Iphone application marketing


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Iphone application marketing

  1. 1.        Express  your  business  Iphone Application Marketing                 Endless Marketing PossibilitiesFlow Chart SEOSOLUTION@2007-­‐12                                  
  2. 2.        Express  your  business  With over 500,000 apps in the apple App store and almost 1000s of apps releasing every day, Apples AppStore, is an ever-growing, exciting and highly competitive market. It is not easy to hit gold in the Appstore as running a successful app means making it to top rankings, attracting target customers and gettingthe maximum number of downloads.Our iPhone apps marketing team can hitch your app to the top with well-planned and executed marketingstrategy. We deploy the best of strategies to make your app visible in the App store; increase the numberof downloads and thereby, boosts your ROI to an incredible extent.Wanna roar at the app store? You have come to the right place! In an App store where there are apps foralmost anything from detecting traffic cameras to finding the marijuana in your locality, getting lost ispretty easy. Your app may attract a few visitors after launch and will never be heard again on the store. Ifyou do some marketing, the app may hang on a bit longer, but may fade away after a 100 or 1000downloads. In other words, your app may fall flat if you fail to adopt the right iPhone applicationmarketing strategies.What use is your app if it does not get listed in the Top 10 or 20 apps list? You will get nowhere. Our appmarketing team will give your app the leading edge to make the most of the App store.We approach app marketing in the following ways:App  Audit  We  initiate  the  process  by  analyzing  the  uniqueness  of  the  app  to  understand  it’s  working  and  determine  what  sets  the  app  apart  from  its  competitor.  Our  iPhone  application  marketing  team  measures  your  app  in  terms  of  innovativeness,  usability,  popularity/position  in  the  app  store,  online  visibility  etc.  Then,  we  will  gauge  the  scope  and  design  a  strategy  on  how  to  proceed  further. SEOSOLUTION@2007-­‐12                                  
  3. 3.        Express  your  business  Launch Strategy ConsultationThere  are  lots  of  factors  to  keep  in  mind  when  you  submit  your  app  to  the  store  if  you  want  to  make  your  app  a  successful  one.  Our  marketing  experts  will  help  you  with  App  store  submission,  App  pricing  and  indulge  in  promotions  of  all  kinds  to  make  the  app  visible  and  popular  during  the  launch.  Distributing  press  releases  to  highly  targeted  media  outlets  and  contacts  will  be  carried  on  launch  of  the  app.  The  message  about  the  app  and  its  availability  in  the  market  explaining  its  features,  uniqueness  etc  will  be  sent  out  to  major  online  PR  distribution  sites.App Store SubmissionProspective customers often browse within the top apps listed in the app store via iTunes on theircomputer or via App Store. The main goal to make your app visible to people searching within the AppStore. We will make sure that the app is optimized for the App store search.Building Buzz around your AppOur plan would ensure that news about your app is sent to media sites and critics to generate significantbuzz. We will use our expertise in mobile app marketing to get increased awareness through marketing onmultiple channels at once to increase brand impressions. We spread word about the app via the socialmedia, popular technology sites, review sites, forums, blogs etc. to improve the online visibility of yourapp. Viral video promotions about the app also form part of this stage of marketing.Revenue boost strategiesOur app marketing team goes one step beyond the usual promotions to suggest revenue/download booststrategies for your app. This may involve running a contest; promo codes give away, promotion throughfree offers etc. All these will be appropriate and relevant to the app, its theme and the target customers itaddresses.Here are some points, which we are going to follow for Promotion Ø Is  your  name  catchy  like  “Tiger  Text”?  If  not,  consider  renaming  your  app  so  it  can  be   found  more  easily  in  Google  searches  and  in  the  app  store. Ø Include  and  promote  content  in  your  app  that  cannot  be  found  anywhere  else. Ø Offer  a  free  download  to  newspaper  columnists,  technical  and  non-­‐technical  alike. Ø Send  out  a  well-­‐written  press  release  to  the  media  announcing  your  new  app  and  its   special  features  no  one  can  do  without. Ø Create  a  demonstration  video  and  place  it  on  your  own  YouTube  channel. Ø Offer  a  free  trial  for  users  with  an  upgrade  path  to  the  paid  version. Ø Get  friends  and  relatives  who  are  well-­‐versed  on  your  app  to  create  a  buzz  by  posting   on  Twitter,  Facebook  and  MySpace. Ø Set  up  a  Facebook  Fan  page  to  showcase  your  app.  Its  free  and  easy  and  your  fan  page   can  be  found  in  search  engines.  When  someone  joins  your  fan  page  its  published  in   the  news  feeds  for  friends  to  read.  Wonderful  viral  marketing  tool. Ø Create  wallpaper  with  rows  of  your  apps  icon  and  use  it  on  your  profile  pages  in   Facebook,  Twitter  and  MySpace. SEOSOLUTION@2007-­‐12                                  
  4. 4.        Express  your  business   Ø Within  your  app,  create  Twitter  and  Facebook  update  features  so  users  can  easily  post   comments  on  their  social  network  about  how  great  your  app  is.  Suggest  a  few  pre-­‐ canned  messages  and  include  a  small  URL  that  links  to  your  app  in  the  app  store. Ø Participate  in  Q&A  forums  online,  such  as  WikiAnswers  and  Yahoo  Answers. Ø Get  listed  in  free  online  directories  such  as  DMOZ. Ø Place  free  classified  ads  on  Craigslist. Ø Create  your  own  blog  using  a  service  such  as  WordPress  and  post  an  announcement   about  your  new  app  or  about  a  feature  update  to  your  app. Ø Conduct  a  PPC  key  word  campaign  on  Google,  Yahoo!  and  Bing. Ø Using  Google  Adwords  keyword  tool,  come  up  with  list  of  keywords  most  relevant  to   your  target  audience  and  use  those  keywords  in  your  promotional  materials,  on  your   website,  in  YouTube  tags  and  in  your  articles  about  the  app. Ø Create  a  targeted  opt-­‐in  text  messaging  campaign. Ø Add  a  description  of  your  app  below  your  email  signature  line  so  it  will  go  out  with  all   your  emails.  That  signature  line  should  include  a  URL  link  directly  to  your  app  in  the   iPhone  App  Store. Ø Add  your  location  and  more  information  for  free  to  Google  Maps. Ø Collect  user  reviews  and  feedback  and  post  them  on  your  website  on  the  home  page,   not  just  a  testimonial  page. Ø Promote  your  app  on  your  own  business  materials,  such  as  receipts,  shipping  flyer   insertions,  envelopes,  shipping  containers. Ø Offer  your  app  free  for  the  first  50  who  register  at  your  website. Ø Create  a  monthly  newsletter  for  an  email  blast  and  prominently  mention  your  app  in   each  issue. Ø On  LinkedIn,  join  groups  that  meet  your  target  audience  criteria  and  within  these   groups  post  links  to  your  press  release  or  blog  posting.  Be  sure  to  post  your  website   URL  in  the  “Websites”  section. Ø Submit  your  press  release,  app  article  or  video  to  Digg.com.  It  will  immediately  appear   in  “Upcoming  Stories”  for  others  to  find. Ø Create  a  contest  at  your  local  school  district  for  the  best  app  developed  by  a  student   and  offer  a  prize.  Send  out  a  press  release  on  the  winner  and  post  it  on  your  website. Ø Send  a  letter  to  the  editor  about  how  your  app  helped  someone  or  could  help  a   community  group. Ø Use  press  releases  and  online  distributions  to  announce  an  anniversary  of  your   company.This marketing mix plan shall be tracked and reviewed constantly and reports for successtracking shall be delivered to you on a monthly basis. The report will track the followingparameters on a monthly basis:Collaboration  Strategy  The success of the project will depend largely on the seamless and smooth collaborationbetween the onsite and off shore teams. To this end we suggest the following: 1. Communication for documentation, instructions, tasks, reports etc through a project collaboration application such as Emails. We actively use emails for all our projects and recommend it as a good way for collaboration. 2. Monthly conference calls between you and the Project Manager at our end. Conference calls can be setup between any members of the project depending upon requirement and approval from project head. Post call, one of the members recaps SEOSOLUTION@2007-­‐12                                  
  5. 5.        Express  your  business   the conversation.Client Responsibilities/DependenciesWe shall depend upon the client for the following: 1. Timely feedback on reports sent 2. Explicit and timely communication of requirements, scope, changes, updates 3. Coordination between any third parties for information required by us for the project 4. Timely sign up with hosting providers, payment gateway, or any other third party sign up required for the project execution. 5. Promptly sending us hosting, FTP, log report login details for scheduled progress tracking of the project.Terms   1. Any analysis required to be done for a new technology, which is essential for the project, will be billable. Services to perform all the services performed according the SEO planWarm  Regards:  RohitSEO Analystwww.seosolution.us Xpress Your BusinessSkype: rohitthakur2 | Email ID: rohit@seosolution.usCall Us: +91-172-500-3766 | +918146029366 Fax: +91-172-500-3766   SEOSOLUTION@2007-­‐12