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Equity market analyser

  1. 1. Stanford Entrepreneurship Online Courses 2012
  2. 2.  Mission statement Market summary What is Equity Market Analyser How Equity Market Analyser works Value of Equity Market Analyser Presentation of Equity Market Analyser Survey Graphs
  3. 3.  To create an innovative platform that is fully customizable and adaptable to investor’s needs, highlighting risks and opportunities based on Technical Analysis , Fundamental Analysis and Machine Learning Techniques.
  4. 4.  To deliver a highly available and scalable web- based solution as a real time market information service for:portfolio managersproprietary tradersresearch analysts &other professionals involved routinely in equity trading. The real challenge was tounderstand new concepts and technology involvedworking with varied technology platform.
  5. 5.  Portfolio managers Proprietary traders Research analysts & other professionals involved routinely in equity trading.
  6. 6.  Equity Market Analyser taps online sources of commercial market information using latest technologies to deliver up-to-the- minute situation displays that capture a broad spectrum of analytics, market activity & new content. The model ensures results that are always objectively verifiable. Data received from the various sources is post- processed and filtered for the client using various models.
  7. 7.  Equity Market Analyser is user friendly web platform User logs in from any PC/Tablet/Smartphone Information is queried through a search box User receives the information queried for immediately User can customize and choose the information he needs
  8. 8.  Comparisons can be made among stocks Important information about the firms are presented Ratios are provided Identification of profitable investments is given Important definitions and help tools are provided (bookmarks, alerts, …)
  9. 9.  Equity Market Analyser is customized to fulfill each users needs Provision is based on extensive, accurate and thorough information It offers a unique and simple way to access valuable information It uses cutting edge technologies to process information
  10. 10.  Power search bar Diversity and extensive range of info Speed Reliability
  11. 11.  Contacted online A questionnaire consisting of 15 questions, shared within our network and Stanford’s teams More than 30 participants from US, EU and Asia 6 Age ranges; 18-66+ years old Categorization of location and country Categorization of investors active locally or globally Track of Investor’s experience Investor’s range of investments in US dollars User’s background knowledge on stock market User’s preference on Equity Market Analyser’s accessibility via PC/Smartphones/Tablets Customers are mostly individual investors rather than professionals Interviews were taken in-person, while presenting the platform Feedback is processed resulting in an improved application and services
  12. 12. Use of service 16% Daily use Weekly39% use
  13. 13. Payment Information requested by users Technical analysis, indicator s Prefer a free subscription News 6% 10% 41% 53% Would pay fee Fianancial & based on usage economic reports19% 42% 41% Past experience Would pay a flat fee for 53% unlimited usage Tips 19% Would pay a fee 47% based on how 47% Professional good the advice investments go Rumors/word on the street