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Wildlife Presentation

  1. 1. Photographing/Filming Wildlife •  The right equipment •  The right location •  Lots of patience •  Luck
  2. 2. EquipmentThe key to getting good images or footage is that the animals are notaware you are there. Man made hides often fail in Cambodia, it is muchbetter to build a hide from natural materials that will blend into thesurroundings.
  3. 3. LocationFinding the right location is vital.Such as a trapeang (pond) in the dry season.Cambodia has a wealth of sites for birds, particularlylarge waterbirds, many of them very rare or endangered.
  4. 4. Cambodia’s wildlife is very shy, particularly the heavily huntedmammals. Research the animal you are after, talk to localexperts at Conservation NGO’s.
  5. 5. Phnom Tamao Wildlife Rescue Center is an excellent place totry to get natural looking shots due to many enclosures beingforested. You still need a lot of patience.
  6. 6. Transportation/LogisticsTraveling in rural Cambodia is often very hard and veryslow, plan logistics in detail as you cannot just popback home to get something you forgot.
  7. 7. From July to Oct it is often impossibleto pass rivers. Make sure you areproperly equipped for rain.
  8. 8. Patience and LuckGetting that perfect shot takes enormous patience andsometimes a lot of luck. It can take days or even weeksto get the shot you want. Video can be even harder asyou need to build up sequences of shots.
  9. 9. DangersThere are many potential dangers from working in the jungle andyou are often days from medical help.1.  Malaria – Always carry medicine, malaria can kill in less than 3 days.2. Snakes - Take the time to learn about the numerous dangerous snakes in case of suffering a bite, so you can tell the doctors what species bit you.3. Elephants – They will avoid humans if possible but they can be very dangerous.4. Illegal loggers – We are the most dangerous species in the forest and illegal loggers will not be happy to see someone with a camera.
  10. 10. Ethical BehaviorGetting the shot at any cost is not acceptable. A good photographer willavoid impacting the animals he is trying to shoot.Do not put hides so close to nesting birds that you scare off the parents.Killing animals to use as bait is also not acceptable.Alternatives include scents to attract animals.
  11. 11. Most animals, including many bird species have an incredible sense of smell.Do not wear mosquito repellant.Keep any food in an airtight container.Do not smoke.
  12. 12. LAST BUT NOT LEASTPLEASE DO NOT LEAVE YOUR RUBBISH IN THE FOREST Feel free to contact me at www.wildcambodia.net allan@wildcambodia.net