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Automotive Strategy by Lance Williams of ON Semiconductor
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Automotive Strategy by Lance Williams of ON Semiconductor



ON Semiconductor Automotive continues to focus on complete applications solutions in high growth markets.

ON Semiconductor Automotive continues to focus on complete applications solutions in high growth markets.



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    Automotive Strategy by Lance Williams of ON Semiconductor Automotive Strategy by Lance Williams of ON Semiconductor Presentation Transcript

    • 1 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013AutomotiveLance WilliamsVice PresidentAutomotive Strategy
    • 2 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Light Vehicle Production Statistics (Q2 2013 update)2013 YTD produtionoutput is up 1% YOY vs.20122013 output is nowexpected to reachsomewhere between 82.0and 82.5M UnitsChina willproduce ~19M LightVehicles in 2013. >20%of the totalHistory ForecastSouce LMCQ412 and Startegy Analytics Q113
    • 3 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Continued Electronic Systems GrowthSource: Strategy Analytics April 2013 Fastest growth is coming from HEV/EV systems and Advanced Driver Assistance Systems Key issues for Light Vehicles (environmental, safety & driver-distraction) can only be solved byusing of more electronics and semiconductors Electronics Systems CAGR of 9.1% over 2012-2017Source: Strategy Analytics April 2013
    • 4 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Semiconductor Growth in All Product Types No significant shift in overall product revenue mix (MCU and Power remain largest) Power semiconductors driven by EV/HEV as well as Start-Stop Overall growth a result of increased Fuel Economy, reduced Emissions, Convenienceand Advanced Driver Assistance Systems~9% CAGR Avg.
    • 5 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Automotive Segment2012 Revenue = $752M (26% of Company Revenue)Source: iSuppli AMFT, Corporate MarketingInfotainmentAudio SystemsAdvanced FrontLighting SystemsInterior/ ExteriorLightingPowertrain Control Sensor InterfaceStart-StopAlternatorLeading Positions: Powertrain, Body, Lighting, Park Assist, Sensor Interface, Power Supplies, In-Vehicle NetworkingEmergency Call SystemsKey Growth DriversMarket Fuel Economy: Start-StopAlternators, GDI, HEVs, Dual Clutch Safety and Convenience: LEDLighting, Door Modules, Park Assist,Cameras, Infotainment, ADAS Electrification: EPS, EPB,Condensers, Pumps, Fans2012 SAM 2015 SAM CAGR$5B $6.1B 6.6%BOM Opportunity ~$60 in 2012  ~$2502012 Average BOM ~$9.30Design-In Activity+62%Door ElectronicsPark AssistVehicleElectrification(PIM & IPM)
    • 6 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Focused on Providing CompleteAutomotive SolutionsDiscretes StandardProductsASSP/ASIC/SBC/SOCModule Level Expertiseand Solutions
    • 7 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Focused on High GrowthAutomotive Electronic SystemsVolume Growth >50% >30% >15%Pure Electric Vehicles E-Call Telematics Gasoline Direct InjectionDrowsiness Monitor Distance Warning TPMS– ABS Wheel Speed SensorLED Front Lighting Dual Clutch Transmissions Adaptive Front Lighting (Static)Lane Departure Warning Full, Mild, Plug-in Hybrids Brake-By-Wire (Electrohydraulic)Night Vision Electric Parking BrakeHead-Up Displays Parking/Reversing SystemsBlindspot Monitoring Adaptive Front Lighting (Dynamic)Start/Stop Power Trunk / TailgateNavigation SystemsASIC, ASSP and SPG Play = Passive EntryAll other SPG / Commodity Play Electric Power SteeringPower Seats with Memory
    • 8 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Automotive Applications FocusInfotainment• Telematics, Navigation• Digital Audio DSP• Analog and Digital Tuner• Display Drivers• Active AntennaFuel EconomySafetyBody• Lighting (LED, HID, Xenon, AFS,Interior (Cluster, Floor, Accent))•Smart Fuse Box• HVAC•Door Modules• Instrument Cluster• Engine Control• Transmission• Start-Stop• HEV• Park Assist• Braking•Back up Camera•Driver Assistance•Electric PowerSteering
    • 9 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Automotive Applications FocusON Expertise and Applications Focus- #1 Ignition IGBTs-Igniter Modules by 2016-Start-Stop Alternator Efficient Engine- Dual clutch transmission- ECU interface & communication- Integrated Throttle control- 48V Power management- Known Good Die for High Temp Apps- Programmable smart sensor interfaceON’s Expertise and Applicaitons Focus#1 in HID front lighting-Leadership in stepper motor drivers-Complete LED Frontlighting Systems-SmartFET for Halogen and LED directdrive lighting.-LIN RGB for interior lighting- Discrete, Analog and ASIC SolutonsLightingBody and InteriorON Expertise and Applications Focus- In Vehicle Networking (CAN,LIN)- In-Vehicle Networking Protection- Ultra Low Iq Voltage regulator andSMPS solution for Audio/infotainment- Smart FETs for Fuse Box- HVAC and Door (pre) drivers portfolio- Wireless Charging and connectivity-Automotive Ethernet- Digital Tuners and Audio DSP- Imaging for occupancy and exteriorsensingON Expertise and Applications Focus- #1 in Ultrasonic Park Assist-Dynamic braking (MEMs interface)-Electric power steering via BLDC- Image enhancers for camera-Collision avoidance through active imagerecognition.- MosFETs for activelyt safety applicationsDriver Assistance & SafetyPowertrain
    • 10 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Pixel LightingRGB Interior LightingExterior LightingSemiconductor Demand by System ($M)9.7% TAM CAGR (2102 – 2107)Automotive LightingSource: Strategy Analytics April 2013ON Semiconductor’s Value Propostion #1 High Intensity Lighting (HID) Drivers Leadership position in Stepper Motor Drivers for bending and positioning Complete LED Frontlighting System (HID, LED, Motor Control) LIN Based RGB Interior Lighting for customizable lighing configurations Complete Range of LED Drivers (Discrete, Analog, ASSP & ASIC SolutionsAdvanced Forward Lighting
    • 11 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Automotive SmartFETsExterior Lighting LoadsSmart Junction (Fuse) Box(SJB)Relay ReplacementBody ComputersEMEAJapanAMRAsiaSource: IMS Data June 2011Automotive SmartFET Demand (M$)10.2% TAM CAGR (2010 – 2015)CompleteSmartFET PowerSolutionsSmartFETTechnologyDevelopmentFocus onGrowthApplicationsSmartFET Focus Second Source, Low / High Side Portfolio Expansion
    • 12 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Automotive SmartFET Applications FocusBody Electronics Exterior Lighting Loads 90% High Side / 10% Low Side Loads Range from 5W to 65W Requirements include Advanced Diagnostics,Analog Current Sense, RSC/RCL/CBT RobustnessPower Distribution Smart Junction Box, Smart Pre-Fuse Box Smart Power Distribution is being driven byincreased energy efficiency requirements as well asthe need for diagnostic capabilities and increasedreliability.Powertrain & Mechanical Relay Replacement Powertrain trend to replace LS drivers with HS SmartFETs Replacement of mechanical relays to improve reliabilityand add diagnostic capability
    • 13 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Automotive IGBTs, PIMs and IPMsIPM Semiconductor SAMSource: Sanyo December 2012 PLBPPIMIPMKGDAutomotive IGBT Demand (M$)15.1% TAM CAGR (2012 – 2017)Source: Strategy Analytics April 2013ON Semiconductor’s StrategyDevelop KGD capabilities for discrete IGBT in EV and HEVAdd Automotive AEC qualified PIM packaging capabilitiesto service total Automotive IGBT requirementsFocus on Vehicle Electrification (EPS, Pumps, Fans,Condensers) with IPMsExpand IPM OEM engagement to drive solutions withinadvanced powertrain systems
    • 14 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013ON Semiconductor’s Strategy Remain #1 in Ultrasonic Sensor Interface for ParkAssist by introducting ASSPs for emerging markets AEC qualify ON Image Sensor products and introduceto market. Develop Ethernet In-Vehicle Networking solutions tosupport future business. Support complete systems solutions via SPG, Sanyoand APG productsSource: Strategy Analytics April 2013Advanced DriverAssistance Systems(ADAS) Park Assist remains largest application within ADAS LDWS and Sign Recognition offer strong growth ADAS beginning to filter down to mass-market vehicles Govt. mandates may lead to even higher growth Image Sensors will have prominent position in ADAS ADAS development is seeing safety & infotainment worldscollideAutomotive ADAS Semiconductor Demand ($B)21.2% TAM CAGR (2012-2017)
    • 15 • Industry Analyst Day • May 2013Key Takeaways: Automotive In 2012, Automotive was 26 percent of ONSemiconductor’s Business, in Q1.13 it was 28 percent ON Semiconductor’s Automotive Strategy, established in2009, has provided innovative solutions to the market andsuperior return to the company Portfolio expansion, focus on high growth markets andinnovative systems solutions are driving ONSemiconductor share gains and sales results ON Semiconductor Automotive continues to focus oncomplete applications solutions in high growth markets