Reasons Why Bloggers Fail
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Reasons Why Bloggers Fail



After reading some really big income reports of big bloggers for so long, I know, one couldn’t stop himself from creating a blog and there’s nothing wrong. But why do they fail and give up so ...

After reading some really big income reports of big bloggers for so long, I know, one couldn’t stop himself from creating a blog and there’s nothing wrong. But why do they fail and give up so early?

Surveys and analytics say, over 20,000 blogs are being set up each day on average. Out of all these, we see only few still stick and the others fail at blogging. Why?



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Reasons Why Bloggers Fail Reasons Why Bloggers Fail Document Transcript

  • ko unde e m http://ko m/why-fail-at-blo gging/7 Reasons Why People Fail At Blogging23 Flares 23 Flares ×Af ter reading some really big income reports of big bloggers f or so long, I know, one couldn’t stophimself f rom creating a blog and there’s nothing wrong. But why do they f ail and give up so early?Surveys and analytics say, over 20,000 blogs are being set up each day on average. Out of all these, wesee only f ew still stick and the others fail at blogging. Why? Giving up after failure is not different from giving up because you failed.For people, blogging is all about writing, writingand publishing, which is actually not. A bloggeris not just a content producer, he has tomanage the marketing, SEO, link building,social media and the list continue f or so longthat people sometimes (or mostly) f ail atmanaging all these tasks. What more can bethe reason f or a f ailure? Of course, they aremany others too.Reason # 1 – Content Content is the king of a blog and it will always be.What actually is a blog? If you pitch theprocess, writing content can be seen on top.People need a reason to read your blog andthat’s where the quality content comes in.If you want to be successf ul, then you musthave some good readership f or your blog andreaders would never like to read somethingthat is nothing but a time waster.Write something that is unique, interesting andusef ul. Get inspiration f rom other blogs never @ Fire flythe g re atmeant to skim the existing articles. Because,people who search f or something online getsaround hundreds of results. So, you must have a reason why people should stick to your blog.Combine your ideas with a writing style to produce epic content. Read How To Improve Your Writing SkillsDevelop a unique writing style and see how magically it connects with readers.
  • Reason # 2 – ConsistencyConsistency is the key. Prepare a publishing schedule and do maintain it. Stick to it all the time whetheryou post thrice a week or once in two weeks, produce the BEST quality content.When someone who loves your blog comes back, I bet, he’ll hate to see the same old post trending ontop. Even Google hates such blogs with no happening. T his is why you fail at blogging, again.T he best suggestion is to maintain a f requency. Neither post so less nor too much of content on yourblog. Because, it doesn’t make sense when you post too much content f or your blog which hardly getsany readers.I’ve seen a lot of people who think producing content is their only task, being the only backend of yourblog. Suppose, if you take two hours on average to write an article and you write three such articles of aday, limit it down. Instead of writing three articles a day, write a SINGLE article which worth a hundredshares and a thousand reads. And, f ocus more on taking it to even more and more eyes.Reason # 3 – PassionUnless and until you are passionate about blogging, I doubt if you can achieve something. Because, youneed passion which is not just limited to blogging. Whatever you do, let the passion be present.When you have a dedicated passion towards blogging, hours of work and restless nights also seem tobe interesting. Otherwise, you might be the most boring person you can ever see yourself .I know, some inspirational personalities or income reports(or maybe both, together) really make us starta blog. But we soon f ail at blogging. You see, such inspiration is just temporary. Build a passion towardsthe work and soon, you can realize the change.Reason # 4 – SEOWith search algorithm changes in recent years, Search Engine Optimization has become the mostimportant part of every site that needs exposure.You can soon establish your mark on search engines, if you can properly implement the best SEO tactics.Google loves blogs that has a good authority and you can get this when you have good backlinks f romother established sites. Guest blogging is one such technique, which will get you more exposure, buildquality backlinks and does help with SEO too.T here are some quality resources which will teach you SEO. Start learning SEO and optimize your blogf or search engines. Because, organic traf f ic is such thing which will stay long with you and sends youquality traf f ic.Reason # 5 – MoneyOf course, people can make millions f rom blogging. But, that doesn’t mean, you can simply get them toyour account. Beneath every blogger’s income report, there are restless nights, days of work and f ewf ailure milestones which they have overcome. You can never actually make money if you blog f or moneyand you WILL f ail at blogging.Remember, even if you
  • Remember, even if youwrite about make-money-online tips andtricks, it is not so easyto do it in practicality.When you blog withpassion, money f ollowsyour way. But when youblog with a greed f ormoney, nothing exceptthe biggest disastersmeet you.Reason # 6 –UniquenessYou f ail because, youare just anotherblogger. T here arethousands of blogs @ Callio p ewhich write the samestereotype content onhealth tips. Start something unique with a cool new idea and present the content in a unique way.Stand out with unique and creative posts and ideas. T his can be the best possible way to go viral and geta huge readership.Reason # 7 – PatienceBlogging is not another way to get success overnight. It needs patience and years of work to build abrand f or yourself . Only then – money, f ame and of f ers pour in.If you are expecting thousands of dollars in a f ew days, blogging isn’t your type. T here are some otherinternet marketing methods, where you might be interested in.If you stick to your blog f or ages, you can be the next big daddy blogger and truly inspire a lot of othernewbie bloggers.T hese are the reasons why people f ail at blogging? Do let me know, what dif f iculties did you f ace intaking your blog to the next levels.Relat ed Post sT he Biggest Blogging Myths6 Ways For Ef f ective Link BuildingInterview With Chendong Wong a.k.a T heBadBloggerWhy Should You Start A Niche Blog23 Flares Twitter 6 Facebook 11 Google+ 2Buf f er 1 23 Flares ×