Form, Structure and Language in chapter 1 of The Kite Runner


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This explores how form, structure and language is used in The Kite Runner

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Form, Structure and Language in chapter 1 of The Kite Runner

  1. 1. Form Structure Language Narrative Structure Point of View
  2. 2. FORM Bildungsroman Novel AKA „coming of age‟ novel.
  3. 3. Bildungsroman tell limited, uneventful stories in which weak but flexible heroes reach their maturity.
  4. 4. EVIDENCE Willow Tree-symbolises new beginnings and redemption. First Person Intradiegetic narrator Willow Tree-symbolises new good Rahim Khan: There is a way to be beginnings and redemption. again. Willow Tree-symbolises way out. Metaphor: The past claws it’s new beginnings and Willow Tree-symbolises new beginnings and redemption. redemption. Everyday meaningful events: Then I saw a pair of kites Retrospective: I became what I am today at the age of 12.
  5. 5. STRUCTURE: USE OF SYMBOLS Harelip“Hassan Kites- “I looked the up at those twin harelipped kites” Kite Language: Runner”. “For you a Does Amir thousand times still see over” Hassan as inferior? Redemption/ Death: Willow Tree. Weather. Foreshadowing and analepsis
  6. 6. LANGUAGE 1. 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 8. Anthropomorphism: Because the past claws it‟s way out. Metaphor: I have been peeking into that deserted alley for the past 26 years. Use of simple sentences: “Because the past claws it‟s way out… One day last summer my friend Rahim Khan called from Pakistan…It was my past of unatoned sins. Minor Sentences: “Ali. Kabul.” Simile: “Like a pair of eyes looking down on San Francisco the place I now called home.” Repetition of “thought”. Connotations of frigid. Semantic Field of the park-associations with the park (setting).
  7. 7. Loosely Circular Retrospective Episodic? Narrative Structure Use of setting Hints at climax and catharsis Begins with a crisis
  8. 8. • Unreliable? • Pathetic Fallacy. • Adult • There is a way to be good again First Person Who is Amir addressing • • • • Rahim Khan Bildung sroman Novel Hasan His Conscience Soraya His father • I realize I have been peeking into that deserted alley…
  9. 9. IS AMIR MANIPULATING THE READER?  It is this honesty from Amir right from the start that allows real emotional connection with the reader which keeps them interested-narrative voice/characterisation.  When he talks about remembering „the precise moment‟ the foreshadowing makes the reader want to continue to find out the event that is the catalyst for the novelnarrative voice.
  10. 10. OTHER CONSIDERATIONS  Settings: The Kite Runner is about Afghanistan but is opens in San Francisco.  Shifts in Time-links to chapter 2. Amir begins narrating his childhood.  Is Chapter 1 the exposition?  Characterisation of Rahim Khan: He is the catalyst to make Amir proactive. Suggests he is wise.  Characterisation of Amir: Rich, educated and reflective.  Hasan-precious and vulnerable.  Amir as villain/anti-hero