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Web Slice Development, Accelerators, Visual Search Providers, Microsoft Internet Explorer 8, Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK).

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  • DevDays09 Internet Explorer 8

    1. 1. Internet Explorer 8<br />11/26/2009<br />1<br />DevDays2009<br />
    2. 2. KonstantinosPantos<br /><br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />2<br />
    3. 3. What’s new in IE8<br />Standards Interoperability Improvements<br />CSS 2.1, HTML 4.01, HTML 5 DOM Storage etc.<br />Multiple rendering mode support<br />Acid 2 test passed<br />New Features<br />Accelerators<br />WebSlices<br />Visual Search<br />Ajax improvements<br />Automatic crash recovery<br />Security Features<br />Platform enhancements<br />Performance improvements<br />Developer tools<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />3<br />
    4. 4. Multiple rendering mode support<br />Compatibility Modes <br />IE8 Standard (default) – CSS 2.1-compliant <br />IE7 Emulation – backward compatibility with IE7 <br />IE5 Compatible – IE5 rendering behavior <br />Mode Switches (Opt-in) <br />HTTP header: X-UA-Compatible: IE=7 <br />For example, Web.Config in IIS7: <br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />4<br />&lt;httpProtocol&gt; <br /> &lt;customHeaders&gt; <br /> &lt;clear /&gt; <br /> &lt;add name=&quot;X-UA-Compatible&quot; value=&quot;IE=7&quot; /&gt; <br /> &lt;/customHeaders&gt; <br />&lt;/httpProtocol&gt; <br />
    5. 5. Multiple rendering mode support<br />JavaScript:<br />Meta tag:<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />5<br />/* Floating-point that receives one of the following values.<br />5: Microsoft Internet Explorer 5 mode (also known as &quot;quirks mode&quot;).<br />7: Internet Explorer 7 Standards mode.<br />8: Internet Explorer 8 Standards mode. */<br />document.documentMode = 5;<br />&lt;meta http-equiv=&quot;X-UA-Compatible&quot; content=&quot;IE=7&quot;&gt;<br />
    6. 6. Accelerators<br />Contextual Menu Options <br />Based on content selection <br />selection, <br />Link<br />document<br />“ look up” & “send to” external services <br />In-place content preview <br />Implementation <br />OpenService Activity XML descriptor<br />HTTP GET/POST <br />JavaScript integration <br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />6<br /><br />window.external.AddService() & IsServiceInstalled()<br />
    7. 7. OpenService Accelerator Format<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />7<br />&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?&gt;<br />&lt;os:openServiceDescription<br />xmlns:os=&quot;;&gt;<br /> &lt;os:homepageUrl&gt;;/os:homepageUrl&gt;<br /> &lt;os:display&gt;<br /> &lt;os:name&gt;Map with MyMap&lt;/os:name&gt;<br /> &lt;os:icon&gt;;/os:icon&gt;<br /> &lt;os:description&gt;Map addresses easily with MyMap.&lt;/os:description&gt;<br /> &lt;/os:display&gt;<br /> &lt;os:activity category=&quot;Map&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;os:activityAction context=&quot;selection&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;os:preview action=&quot;{selection}&quot; /&gt;<br /> &lt;os:execute action=&quot;; method=&quot;get&quot;&gt;<br /> &lt;os:parameter name=&quot;addr&quot; value=&quot;{selection}&quot; type=&quot;text&quot; /&gt; <br /> &lt;/os:execute&gt;<br /> &lt;/os:activityAction&gt;<br /> &lt;/os:activity&gt;<br />&lt;/os:openServiceDescription&gt; <br />
    8. 8. Deploying Accelerators<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />8<br />&lt;button id=&quot;myButton&quot;<br />onclick=&quot;window.external.AddService(&apos;;)&quot;&gt;<br /> Add MyMap to the shortcut menu in Internet Explorer 8&lt;/button&gt; <br />window.onload= function() {<br /> if (window.external.IsServiceInstalled(&apos;;,&apos;map&apos;)) {<br />document.getElementById(&apos;myButton&apos;).disabled = true;<br /> }<br />}<br />
    9. 9. &lt;Demo /&gt;<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />9<br />
    10. 10. Web Slices<br />Page Content Subscription <br />RSS-based subscriptions to portions of a Web page <br />Favorites Bar with update notification <br />Content-hover discovery <br />In-place content preview <br />Implementation <br />Enabled by adding HTML annotations <br />hAtomMicroformat and Web Slice format <br />Refresh interval configurable <br />Sample HTML Annotations … <br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />10<br />
    11. 11. Web Slice Format<br />hAtomMicroformat describes a feed & items <br />Web Slice builds on hAtom<br />hAtom can represent static content <br />Web Slice is dynamic content <br />Web Slice reuses properties on hAtom<br />Adds optional properties for subscribing <br />ttl – time-to-live value <br />feedurl – alternative path to get updates <br />endtime – When the feed item is no longer relevant <br />Can be applied to an hAtom<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />11<br />
    12. 12. Alternative Display Source<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />12<br />
    13. 13. Alternative Update and Display<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />13<br />
    14. 14. &lt;Demo /&gt;<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />14<br />
    15. 15. Search Providers<br />OpenSearch specification based<br />Used by any browser that supports it<br />Offering Search Suggestions<br />Offering Visual Search Suggestions<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />15<br />
    16. 16. OpenSearch Description File<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />16<br />&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot; encoding=&quot;UTF-8&quot;?&gt;<br />&lt;OpenSearchDescriptionxmlns=&quot;; <br />xmlns:ie=&quot;;&gt;<br /> &lt;ShortName&gt;My Custom Search&lt;/ShortName&gt;<br /> &lt;Image height=&quot;16&quot; width=&quot;16&quot; type=&quot;image/icon&quot;&gt;;/Image&gt;<br /> &lt;Url type=&quot;text/html&quot; <br />template=&quot;{searchTerms}&amp;source=IE&quot;/&gt; <br /> &lt;Url type=&quot;application/x-suggestions+json&quot; <br />template=&quot;{searchTerms}&quot;/&gt;<br /> &lt;Url type=&quot;application/x-suggestions+xml&quot; <br />template=&quot;{searchTerms}&quot;/&gt;<br /> &lt;ie:PreviewUrl type=&quot;text/html&quot; <br />template=&quot;{searchTerms}&quot;/&gt;<br />&lt;/OpenSearchDescription&gt;<br />
    17. 17. Search Suggestions<br />Additional declarations<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />17<br />&lt;Url type=&quot;application/x-suggestions+json&quot; <br />template=&quot;{searchTerms}&quot;/&gt;<br />&lt;Url type=&quot;application/x-suggestions+xml&quot; <br />template=&quot;{searchTerms}&quot;/&gt;<br />
    18. 18. XML Suggestion format<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />18<br />&lt;?xml version=&quot;1.0&quot;?&gt;<br />&lt;SearchSuggestionxmlns=&quot;;&gt;<br /> &lt;Query&gt;xbox&lt;/Query&gt;<br /> &lt;Section&gt;<br /> &lt;Separator title=&quot;My Text Suggestions&quot;/&gt;<br /> &lt;Item&gt;<br /> &lt;Text&gt;Xbox 360&lt;/Text&gt;<br /> &lt;Description&gt;The official Xbox website from Microsoft&lt;/Description&gt;<br /> &lt;Url&gt;;/Url&gt;<br /> &lt;Image source=&quot;; alt=&quot;Xbox 360 Consoles&quot; <br /> width=&quot;75&quot; height=&quot;75&quot;/&gt; <br /> &lt;/Item&gt;<br /> &lt;Item&gt;<br /> &lt;Text&gt;Xbox cheats&lt;/Text&gt;<br /> &lt;Description&gt;Codes and walkthroughs&lt;/Description&gt;<br /> &lt;Url&gt;;/Url&gt;<br /> &lt;/Item&gt;<br /> &lt;Item&gt;<br /> &lt;Text&gt;Xbox 360 games&lt;/Text&gt;<br /> &lt;Description&gt;Games and accessories&lt;/Description&gt;<br /> &lt;Url&gt;;/Url&gt;<br /> &lt;/Item&gt;<br />&lt;/Section&gt;<br />&lt;/SearchSuggestion&gt;<br />
    19. 19. Developer Tools<br />Built-In Developer Tools <br />Dynamic toggling of rendering modes <br />3 modes – HTML, CSS, JavaScript <br />HTML & CSS Explorer <br />Exposes internal representation of DOM tree and CSS styles <br />Real-time editing and rendering <br />Element-based style explorer <br />CSS file-based view in CSS mode <br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />19<br />
    20. 20. Developer Tools<br />JavaScript Debugger <br />Execution control <br />line and context-based breakpoints <br />Step into, over, out, continue; break all (pause) <br />Variable Inspection <br />Scope sensitive (local, global, etc.) <br />Set watch variables <br />Call Stack Manipulation <br />Dynamic call stack traversal <br />Custom Script Execution <br />Immediate tab <br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />20<br />
    21. 21. &lt;Demo /&gt;<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />21<br />
    22. 22. Internet Explorer Administration Kit<br />Increase productivity. <br />Customize settings<br />Same functionality in all browsers<br />Easier support<br />Increase manageability and reliability<br />Maximize reliability<br />Reduce the cost of deployments, support, and upgrades<br />Central dynamic IE installation management<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />22<br />
    23. 23. Features<br />Distribution options. <br />Custom components.<br />Customize Setup experience.<br />Customize Search experience.<br />Customize Browser experience.<br />Administrator-approved Microsoft ActiveX® controls.<br />Automatic configuration.<br />Web Slices. You can add Web Slices to your customized browser.<br />Accelerators. You can include Live Accelerators, or create your own Accelerators to include with your customized browser. <br />Search providers. You can make multiple search providers available to your users<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />23<br />
    24. 24. &lt;Demo /&gt;<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />24<br />
    25. 25. The Gallery<br /><br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />25<br />
    26. 26. Stuff<br />Web Slices<br />OpenService Accelerators Developer Guide<br />OpenSearch<br />Internet Explorer Administration Kit (IEAK)<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />26<br />
    27. 27. Thank you<br />11/26/2009<br />DevDays 2009<br />27<br />