815 - technology plan


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815 - technology plan

  1. 1. Technology Plan Creation Project: Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library<br />Sharla Carpenter, Kathryn Patrick, <br />Maria Scherich, and Travis Simpson<br />Emporia State University<br />1652905123825<br />Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library<br />Technology Plan 2010-13<br />TIME PERIOD COVERED BY THIS PLAN: July 1, 2010 through June 30, 2013<br />LIBRARY: Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library <br />LIBRARY DIRECTOR: L. R. Rowling <br />MAILING ADDRESS: 1102 MapleWood Alley, St. Catchpole, KS 66745 <br />E-MAIL: LibTech@OSCPL.org <br />Phone: 913-555-3454<br />Fax: 913-555-3455<br />AUTHORS OF PLAN: Sharla Carpenter, Kathryn Patrick, Travis Simpson, Maria Scherich<br />WEB ADDRESS: http://www.OSCPL.org <br />Employer Identification Number: 44-1234567<br />Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library resides in a small Kansas town with a population of approximately 20,000 people, consisting of 40% Wizards and 60% non-Wizards (aka Muggles). The library’s collection consists of approximately 57,000 non-Wizarding items, with a circulation of over 130,000 items a year. Materials include books, audio-visual items, newspapers, and magazines. Access to subscription-only electronic databases and other online resources is provided to all patrons. Downloadable e-books and audio materials are available through the Kansas State Library program using Overdrive technology. A fully automated materials catalog is made available through the North East Kansas Library System (NEKLS) integrated library system, based on Koha, an open-source solution. Access to the online Koha-based catalog is made available to patrons through the library's website. The library uses time management software called Smart Access Manager (SAM) to ensure patrons get adequate and equal time on the public access computers. Symantec, Websense, and Deep Freeze software products protect computers from malicious software, unsecure websites and unwanted downloads.<br />Currently two telecommunication connections exist at Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library: (1) T1 line provided through the NEKLS for access to the Koha Integrated Library System and for public and staff internet connections and (2) wireless Internet service via Cable ONE Business Standard Package providing broadband connection speeds of 10 Mbps download and 1 Mbps upload through one Wireless Access Point.<br /> <br />Inventory of current technology environment: <br />10 public access computers, Dell OptiPlex GX620 Desktop, with Windows/XP 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 Suite<br />5 staff computers, Dell OptiPlex 740, with Windows/XP 2003 and Microsoft Office 2007 Suite<br />2 patron catalog stations, Dell OptiPlex GX620 Desktop<br />3 laptops equipped with wireless capabilities, Dell Inspiron e1505<br />CISCO CISCO1841 10/100Mbps (Wire-speed performance for concurrent services at T1/E1 WAN rates) Modular Router 2 x 10/100Mbps LAN Ports <br />Linksys WRT54GL IEEE 802.3/3u, IEEE 802.11b/g Wireless-G Broadband Router <br />LINKSYS WAP54G Wireless-G 54Mbps Access Point<br />HP Color LaserJet CP3520<br />Websense Internet filter<br />Koha Online Public Access Catalog & Integrated Library System<br />Deepfreeze software<br />Symantec anti-virus software<br />Smart Access Manager (SAM) for computer-usage time management<br />Adobe Acrobat 7.0<br />Xerox Coin Op V-tower with Xerox C-118 Copy machine<br />Canon M31016100 Microfilm/Microfiche Viewer & Scanner<br />HP ScanJet 4470C flatbed scanner<br />Aleratec 240135 CD/DVD Disc Cleaning and Repair System<br />6 pairs of Logitech Stereo Headset H110 headphones<br />TECHNOLOGY VISION STATEMENT: <br />Due to the recent legal requirement for all public buildings to be accessible to all Wizarding and non-Wizarding individuals, the vision statement for Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library’s Technology Services has been updated as follows: <br />The mission of OSCPL’s Technology Services is to ensure that the technological needs of all individuals living (and unliving) within the village and surrounding areas are met through providing: up-to-date technological access, sufficient technological resources, and well trained staff. Library patrons, regardless of Wizarding ability, will be able to fulfill their information needs in a timely manner. <br />This will support the library’s general vision statement:<br />The Mission of the Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library (OSCPL) is to provide access to information, and to provide educational and recreational services, materials, and programs for patrons of all ages and abilities. The library will strive to meet the information needs of all individuals living (and unliving) within the village and surrounding areas.<br />TECHNOLOGY HISTORY: <br />During the last three years, the following goals for technology were met:<br />Maintained use of Internet Filters (Websense) to match the requirements of the Federal Children’s Internet Protection Act. At request, Websense is deactivated for any adult patrons.<br />Increased the number of public-access computers from five to ten.<br />Upgraded the monitors on the original five computers (previously CRT) to match those of the new. Now all public-access computers have Dell E170S 17" Flat Panel LCD Monitors.<br />Installed a wireless router with an additional WAP and began offering wireless internet access.<br />Updated to the most current office software, Microsoft Office Suite 2007, on all computers.<br />Collected electronic contact information for patrons.<br />Purchased a Flip Camera to aid in creating promotional videos and to cover other needs as determined by the staff.<br />Replaced previous printer with the purchase of an HP Color LaserJet CP3520. <br />TECHNOLOGY GOAL(s) YEAR 1 (2010)<br />To build WIZARDING INFRASTRUCTURE:<br />The technology goals for year one are intended to create a solid infrastructure that can meet the needs of the growing Wizard population of our community. Future goals and improvements will build upon this infrastructure. Due to the nature of such improvements, the first year will be the most cost intensive as new hardware is incorporated into the library. The following upgrades and additions will ensure that Wizard patrons will have access to public computers, the wiznet, and a wiznet wireless network.<br />GOAL 1:To provide wiznet access so that Wizards will be able to access online magical materials, and as groundwork for future technology goals. Wireless Network Connectivity for wiznet will be implemented to match current wireless internet availability. <br />Purchase wiznet access plan from local wiznet service provider Fable ONE. <br />Purchase equipment with wiznet compatibility in order to provide accessibility through public access computers and the wiznet wireless network.<br />Installation of Othernet ports—26 total to accommodate public and staff computers and Wizard printer<br />Purchase of Othernet cables—28 total, one for each computer, one for the printer, and two backup cables<br />Purchase of Othernet expansion cards—25 total to accommodate public and staff computers<br />Purchase of wiznet wireless router<br />Purchase of wiznet WAP (wireless access point) to increase connectivity<br /> <br />Budget Required: Wiznet access plan$280/month; $3360/yearOthernet ports$269 each; $6402 total with volume discountOthernet 10” cables$6.50 each; $182 totalOthernet expansion cards$59 each; $1475 totalWiznet wireless router$89Wiznet wireless access point$65<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted: $11573 ($3360 added to Year Two; $3360 added to Year Three)
  2. 2. GOAL 2:To improve the library’s website interface in order to integrate, make accessible, and
  3. 3. promote new Wizardly materials and technologies. All improvements will be handled with current in-house staff and technologies and will incur little to no extra cost.
  4. 4. Update the Koha online catalog to include 10,000 Wizarding resources now available in the collection.
  5. 5. Mirror existing website onto wiznet to provide increased Wizard accessibility and to aid in future promotional efforts.
  6. 6. Promote the new wiznet access through the existing website with aim to increase traffic by 20% after 6 months.
  7. 7. BUDGET REQUIRED: Koha catalog update$0Mirror website onto wiznet$0Wiznet promotion$0
  9. 9. GOAL 3: To provide additional computers and peripherals to compensate for the increase in the Wizard patron use, so that all patrons have adequate access to library technologies.</li></ul>Increase number of public computers to 20 by purchasing 10 Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktops (including the necessary peripherals: monitor, keyboard, mouse).<br />Budget Required: Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop$699 each; $6990 total<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted: $6990</li></ul>TECHNOLOGY GOAL(s) YEAR 2 (2011)<br />To EXPAND WIZARDING TECHNOLOGY TOOLS:<br />The technology goals for year two expand on the improvements to infrastructure from year one by offering additional technology tools and services. New technology tools will come in the form of additional, wiznet-capable laptops available for check-out, a printer dedicated to Wizardly purposes, additional computer peripherals, a Parseltongue work station, the addition of several digital resources, and the incorporation of magic mirrors to further enhance reference and wiznet capabilities.<br /><ul><li>GOAL 1:To provide access to portable laptops with wiznet capability.
  10. 10. Purchase four new laptops for circulation, Dell Inspiron 1545 15.6-Inch Jet Black Laptops with wiznet capability</li></ul>Budget Required: Dell Inspiron 1545 15.6-Inch Laptops$549 each; $2196 total<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted$2196</li></ul>GOAL 2:To purchase the equipment necessary to create a dedicated workstation for the translation of Parseltongue to aid in Wizard-based educational purposes.<br />Purchase a computer, Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop.<br />Purchase Sisselwisp’s Parseltongue Translator.<br />Provide accompanying book scanner with the purchase of an HP-Wiz ScanJet 4470C flatbed scanner with Wizard Ink detection.<br />Purchase Adobe NecroBat to aid in scanning and creating Wizard documents.<br />Budget Required: Dell OptiPlex 780 Desktop$699Sisselwisp’s Parseltongue Translator $149HP-Wiz Scanjet 4470C flatbed scanner$189Adobe NecroBat$239<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted: $1276
  11. 11. GOAL 3:To provide additional tools and peripherals so that patrons are able to use Wizard-
  12. 12. based technologies to their fullest extent.</li></ul>Purchase a new printer that can use Wizard ink, HP WizJet 5000C with self-delivering print jobs.<br />Purchase regular toner and Wizard ink toner cartridges<br /><ul><li>Purchase 7 USB Wands from Ollivander’s Online</li></ul>Budget Required: USB capable wand$59 each; $413 totalHP WizJet 5000C$799Black Toner Cartridge$119 each; $357/yearCyan Toner Cartridge$229 each; $458/yearYellow Toner Cartridge$249 each; $498/yearMagenta Toner Cartridge$254 each; $508/yearWizInk Toner Cartridge$399 each; $798/year<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted$3831 ($2619 Added to Year Three)
  13. 13. GOAL 4:To provide access to magical conferencing and virtual reference through the use of
  14. 14. Magic Mirrors.
  15. 15. Purchase 4 Magic Mirrors from Flourish and Blotts
  16. 16. Budget Required: Magic Mirrors$399 each; $1596 total
  17. 17. Amount Budgeted: $1596</li></ul>GOAL 5:To perform yearly maintenance and repairs on library technology to make sure everything stays in proper working order.<br />BUDGET REQUIRED:Maintenance and Repairs$750<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted: $750
  18. 18. GOAL 6: Expand digital resources (new databases with Wizard content) Kansas Wizard Library Consortium
  19. 19. Online Databases
  20. 20. WEBSCO Meric
  21. 21. Lexis-Nexis Hogwarts
  22. 22. Oxford Wizard Dictionary
  23. 23. Merlin OmniscientFile Full Text
  24. 24. Electronic Journals
  25. 25. Hogwarts Quarterly
  26. 26. Beauxbatons Times
  27. 27. Inner Eye: The Art of Divination
  28. 28. Potions Master Monthly
  29. 29. Hocus Pocus Online
  30. 30. Budget Required: Yearly subscription through KWLC$9600/year
  31. 31. Amount Budgeted:$0 (Paid through collection development funds)</li></ul>TECHNOLOGY GOAL(s) YEAR 3 (2012)<br />To INCORPORATE WEB 2.0 AND SOCIAL WIZARD TECHNOLOGIES:<br />With a solid technological foundation in place, year three aims to incorporate various Web 2.0 technologies and social media into the library. Primarily, year three technologies will enable the library to stay socially current and relevant, to promote library services to a broader audience, and to strengthen the library’s relationship with the surrounding community through an online presence. <br /><ul><li>GOAL 1:Create a greater OSCPL online presence on various social networks and collaborative
  32. 32. spaces to aid in promotion of all aspects of the library. All improvements will be
  33. 33. handled with current in-house staff, technologies, and cost-free sites so this goal will
  34. 34. incur little to no extra cost.
  35. 35. WIZbook and Facebook—Create a library page to include current events and feedback of events by patrons of both the Wizarding and non-Wizarding community.
  36. 36. Hooter and Twitter—Send “hoots” and “tweets” regarding library information, including upcoming events, new materials, holiday hours, etc.
  37. 37. GoodSpells and GoodReads—Creation of a library account with staff recommendations for books and spells. Will be used for Reader’s Advisory and for patrons to tag books and make recommendations to other patrons.
  38. 38. Budget Required: WIZbook.wiz and Facebook.com profiles$0Hooter.wiz andTwitter.com profiles$0GoodSpells.wiz and Goodreads.com profiles$0
  39. 39. Amount Budgeted: $0
  40. 40. GOAL 2:Create an OSCPL presence on popular Wizard online games as another avenue of
  41. 41. library promotion. This will occur through connectedness with the online community
  42. 42. and library sponsored game nights.
  43. 43. Purchase Quidditch Online and create a library profile.
  44. 44. Purchase World of Wizarding and create a library profile.</li></ul>Budget Required: Quidditch Online$49World of Wizarding$49 initial cost; $10/month; $120/year<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted:$218
  45. 45. GOAL 3:To increase the library’s use of visual media, primarily digital photos, to create better
  46. 46. appeal for the community’s young adult demographic and to aid in the promotion of
  47. 47. all aspects of the library.
  48. 48. all
  49. 49. Purchase a new digital camera with higher resolution and better functionality, Canon PowerShot SX200 IS 12.1 MP Digital Camera.
  50. 50. Create an account on Flickr.com to host the library’s digital photos.
  51. 51. Create an account on Levitas.wiz to host the library’s digital photos on an avenue more likely to reach the Wizard community.</li></ul>BUDGET REQUIRED:Digital Camera$249Flickr.com account$0Levitas.wiz account$0<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted: $249</li></ul>GOAL 4:To perform yearly maintenance and repairs on library technology to make sure everything stays in proper working order.<br />BUDGET REQUIRED:Maintenance and Repairs$750<br /><ul><li>Amount Budgeted: $750</li></ul>STAFF TRAINING: <br />All library staff have received training on the technologies, both hardware and software, that are currently in use at Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library. Staff training will continue to occur on a yearly basis to ensure that all staff stay current. Training on new technologies will occur largely in-house, although any training (face-to-face or online tutorials) freely offered by vendors of new equipment will be used as well. Professor Dumbledee from the local community college has agreed to provide Wizard culture-awareness training for the staff.<br />Six patron workshops per year will be scheduled to teach usage of new Wizard technology tools. These workshops will be taught by trained library staff.<br />BUDGET:<br />Existing technology maintenance and services are funded via the City and county property tax revenues and the State general fund. Ottery St. Catchpole Public Library receives 5% of total collected property tax revenues each year and approximately $200,000 of the State general fund. Thirty-five percent of total incoming funds is dedicated towards maintaining current technology services for the patrons of St. Catchpole and surrounding communities.<br />The National Dumdledore Endowment Fund, the State Phoenix Chapter of Wizards, and the Gringott's revolving Fund will provide funds to purchase all new Wizarding technology upgrades. These funds are managed in a local trust account by members of the library board and will be distributed annually according to the technology plan. <br />BUDGET SUMMARY<br />2010-20112011-20122012-2013INCOMECity Taxes$$$$$$$$$Employee Benefits$$$$$$$$$State/NEKLS$$$$$$$$$Fines/Fees$$$$$$$$$Interest$$$$$$$$$Gifts/Misc.$$$$$$$$$TOTAL$$$$$$$$$EXPENSESCity Taxes$$$$$$$$$Employee Benefits$$$$$$$$$State/NEKLS$$$$$$$$$Technology$18,563$13,009$7,196Fines/Fees$$$$$$$$$Interest$$$$$$$$$Gifts/Misc.$$$$$$$$$TOTAL$$$$$$$$$<br />Evaluation: <br />Progress on targeted technology goals will be evaluated on a quarterly basis by the local library board via detailed status reports from the library technology manager. Measures of success include completion of each part of the goal, utilization of deliverables, and satisfaction of Wizarding and non-Wizarding patrons. Utilization of deliverables will be measured using gate traffic counters, circulation records of Wizarding resources, wiznet bandwidth usage, and OSCPL’s wiznet website (www.OSCPL.wiz) hits. Patron satisfaction with deliverables will be measured via paper surveys and online surveys made available at the reference and circulation desks and the www.OSCPL.org and .wiz websites. Additional statistics to measure success will include staff observation of onsite Wizarding technology usage.<br />Appendix A: Resources<br />Butcher, P., Hale, M., Hickey, C., and Morgan, K. (2001). Learn how to effectively write goals and objectives that are the basis for a strong technology plan. Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://www.webjunction.org/techplan-writing/-/articles/content/51013781<br />Comprise Technologies (2005). The total solution for managing patron technology: SAM™ The professional's choice. Retrieved June 15, 2010, from http://www.comprisetechnologies.com/index.html<br />Cable ONE (2010). Cost effective business internet solutions. Retrieved July 25, 2010 at http://www.cableone.net/FYB/Pages/internetanddata.aspx<br />Faronics Deep Freeze (2010). Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://www.faronics.com/en/Products/DeepFreeze/DeepFreezeCorporate.aspx<br />Koha (2010). Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://koha.org/<br />Newegg.com (2010). Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://www.newegg.com/<br />Northeast Kansas Library System (2010). Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://www.nekls.org/<br />State Library of Kansas, Audiobooks, music, and more! (2010). Retrieved June 13, 2010, from http://kansas.lib.overdrive.com/<br />Symantec (2010). Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://www.symantec.com/business/products/purchasing.jsp?pcid=pcat_storage&pvid=prot_suite_sbe_1<br />Websense (2010). Retrieved July 25, 2010, from http://www.websense.com/content/home.aspx<br />Appendix B: Our Assignment Rationale<br />Our library was created from the idea that Muggles (non-Wizarding people) had become aware of the existence of Wizards after the proliferation of the Harry Potter series of books. The technology plan was based on the question: “How would a Muggle library’s technology need to change to incorporate Wizard usage?” The idea was that the things we Muggles use on a daily basis would need to exist in the Wizarding world as well, and would need to be integrated into a Muggle library if it wanted to serve those patrons. <br />Because this is not a real library, and these are not real technologies, we did not seek out experts in the field, except to discuss the costs of online databases and of installing Ethernet ports with Terri Summey, WAW Library’s Head of Access Services. Also, Maria did excellent research regarding technology plans other than what was provided in class and on the prices of several different technologies.<br />The primary resource we used for this project was our imaginations—taking the world that had been created in the Harry Potter series, and translating that into technology at a library. However, we also used the resources which Maria found to help decide how much to include and how detailed to be, and online resources such as Newegg.com, which we used to compare and choose specific technologies and to fill out the budget. <br />During the first class meeting, we brainstormed together to create an outline of the things we would need to incorporate Wizards into our Muggle library. We discussed how the technologies we currently use would be used by Wizards or what the comparable technologies would be in the Wizarding world. We also decided on the basic organization of infrastructure, peripherals, then media which we used to order our goals and divide them into three years. From there, we worked in turns to refine and fill in the outline to develop a detailed technology plan.<br />The main difficulties in creating this of plan were deciding how many of the technologies to include and how detailed we needed to be in making a conversion from Muggle only to Muggle/Wizarding library resources. We could have spent forever making up more things to include, so we had to think about how much a small library would realistically be able to accomplish in three years. The other difficulties were the usual problems that come with doing group projects: matching up schedules, limited face to face time, differences in expectations, etc. <br />