methodical ▪ It may take 6 to 9 months…or longer ▪ Do something very day – example: ▪ Monday: Search job postings ▪ Tuesday: Network and research company ▪ Wednesday: Update resumes and cover letters ▪ Thursday:Apply for jobs ▪ Friday: Follow-up with jobs previously pursued
  • 9. Your Follow-Up ▪ Ask about their selection/hiring timeline ▪ Email thank you within 12 – 24 hours ▪ Mail thank you within 24 hours ▪ Call/email in 7 – 10 days ▪ Respect the timeline they shared with you ▪ Don’t call or email everyday ▪ If no response after three attempts, move on ▪ There are always exceptions…
  • 10. Free JobSearch Resources ▪ Reviewing today ▪ RacerTracks (log in via myGate) ▪ GoingGlobal (log in via myGate) ▪ CareerShift (use in Career Services) ▪ Additional ▪ GlassDoor (link viaWeb Resources page) ▪ LinkedIn: LinkedIn.com/studentjobs
  • 11. myGateHomeTab:RacerTracks
  • 12. RacerTracks HomepageTabs ▪ Profile: Keep info updated ▪ Documents: Upload and manage resumes, cover letters, transcripts, etc ▪ Applications: Records jobs you apply for and indicates if Employers have viewed your “public” resume ▪ Calendar: Career Services events ▪ Job & Internships: Search to find opportunities ▪ Employers: Search to find registered employers using system
  • 13. Job Search: “Accounting” When you create a set of key words and parameters that meet your needs, save your search and receive email notices when new relevant jobs are posted. Two “networks” are posting jobs.The experience ones reach a larger audience. MSU is just for our network.
  • 14. Employer Search Type in at least 3 characters Search for Employers by typing in at least three (3) characters to see if they have jobs posted, are conducting on-campus interviews or are participating in any events.
  • 15. myGateHomeTab:GoingGlobal
  • 16. CareerShift: My JobsTab ▪ Use in Career Services ▪ Search for jobs and internships of interest by: ▪ Keywords ▪ Location ▪ JobTypes ▪ Job Board vs Company Sites ▪ Results update daily
  • 17. CareerShift: My ContactsTab ▪ Build your network: ▪ Search MSU alumni ▪ Search Nashville area ▪ Result: 200 contacts
  • 18. CareerShift: My CompaniesTab ▪ Search for companies of interest by: ▪ Industry ▪ Location ▪ Size
  • 19. Questions? Murray State Career Services 100 OakleyApplied Science Bldg 270.809.3735 | murraystate.edu/career Follow @ MSUCSO Join the Murray State University Career Services group