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Oss tools for businesses by prince kpasra
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Oss tools for businesses by prince kpasra


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Published in: Technology
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  • 1. GHANA-INDIA KOFI ANNANCENTRE OF EXCELLENCE IN ICTPrince A. KpasraBusiness Development UnitAdvanced Information Technology Institute
  • 2. Open Source Tools TodayCan open source tools replace allclosed source software? That is, areopen source tools – freelydownloadable software – really just asgood as software you have to pay for?Open Source Tools TodayOpen Source Tools TodayWant proof?
  • 3. In a lot of cases, the answer is yes. Infact, in some cases, open source toolsoffers features or performance benefitsthat surpass their commercialcounterparts.
  • 4. Audio?Amarok iTunesThis audio player lets you listen to music, creates playlists, displays lyrics and cover art, and integrateswith a number of Web services. The interface seems a little text-heavy, but easy to use, though not asattractive as iTunes. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.OTHERS: Songbird :
  • 5. BrowsersChrome Internet ExplorerChrome Replaces: Internet Explorer● The big advantage Googles browser offers over the one from Microsoft is speed. Its fast to start up,fast to load pages, and fast to run Web apps. Unlike other browsers, it uses a combination Webaddress/search bar and simplifies the browsing experience in other ways as well. Operating System:Windows, Linux, OS X.● Firefox Replaces: While not as fast as Chrome, Firefox offer faster performance than InternetExplorer, as well as excellent security features. It includes a lot of personalization features and morethan 6,000 add-ons so that you can make your browser work the way you want it to. OperatingSystem: Windows, Linux, OS X.
  • 6. Customer Relationship Management (CRM)SugarCRM Replaces: SalesForce.comLike, SugarCRM is cloud-based and combines sales, marketing, customer serviceand reporting features. While the free community edition include basic functionality, in order to use themore advanced features, youll need to pay for a subscription to the professional or enterprise edition.Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS XOTHERS: Alfresco, MindTouch
  • 7. ● E-mail/Collaboration/Groupware● Zimbra ● Replaces: MicrosoftExchange● Zimbra messaging and collaboration suite comes in desktop, server, and hosted Web client versions.It includes e-mail, contact management, shared calendaring, and voice communications capabilities.Operating System: LinuxOTHERS: Evolution, Thunderbird, Group-office, Collabtive
  • 8. Database● MySQL Replaces: MicrosoftSQL Server, othersDownloaded or distributed more than 100 million times, MySQL (now owned by Oracle) is the mostpopular open source database software in the world. Its used by a number of well-known companies,including Yahoo!, Alcatel-Lucent, Google, Nokia, YouTube, and Operating System:Windows, Linux, Unix, OS XOTHERS: Firebird, Kexi, MySQL,
  • 9. Graphics/Drawing● Inkscape ● Replaces: Illustrator,CorelDraw● A vector drawing program, Inkscape offers professional-quality features (markers, clones, alphablending, etc.) for graphic designers. The site now also features an open clip art gallery that you canuse in your drawings. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.OTHERS: Archimedes, Dia, Gimp, (Paint.Net only work on Windows.... this is a hugechallenge)
  • 10. Office Replaces: Microsoft OfficeOne of the best applications for people who have never used open-source before, OpenOffice.orgincludes a word processor, spreadsheet, presentation creator, and database that read and createMicrosoft-compatible files. Unlike Office, it also comes with a drawing program and a mathematicalequation creator, and of course, its free. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others.OTHERS: StarOffice, NeoOffice, Koffice, Gnumeric, AbiWord, Freemind
  • 11. ● Video ToolsVLC Media Player Windows MediaPlayerThis media player supports most audio and video file formats, and it can play from files, physicalmedia (DVDs, CDs, etc.), TV cards, and streaming media. It can also convert files from one format toanother and act as a streaming server—all without the need for external codecs. Operating System:Windows, Linux, OS X, others.OTHERS Avidemux, XBMC Media Centre, Pitivi
  • 12. Financial Management● TurboCASH ● Replaces: QuickBooks● TurboCash invites small business owners to compare it to commercial accounting packages with ahandy checklist that compares features. While it doesnt have some of the features youll find inQuickBooks, like check printing andmulti-currency capabilities, it offers some features its more well-known competitor doesnt have, like XML support and remote access. Operating System: Windows.OTHERS: Buddi ,Money Manager Ex, GNU Cash,
  • 13. ●Web Site Creation● Bluefish Adobe Dreamweaver,Microsoft ExpressionWebWhile its not quite as user-friendly as its commercial competitors or the other open-source optionslisted here, Bluefish offers a very fast WYSIWYG HTML editor that doesnt use a lot of systemresources. Aimed at coders more than designers, it also includes support for a number of otherprogramming languages. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X, others.OTHERS: XML Copy Editor, Drupal, NVU, SeaMonkey
  • 14. School Management● Moodle ● Replaces: BlackboardBoth of these course management systems make it easy for instructors to conduct online courses,but Moodle offers the distinct advantage of being available for free. Its currently used on nearly50,000 sites in more than 200 countries. Operating System: Windows, Linux, OS X.OTHERS: OpenSIS
  • 15. Hidden Users● Google (BSD, SSH,Apache software)● Microsoft Bing(hadoop, hbase)● Mac OS X ( apache,bsd,openSSL)●● Facebook (thrift,hive, cassandra)● Twitter (cassandra,mysql, hadoop,bootstrap)
  • 16. Facts about OSSCosts: staff, support, training...50% companies deploying more than 25 opensource products, > 20% savings in IT budget [1]InfoWorldSAVE MONEY, MAKE MONEY, INVEST MONEY
  • 17. You may register your creative workunder these!Freedom to grow!
  • 18. Thank youContact us on●●● Facebook: Kpasra● Twitter: Kpasra● Skype: kpasra