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ON Semiconductor Corporate Overview Presentation
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ON Semiconductor Corporate Overview Presentation


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ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) is driving innovation in energy efficient electronics, empowering design engineers to reduce global energy use. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy …

ON Semiconductor (Nasdaq: ONNN) is driving innovation in energy efficient electronics, empowering design engineers to reduce global energy use. The company offers a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient power and signal management, logic, discrete and custom solutions to help customers solve their unique design challenges in automotive, communications, computing, consumer, industrial, LED lighting, medical, military/aerospace and power supply applications. ON Semiconductor operates a responsive, reliable, world-class supply chain and quality program, and a network of manufacturing facilities, sales offices and design centers in key markets throughout North America, Europe, and the Asia Pacific regions. For more information visit

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  • 1. Corporate Overview1 @onsemi
  • 2. ON Semiconductor Driving Innovation in Energy Efficient Electronics Provides a comprehensive portfolio of energy efficient solutions Helps customers solve their unique design challenges Empowers design engineers to reduce global energy use Operates a responsive, reliable world-class supply chain and quality program Maintains global environmental sustainability and social responsibility programs Core Values 2 @onsemi
  • 3. ON Semiconductor Today• Headquarters: Phoenix, AZ• Employees: ~20,000 globally• Revenue: ~$2.9Bn(1)• Market Capitalization: ~$2.9Bn(2)• Ticker: ONNN• Founded: Spun-off from Motorola 1999, IPO 2000 (1) Based on 3Q12 annualized revenue. (2) Based on closing stock price on November 2, 2012. Sector % based on 3Q12 results. 3 @onsemi
  • 4. Successful Acquisitions Expand Solutions in Target Markets December 31, 2007 October 10, 2008 January 27, 2010 January 1, 2011 CPU Voltage and PC Thermal Monitoring Business 2006 2007 2008 2009 2010 2011 May 15, 2006 March 17, 2008 November 4, 2009 June 9, 2010 February 27, 2011 CMOS Image SensorOregon Fabrication Facility Business Unit 4 @onsemi
  • 5. Leadership Position in Focus End-Markets Industrial ASIC #1Analog ASIC (Non Auto) #2PC Core Power (DCDC) Consumer Automotive Computing #1Power Adapters (ACDC) #1 Inverter IPM #2 Audiology DSP SoC LED Lighting Smart Grid #1 Linear VREG #1 Protection #1 Industrial / Wired & Wireless Medical / General Purpose Op Amp #2 Comm. Mil-Aero 5 @onsemi
  • 6. Providing a Broad Array of Products and Solutions Broad product portfolio enables 40%true commodity strategic customer relationships 60% multi- and drives increased application sourced not true commodity coverage, BOM content, and SAM expansion. Increased capability supports delivery of differentiated solutions, designed to customer system requirements. 6 @onsemi
  • 7. Helping Customers Solve System Design ChallengesSan Jose Seoul Portland Taipei Munich Shanghai Osaka TokyoConsumer Wireless Computing Computing Automotive Automotive Multiple Multiple Wireless Graphics Power Supply Applications Applications Solution Engineering Centers 7 @onsemi
  • 8. Global Channels to Market8 @onsemi
  • 9. Global Operations and Support9 @onsemi
  • 10. 2012 time10 @onsemi
  • 11. World-Class Logistics Units ON Semiconductor shippedShipped ~6 units per person in the world during 2011 11 @onsemi
  • 12. Environmental SustainabilityON Semiconductor is dedicated to annually reducing our energy consumption by 5 percent, our water consumption by 5 percent and our overall carbon footprint by 5 percent. CONSERVATION: Each of ON Semiconductor’s factories is engaged in multiple sustainability projects aimed at conserving water, electricity and fuel. Our worldwide manufacturing operations have well-established recycling and waste minimization programs in place. Ongoing programs include reusing rinse water in our fabs, reducing water flow during equipment idle periods, reducing electricity use, reducing chemical use via process optimization, recovering heat from boilers, balancing our air streams. RECLAIM / RECYCLE: During 2011, more than 1,600 metric tons of scrap materials and 1,400 pounds of precious metals from the company’s worldwide manufacturing facilities were processed, sorted, and sold for reuse. The reclamation of these materials recouped more than $36 million in 2011 alone. NETWORK OPTIMIZATION: The company’s logistics team - responsible for shipment and delivery of the 42 billion products we annually manufacture and ship - has reduced the in-transit mileage logged by our parts by more than 50 million miles per year – thus reducing the company’s carbon footprint. The company’s right-size packaging program has significantly reduced the amount of corrugated carton materials and polyethylene-base materials being used – a reduction of more than 23 tons annually. STANDARDS: The vast majority of ON Semiconductor’s product portfolio – consisting of more than 42,000 different devices – have been converted to meet industry RoHS standards. Many products are available in lead-free (Pb-free) packaging. DFN/QFN package families are available in Halogen-free mold compounds and we are qualifying and converting other packages. PARTNERSHIPS: ON Semiconductor belongs to a number of organizations and initiatives focused on technological advances in sustainable energy, power conservation and corporate responsibility. These include membership in the Electronic Industry Citizenship Coalitions (EICC) including their Environmental Sustainability and Conflict Minerals groups; the Semiconductor Research Corp’s (SRC) global Energy Research Initiative (ERI); Europe’s Energy for a Green Society ENIAC JU project, and membership in Power Sources Manufacturers Association (PSMA) and the China Power Supply Society.12 @onsemi
  • 13. Focus Vertical Markets13 @onsemi
  • 14. Automotive Segment Leading Positions: Powertrain, Body, Infotainment, Power Supplies, In-Vehicle Networking •Rear / Exterior Lighting •Xenon/LED / Halogen Engine Control Sensors Front lighting Audio Systems •Advanced Infotainment Starter Transmission Cluster illumination & Frontlighting Alternator control Interior Lighting Systems Market Outlook Key Company Growth Drivers Customer Alignment Automotive semiconductor growth  Advanced LED Lighting ICs forecast to be >9% year on year  Electric Power Steering, Electric Emerging markets represent >50% Parking Brake, Park Assist ICs of global vehicle sales  Start-Stop ICs (uHybrid) Fuel economy, safety, convenience  SMPS, Motor Driver ICs, IPMs and infotainment drive growth  Angular, Pressure and Position HEVs / EVs drive ~5X higher Sensor Interface ICs semiconductor content per vehicle  LIN, CAN, FlexRay Transceivers in Powertrain electronics  MOSFETs, IGBTs, Protection 14 @onsemi
  • 15. Computing Segment Leading Positions: CPU and Graphics Power, MOSFETs, Protection, Power Supplies Desktop PC Channel Motherboard Notebook Entry Level Servers AIO Computer Graphics Card Ultrabook Market Outlook Key Company Growth Drivers Customer Alignment Mature market slowed by macro  Vcore DC-DC PWM ICs (#1) economics and alternative  HFVR for Ultrabooks consumer devices (tablets, etc)  Low Cap ESD for High Speed Serial Emerging markets driving Interfaces (USB 3.0, HDMI) (#1) category growth  DC-DC ICs for System / Memory Windows 8 and Ultrabooks Rails and POL in Servers expected to stimulate demand  AC-DC ICs for Power Adapters in Computing (#1) 15 @onsemi
  • 16. Communications Segment Leading Positions: Optical Imaging, Power Supplies, Protection, MOSFETs Tablet Customer Premise Equipment Smartphone Enterprise Routers Base Station Market Outlook Key Company Growth Drivers Customer Alignment Ubiquitous connectivity  Auto Focus and Optical Image “The Cloud” enables seamless Stabilization for cameras content across disparate devices  Low Cap ESD Protection (#1) and Smartphones, Tablets and 4G Common Mode Filters Network deployment drive growth  Battery Protection, Load and Economic uncertainty dampens Switch MOSFETS near-term carrier investments  AC-DC and DC-DC Power ICs  Battery Charger Ics  Clock & Timing ICs 16 @onsemi
  • 17. Consumer Segment Leading Positions: Inverter IPM, Power Supplies, Protection, Optical Imaging Protection Power Power Management Backlighting Touch Supplies and Interface Inverters Battery Management LCD Display Power Motor Drive Smart Grid AMOLED Display Supplies and Control Connectivity Lens Control Market Outlook Key Company Growth Drivers Customer Alignment TV market has matured and OEM  Inverter IPMs for Appliance Motors consolidation continues and Fans (#2) “Smart”, “Connected” devices are  LED Backlighting and AMOLED changing the way consumers Display ICs access content  AC-DC Power Supply ICs Global focus on improving energy  Low Cap ESD for High Speed Serial efficiency in appliances and TVs Interfaces (USB 3.0, HDMI) (#1) Expect Flat Panel TVs to migrate  Battery Charger ICs, MOSFETs from LED to AMOLED displays 17 @onsemi
  • 18. Industrial / Medical / Mil-Aero Segment Leading Positions: Power Supplies, Sensors, Circuit Protection, Medical Devices, LED Lighting Ingestible Diagnostics Blood Glucose Hearing Aid and Heart Rate SOC Monitors LED Lighting Market Outlook Key Company Growth Drivers Customer Alignment Energy and environmental  IPMs for Industrial Motor Control legislation drive “smart grid” and and Power Supplies LED Lighting adoption  Circuit Breaker ICs with Self-Test Semiconductor content rapidly and Built-In Diagnostics increasing in building automation  Sensor ICs (Image, Light, Transition to Mobile Health drives Occupancy, Smoke, etc) growth in medical devices  Motor Driver and LED Driver ICs  Cenidor ARM-based SOC and ingestible diagnostic ICs 18 @onsemi
  • 19. LED Lighting Mobile LCD Backlighting Automotive Architectural General Signage19 @onsemi
  • 20. Smart Grid Distribution Field Area NetworkGeneration Smart Metering Communication Home Area Network20 @onsemi
  • 21. Thank You.21 @onsemi