Student Information Analytics for Oracle Campus Solutions


Published on … Addressing The Challenges Of Modern Educational Institutions

Oracle’s PeopleSoft Campus Solutions is the leading student management solution for educational institutions. The software suite provides institutions with support for the full student life-cycle as well as supporting the "business" of education.

Join team members from Oracle and KPI Partners for this virtual event that provides an overview of the analytical application for Student Information Analytics.

Kumar Krishnaswamy, KPI Partners
Venkataramana Nidugondi, Product Manager, Oracle

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  • Add insight to CRM and ERP applications
    Easy to adapt and extend
    Tight integration with OLTP systems
    Works with existing IT environment
    Fast time to value; Low TCO
    Over 4,000 customers worldwide

    Pre-built warehouse with 16 star-schemas designed for analysis and reporting on financial analytics
    Pre-built ETL to extract data from a large number of operational tables and load it into the DW, sourced from PSFT, Oracle EBS, JD Edwards,
    Pre-mapped metadata, including embedded best practice calculations and metrics for financial analysts, executives and other business users
    A “best practice” library of over 488 pre-built metrics, 36 intelligent dashboards, 250+ reports and several alerts for CFO, Finance Controller, Financial Analyst, AR/AP Managers and Executives

  • Use notes area to aid your presentation with detailed points.
  • Most significant BI Applications release in three years
    Dashboards are written for OBIEE 11g leveraging new
    visualizations such as performance tiles
    Completely re-architected solution leveraging the power
    of ODI as the data movement tool
    Released on the latest version of FMW
    Introduction of BI Applications Configuration Manager
    and other tools to increase productivity and drive down TCO
    Golden Gate option available for customers
    that require near real time loads
    Significant expansion of content and new products
  • New Application Content – SIA and Indirect Spend Planning
    New Data Integration Tool – Oracle Data Integrator
    New TCO Tools - BIACM and FSM to increase productivity and lower TCO
  • New Application Content – SIA and Indirect Spend Planning
    New Data Integration Tool – Oracle Data Integrator
    New TCO Tools - BIACM and FSM to increase productivity and lower TCO
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  • Student Information Analytics for Oracle Campus Solutions

    1. 1. Contact Us 510.818.9480 |© KPI Partners Inc. Start Here Kumar Krishnaswamy | GM, KPI Partners Venkataramana Nidugondi | Product Manager, Oracle Oracle Student Information Analytics Oracle BI Applications
    2. 2. Agenda 2
    3. 3. ①BI Apps Overview ②Introduction to Student Information Analytics ③Exploring Student Information Analytics ④Demo ⑤Q & A Agenda Oracle Student Information Analytics 3
    4. 4. BI Applications Overview 4
    5. 5. 5Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!) Pre-built warehouse Designed for Analysis & Reporting 1 Pre-built ETL Extract Data From Popular ERP 3 4 Pre-built Metadata Calculations & Metrics BI Applications Overview Pre-built Metadata Calculations & Metrics Presentation layer Logical business model Physical sources 2
    6. 6. 6Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!) BI Applications Overview
    7. 7. New visualizations such as performance tiles ODI as the data movement tool Released on FMW BI Apps Config Manager & other tools Golden Gate for near real-time loads Expansion of content and new products BI Applications Overview Oracle Student Information Analytics
    8. 8. BI Applications Overview - Takeaways Oracle Student Information Analytics BI Applications – Significant new release Go to the KPI Partners website for several recordings, webinars and other material detailing this new release
    9. 9. Introduction to Student Information Analytics 9
    10. 10. 10 Driving Student Success Oracle Student Information Analytics Measuring Institutional Performance • How can I improve Student Retention and define Student Success across the Institution? • How do I measure student access, degree attainment and cost of education.? Operational Complexity • How do I simultaneously minimize cost of graduation and ensure consistently high quality of education? • How do I meet the demands of new learning methods? Financial Resources • How can I provide adequate funding to maintain quality, improve access, and increase student success? • How can I effectively manage student billing, collections and financial aid? Execution • How can I reduce the decision cycle for admissions? • How can I manage the wait lists and enrollments efficiently?
    11. 11. Application Content Oracle Student Information Analytics Recruitment and Admissions • Admissions Funnel • External Test Scores • Applicants, Applications, Status • Recruitment Performance Student Records • Academic Plan & Progress • Courses & Enrollments • Institutional Summaries & Demographic Analysis Student Financials • Charges & Payments • Aging • Credit History • Transaction Details
    12. 12. Application Content Oracle Student Information Analytics Admissions and Recruiting Student Records Executive Overview Student Self-Service
    13. 13. 13  University / Campus Executives  Institution / Campus President  Campus Provost  Deans of Admission, Administration, Academic Affairs  Bursar / Student Accounts Manager  Registrar  Students – Self Service  Student Campus Solutions Administrator  Many Others! Oracle Student Information Analytics Application Content
    14. 14. 14 • Built on BI Applications platform – • Common Information Model, Conformed dimensions, next generation ETL(ODI), Security model etc.  17 Pre-built Dashboard pages, 130+ Reports  Nearly 400 Metrics Foundation for Fusion Student Information Analytics Oracle Student Information Analytics Application Content
    15. 15. 15  Summary level KPIs with drill down capabilities to identify exceptions  Cross-functional analysis capabilities with Financial Analytics, Procurement & Spend Analytics, HR Analytics and other BI Apps  Exalytics and BI Mobile certified  Certified through Campus Solutions 9.0, Bundle #27 Oracle Student Information Analytics Application Content
    16. 16. Application Content Takeaway Unpacking The New Oracle BI Apps (Now With ODI!) New Application with pre-built Analytic Content Fully Integrated with other BI Apps Pre-built metrics/KPIs and role-based dashboards
    17. 17. Exploring Student Information Analytics 17
    18. 18. 18Oracle Student Information Analytics • Application Content Business Objectives / Issues Gain Insights Take Action Target recruiting efforts to expedite applications processing Is the conversion ratio of Prospects to Enrollees trending up? Review Admissions Funnel for Prospects, Applicants, Admissions, Confirmations and Enrollment. Optimize Recruiting Effectiveness DrilltoDetail Is there a delay in processing and confirming admissions? Does Recruiter / center performance vary by Region, Recruiting category etc? Drill to applications pending confirmation and recruiters below the target levels Business Function: Recruiting and Admissions Role: Director of Admissions Objectives: – 1) Optimize Recruiting Effectiveness – 2) Resolve Bottlenecks Sample Decision Workflow Recruiting and Admissions
    19. 19. 19Oracle Student Information Analytics Exploring Oracle Student Information Analytics Action Level Metrics Operational Level Metrics Strategic Level Metrics Student Population Retention count Graduation Count Degrees Awarded Applicant to Admit Ratio Applications Received Applications Accepted Receivable outstanding from Students Average GPA Class Enrollment Waitlist Application Count by Status Grade Points Application in Waitlist % Chg Year Ago Enroll Count Application Evaluation Count Year Ago Average GPA Student to Instructor Ratio Year Ago Encumbered Amount GL Assessment amount Assignment Percentage Week Workload Hours Assignment FTE%
    20. 20. 20Oracle Student Information Analytics Exploring Oracle Student Information Analytics Example Metrics • Admission Rate (derived) • Enrollment Rate (derived) • Offers of Admission Count (derived) • Yield (Applicants to Admits) (derived) • Yield (Admits to Enrollees) (derived) Features  This contains data on the application status changes and the effective dates. Each status change is represented as a row in the table. Student Admission Application Status Program Status Academic Sub- Plan Action Reason Academic Level Program Action Person Academic Load Campus Academic Plan Academic Career Academic Program Academic Institution
    21. 21. 21 Exploring Oracle Student Information Analytics Oracle Student Information Analytics SourceSystems PeopleSoft Campus Solutions Intermediary Table Non-Oracle Sources Export to Flat File Staging Table Warehouse Table
    22. 22. Exploring Student Information Analytics - Takeaways Oracle Student Information Analytics Engineered to Answer Business Process Questions Engineered to Support Diverse Source Data Environments
    23. 23. Final Takeaways Oracle Student Information Analytics Brand New Application Content to Support Student Information Analytic Requirements Fully Integrated & Conformed with other Oracle BI Applications New Architecture with Release
    24. 24. Q & A 24
    25. 25. The Leader In Oracle BI & EPM 25 Strategic Consulting | Systems Implementation | Training Transform Data Into Insight  Staff built from Oracle/Siebel/Hyperion engineering teams  On-site, off-shore and blended shore delivery models  Exclusive pre-built solutions for Oracle BI & E-Business Suite Oracle BI Hyperion Endeca Exalytics
    26. 26. KPI World Headquarters 39899 Balentine Drive Suite #375 Newark, CA 94560 Phone: (510) 818-9480 Email: Web: Contact Us The Leader In Oracle BI & EPM 26 New York, NY Chicago, IL Boston, MA Minneapolis, MN San Diego, CA Greensboro, NC North America Offices Bangalore, India Hyderabad, India Global Offices
    27. 27.