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Forest Conservation & Development Programme
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Forest Conservation & Development Programme


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  • 1. Forest Conservation & Development Programme FCDP Conserve your Nature for your Future Generations
  • 2. Background After soon the establishment of Kalash People’s Development Network (KPDN) the organization has taken some initiatives for the KPDN among them one is Forest Conservation and Development Programme (FCDP), it’s core objective is to work conservation and development of the forest in Kalash valleys. Because the valleys are full with nature resources. But timber mafias and other stakeholders are destroying it roughly. There-fore the organization has taken step as FCDP to work for the welfare of the selected areas in collaboration with different development agencies and line department indeed.
  • 3. View the jeopardy stage of Forest Timbers are ready to transport View of timber stock in Ahuzoori via water stream high Pasture
  • 4. Timber stock is ready to View of distractions smuggling
  • 5. Deforestations! what will Young trees are easy to happen?.......................... transport in water stream….isn’t it?
  • 6. What is the better idea to work for conservation and development of forest To start awareness What do you think about campaign ……………. it????????????????????? To motivate the timber Who will take part to mafias or forest strengthen the initiative? department…………… Do you think is it To establish checkpoint necessary to work for it? for further strengthen the If we not work for it then programme…………….. what will happen? Have you though about that?
  • 7. FCDP Objectives To work for conservation and development of forest. Establish links with line department and other development agencies to strengthen the initiative. To work for sustainability of the forest through environment friendly projects. To establish more checkpoints to over come the needs. To introduce alter sources for better management of the forest, introduce new technologies for fuel efficient.
  • 8. Yes ! we are dependent… Animal Forest What will happen without forest? Oxygen Human Life
  • 9. Mitigation (FCDP) To combat deforestation in the valley, the most obvious step to take is to plant more trees. Alternative source of fuel and fuel-efficient technology should be introduced in the valley. Reforestation and afforestation drives must be multiplied and effort should be made to check illegal logging. Non-timber forest produce should be promoted as alternative to forest logging in the valley, so as to provide alternative source of income. The entire Kalash valley should be declared as Kalash National park in order to protect the unique culture and rich biodiversity of the valley.
  • 10. Hazards In Graphic Design 100 90 Timber Mafias 80 70 60 Forest 50 Department 40 30 20 Animal Hazards 10 0 1700 1800 1900 2000
  • 11. One Way to Conserver the Nature Every step through the forest, you will find distraction but there aren't any positive growth or alternate sources to overcome the challenges. What is the most priority step need to be taken? FCDP suggest to conduct a general survey to examine the distraction and explore the challenges which will destroy the natural assets in future. Social mobilization, awareness campaigns should drive in order to make the forest more efficient for the human and wild life.
  • 12. Stake Holders of FCDP Community Vos/Wos Line Department NGOs CSO/COs