Library Services & Resources (CINAHL) for Nursing Students


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Updated September 2015. Information for nursing students on library services such as ILL, Find it at FAU, and CINAHL.

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Library Services & Resources (CINAHL) for Nursing Students

  1. 1. Library Services & Resources (CINAHL) for Nursing Students Kristy Padron, MLIS FAU Libraries
  2. 2. Identify a health care topic where its knowledge has changed over the years. What was known (or believed) about the topic in the past? What is currently known about it, and is there a difference between past knowledge? And if so, SO WHAT? Take The Nursing Topic Challenge!
  3. 3. “Your Throat Protection against irritation against cough.” “Quickly and conveniently, that healthy, handsome vacation look can be yours!”
  4. 4. Lifelong Learning & Scholarship • Health information is always changing. • New treatments or protocols replace what was standard care. • New or unfamiliar topics, populations, or areas of nursing are transmitted mainly by scholarly, professional publications.
  5. 5. Lifelong Learning & Scholarship Part of being a lifelong learner is more than informing your practice… …it’s also to support consumer health! Your patients also need good health information!
  6. 6. Session Goals Nursing students will be able to… …generalize the importance of lifelong learning and scholarship within in the health professions. …identify services & information resources at the FAU Libraries. …utilize CINAHL database to find articles related to his or her chosen topic.
  7. 7. Welcome to the FAU Libraries! • Library Services • Your Owl Card • FAU Libraries Online: –Off Campus Connect –CINAHL • Assistance
  8. 8. The FAU Libraries are located on its main and partner campuses: • Boca • Davie (Broward College) • Jupiter • Harbor Branch Oceanographic Institute
  9. 9. Library Services Circulation Desk: • Borrow Books • Library Account Reference Desk: • Assistance with library and its materials • Research help
  10. 10. Library Services Computing Areas: • PCs with MS Office: o Word o PowerPoint o Excel • Internet Access Don’t forget your Flash/USB Drive!
  11. 11. Library Services Copiers & Printers: • Pay-per-use basis • Use your print account to pay (
  12. 12. Your Owl Card • Owl Card: Your School ID and Library Card • Uses: o Borrow Library Materials o Log onto Library Account & other online library services o …and a few others!
  13. 13. Your Owl Card • Activate it by calling the Boca campus Circulation Desk: (561) 297-6911.
  14. 14. The FAU Libraries Online Available at
  15. 15. The FAU Libraries Online The Libraries offer many online services. • Library Catalog o Find books & library materials. • Off Campus Connect o Authenticates users off campus for access to licensed or subscription-based FAU library resources o Select link to log on. Off Campus Connect
  16. 16. The FAU Libraries Online Off Campus Connect/EZproxy: • Log on using your Owl Card Number and then Verification Number as indicated.
  17. 17. The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL CINAHL: A main source of Nursing articles Directions: 1. If off-campus, log onto Off Campus Connect. 2. At the Libraries’ home page, select “Indexes/Databases.” Indexes/ Databases Find Articles: Indexes & Databases
  18. 18. Why are journals important? • New findings, research and developments within an academic field are communicated through professional journals. • Peer Review is also known as: – Scholarly – Refereed • When a journal is peer reviewed, most of its articles undergo a review process. • Peer review is the academic “Gold Standard.”
  19. 19. o It is an index of web pages: finds web pages, but is not a direct source of information. o It has a limited ability to search specialized data sources. o Many databases and other information sources do not provide direct access through Google. o Use it as a secondary source of information. Why not just use Google?
  20. 20. The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL 3. Select the letter “C” on the “Electronic Collection” page.
  21. 21. The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL 4. Scroll down the next page until you see a link to “CINAHL,” and then select it.
  22. 22. The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL 5. This will take you to CINAHL’s search page. Begin Search
  23. 23. • The index (available in a drop-down menu) allows searching by title of an article (TI), its author (AU), and subject heading. Index
  24. 24. Use LIMITERS as needed
  25. 25. Links – Full Text (Whole Article) Find it FAU The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL
  26. 26. Getting to a Full Text Article • Use “Find it @ FAU” link to access full-text articles. • Select “PDF/Full-Text” link to see a full article. • Some articles are not available online but are in their paper/print format. Getting that article may require a trip to the FAU library! • Use Interlibrary Loan to receive an article that is not available through the FAU Libraries. The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL
  27. 27. An additional window will open. ‘Full Text’ indicates where the full article can be found. Select “Article” where indicated one to get to the article. If full text is not available, search the FAU Catalog to search for a print/paper version. The FAU Libraries Online : CINAHL
  28. 28. The FAU Libraries Online : Interlibrary Loan • Interlibrary Loan (ILL) provides books, articles and other library materials that are not available at the Libraries. • ILL also sends requests from one FAU campus libraries to another. • Make a request online through the Libraries home page; go to the link.
  29. 29. The FAU Libraries Online : Interlibrary Loan • Register and create an ILL account. • Publication information is needed for any requested library material, such as: – Title – Author – Publisher – Publication Location – Year of Publication
  30. 30. Assistance • Reference Desk • Ask a Librarian • Tutorials & Webcasts: Nursing Tutorial - nursing.htm • Individual Research Consultations Additional information is available at /ref/refdept.htm
  31. 31. Good luck this semester! Kristy Padron, MLIS FAU Libraries