Suicide report


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Suicide report

  1. 1. Suicide
  2. 2. “Suicide describes the voluntary and intentional taking of one’s life.”“Suicide is theprocess of “Suicide is thepurposely ending third leadingones own life.” cause of death for people 10-24 years of age.”
  4. 4. 1. All suicidal people want to die.2. If you ask someone if he/she wants to commit suicide you might give him the idea; so avoid any such direct questioning.3. People who talk about suicide will not commit suicide.4. Not all suicidal people are crazy.
  5. 5. 5. Suicide occurs in both the upper and lower socioeconomic classes. 6. Once a person is suicidal, he or she is suicidal forever. 7. Suicide is inherited. 8. Suicide rarely happens, without warning.
  6. 6. TYPES OF SUICIDE1. Suicidal Ideation – refers to thinking or fantasizing about killing oneself, or, having thoughts and fantasies of suicide before a suicide attempt
  7. 7. TYPES OF SUICIDE2. Suicide Completion – refers to self-inflicted death3. Suicide Attempt – self-inflicted and self-destructive act or behavior that one believes will cause death, but is unsuccessful
  8. 8. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 1. The presence of a comorbidpsychiatric disorder a. Depressive disorder lasting morethan two weeks, accompanied bydysphoric mood, sad, unhappy, andirritable feelings, and two or more of thefollowing symptoms:
  9. 9. CAUSES OF SUICIDESymptoms of Depressive Disorder: - sleep disturbance of any kind - appetite disturbance - difficulty concentrating - decreased pleasure in usual activities and withdrawal from family and friends - decreased self-esteem and excessive guilt - feelings of helplessness or hopelessness
  10. 10. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 1. The presence of a comorbidpsychiatric disorder b. Bipolar Disorder with symptomslasting a week or more or severe enoughto require hospitalization; mood iselevated and expansive with irritability ,and at least three of the following arepresent:
  11. 11. CAUSES OF SUICIDESymptoms of Bipolar Disorder: - increased activity, restlessness, and talkativeness - inflated self-esteem and grandiosity that may border on the delusional - racing thoughts and flight of ideas - decreased need for sleep, or exaggerated wakefulness - distractibility - inability to recognize consequence of actions
  12. 12. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 1. The presence of a comorbidpsychiatric disorder c. Schizophrenia symptomatology,including especially: - hallucinations - delusions - evidence of thought disorder
  13. 13. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 2. The presence of significantbehavioral problems, whether or not theymeet criteria for conduct disorder a. Problems at school, both behavioraland learning difficulties b. History of running away,promiscuity, reckless or dangerousdriving, or other risk-taking behavior
  14. 14. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 2. The presence of significantbehavioral problems, whether or not theymeet criteria for conduct disorder c. Evidence of drug or alcohol abuse,including a history of missing work orschool because of substance abuse, orarrests due to substance abuse
  15. 15. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 3. Family Problems a. Documented or suspectedphysical or sexual abuse b. Psychiatric disorder in theparents, currently or by history c. History of completed suicide inclose family members
  16. 16. CAUSES OF SUICIDE3. Family Problems d. Poverty e. Divorce of parents f. Parent pressure
  17. 17. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 4. Sexual identity problems, includinghomosexuality a. Guilt b. Self-disgust c. Peer Rejection d. Parental Condemnation orCommunity Disapproval
  18. 18. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 5. Social Isolation a. Inability to name friends (fewclose friends) b. Unpopularity with peers (beingbullied / an outcast) c. Transient personal relationships d. Feelings of panic and isolationwhen alone
  19. 19. CAUSES OF SUICIDE 6. Availability of firearms, especially inthe home 7. Psychodynamic issues such as ofrage, hopelessness, despair,desperation, guilt, revenge, self-punishment and atonement
  20. 20. CAUSES OF SUICIDE8. Academic Stress a. Low Grades b. High Expectation of Parents9. Unwanted Pregnancy10. Broken Friendships11. Break-up in Romantic Relationships12. Death of Loved Ones
  21. 21. CAUSES OF SUICIDE In general, the greater thenumber of risk factors present, the more serious the suicide risk.
  22. 22. Warning signs of Suicide• Changes in the adolescent Sleeping Habits • Relationships of adolescents Eating Habits Withdrawal from Family Personality Change Withdrawal from Friends • Language of adolescents Saying Goodbye Talking about plans Wishing to die
  23. 23. Coping and Treating• Have a Support Group• Talk to a professional• No to Isolation• Keep a Journal and Write• Take prescribed Antidepressants• Get your Family’s support• Alter the Environment
  24. 24. Number of suicides by age group and gender. PHILIPPINES, 1993. World Health Organization, Geneva, 2004 Age (years) 5-14 15-24 25-34 35-44 45-54 55-64 65-74 75+ All Males 0 175 154 87 41 29 11 9 506 Females 0 169 86 34 20 14 7 10 342 Total 0 344 240 121 61 43 18 19 848
  25. 25. REFERENCES:• causes-adolescent-suicide/• /345.pdf• Holinger, Offer, Barter, & Bell. (1994). Suicide and Homicide among Adolescents. London: The Guilford Press.