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120703 gfh2012プレゼン 120703 gfh2012プレゼン Presentation Transcript

  • June  12-­‐14,  2013   Boston,  MA   Evalua&on  of  the  Rehabilita&on  Game  to  Support  Stand-­‐up  Exercise     Zaitsu  Kousuke,  Graduate  School  of  Integrated   Fron&er  Sciences,  Kyushu  University,JAPAN   kousuke.z714@gmail.com @xi2ko Games  For  Health  2012
  • Agenda 1 About  me   2 Experimental  results   3 Progress  work     &  Future  Research   Games  For  Health  2012
  • 1 About  me   Games  For  Health  2012
  • About  me Now  I’m  Playing… Games  For  Health  2012
  • About  me I’m  concerned  about… p Seriousgame  &  Gamifica&on   p Games  for  Health   p Games  for  Learning   p Games  for  Change   p Gameliteracy This  is  the  most   impressed  book  for  me   in  2011. Games  For  Health  2012
  • About  me My  Work  is… p Educa&onal  Effects  of  Serious   game  about  Environment  and   User’s  Characteris&cs   (Journal  of  Digital  Games  Research,   vol.5,  no.2,  2011)   p Developing  the  scale  of  Game   Literacy   (under  refereeing) Ainiikuken   -­‐Dog  the  sweeper-­‐   (Matsuguma  et  al,2010) Games  For  Health  2012
  • About  me My  Dream  is…   Applying  the  Power  of  Game  to  various   situa&ons  for  Happiness  and  Well-­‐being So,  My  Mission  is…   Research Prac&ce Design Games  For  Health  2012
  • 2 Experimental  Results   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on What’s  Rehabilita&on  Game? Standing  Growing  Blooming  Tree  Rehabilium Matsuguma  et  al,  2011 Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on Why  Support  Stand-­‐up  Exercise?   Stand-­‐up  Exercise  is v Core  training  in  a  rehabilita&on   v Basics  of  an  ac&vity  of  daily  life But… Tedious   Boring   Hard   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on Feature  of  the  game Rule  &  Goal:  Grow  a  tree  by  stand-­‐up  exercise Feedback:  Rewards(cards,  medals  and  flowers)  and   Posi&ve  sound(cheerful  voice  and  SE).   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on Demo   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on The  verifica&on  experiment  from   the  medical  aspect  (Matsuguma,  2011) ◆  Maximum  number  of  &mes  to  stand-­‐up: 〔times〕 Self  training training  with   training  with   game therapist Training  with  Rehabilium  has  effect  on  con&nuing   stand-­‐up  exercise Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on Purpose  of  a  research Need  addi&onal  research  to  feedback  to  design   process.   Especially,  it’s  necessary  to  evaluate  from  both   aspects;  physiology  and  psychology  .   To  Evaluate  the  physiological  and   psychological  effects  of  Rehabilium Games  For  Health  2012
  • Introduc&on Research  Hypotheses  are… Training  with  Rehabilium  has  the  same   1 physical  effects  of  stand-­‐up  exercise  as  self   training  . Compared  self  training,  training  with   2 Rehabilium  has  more  posi&ve  effects  of   stand-­‐up  exercise  psychologically. Previous  works  revealed  the  posi&ve  psychological  effects  of  playing  videogames.   ex)  Kato  et  al  (2008)  and  so. Games  For  Health  2012
  • Method Subjects Ø 12  students  in  Kyushu  university   Ø Age:  22  (21 24)   Ø Height:  171.2cm   Ø Weight:  59.3kg   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Method Experimental  Design Within  subject:  two  condi&ons Game Self Counter  Balance Games  For  Health  2012
  • Method Measurement v Profile  of  Mood  States  (POMS)   Psychological v Ra&ng  of  Perceived  Exer&on  (RPE)   v Salivary  Cor&sol     v Oxygen  uptake  (O2)   Physical   v Carbon  dioxide  emission(CO2)   v Heart  rate   (physiological) v Electromyography:  EMG   (rectus  femoris,    anterior  &bial)     Games  For  Health  2012
  • Method Protocol 20 5 10 15 20 5 min rest  &me   stand-­‐up  exercise   rest  &me   ques&onnaire①   (200  &mes) ques&onnaire②   equipping saliva  sampling①   saliva  sampling②   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Method laboratory  Condi&on   monitor Wii  boad 2m chair Games  For  Health  2012
  • Result VO2(VCO2) 300   game   self   250   200   VO2(ml/kg) 150   100   50   0   game   self   No  Significant Games  For  Health  2012
  • Result Heart  Rate 140   Heart  rate(&mes/minute) 130   120   Game   110   Self   100   90   80   0-­‐40 40-­‐80 80-­‐120 120-­‐160 160-­‐200   &mes No  Significant Games  For  Health  2012
  • Result EMG 50   Game条件 rectus  femoris Self条件 40   anterior  &bial 30   %MVC 20   10   0   0~40回 160~200回 0~40回 160~200回 &mes &mes No  Significant Games  For  Health  2012
  • Result Salivary  Cor&sol ** 2.5   Salivary  Cor&sol(μg/dL) 2   1.5   1   0.5   0   before          arer before          arer game   self   Significant  (**  p<.01) Games  For  Health  2012
  • Result RPE 19   self条件 game条件 17   Borg  Scale 15   13   11   9   7   0   40   80   120   160   200   &mes No  Significant Games  For  Health  2012
  • Result POMS(depression) * 50   48   46   44   42   T  score 40   38   36   34   32   30   before          arer before          arer game   self   Significant  (*  p<.05) Games  For  Health  2012
  • Discussion Physical(physiological)  effects VO2,  VCO2,   No  Significant Heart  Rate,  EMG Hypothesis Training  with  Rehabilium  has  the  same   1 physical  effects  of  stand-­‐up  exercise  as  self   training  . Adop&on Games  For  Health  2012
  • Discussion Psychological  effects Salivary  cor&sol game  condi&on   Before  <  Arer POMS(depression) Hypothesis Compered  self  training,  training  with   2 Rehabilium  has  more  posi&ve  effects  of   stand-­‐up  exercise  psychologically. Adop&on??? Games  For  Health  2012
  • Discussion Cor&sol  response  in  game  condi&on v   …short-­‐term  physical  exercise  with  a  lower   workload  appears  to  exert  no  or  only  minor   cor<sol  response(Friedmann  et  al,  1989)   v Considering  HR  and  RPE,  it’s  not  enough  hard     physically  to  exert  some  cor&sol  response   Psychological  workload  may  result  in  cor&sol   response  in  game  condi&on   What’s  psychological  workload?   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Discussion Determinant  of  cor&sol  response v …cor<sol  responses  if  they  are  uncontrollable   or  characterized  by  social-­‐evalua<ve  threat (Dickerson  and  Kemeny,  2004)   v Cogni<on  of  controllability  to  exercise  has   effects  on  salivary  cor<sol  (Nagamine  et  al,   2001)   Cogni&on  of  exercise,  stand-­‐up  exercise  with   game,  may  result  in  cor&sol  response  ???   Games  For  Health  2012
  • 3 Progress  work     &  Future  Research   Games  For  Health  2012
  • Progress  work Development  of  Rehabilium Refine  as  a  game  for  group   Rehabilium (Daycare  group  and  so)   Develop  as  a  game  completely     Rehabilium2   for  a  single  person   To  be  con&nued… Games  For  Health  2012
  • Progress  work Demo(Rehabilium(group)) Games  For  Health  2012
  • Progress  work Demo(Rehabilium2) Games  For  Health  2012
  • Future  Research I’d  like  to… 1 reveal  the  influence  of  the  power   of  game  on  intrinsic  mo&va&on 2 make  the  Home-­‐based   rehabilita&on  game  to  support   stand-­‐up  exercise Games  For  Health  2012
  • Thank  you  for  listening  !! kousuke.z714@gmail.com @xi2ko Games  For  Health  2012