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Online document sharing


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  • 1. Online Document Sharing BY: KANDI PHILLIPS EDIT 5395 DR. JONGPIL CHEON
  • 2. Online Document Sharing
  • 3. Features Zoho Google Docs File sharing community  Upload, create, and Many communication edit documents features  Chat, mail, discussion forums  word Share documents, spreadsheets, files, sites, resources, etc. and presenations Great for students to  Administrator collaborate and work supervision together  Document sharing by Supervised by an invite only administrator  Access by groups invited  Online file sharing
  • 4. Zoho Zoho requires students to use higher order thinking to use and share resources with the class. They will also be required to use creativity when creating documents and locating resources.
  • 5. ZohoAdvantages Disadvantages Helps students keep any  Cannot access the research or resources software without they have found in one place internet access. Don’t have to worry  Overwhelming when about where to save a file first starting if they are not on their  Must be invited by an personal computer administrator to have mobile app for the program. access to files
  • 6. Google Docs Docs focuses on positive communication with students. Also, depending on the document at hand, students will have to use creativity when annotating and making changes to the public document.
  • 7. Google DocsAdvantages Disadvantages Great way for students to  Students making collaborate unnecessary changes to Can work on the same the document document at the same  Only can file share time using word Ability to annotate documents, spreadshee directly onto the ts, or presentations document, so changes  Must have access to can be made immediately internet
  • 8. Personal Reaction Zoho Google Docs I found this website  This is a tool that I plan difficult to concentrate to incorporate into my on. There are so many lessons soon. I love the tools offered through fact that this is an Zoho. Also, because of the many tools, it will online way to peer edit take a while to learn all a paper. I would of the different recommend this to any dimensions to each teacher to use as a tool. group project tool.
  • 9. Recommendation Because of the level of students that I teach, I would recommend Google Docs to start teachers off. This is a less complex way to file share and edit. I feel that Zoho would be to overwhelming for students to use, and the administrator to train the students on how to use. Google Docs is a simple and easy way for teachers to train students, and to use on almost every group assignment.