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Futurism marinetti Futurism marinetti Presentation Transcript

  • Futurism Youth! Speed! Technology! Violence! Industry! Umberto Boccioni Dynamism of a soccer player (1913)
  • The Manifesto of Futurism 1. We want to sing the love of danger, the habit of energy and rashness 2. Literature has up to now magnified pensive immobility, ecstasy and slumber. 3. Beauty exists only in struggle. There is no masterpiece that has not an aggressive character.Poetry must be a violent assault on the forces of the unknown, to force them to bow before man. 4. We want to glorify war — the only cure for the world — militarism, patriotism, the destructivegesture of the anarchists, the beautiful ideas which kill, and contempt for woman.5. We want to demolish museums and libraries, fightmorality, feminism and all opportunist and utilitarian cowardice. Filippo Tommaso Marinetti
  • Fillipo Marinetti Author of The Futurist Manifesto (1909) a celebration of youth, speed, and machinery.“The oldest among us are not yet thirty years old: we have therefore at least ten yearsto accomplish our task.When we are forty let younger and stronger men than we throw us in the waste paperbasket like useless manuscripts!”-From The Futurist Manifesto
  • Umberto BoccioniDynamism of a soccerplayer(1913) 4
  • Umberto BoccioniUnique Forms of Continuity in Space (1913)
  • Giacomo BallaVelocità astratta + rumore. (Abstract Speed + Sound)(1913-14)
  • Sight and Sound in FuturismWhat do you hear here?An example of the Futurists’ Parole in Liberta (Words and Freedom)Fortunato DeperoBells (onomaliguistic chart)(1916)
  • Recipes from the Futurist Cookbook Diabolical Roses Red roses, battered and deep-fried. Simultaneous Ice-Cream Vanilla dairy cream and little squares of raw onion frozen together. The Excited Pig A whole salami, skinned is cooked in strong espresso coffee and flavored with eau-de-cologne. Chicken FiatA chicken is roasted with a handful of ball bearings inside. “When the flesh has fully absorbed the flavor of the mild steel balls, the chicken is served with a garnish of whipped cream.” Aerofood Pieces of olive, fennel, and kumquat are eaten with the right hand while the left hand caresses various swatches of sandpaper, velvet, and silk. At the same time, the diner is blasted with a giant fan (preferable an airplane propeller) and nimble waiters spray him with the scent of carnation, all to the strains of a Wagner opera. 8