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Newsletter Newsletter Presentation Transcript

  • Fall 2009 Newsletter Created by Geneva Productions
  • Miss President: Nina Chang This semester I was President for our Chapter.  Although there were many stressful times, I think I enjoyed it very much.  It was nice to be really involved and try to help our Chapter to do well.  Sometimes I wish I wasn't graduating so soon so that I could still be around My goals for this semester were: 1. To organize and participate in 3-4 cultural workshops 2. To complete 13 hours of community service with more than 75% of sisters involved 3. To organize at least 2 philanthropy events where donations will be given to ATASK and NAPAWF 4. To organize at least 3 fundraising events 5. Raise our chapter GPA to above a 3.5 (ideally, and increase the GPA by .2 each semester until it is at or above this) And, I am happy to say that we reached goals 1-4, and did much Rush Mixer with SigRho more.  Right now, I am not sure what our Chapter GPA is at for this semester since the grades do not come out until Tuesday. I am not sure if I have "improved" this chair since this was m first semester as President and being on Eboard.  I think that I have learned a lot this semester and those things can help me to do better next semester. 
  • Things I am thankful for: 1. supportive friends + parents 2. delicious foods =P 3. the many ways there are to keep in touch with someone Borders Gift Wrapping Barnes & Noble Gift Wrapping Fundraiser
  • Co-PE: Lisa Ly This semester was such an emotional rollercoaster ride for me. Did I say the same thing last semester when I was President too? LOL. Anyways, this semester we've seen the first girls drop since the Etas, and it got harder each time a girl left. It made me wonder what we were doing wrong as PE's, and eventually I just came to the conclusion that the girls who left, although they were great girls, they just didn't have that IT factor that makes Kappas unique : ) There were some things that Miki and I wanted to try out this semester with the intakes. First we wanted to "ban" assignments for the first 6 weeks, forcing sisters to meet up with the girls face-2-face, and only allowing sisters to give assignments to the girls if they absolutely could not meet up personally with the them. In addition, we also told sisters not to attend their intake dinners so that the girls have time to bond outside of functions. We were hoping to arrange a sister-intake meal time every week to replace sister-intake buddy days, but that didn't work out too well with our schedules in addition to the intake schedules as well :( And the whole assignment restriction policy that we tried to implement was really difficult for sisters to comprehend : ( All in all, sisters were actually very well-behaved. LOL. I'm kidding, yet not at the same time! Sisters were of great help with the class. They kept Miki and I updated and informed when they heard things through the grapevine, and they were able to play the dual role pretty well. Although there are always one or two sisters who are still gonna do their thing regardless of what anyone says, as a whole, I couldn't have asked for anything better : ) As for me personally, I think I've come full circle as a sister. When I was first crossed, I knew that one day I wanted to be President and PE for our chapter. And now that I've fulfilled my goal, I'm back to being Community Service Chair! I wanna feel like a neo again and only have to worry about one chair and coming out to as many events as I can. Hahahahaha. Hopefully by taking some time off of Eboard, I can slowly make that transition of taking my hands off the wheel and allowing the younger sisters to steer for a while.
  • Three things I'm grateful for: 1. My two semi-well-behaved dogs 2. My parents for being the most understanding they've been since I was a teenager living at home. They've helped me alot through these tough economic times even though they themselves don't have much. 3. Mommy Blast and my piss for putting up with all my bitching and complaining throughout the intake process <3 Eating after Binghamptom Mass Halloween Party at Bebe and Rumor’s Apartment Date Auction Fundraiser
  • Co-PE: Miki Matsuzuki This semester was quite an interesting one. Being PE was definitely harder than I ever imagined. Most likely because it felt like every week another girl dropped. Despite having faced many disappointments, Lisa and I couldn’t be happier with our 2 children. As these 2 girls mommies, Lisa and I only consider this the beginning and hope to still teach the 2 girls many more things about the sorority. With being PE, I was on E-board for the very first time. I finally began to see how the sorority is run from a business-like perspective and helped me understand how while E-board really works to make everyone happy, there are times that even E-board and the rest of the actives disagree. This made me change my outlook on how things are run and I hope to continue to learn things about our chapter despite having been a sister for many semesters. Now that I have been alumni relations chair for a year, I hope that I have made improvements that are noticeable and will continue to hope for the bond between alumni and actives to strengthen. I know that many of you live quite far away but even an email or letter would be encouraging and we would all be happy to hear how you’re doing.
  • I am thankful for: 1. My one and only pledge sister 2. Dance 3. Fun times with my sisters Sister Bonding MIT Halloween Mixer Big/Little Dinner Fall 09
  • Carrie Leong Hello alum sisters! This fall has been a very different semester for me. I am doing surprisingly super well in all my classes but with the drawback of not being active for KPL. Although I like my new grades, I miss being an active sister for our chapter. It has helped me understand I need to balance my work and prioritize better so I can do everything that I love. Our last meeting this semester (with potluck and secret santa) reminded me so much of the days I just crossed two years ago, with the santa hats and laughing faces. It made me miss so many of you who have already graduated. Our chapter has grown a lot and with the foundation all of you had laid down, I am certain we will do nothing less than wonderful. Hope to see your faces soon. Have a warm and happy holiday! Bebe and Rumor’s Halloween Party
  • Geneva’s 21st Birthday Dinner Gingerbread House Contest with DPO
  • Jen Ngo Things I'm thankful for: 1. My creativity so that I can entertain people and make them laugh/smile 2. That I'm in college because I love college, especially one where I get an extra year 3. That being in this sorority makes it easier to meet people, even though it's hard for me to befriend non-asian and/or non-greek people, because I have horrible social skills when it comes to adult-adults and strangers. Trip to Nu Chapter Theota at Last Chapter Meeting of Fall 09