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Studioin 2012 eng

  2. 2. STUDIOINABOUT USThe STUDIOIN brand studio was founded in 2009.We have completed more than 60 projects within 3 years.The clients of StudioIN include most principal players of Russias marketof alcohol.Our success is due to our young, professional, solid creative team of thehighest class professionals.The best appreciation of our work is in the solid commercial success ofthe brands we have created.This is what STIDIOIN is good at:- alcohol branding- re-designing and re-branding products- developing packaging designs- developing bottle designs- renovate the product.- work out a creative conception and the position of the product on themarket ( the name, the key message, the key picture, ideas of the advertis-ing maintenance).We thank you for trusting us and showing interest in our company.
  3. 3. STUDIOINOUR CLIENTS- The Moscow Cristall plant- Cristall (Kaluga)- Rosspirtprom- Sojusplodoimport, FKP- Moscow Champagne Winery- White Eagle- Vodka Manufacturing Artel YAT- Trading House Medved- White Gold- Omskvinprom- Petropavlovsk Distillery Plant (PLWZ)- Alcoruss- ARNE- Bio Biss- VKZ Izberbashskiy- Mosoblalcohol- Cynergy- RICH- AquaLife- IDS Borjomi
  4. 4. SAMURAI 01PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / STUDIOINAnother independent non-commer-cial development by the studio wasabout a uniquely shaped rice vodkabottle. Its austere outline andthe silhouette as if split by a strokeof a samurai sword spectacularlytransmit the idea and the ethnicbackground of the product.The material is high quality glasswith décor. Copyright in the conceptsold to United States producers.The product should be output to themarket as soon as in the summerof 2012. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  5. 5. KATANA 02PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / KATANA LLC, USATask: developing bottle designs,alcohol brandingSolution: together with new owners ofthe concept ‘Samurai’ we worked outan alternative name for the product.‘Katana; in Japanese language means,‘The Sword of the Samurai’.This is rice vodka.There are four tests: date, Japaneselemon and orange and rambutan.Each bottle is made in the colours ofthe fruit. Launch is planned for autumnthis year 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  6. 6. GOODMILK 03CANSPRODUCT / MILKCLIENT / STUDIOINTask: product brandingSolution: going along with the moderntendency to popularize healthylifestyles and recognizing the impor-tance of environmental protection, wesuggest that this product, serving allpeoples well since times immemorial,should be super-popularly served inaluminum cans. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  7. 7. BERLOGA 04PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / RICHTask: redesignSolution: The owners of the Berlogabrand, notorious for its similarity toBeluga, came to our studio asking that weimprove the appearance of the productand make it more premium. They were notin the least disturbed by that a wellknownbrand was to be copied. The studiocreated an original shape of the bottlewith a unique relief and asymmetricappearance.The illustration of wild natureshowing through a haze reflects thenaturalness and purity. The laconic andbrutal design makes the image modernand steadfast. The large surface of theflask is, in itself, an advertising medium.The new product has gained in shelfconspicuity and become easily recogniz-able among competitors’ output. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED before
  8. 8. BISSS 05PRODUCT / LEMONADECLIENT / BIO BISSThis new generation lemonadecontains nothing but natural ingredi-ents. Its original design was alsobased on the idea of its being natural.The unique trademark of the manu-facturer, the name of the product,the logo, the company style andthe elegant shape of the bottle wereall created by our studio. The colorcoding of the labels allows to easilydistinguish between the 12 varietiesincluded in the product line. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  9. 9. WHITE GOLD 06PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / WHITE GOLDTask: redesign.Solution: When it was being rede-signed, the principal purpose was tomake sure the brand name was stilleasily recognized while customers’perception of it became more clear-cut.Initially, the appearance of the pro-duct was designed by a famousBritish studio. Under our project,we created a reserved and minimal-istic sequel of the product. The logowas modernized and décor elabo-rated. The label became more laco-nic and refined. The new appearanceof the product is more noble, meet-ing the aesthetic ideas of modernconsumers. The fact that the salesof the White Gold vodka are on therise confirms that its new imageassures its correct positioning 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDand recognizability.
  10. 10. MILKY LAKE 07PRODUCT / YOGURTCLIENT / STUDIOINTask: product branding.Solution: this is a non-commercialproject oriented towards the creationof a decent mass-consumer-orientedproduct. The reserved classical designmostly emphasizes the large imagesof tasty berries flooded with air-lightyogurt. The product pleases varioustastes by its color variety and the ca-refully selected pleasant to the eyejuicy hues. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  11. 11. 08PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / WHITE GOLDThis White Gold vodka of the premiumblack version was commissionedby the Crystal liquor plant of the cityof Kaluga. Previously, the studio haddelicately completed the logo andappearance of the product holdingthe central place in the product line.Originally, the design was done bythe Claessens International studioof Great Britain. Following that,the plant commissioned the creationof a new product, the original BlackEdition to fit into the White Gold pro-duct line. The noble mat surfaceand the contrasting metal of the deco-ration in the pitch-black setting suc-cessfully impress the idea of qualityon consumers, while removing alldoubts as to black being out of placewith vodka. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  12. 12. FLEUR DE LIS 09PRODUCT / COGNACCLIENT / STUDIOINTask: alcohol brandingSolution: designing the concept of acognac for women, we counted on theelegant modern appearance and thevivid memorable name. One of themost popular heraldic figures, Fleurde Lis (the lily) inspired the designerto create a feminine-shaped bottle.The slightly coquettish fonts empha-size the refined character of the pro-duct. The bottle design is also care-fully considered. The cork, non-typicalfor a cognac, allows to effortlesslyclose and reopen the bottle. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  14. 14. KALINKA 11PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / VODKA MANUFACTURING ARTEL YATSTUDIOIN came up in the competitionfor redesigning the appearanceof the Kalinka vodka. The profession-als of the studio suggested a funda-mentally new solution for the prod-uct. They came up with an originalshape for the bottle, its unique sur-face relief, logo and tracery.The bright elements of the companystyle and the clear-cut tastes differ-entiation form an effective identity.The simple and laconic designof the packaging creates an organicimage and an easy to recognize com-pany style. That advantageously setsKalinka apart from the competition,allows to correctly position the pro-duct on the market and bringsthe central idea of the brand hometo customers.. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDbefore
  15. 15. KALINKA 12EXPORTPRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / CHISTIY CRISLALLTask: to work out the design of the labelfor Kalinka Export Vodka.Solution: for this project we offered afrosted bottle with the label being madefrom snow white textured paper.The label is designed in subtle white-golden colours. The launched saleshowed that Kalinka Export is in thelead of the premium market segment. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  16. 16. VINTAGE 13PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / STUDIOINThe untraditional for vodka wine bot-tle shape is a tribute to the elegantname and the recipe that was suppo-sed to be based on grapes. We inten-tionally created a refined and suc-cinct image. This work of STUDIOINwas acknowledged as the best amongmany works of international desig-ners. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  17. 17. GOODMILK 14TETRA PACKPRODUCT / MILKCLIENT / STUDIOINWithin the same concept, we alsosuggest a possible extension of thetechnology of the production of theTetra Pak packaging. Our idea is usingCongreve stamping in the productionof regular milk cartons.The design of the whole line is built onthe contrast between the color of thelogo with the predominant white,which, as we see it, goes just fine withthe product. The soft pastel colors areeither lighter or darker depending onfat content and may differ according tovarying tastes. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  18. 18. KEDROVITSA 15PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / OMSKVINPROMFor the Siberian Alcohol Group,the StudioIN team has designeda new, more discrete and attractiveimage of the well known Kedrovitsavodka. The design suggested bythe studio fully reflects the specificqualities of Siberian nature, its pureprimeval character, giving consumersthe impression of a unique environ-mentally clean product originatingfrom the very heart of Siberia.The whole product line keepsto the same image and has nowbecome more easily recognizableamong other products in stores. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDbefore
  19. 19. WHITE EAGLE 16PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / WHITE EAGLEThis vodka first came out in the 1990s.During that time, the epatage adver-tising video clips became famous allover the country. Recently, the famousproduct again appeared on storeshelves. Because it was repositionedon the market, its design alsochanged. However, the interim designdid not inspire consumers. The manu-facturers concluded that the designhad to be improved. StudioIN createda new version of the bottle whereinthe memorable profile of the whiteeagle was emphasized more andno longer resembled the AmericanBald Eagle. The changed shapeof the bottle makes the new success-ful image complete. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDbefore
  20. 20. KALUZHSKAYA 17PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / CRYSTAL (KALUGA)The studio has radically redesignedthe appearance of Kaluzhskaya vodka.The product that previously could notbe distinguished from others sittingon the shelf, Kaluzhskaya vodka hasacquired a bright and memorableimage that will not be lost amongcompeting products. The product nowlooks more modern, unique and noble.The minimal number of colors and alustrous mat stamping combined witha natural texture of snow-white paperraise the product to a new level. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  21. 21. 40 ISLANDS 18PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / STUDIOINWhile redesigning the appearanceof the 40 Islands vodka, we wantedto emphasize and amplify the impres-sion of the transparency and purityof the product. In the new design, wesuccessfully achieved that by usingan illustration, a simple logo andthe minimal area of the label.The illustration conveys the feelingof a misty morning on a lake, whilethe simple and austere shape givesthe product more style and makesit more modern. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  22. 22. BILIBINA 33 19PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / CRYSTAL (KALUGA)We fully altered the appearanceof the 33 Bilibina trademark ownedby the Crystal plant of Kaluga. We hadto keep the product in the same pricecategory, while creating an image thatwould emphasize the plants tradi-tions of many years. The solution wasfound in the appearance resemblingthe styles of the 1970s, conveyingnostalgia for the past century andbringing back romantic memoriesof the Soviet traditions, withoutcopying various other similarly nostal-gic trademarks. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDbefore
  23. 23. STARLEY 20PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / TRADING HOUSE MEDVEDThe new domestic vodka with a namethat speaks for itself became popularas a folk brand in just one year afterit appeared on the shelves. Its simpleand easy to understand design mat-ches its name, reflecting the brutallyconfident character of the product,clearly suggests its price nicheand creates popular demand. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  24. 24. OLIGARCH 21PRODUCT / CHAMPAGNECLIENT / CRYSTAL (KALUGA)French Moutard wine makers, famousfor their sparkling wines for over threecenturies, make the well-knownOligarch premium champagnefor Crystal of Kaluga.The label for this champagne wasdesigned by StudioIN’s team of pro-fessionals. Its elegant appearanceis quite French. It owes its textureto relief and mat foil stamping.The classical image created bythe studio emphasizes the noble originof the product, singling it out amongother premium champagne wines. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  25. 25. GZHELKA 22 PRODUCT / VODKA CLIENT / CRYSTAL (KALUGA) The owners of the Gzhelka brand faced the challenge of bringing back the once well known and popular vodka that, in its time, had been a repeated winner of Russia’s and foreign prizes. Our team was trusted with its re-desig- ning. Our studio’s professionals suggested a totally new design for the product that was supposed to be in mostly light shades. White was selected to become the principal color. The new image of Gzhelka gives one a feeling of transparency, softness, purity and frosty freshness. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDbefore
  26. 26. 23PRODUCT / GINCLIENT / STUDIOINThe non-standard materials and newideas make this design topical.The Gin Greens non-commercialproject represents the ideas ofStudioIN concerning a modern,bright and easily identified product.The futuristic shape of the bottleand the fresh grass-green colorreflect the idea of clean environ-ment. The manufacturer usesa combination of glass and a high-quality plastic. The top portion ofthe bottle is held in place by originalfastening. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  27. 27. ZOLOTOY 24STANDARTPRODUCT/ COGNACCLIENT / THE MOSCOW PLANT OF CHAMPAGNESThe objective: the creation of theappearance of the new Zolotoy Standartbrand, emphasizing the product’s being atrue standard in its segment.The solution: the label in the tradi- tionalcognac style, bearing the product’sindividual logo and a unique emblemassure the clear-cut positioning and anunmistakable recognition of the brand. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  28. 28. 8 MARCH 25CORPORATE GIFTOn the 8th of March, we usuallycongratulate our women clients andcolleagues in a traditional way. Thisfine wine has an originally createdlabel with the words, ‘best wishes’included. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  29. 29. MAJORE 26PRODUCT / SPUMANTECLIENT / ROSSPIRTPROMThe objective: creating a brightmemorable image for SpumanteMajore.The solution: we suggested a brightand aesthetically expressive design.An original heraldically shaped label,individual emblem and logo becamethe key elements singling the brandout in its category. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  30. 30. OLIGARCH 27PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / CRYSTAL (KALUGA)The objective is to create a newmemorable image of a premiumvodka.The solution is creating a new visualidentity, glass decorations combinedwith a noble reserved label and aunique ad-on component. Theinnovatively shaped bottle was madein France from cool-blue tintedglass. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  31. 31. CONSTANTIN 28PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / AVIORThe objective: creating the design ofa new product oriented towardsforeign markets.The solution: following moderntendencies, we suggested an asceticdesign for Constantin vodka. Anaustere logo, a monochrome labeland light glass decoration create acomplete image, conveying a feelingof the transparency and environmen-tal cleanness of the product. The highquality glass bottle is Frenchmade. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  32. 32. VICOMTE 29PRODUCT / COGNACCLIENT / STUDIOINTask: To work out the system of visualidentity for this cognac with an orienta-tion to the western market.Solution: The name ‘Vicomte’ comesfrom a title of European noble rank. Themain style element for this product isthe complicated form of the bottle. Thefront side of the bottle has a flat surfacewith the main elements on for visualcommunication on it. This responds tothe traditional design of French Cognacbut with a modern interpretation. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  33. 33. SIBERIAN 30FROSTSPRODUCT / CHAMPAGNECLIENT / ZAO VZ IzberbashskiyTraditional design of the label andpacking for Russian ChampagneSolution: All stylish elements of thelabel are done according to the classicalcanons of design for champagne bottles:golden foil, glossy matt varnish andsubtle pattern on the label make thisappearance very individual. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  34. 34. ZOLOTOI SVET 31PRODUCT / CHAMPAGNEKLIENT / MOSCOW DESTILLERY CRISTALLTask: To work out a design for theappearance of the champagne, ‘ZolotoiSvet’ but to be done in a way thattraditionally represents Soviet Cham-pagne.Solution: There are individual print-spelling in the label. The rays of lightare from the golden matt foil and arein the centre of the label. The wholeappearance is aesthetically pleasingand up-to-date. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  35. 35. STOLICHNAYA 32PRODUCT / VODKA STOLICHNAYACLIENT / CRISTALLThis job was completed with the“Variohead” Company.Task: The redesign of the product.Solution: This product has always beenwell known in the world. The tradermask belongs to the RussianFederation. We renovated all elementsof the product: the bottle, the lid and thelabel. As a result this product is nowgenerally recognized as having anup-to-date appearance. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  36. 36. BELYI KLUCH 33PRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / CRISTALLThe job was done along with the“Variohead’ Company.Task: To redesign the product in orderto place into the more expensive marketprice segment.Solution: The renovation was wellapproved by consumers. This productwas recognized at InternationalExhibitions. At the 18th InternationalExhibitions of Product and RawMaterials, this Vodka was rewarded withthe ‘Gran Prix” at the InternationalTasting competition. “The best vodka in2001” was awarded with the GoldenMedal. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  37. 37. NEW YEAR 2011 34CORPORATE GIFTWe have a tradition each year beforeChristmas that we should choose agood wine as a gift for our clients andcolleagues, and so we created a festivelabel for the bottle.Last year we suggested that we shouldnot be afraid of our competitors andwe should seek to become morenoticeable. In September 2011, thislabel received a bronze award in theInternational Competition Pentawards. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  38. 38. NEW YEAR 2012 35CORPORATE GIFTUpholding our tradition, STUDIOIN hasdesigned an ideal corporate gift for NewYears Eve. While designing the bottle,we chose one of the most discussedtopics over the past year: the 2012apocalypse. The label shows the 14most "popular" scenarios, ranging fromthe predictable natural disaster to themore imaginative scenario of a ratsinvasion.Despite humanity discussing doomsdayin 2012, STUDIOIN intend to celebrateour "last" New Years Eve to the fullest.Let us make a toast to living until theend of the world. Happy New Year!  2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  39. 39. SIBERIAN 36FROSTSPRODUCT / VODKACLIENT / MOSCOW REGIONAL ALCOHOL AUTHORITYTask: to work out the design of the labelfor «Siberian Frosts» vodka. It is aNational Russian product. The labelshould show Russian characters and thepowers of Siberian Nature!Solution: the main visual image is thewide expanse of Siberian nature. Thelabel is made in a metallic blue colour.This colour identifies the brand. Incontrast the name is made in whitecolour with a graphic illustration of adeep winter forest. This makes theproduct be individual and recognizableon shop shelves. 2012 | ALL RIGHTS RESERVED
  40. 40. Russia, Moscownab. Ak.Tupoleva, 15 k.2, office 515т. +7 (495) 22 33 44
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