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  1. 1. Kayla StearnsPublic Speaking Online November 1, 2012
  2. 2. Ben Goldacre:What doctors don’t know about the drugs they prescribe.
  3. 3. Ben Goldacre has found a startling gap between positive and negative medical publications with the findings of medical studies. “Positive findings are around twice as likely to be published as negative findings. This is a cancer at the core of evidence-based medicine.” (Ben Goldacre)
  4. 4. He helps to emphasize this fact right in the beginning of his speechwith a published study in psychology, where a researcher named Daryl Bem published findings in a peer-reviewed academic journal that found evidence of precognition in undergrad students. Others tried to replicate the results and found NO evidence of precognition in undergrads, but when they attempted to publish their findings in the same journal they were turned away, the journal said “No, we’re not interested in publishing replication. We’re not interested in your negative data”
  5. 5. “[In science,] we onlyBen Goldacre grabbed hear about the flukes and the audiences about the freaks.” – Benattention right off the Goldacre bat. He opened up speaking about predicting the future and immediatelypointed the viewers to a headline on theprojection screen. Thisdrew him into a study about precognition,which then drew in the subject of bias in publishing medical reviews which is the topic of his speech.
  6. 6. He kept the attention of the audience bykeeping movement in his speech, to usinghand gestures, and by raising and lowering his tone to bring emphasis to his points. I felt that this helped to keep his presentation interesting.
  7. 7. Dynasim: I found him to be very engaging, and seemed4/5 very engaged and passionate about his topic. You could tell this was a topic that he had researched extensively and was something that he knew a lot about. I feel that he lacked a lot of facial expression but I believe the passion in his voice made up for it.
  8. 8. I feel that he did seem to use someof the tips that I saw with NancyDuarte, Notably that when he spokehe versed it almost like a story, kepthe topic moving. He also usedpresentations to draw in theaudience and to draw his pointhome.
  9. 9. I found the presentation stylesbetween Sir Ken Robinson and BenGoldacre. Sir Ken Robinson used alot of humor to keep the audienceengaged and dynamic movementswith both hands to illustrate hispoint.Ben Goldacre used a lot of slidesand data, and kept his speechrelatively humor neutral. Howeverthe passion in his voice, themovement of him pacing the stage,and the way he really emphasizedthe volume and tone of his speechhelped. They both are incrediblespeakers and knew their topicswell.
  10. 10. From watching their speeches I would reallyemphasize to other students to really use eyecontact. This really makes the viewerfeel engaged. I would also emphasizePRACTICE! The two speakers I havementioned were very comfortable withtheir speeches and it was obvious they hadspent a lot of time practicing them.