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Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
Investing Green
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Investing Green


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  • 1. World Class <br />Target Allocationsm Program<br />
  • 2. Lighthouse Investments<br />What is Target Allocationsm?<br />Being in the right place at the right time.<br /><ul><li>Different than Asset Allocation
  • 3. Evaluated and Reallocated on a regular basis
  • 4. Not Market Timing
  • 5. 100% Mutual Funds</li></ul>Socially Responsible<br />
  • 6. Lighthouse Investments<br />Regular Reallocation<br /><ul><li>Based on performance-weighted market and economic indicators
  • 7. Based on current economic conditions
  • 8. Quarterly reallocation </li></ul> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 9. Lighthouse Investments<br />Some of the Weighted Market Indicators Used for Reallocation<br /><ul><li>Institute for Supply Management monthly report
  • 10. Goldman Sachs Commodity Index (GSCI)
  • 11. 2 to 10 Year Treasury Note Spread
  • 12. University of Michigan Consumer Sentiment
  • 13. Long Term Interest Rates
  • 14. Dollar Exchange Rate
  • 15. Federal Funds Rate
  • 16. Copper
  • 17. Gold</li></ul> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 18. Lighthouse Investments<br />Portfolio Composition<br /><ul><li>Only mutual funds
  • 19. Market Sectors from fixed income to equity
  • 20. Allocated into the sectors that we feel will outperform during the next quarter
  • 21. Has varied from 100% equity to 100% fixed income
  • 22. Most quarters are predominantly comprised of equity sector investments</li></ul> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 23. Lighthouse Investments<br />Portfolio Decision Making<br />Weighted economic and market indicators<br />Screen total available funds using Morningstar<br />Various performance and risk measures are used to determine funds(annual performance, Morningstar rating, Sharpe ratio, and average annual performance)<br />Screen each fund if Socially Responsible or Values Based portfolio<br />Evaluate prospectuses to determine minimum holding period and possible redemption fees<br /> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 24. Lighthouse Investments<br />Available Portfolios<br /><ul><li>Aggressive Growth
  • 25. Moderate Growth
  • 26. Conservative Growth
  • 27. Balanced</li></ul> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 28. Lighthouse Investments<br />Target Allocation Models<br /><ul><li>Socially Responsible (Green) Target Allocation
  • 29. Values Target Allocation
  • 30. Fundamental Target Allocation</li></ul> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 31. Lighthouse Investments<br />Socially Responsible<br />(Green) <br />Target Allocation<br />Socially Responsible Portfolios commonly referred to as Green or Environmentally Friendly <br /> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 32. Lighthouse Investments<br />Potential Screening Criteria<br />Portfolios composed of mutual funds identified by Morningstar as Socially Responsible verified by investigation of company website and prospectus.<br /> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 33. Lighthouse Investments<br />A Systematic Approach<br />To all<br />Aspects of Portfolio Management<br /> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 34. Lighthouse Investments<br />Focus on Continuous Improvement <br />in <br />Portfolio Returns and Risk Control<br /> Socially Responsible<br />
  • 35. Lighthouse Investments<br />Questions?<br />Money Concepts International, Inc.<br />11440 N. Jog Road<br />Palm Beach Gardens, FL 33418<br />Tel: 561.472.2000 <br /><br />All Securities through Money Concepts Capital Corp. Member FINRA/SIPC<br />Money Concepts Advisory Service is a Registered Investment Advisor with the SEC<br />All Non Securities and Non Advisory Products through Money Concepts International, Inc.<br />Providers of Financial Services Since 1979<br /> Socially Responsible<br />