MEMS Panel - GSA & IET Forum 2009


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MEMS Panel - GSA & IET Forum 2009

  1. 1. MEMS: The New Dimension of the Advanced Analog World Moderator: Benedetto Vigna, Group Vice President & General Manager of MEMS & Sensors, Transceivers & Healthcare Division June 3, 13:45
  2. 2. MEMS: The New Dimension of the Advanced Analog World Moderator Benedetto Vigna, Group Vice President & General M G l Manager of MEMS & S f Sensors Transceivers & T i Healthcare Division, STMicroelectronics Panel Volker Herbig, Manager Strategic Marketing, X-FAB Semiconductor Foundries AG David R ffi D id Ruffieux, E Expert RF & A l t Analog IC Design, Microelectronics, CSEM (Swiss D i Mi l t i (S i Center for Electronics & Microtechnology) Dr. Massimo Sivilotti, Chief Scientist, Tanner EDA Steve Wainwright, General Manager EMEA, Vice President Sales & Marketing, g , g , g, Freescale Semiconductor
  3. 3. OUTLINE Introduction (20’) Discussion (40’) Q&A (10’)
  4. 4. MEMS is no longer an Emerging Technology Mobile Phones PMP DSC Game Controllers PC/HDD PND Remote Controllers
  5. 5. H EW LE Millions of Dollars TE TT XA S PA C 1,000 0 100 200 300 400 500 600 700 800 IN 900 ST K A R R R U D ST O M M BE E IC R NT R T O BO S EL E S CT CH R O N IC C AN S LE O N X SE M AR IK K O EP FR S AV EE ON S AG C O AL TE D E C EN S IN AN HN O O A LO FI LO N G G EO D IE N EV S (i n IC cl .S E en S Open FO so R M no r) FA CT O SE R N Captive PA SAT N A AS O N IC Almost $5B by 15 MEMS suppliers Foundry Source: MEMS Competitive Landscape Tool, 2009, iSupply
  6. 6. Potentially high-volume, high-growth industry with a large customer base Other Emerging MEMS 9,000 Micro Fuel Cells Flow Sensors 8,000 Thermopiles 7,000 Optical MEMS for Telecom Microfluidic Chips Millions of Dollars s 6,000 RF MEMS Oscillators MEMS Sw itches 5,000 BAW Filters 4,000 Microbolometers MEMS Microphones 3,000 Optical MEMS for Displays 2,000 MEMS Wafer Probes Gyroscopes 1,000 Pressure Sensors Inkjet Print heads 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Accelerometers Source: Q1 2009 MEMS market tracker, iSupply Sensors grow faster than Actuators
  7. 7. MEMS Accelerometers and Gyroscopes MEMS Motion Sensors* Market MEMS Motion Sensors* Market for CE and Mobile Phones US$M 2008-2013 US$M 10.1% CAGR 1,800 , 1200 1600 1,600 1400 1000 1,400 1200 Millions of units 1% 1,200 CAGR 9.8% CAGR 800 1000 1,000 1 000 600 800 800 7% 600 600 CAGR 400 19% CAGR 400 400 16% 200 200 200 CAGR 0 0 0 2008 2013 2008 2013 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Accelerometers Gyroscopes Accelero revenue Gyro revenue Cell phones and CE Automotive Others Accelero Units Gyro Units * MEMS Accelerometers & Gyroscopes Automotive Market is larger than Consumer Market but Consumer Market has higher CAGR Source – iSuppli, Q1 2009
  8. 8. Very soon 1 BUnits will be in the consumer market Accelerometers and Gyroscopes 35 mm2 25 mm2 20 mm2 15 mm2 < 9 mm2
  9. 9. Moore? Who is he? MEMS means Micro Electro Mechanical Systems … taking advantage of the mechanical AND electrical properties of silicon Two key elements: Micron-sized Transducer realized through a specific process called Micro-Machining An Advanced Analog Chip with embedded smart functionalities and a lot of libraries and dedicated IPs + = No common technology platform across the industry
  10. 10. STMicroelectronics point of view MEMS is a long term committment Some MEMS product families are foundamental to excel in Advanced Analog World Reason of ST Leadership in MEMS Consumer Market as per iSupply Dec 2008: Management of entire supply chain Closeness of technology and Design gy g Leading products (look at latest born LIS331DLH) Blend of State of the art 8” Manufacturing and Product Innovation Quality f Service Q lit of S i Nimble team ….Trust of the customers
  11. 11. Volker V lk @ XFab XF b
  12. 12. MEMS Market for Foundries MEMS devices are ubiquitous Automotive - TPMS ESP Navigation TPMS, ESP, Consumer - MEMS Microphones, Game Controllers, … - Inkjet (captive) - DLP (captive) High-volume consumer applications g pp in addition to Inkjet are starting to drive MEMS market growth The MEMS market is significant 6B USD in 2009 but small in comparison to the SC market The MEMS market is and will be served by foundries
  13. 13. Challenges for MEMS foundries MEMS technology enables new sensors and actuators beyond CMOS MEMS technologies are the logical extension of the current CMOS-based analog/mixed-signal processes MEMS technology enables sensors to transform analog pressure and inertial signals in electrical signals Current Challenges Technology - N standards (1 product = 1 process) No t d d d t ) - CMOS compatibility issues Business Model - Many small volume apps - Silicon content - SOC vs. SIP
  14. 14. Trends in the MEMS foundries space Fabless analog-mixed/signal companies are entering the MEMS market to compete with the analog-mixed/signal IDMs in high-volume applications such as TPMS, gyro or MEMS microphone Emphasis on CMOS compatibility to achieve synergies with high-volume CMOS production Integration of 0.35 µm CMOS with MEMS 6 6” to 8 transition for high-volume production to ensure 8” high volume cost competiveness
  16. 16. Quartz XTALs vs Silicon MEMS Quartz XTALs Silicon MEMS Null 1st, 2nd order TCFs Large thermal drift ! by proper rotation Electro-static actuation Piezoelectric material or piezo thin film p Low cost process but Synergies with ICs Small substrates (1.5’’) Similar processes Old technologies (wet) t h l i ( t) Large substrates L b t t Expensive packaging Wafer scale packaging Metal cans or ceramic Single device for any 1 frequency, 1 device frequency by electronic Individual trimming Miniature & lower cost
  17. 17. Low power SiRes compensation scheme Temperature Thermal Comp. Calibration  No PLL but Sensor State Machine Data Fractional d l div. 32768Hz ÷M,M+1  Freq. Interp. modulator 32Hz 3µA @ 1V ÷1024  ÷1024 Qi>S DC=S/1024 df/dT≈‐30ppm/°C pp ∆fHL uency dc=100% dc=0% ÷N-1 Frequ ÷N ÷N+1 fCOMP Temperature
  18. 18. Low-Cost Packaging with Sn-Au CAP plated MEMS chip stacked with Sn-Au above IC die (dummy or IC wafer) Assembly cross-sect. after reflow ft fl AlN-driven resonator with back cap & UBM
  19. 19. Generation of Any Clock Frequency and High Performance Transceiver with MEMS BAW COMBINE LNA BB RF BAWs ULP RTC LF SiRes RX DATA Mode PA RF CMOS & CLK ÷N C CHANNEL SiRes SiR SELECT Ultra fast ÷P RTC wake-up TX DATA ÷Q PROG SYS TEMP COMP AD CLOCK SENS ALGO PLL BAW DCO Above-IC BAWs or Ultra Miniature Ultra-Miniature SIP
  20. 20. Massimo @ Tanner M i T EDA
  21. 21. Characteristics of MEMS Designs Innovative technology Differentiator May involve process / product codesign Often involves novel / custom packaging Multi disciplinary Multi-disciplinary design Unique Switching Electrodes for Culture shift Heart Implants Chip on a Pill Drug Monitoring and Telemetry Proteus Raisin - Ingestible IC Networked Lead Enabled by ChipSkin Technology
  22. 22. MEMS “Market” is Highly Fragmented Rapid Growth but Growth, but… Broad technology range, e.g.: - Bulk Si - S f Surface Si - CMOS-compatible MEMS - Non-Si MEMS - µfluidics - optics - Nanomaterials & quantum Process innovation is ongoing at a rapid pace
  23. 23. MEMSIC Souvenir Olympic Torch
  24. 24. MEMS CAD Tool Requirements Flexible Programmable (User) Configurable Data exchange / I D h Interoperability bili Emerging: “DFM” Verification (DRC, “LVS”) Capture of physical process variability data
  25. 25. Where are we Going? Will MEMS design follow the maturity curve of microelectronics? Will MEMS design become commoditized?
  26. 26. Steve @ Freescale St F l
  27. 27. MEMS Market Drivers MEMS: The 1st pillar of “Embedded System Control” Sense – Compute - Actuate MEMS devices have proliferated in virtually every market segment MEMS now part of almost every major semiconductor supplier “Consumer” MEMS demand driven Consumer by a new way of interacting with object: Elimination of complex user interfaces “Automotive” MEMS demand driven by stringent safety & emission legislation S.Wainwright, Freescale
  28. 28. MEMS Market Size and Trends The exponential units demand MEMS revenues ($M) $9,000 $7,500 CAGR09-13: +10.2% Historical revenues peaked $6,000 Others Oth in 2007 2008/09 revenue decline Industrial $4,500 Data processing $3,000 Automotive Consumer & Wireless impacted by global $1,500 $ economic downturn downturn, $0 especially automotive 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 MEMS units demand to MEMS unit shipment (Munits) 7,000 CAGR09-13: +20.7% double between 2009 and 6,000 Others RF MEMS oscillators 2013 to more than 6 billion 5,000 Gyroscopes units 4,000 Pressure sensors 3,000 MEMS sw itches i h Inkjet printheads Consumer, wireless and C i l d 2,000 BAW filters automotive driving the demand MEMS microphones 1,000 Accelerometers 0 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Source: iSupply MEMS Market Tracker H1-2009 S.Wainwright, Freescale
  29. 29. Conclusion MEMS products evolving from standalone devices to “ubiquitous sensing solutions” – (SiP / SoC) MEMS technologies will enable: Proliferation of context awareness capabilities User interface revolution, human body monitoring, energy saving, Next generation of automotive safety applications Fusion F sion of accele omete s angular rate and other accelerometers, ang la ate othe sensor technologies (radar, vision) for predictive safety applications. Endless applications only limited by YOUR creativity And by the way, Freescale passed the 1 billion MEMS units shipped! S.Wainwright, Freescale
  30. 30. Panel P l Discussion
  31. 31. $4.5B – 5B concentrated in 15 MEMS suppliers 1,000 900 Open Captive Foundry 800 • 8” transition t iti 700 • Silicon Foundry or IDM Millions of Dollars 600 • Automotive SC Evolution 500 • Future below $100M 400 • Partnerships 300 200 100 0 AN S BO S D EV S CT CH IC EE ON r) E R en S O IC NT K A LE O N IE R no AL E O N AR S PA SAT N ST K A S IC S G E CT O EN so C O EP LO M M R C S AS FA N D U X PA C O O T D SE R .S N M R AN HN IK E FR G cl TT R BE EL SE LO (i n FO IN C LE O O TE A N S R R EW EO XA IC O AG M H TE N ST FI AV IN Source: MEMS Competitive Landscape Tool, 2009, iSupply
  32. 32. Is 8” silicon Wafer the only profitable path to future MEMS manufacturing? STMicroelectronics, Freescale, Omron and Texas Instruments are all using 8” Fab. MEMS shipments breakout by wafer size 8” 4 4'' 6 6'' 8 8'' % 6” 2008 2013 5YP 8” Wafer Evolution 8” MEMS Wafer from STMicroelectonics Source: Q1 2009 MEMS market tracker, iSupply
  33. 33. Silicon Fundry or IDM? Some IDMs starts to externalize consumer MEMS to foundries ADI and others.... d h CMOS foundries like bees around MEMS honey pot: TSMC, UMC, Tower/Jazz, Magnachip, Dongbu… IDM to silicon Foundry is not straightforward: No Technology platform across the industry Closeness of Design and Technology team for yield improvement Need to reinvent the technology platform for decent pargin Silicon Foundry:Volumes appeal IDM: IDM MEMS Process IP protection P t ti When New Comer Silicon Foundry will pass $100M threshold? In which field?
  34. 34. Till when automotive MEMS Captive Model will be alive? First bloodletting in automotive Systron Donner Automotive closes S D A i l Infineon sells Sensonor Efforts to leverage greater economies of scale Automotive MEMS suppliers expand in consumer: ADI, Bosch, Freescale… Freescale Consumer MEMS suppliers to expand into automotive: STMicroelectronics, ...
  35. 35. The threshold of $100M and the Partnership Model Economic crisis accelerates transformation of the MEMS industry Some companies with sales around $100M are failing, even being part of bigger corporation Consumer and mobile markets grow at 16.5% from 2008 2013 16 5% 2008-2013 and overtake automotive in 2010 Commoditization of the market in favour of consumer MEMS suppliers which will start supplying to automotive in next 2 years High volume MEMS foundry and CMOS foundries Headcount reduction at number of foundries and forced leave at number of IDM
  36. 36. The threshold of $100M and the Partnership Model How MEMS start-ups can survive in this market? Is there any chance for them to skyrocket like analog companies in the past? Which product family a start-up could address most start up probably? Does an Analog Semiconductor Company need to have MEMS g p y in its portfolio to sustain its growth? Do you see partnerships happening on the horizon? Is it a viable Model
  37. 37. Key Success Factors? Skilled peopls with Industrial experience Close Partnerships & Cooperation with Customers
  38. 38. MEMS accelerometer become #1 market by 2013 Source: Q1 2009 MEMS market tracker, iSupply 1,800 Military & Civil 1,600 Aerospace rs Medical Millions of US Dollar 1,400 1 400 Electronics 1,200 Industrial 1,000 800 s Automotive 600 400 Mobile handsets 200 and CE 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Mobile and CE applications Automotive market 2013 to overtake automotive in =2007 2007 2009 Airbag market shrinks $1B in 2013 Low-g accelerometers Cell phone = automotive growth with ESC in 2013 What’s the technology biggest technical challenge in Accelerometer field?
  39. 39. What’s next? Other Emerging MEMS 9,000 Micro Fuel Cells Flow Sensors 8,000 Thermopiles 7,000 Optical MEMS for Telecom Microfluidic Chips Millions of Dollars s 6,000 RF MEMS Oscillators MEMS Sw itches 5,000 BAW Filters 4,000 Microbolometers MEMS Microphones 3,000 Optical MEMS for Displays 2,000 MEMS Wafer Probes Gyroscopes 1,000 Pressure Sensors Inkjet Print heads 0 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 2012 2013 Accelerometers Source: Q1 2009 MEMS market tracker, iSupply Sensors grow faster than Actuators
  42. 42. Thank you