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Published in: Education

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  • 1. THIS ISSUE May 2006 Mail Nirvana Bits and Pieces Plain Talk G- Articles Teenz Story What If Think Green Spotlight In Focus Tune Up Book Review Teenz Style From the Heart Political Mania Thoughts Confessions Introspection Open Letter Teenz Stars 8
  • 2. ‫ﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻘﻮﺍﻧﲔ ﺍﳌﻠﻜﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻔﻜﺮﻳﺔ‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫אא‬ ‫א‬ ‫)ﻋـﱪ ﺍﻻﻧﱰﻧـﺖ ﺃﻭ‬ ‫א‬ ‫אא‬ ‫ﻟﻠﻤﻜﺘﺒــﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﻟﻜﱰﻭﻧﻴــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻷﻗــﺮﺍﺹ ﺍﳌﺪﳎــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻯ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ﻭﺳﻴﻠﺔ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ (‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫.‬ ‫א א‬
  • 3. Social Characters: This article made me really smile a lot, remembering many of my mates at school. I myself was a combination of three types during the different stages of my school years. That was one of the best things I've ever read. Hip-Hip Hurrah: Personally, I enjoyed reading this article, remembering my graduation from school. When you wave at everybody while leaving, you wonder if you'll ever remain in touch with your friend or will you lose track once you're in college. You just begin to learn the value of memories and how to make them as good as possible. TS Black Pages: I'm really happy about this review. This spirit will really help in nourishing Rock music in Egypt. Keep it up Jean! Yours faithfully, Mohamed El Gohary Dear Mohamed, Thank you very much for this wonderful detailed feedback. I simply had to publish all of it even though I knew it would take the whole page and leave no space for other mail. But I wanted to do that so each and every writer you mentioned would feel as proud as we all do. Thanks. Talented in Writing! Hi everyone, Thanks a lot for providing us with such a wonderful site and magazine to feel everything we want being put in there by people who really feel for us… okay! First of all, I’d like to let you know that I’m so talented in writing. I’ve written before in my school’s magazine; a topic about the Internet and its advantages and disadvantages and also wrote for a competition. I like writing a lot of poems, and commenting about the surrounding events in very interesting topics, whether the event is politic or social. Also I’m so interested in writing about fashion and girls’ stuff very much. I really have talent in this, so please don’t deny me, and my hope in you to continue this talent. Bye Sara Dear Sara, First of all, it’s nice to hear from you and thank you for your kind words. You sound like someone who is really interested in writing and it would be really great if you could contribute with us. We always welcome new talents and we are always there to help you guys enhance your talents and creativity. So if you’re really interested, send your articles to and if they’re good we’ll publish them for you. So what are you waiting for girl! You better start getting busy writing! May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 4. G-Articles Lucky me!! I finally entered college; after all these horrible At college, classes are a bit larger in number than those at school, years at high and we’re only 600 students. Students no longer have to worry school, or at least about sitting together because we’re always side by side, squeezed, so that no one could ever miss his friend. Those who get bored that’s what I of benches can easily exchange places with others… sitting on the floor. After all, we’re friends, and we should all help each thought they other. Really, there’s a real sense of unity between friends in my class. I sometimes call my friend to remind her to reserve me a were. I always place on the floor beside her because I live quite far from college. In my department, punctuality is a must. Those who come late thought life strive to get in but in vain because there are some students who are chosen by our professor to sit on the floor behind the doors- would be better blocking them - so as not to allow anyone to get in. It’s so much fun. Students also don’t have to worry about the hot weather, for in college. We there are lots of small fans that bring a sufficient amount of air for each student per hour. One doesn’t have to wait for so long would have for his turn because, as I said before, we’re only 600! I wonder why some girls faint even though there’s plenty of air in there. better learning, Could it be the food in this cafeteria? But it’s okay, I’m sure they’ll better replace it some day because they first start with buildings. I remember when I first went there to choose my department understanding and work laborers were working on the fourth floor. When I went to get my schedule for my third year, I noticed they had just and eventually a finished it. Lucky us, they’re now moving to our floor. They renovated our class and it looks neat. It’s just that there’s a lot better life. I was of dust and glue on the benches, but c’mon! We shouldn’t be so demanding. During classes, I can hear the sound of their machines, absolutely right. renovating the corridor – it’s a DJ like sound. Students find it very amusing, especially during lectures, because that’s the only time Everyday in we hear it! The sound really helps you concentrate. Also, there’s always the “front seat” problem. Students struggle to sit on the college proves so. front bench. They must be very active students. I’m quite sure it has nothing to do with the sound of the microphone. I forgot to mention the bookshop inside the university. We find our books even before we ask for them. They sell them at very low prices. They only add some extra money for delivery and transport. They could exceed the price by ten pounds, no big deal. Concerning your ID, it only takes you a couple of days to get it. All you have to do is struggle through masses of students to get to the one in charge. Once you succeed, you’ll find that people there are very helpful. Lectures are wisely organized, in order not to waste our time. Professors, who are absent, would call the supervisor to inform him about their intentions. Fortunately enough, we find out about that an hour later. The lecture lasts for two hours, so we save one hour. Last year, we had this small, nice, room for praying, except there was this bad smell, but I’m sure it comes from the bathroom opposite to it. We shouldn’t have complained about it because this year when I went to pray, I found out that the room was turned to a storage room. If one wants to pray, one has to go to the mosque which would only take you half an hour. Oh! I can't find the words to describe how much I love this place! I feel lucky I joined it. I’m definitely sure that one day in this century, my college will be the most beautiful one on earth. But unfortunately, I won’t be there to witness that day. Mona El Meligi Faculty of Arts (English)
  • 5. G-Articles I’m writing this topic Sisters and teacher. The first 10 girls, from the list, are honored with me and this helped me a lot. Being raised in an all girls nun's under the name of, "My and, being the first, I had to go school, it took me some time and New College Life” and I undoubtedly. After that it was time to turn the adaptation in dealing with boys. But I must admit that college life hope it’ll be published page over my past school life and is fascinating - dealing with a wide next month. Goodbye write my first words in my new faculty life. Two of my friends came range of people, having a clear mind with no responsibilities or my school! It's time to with me and mummy drove us all worries, thinking of nothing but a leave you, but you'll to the faculty. Our first lecture was bright future, laughing and talking to start at 1 o'clock so we had to with your friends, and being stay with me with every hurry. We arrived late, got out of responsible for yourself are the breath with every blink. the car and started running towards main features of college life. the lecture room. Just imagine my I’m so grateful, more astonishment when I saw such a So only at the pre-pharmacy stage, than anyone knows. huge number o f students I still have four long years ahead everywhere; walking, talking, of me but I have great optimism With these words ringing in my laughing and eating, especially in towards them. I believe that one ears, I turned the page over the Ain Shams University. Finally we day, years and years later when thirteen years in my school life and arrived at the lecture room and I’m sitting in my rocking chair as I looked eagerly towards my after 10 minutes of running I was an old lady, I'll close my eyes and coming five faculty years. I have too tired to think of anything else remember those wonderful years always day-dreamed for hours and but sitting. My second shock was of mine and all these present events hours thinking how everything when I stepped into the lecture will one day become a memory. would be arrange d for this room. Oh, God, I said to myself as How I was prepared for my first wonderful, unique and strange day. I suddenly saw more than 500 boys day, what I wore and how I felt, Not only I day-dream, but every and girls in front of me. I felt as if will be something of the past. But boy and girl who finished their I were in a nightmare. The noise at that time I'll be happy that I secondary stage and are preparing was unbearable, students sitting was able to fulfill my dreams at themselves for their new life in here and there, some standing or university. college. sitting on the benches, others So my advice to every new school Of course, my first day in the faculty jumping over them and still others graduate is to try to make the best was the thing that occupied my were sitting in the staircase. They use of your university years. Don't mind for a long time. What will it were all shouting, talking and spend a minute in worries or fears. be like? What will I wear? How will laughing. At first I thought I had Make a lot of friends, laugh, talk the professors and the instructors entered the wrong place but then and study. But you must be look like? I was so much concerned something inside me cried out, cautious. Don't you ever forget the with the matter that it took me "WA KE UP! IT'S COL LEG E!" principles which you were raised weeks and weeks to find answers Luckily, I eventually realized that upon and use them to keep you on to these questions. And as time I was no longer at school with my the right track. If ever you deviate, went by, my big day seemed closer own seat in class. I have stepped just stop for a while and see what and closer until I woke up one day into another part of my life in which your next step will be. And above to find that the time had come and the surrounding area has changed. all, you must have an aim and do my dream was about to come true. Actually, I spent the first two weeks your best to achieve it. I spent about an hour dressing, sitting on the staircase. That day putting on my make-up and styling we only had one lecture and I Aya Ali, 17 my hair. I didn't go straight to the returned home not believing that faculty but first I went to my school. my big day has ended. Of course It’s our school custom that the it took me sometime to adapt to graduates of every school year my new environment. Fortunately, celebrate the first day with the three of my school friends were
  • 6. G-Articles Dear Readers, just as Esraa and I promised you last month, here is our first Article in our “Great Women” series Wangari Maathai “The crazy” Nobel Peace Prize Winner against corruption, this organization proved to be founded, not only to protect the environment, but also to fight oppression and empower women. Some people don’t understand why an environmental activist would be awarded the Nobel Peace Prize. Mrs. Maathai explains, “The environment is very important in the aspects of peace because when we destroy, our resources become scarce we fight over that.” On December 10th, 2004, the Norwegian “The crazy woman.” That’s what Arapi Moi, the former Kenyan Nobel Committee had decided to award President, called the first African American to win a Nobel Prize, the Nobel Peace Prize to 64-year-old Wangari Maathai. Not only was she called ‘crazy’ but she’s always Wangari Maathai for her contribution to been followed by troubles caused by men who could never accept sustainable development, democracy and the idea that a woman can perform the role that, in their point of peace. She’s an inspiration to whole view, are supposed to be performed by men. Well, the reaction of generations of women and everyone in these men towards this unique woman could be justified, for Wangari Africa fighting for development. The work Maathai was always special since her early childhood and in a country of Wangari Maathai proves indeed that like Kenya where it is very rare that girls finish their school education, dedicated and responsible leadership will Maathai was able, not only, to finish her education but also to be be the only salvation for Africa. granted a college scholarship in the U.S.A. after she finished high school. With this, Maathai is considered the first woman in her country Dina Wahba, 19 to complete her studies abroad. She’s believed to be the first woman in East and Central Africa to earn a Doctorate degree and the first to become Head Professor at the university. Moreover, Wangari Maathai is the first woman from Africa to be honored with the Nobel Peace Prize and the first Kenyan to win a Nobel Prize. So, it’s only natural and expected that in a male dominant community - in which the role of women is restricted to finding a suitable husband and having children; and as we always, through out history, considered special, unique and different people as ‘crazy people’ which makes me sometimes think that being labeled as ‘crazy’ is an honor in itself - it’s only natural that Professor Maathai was called ‘crazy.’ Even her own husband couldn’t accept her activities and he divorced her justifying his action by describing her as “too educated, too strong, too successful and so hard to be led.” Surprisingly enough, the same woman whose activism angered the former Kenyan government, was beaten, thrown into jail for leading protests, threatened by anonymous callers and told she has no moral grounds to speak because she’s a divorcee, is the same woman who said, “You should not be disempowered by the problems you see. You should be empowered by hope.” Wangari Maathai founded Africa’s largest community-based environmental organization, The Green Belt Movement, where, for nearly 30 years, she had mobilized poor women to plant thirty million trees. Through education, nutrition and the fight May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 7. - Oh my! Pretty interesting? Perfectly exams?? amazing, huh! Are you sure No friends! You have the wrong there are no idea. Wait---wait, don’t yell please! exams?! Listen to me first as you’re used to always doing. Who - Never ever knows…maybe I could change a again?!! little concept right there in your cerebral hemispheres, however, -Sorry, I can’t I’d be the happiest not to have hear you: exams! “NEVER EVER AGAIN?!!!” I’d like to give you these diverse quotes that might help me out and - You can read the slightly dilute our fight! announcement “I was stuck in boarding school, yourself! when I was seven years old and I knew that the only way to get out After a long, firm was to go pass your exams, so I debate, the studied” Jared Harris Ministry of Education and “As long as learning is connected Higher Education with earning, as long as certain has finally jobs can only be reached through declared the exams, so long must we take this following: examination system seriously. If another ladder to employment was According to contrived, much so-called their last education would disappear, and decision no one would be a penny the taken on stupider” E. M. Forster Sunday, April 30, Examinations, sir, are pure 2006, The humbug from beginning to end. If Language a man is a gentleman, he knows Scientists’ quite enough, and if he is not a League gentleman, whatever he knows is declared bad for him” Oscar Wilde that language Examinations, the foolish ask will get rid of questions the wise cannot answer” one of its words Oscar Wilde that has, recently, proven to be a Well, this is the first time I feel perpetual struggle for confused, man! Is it good or bad students and an to have or not to have exams? annoying discomfort Why do we really dislike having to their parents as exams? well. The League found While searching, I found one of that the best reaction the most interesting answers to this is to ban the concerning this so called exams word completely and topic. A student was saying: prohibit its contribution or even existence in any “I think exams should be optional. of the world’s Ha...I know it’s a stretch, but here dictionaries. is what I’m thinking: If your class Consequently, no grade is an A or B, and you fail an action can ever exam, you should be able to keep happen your A or B (as a final grade). If describing the you’re completely failing your class, black word. And but are able to get a better grade if any school is on the exam than you did in the found class, then that should be your practicing new grade. I feel that some people the verb just aren’t test takers. It’ll be itself, it must evident that they know what bear severe they're talking about through their consequences. class grade of an A or B (therefore The word making the exam unnecessary). I happens to be think that those failing their class “EXAMS” That’s it! should be given an opportunity to raise that grade….ahahahhaha “Entirely Approved” wouldn’t life be so easy?” Do you have an answer? Would SIGH! life be so easy? Well, I do have an answer. I can Yeah…I can hear it right there confirm that YES, life would be so at your place guys! What do easy if no exams were held! Guys, you think? How do you find a one is strongly encouraged to pass new ‘No – Exams’ life? such experiences that leave behind May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 8. traces in personalities…either good or bad! There’s no bad experience as I said before. To fail an exam is more important than passing it. I never encourage failing an exam; I believe that failing isn’t an option. Yeah that’s true. Failing is never an option guys. It’s more like a trap…and ‘obligated’ trap to let you learn something. So, without traps, you’d keep going on a way that you don’t know about its alternative. However, that alternative isn’t a real encouraging one, and we’ve all fallen there once or twice, at least. We feel depression and then we get up again and stand tall, challenging everything and everyone including oneself! Put in mind that: “Life is the greatest exam ever.” A big topic, I know! And you might be surprised if I tell you that I have a mid- term exam the day after tomorrow, yet I thought it would be great to write about exams while having mid-terms! Wish me luck and of course same to you! Month of exams! Get prepared and fear no one, and feed me back. And I really thank every one of you guys who do. You always give me a push! Waiting for your mail at: Doaa Samy, 19
  • 9. ‘Think Green’ on the ANSWER SHEET There has always been and still Mixed up Exams! hold of her thoughts and is that uncomfortable feeling that remembered that she accompanies school days! I EXAM TIME!! Just the thought of already had studied always wondered why should it makes your stomach turn, Arabic and covered there be exams anyway. We doesn’t it? We all go through this most of the Arabic study without being forced to. stressful situation each year more curriculum before But then I realized it would be than once. And most of us have exams. Luckily, only me – but only little me - tons of stories to tell about our she did well in when I was a little, primary and adventures before, during or after that exam with maybe preparatory, student! an exam due to our constant what she had Going through the Thanaweya anxiety. It's the time we really already studied. Amma experience, I always had need our brains, yet still, it's the The moral of to study and of course not on my time we may just lose it and go the story: own will. I had to, to get high insane! ALWAYS check grades that would place me in I recall a situation that happened your exam one of the top faculties.Since to my sister due to exam stress. schedule a 100 we’re all preparing for exams this She had a Math exam coming times each day! month and the next one too, we up. It was her least favorite thought of bringing you here subject so, going to that exam Esraa Hegazy, 19 several situations and remind you was something she endured like (and us) of some of them that all students who hate math. Rainy Day! were somehow remarkable. Go However, the next day took quite I hate Chemistry. I never quite through them and always be an interesting turn. She entered understood any of the equations. optimistic! We never mean for the school and found her other Actually I don’t know how I you to go through similar ones classmates revising, as they passed it. Anyway, waking up though! At the end, you’ll find always do before exams, but they knowing that I have a Chemistry me gathering the moral of each weren’t holding Math books or exam is enough for me to know situation and revising equations. No, they that I’m going to have a bad day. hopefully were revising Arabic! Well, to make matters worse, the She thought they weather was horrific that day of were all She thought they were all crazy for revising Arabic on the day of their Math Exam crazy for the exam. We, three of my friends revising Arabic and I, decided to go to school by they’ll on the day of their taxi. Our school is in “el tagamo3 be good Math exam. But they el 7’ames”, practically in the tips for you based on weren’t crazy. Turns out she middle of nowhere! Eventually, really true stories. Good Luck mixed up the days of both tests we found a taxi driver who was with your exams and wish us luck and they really did have an Arabic kind enough to agree on giving too!! exam that day! After what us a ride. On our way it started Doaa Samy, 19 seemed like a time of ‘forever raining and raining heavily. And (Head of Think Green Club) shock’ and denial, she finally got suddenly in the middle of May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 10. nowhere the taxi driver stopped of light. It was the kitchen; ON memory that I’ll always because the tire had to be FIRE!!! remember whenever I have changed. The time of the exam I was stunned by what was exams. was getting closer and I was happening. I yelled and getting really anxious. I began screamed, which got my mother to think that I would never make out of the bathroom. I grabbed it on time. Drowning in my a little pail and went to the other thoughts, I suddenly heard one bathroom and tried to fill it with of my friends screaming to the water. I kept waiting and driver “Do you need any help ya waiting till it was half full, then OSTA?!” Finally, thank God, we I rushed to the kitchen where manage to get there just at the I tried to throw the water at time of the examination. As for the stove (the source of the my grade, well let’s not go there. fire), but it only splashed the Good luck with your exams wall next to the stove. What everybody. a misery!! The next thing The moral of the story: NEVER happening was that we got go to your exam by taxi! But if out of the apartment and I necessary, you’ve got to do your found the whole street calculations to be at school not gathering in front of our less than 30 or 45 minutes apartment. After about 10 earlier…who knows if it’ll rain or minutes the firemen showed not! up and we all went down and Dina Wahba, 20 waited in the street. All what I had in mind was, am I going The Kitchen is on Fire!! to the exam tomorrow?? Is Ahh, exams!! Memories just pop this going to be my first final to miss, ever?? We stayed in the street for about 10 minutes when I found one of the firemen coming to me and asking, where the kitchen is? We went up to our apartment after they controlled the fire and found the whole apartment filled with water, especially the parts which hadn’t caught on fire! My mother found out that At the end of the corridor, I saw a great source of light. It was the up as soon as I hear the word “exam.” It was the finals of the first kitchen; ON FIRE! semester of 1st secondary and to be exact, it was the night before an Algebra exam. I came back from a revision lesson and I headed to my room and my sister followed me where we had a little chit chat about 1st secondary. My mother was in the money bathroom, so after staying for from her about 10 minutes in the room, I purse was suddenly saw smoke and black stolen. We grabbed fumes coming from the corridor some of our clothes and our into my room. I ran out heading books and went to our The moral of the story: to the living room which had grandparents. We stayed there Remember! Never stay too long gotten really dark. At the end of for a while, until the apartment in your rooms studying because the corridor, I saw a great source was renovated.was quite a there might be a fire in the TeenStuff . May 2006
  • 11. Love with syllabus indeed. And always Biology! waited to go pour out all the It was the only info I had in mind on the exam reason! When I paper. was ever asked When the day of the exam came, why did I choose I was shivering! I know I studied to join the really hard and I mean really science section in hard! Especially that I second and third understand and never secondary I memorize. Well…I knew that I always replied would be scared, yet I also knew saying, “because that whenever I take the first of Biology.” look, my pen writes Guys-- I love ‘involuntarily’ and Biology! It’s interprets the scientific, always been, and “Scientific Terms” and I still consider it stuff. my priority, Question One: I… I… however I don’t know nothing! Oh my study it anymore God?? What’s going unfortunately. on?? What’s happening Therefore, when to me? I remember time came for nothing!! Okay, okay, each one to LEAVE QUESTION ONE! choose his own preferred section I started reading the in Thanaweya whole exam paper first. We Amma, Science were supposed to answer only was my choice! five questions out of six. I finally Second decided that I’ll answer all the secondary was questions except for question really remarkable one that I really found my mind where I spent blocked towards - however - I three thirds of my answered it all… when I got out time studying of class! Anyway, it was the first Biology. I was so time that a Biology exam was happy and proud given as multiple choice. They that I started to increased the number of dig deep into my questions and left us with the preferred same allowed time! There was subject a really tough “Genetics” and problem in question five. I said Question One: I’ll go on and leave it till the end to have the chance to think deeply again. Number “C” in I ...I ... know question six needed a really long and detailed answer, so much so, that I also preferred to leave nothing! Oh my until I finished the whole exam because it needed nothing but a long story. And here was my trouble! I went back to the God? What’s genetics problem and kept on thinking and thinking and thinking. I surrounded myself happening to with tons of ideas and experiments to reach an answer and totally forgot about the time! me? The bell ring disturbed my flow of thinking! I was surprised that the supervisor approached and grabbed my answer sheet. I know didn’t even write the answer kitchen more and that I reached after all! that you know more. My Oh my God! I went downstairs nothing about! teacher was a great man and found mum waiting for me. Omar Mohamed, 20 too, who helped me throughout I told her how cruel the woman the whole year and always lent was to grab the paper and not a hand. I truly “digested” the let me write what I finally had May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 12. in mind after a long journey problem then. It was 9:00 am the of searching for a suitable and the exam started and that exam. answer! And while I was was when my friend started But narrating and looking again crying as well. Can you believe they at the question sheet, I… I that when the exam said, remembered number (6-C)!! supervisors saw our friend "No, Ohhhhhh!! “The Giraffe crying, they started 7aram Evolution Question” The long whispering, "Good play, great 3likom story that I was supposed to acting….etc". Minutes later, ba2a." explain.totally forgot about it my friend started pulling They started coming around during the exam time. Of himself together and now the and since we’re so kind and course I couldn’t help but start real show started. The man wanted to finish our exams, crying. This way I lost points asked, "How much do you pay we started giving them money. on number (5-B) and number per year in your school?" My One of our friends gave her (6-C). That’s IF I was sure of friend (the one whose father L.E. 2 and that was when one all the other answers! died two days ago) replied of the keepers started I got a score of 42/50 in the and said L.E. 7000 per year. screaming, "7araaaaam! You Biology. It was the shock of The man said, "No, you pay take thousands from your my life after that whole entire over L.E. 18,000 per year. parents and you give me L.E. year of doing nothing but Hata3ref menan? Ma abok 2!!" So my friend replied Biology. But I know I also had Allah yr7amo howa ali kan saying he’s not required to to be more careful and aware bidfa3." COMMENT.The man give any money in the first of time management continued "From where you place. She said, "Stop stealing –especially during an exam would know, you don’t care our money!! We’re fed up!" time! Yet, BIOLOGY IS THE about money, since your My friend then said, “Good BEST! It was my problem not parents buy you everything, bye and this is all what I have the subject’s! you just cry and they buy." for you now.” This entire story The moral of the story is: And that is when my friend happened during the final Use your pen and ruler to tick started screaming, "What the Chemistry exam of in and underline each question hell!! Where do you think Thanawaya Amma, which is you answer, and CIRCLE those we’re from?? Mars?! Why do with no doubt, the best which you still want to get you think that our parents are certificate in Egypt. back to later. You sometimes thieves and that we’re just The moral of the story is: may day-dream in a Genetics clueless teenagers?" Always keep SILENT during problem that will take up the Then the head of the an exam time! NEVER give whole time and make you supervisors came, due to the the chance to any of forget about the rest of the obvious noise, and questions! calmed every Doaa Samy, 19 one down. Things Longest Speech! went Every year Thanawaya Amma students go and have their final exams in another school. My school was one of the private schools but the school we were supposed to have our Stop stealing exam in was a public governmental one. One of the things that these public schools are notorious for is our money! that they hate us. Oh no… they despise us! So, it all started when one of our friend's fathers died before We’re fed up the final exam two days before it. His mother told us to inform the man who’s supervising about that, so as to try to back prevent him from saying the to usual stuff that they usually normal do. Example: How selfish, again. Fifteen irresponsible we are….etc. So, minutes later and the the we went to the man and told housekeepers of the school supervisors to open any kind him about it. The man said, came in and said, "We’ve been of topic with you. You never "Fine, but you won't be serving you for the whole know if he/she will ever stop! allowed to cheat." We month and keeping the place Mohamed Bahar, 19 answered that we didn’t need clean for you, so koll sana The Observer’s Baby is an excuse to cheat, so he wentom tayebeen ba2a." So Born… In Class! replied that we have no we told them to come after May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 13. The C rcle of Life: Our “Favorite” When we first Lines came up with the parents’ issue, we thought we’re way over this. But when we started brainstorming and chit-chatting about the personal aspect "Your friends are more of the idea, we figured out that we’re still immensely affected important to you." by how our parents used to treat us some time ago and - Home all year, I barely how they still do. We even mentioned and commented on go out. When I ask to spend the clichés we always hear them say in certain situations. a day with a friend they We were actually attacking them at first, at least inside begin to shout "You'll no longer see the world's our minds, but when we started seriously tackling our outside view since your problems we figured out how severely controversial friends are more important parenthood is. I remember how we thought of issues such to you" as care, support and decision making from entirely different “I’m the only one who’s points of view and I think this will be clear through our right." writings. - Yoda the wise! - That’s right, because it’s a one-sided conversation anyway. Are you even Criticism listening? The Dale Carnegie’s 3 C’s Rule: “Don’t criticize, condemn or complain” certainly doesn’t apply to any parent. Should it apply, no teen would “Your problems are ever complain about his relationship with his parents. trivial. Just as you are." How many times per day do you get criticized by your parents? Or hear - Gee thanks! It’s my fault, I shouldn’t have told you about them in the first place. Your problems are - Okay, I'll go find bigger trivial just as you problems. are “I wish you'd be half....(fulan)" -“Always be a first- rate version of yourself instead of being a second-rate version of somebody else.” Judy Garland "" - If I had a pound for every time that has been said to me... - Even if I had felt like studying, the feeling’s all gone now. "Study or go to sleep." - So much for options... no wonder I always favor sleep. - Sleeeeeeeeeeeep Nahla "You’re always out with friends." - In case you haven’t May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 14. noticed, I haven’t left the their complaints about something on their own; house in like a week. C’mon, you’ve done? I have to confess that nevertheless, it's never I’m rotting here. I’m wearing a dumb smile on my been a big deal for me. face as I write this part because They go asking everyone "How come your brother when I tried to brainstorm the things they know, seeking got a better grade?" our parents complain about, zillions opinions on what to do or what to of comments came rushing into my choose, and they end up taking the - Congratulations! Good for head. path recommended to them by the him. Here’s a sample: higher percentage of their friends, -I think he might be The clothes you wear every morning or in some other cases the most cheating, want me to try for college show just how much trustworthy friend. The problem that? you’re excited about going. How here is that nobody really knows come you never wear THAT outfit their troubles from all aspects as "Because you’re a girl." when you’re going out with your well as they do themselves, beside parents, yet you’re always wearing it's very likely that they let on to - This is the cliché answer I it when you go out with your friends? some secrets that should never be get when ever I want to go You’ve been wearing the same outfit revealed. On the other hand, I don't out as much as my brother! for the last three days; does that face the same difficulties when - - Really? Then why have lead them to conclude that it’s your making a decision. I think calmly you been telling me for the new uniform by any chance? The and wisely. I don't panic when I'm past twenty years that I’m way you drive is appalling; no about to make a crucial decision worth more than 100 guys, wonder you crash into other cars that would somehow change my more courageous, more every couple of months. Time whole future. I think it's all because responsible and even more apparently means nothing to you, of the way my parents followed with reliable? 5 is just the same as 6, 7, or 8, me. When there’s a problem, or - Finally, I know the justified they’re all just numbers. To girls: they're just trying to make a certain reason! Your hair do is so old, it doesn’t fit decision, they let me into the you anymore. To guys: Maybe you conversations, even when I was "Mom, I’m bored-sad!" should start using the new brush very young. They ask me what I "Honey, it’s a false they bought you six months ago, think, and what they should do, and feeling." you need it. sometimes they admired my opinion and even acted upon it, or at least - Thanks mom, I'm feeling I guess we could all go on and on gave me that impression. That all better now! forever, but that’s not the issue. developed the sense of responsibility - Mr. /Mrs. Psychiatrist. Being criticized is one thing, inside of me and gave me the receiving it from our parents, courage to make further decisions "Use the power of however, is totally different. No in my life on my own. I thank them frustration to study." matter how hard we try not to, we for that and I hope one day, I'll be are affected by what they say, as a wise a parent as they were - How can I ever do that if simply because they’re ‘mum’ and with me. studying IS my frustration!! ‘dad.’ They have the power to lift us up, put us down, boost our spirits - No thanks! -To hell with studying…and or weaken them. The thing that Careless Parents my frustration…and asking puzzles me is that most of the time, they might just be right about the Teenagers who report that their for advice. parents have more interest in their concept itself, meaning, I should drive more slowly, I should take activities are more likely to avoid "Since when have you trouble. Teens whose parents know become such a pain in the more care of my appearance, wearing my hair like that makes me who their friends are and what they neck?" do in their free time are less likely look 20 years older, no wonder guys don’t notice me. But there has to to get into trouble than their peers. -Since you stopped listening. The teenage years are a time of be a kinder way of phrasing their worries and complaints, such as transition from childhood into "I wish you were a better adulthood. Teens often struggle with person." “Honey, I’m sure you like this outfit a lot, but don’t you think it’s time being dependent on their parents for some change? You really look while having a strong desire to be - So do I. independent. “Careless parents” nice in ….etc.” As Dale Carnegie once said, make it so much easier for them. "Because I said so." Parents can be careless in many - Logical explanations are “criticism puts you on the defensive side. It makes you stop listening, ways. Parents who are too busy great. with their own lives for any reason - In logic we say; no rational and it doesn’t matter if there’s any sense in what’s being said anymore.” risk their children’s lives. They don’t parent would say so + all have time to communicate with their parents say so = Parents children and know what kind of life aren’t rational. Go…Go Parents! they have. Teens are so sensitive; if parents don’t take the first step, "My friends are going I always thought raising a child as their children would never try to why cant I?" "Because a very hard task; a task that needs share with them their lives. This we’re not your friends’ a great amount of responsibility, kind of parent is probably so parents." knowledge, and good planning. It permissive and tends to give their wasn’t too long ago when I was a children all what they ask for to - One word for parents every kid myself, but only recently did I make it up for them. where, if you want to get on start to realize how just the little your kids’ nerves, this details in the way my parents raised There are other kinds of careless sentence will do it! me, had an essential and profound parents; some of which think that affect in building up my character; if they close the door and prevent "My house....My rules." in forming me exactly the way I am. their children from having their own I noticed that most of my friends of life, then they’re protecting them. - This just sounds like we’re my age can't make a decision easily These kind of parents are so afraid TeenStuff . May 2006
  • 15. to trust their children and don’t make enough effort to listen to them. Some people may think these kinds of parents are so careful and do the right thing to bring their children up. They probably use these kinds of sentences all the time: You’re so young, you’re a girl, you don’t understand yet, etc… But no, I think this life may destroy your children in many ways. You can notice that these kind of parents are in a prison, and you’re its available all the time, talk to their children a lot but not in the right warden. way. The whole family lives in the same house but have separate lives. - Good for you! You make Somehow I think these kinds of parents are careless. the dream of getting out of your life even more exciting. It’s not about going to the football match or going to the shopping - Your slave is at you beck mall or spending much time with them. Be available when they need and call, Master to talk; don't hesitate to talk to them even when you think they're not listening. "You've become so materialistic." - Is there anything that you like about me? Anything at all? Non-supportive Parents "You were better when Unfortunately, not all our parents support us nor our decisions and you were younger." they don’t realize how that may negatively and emotionally affect us. Not only do you feel that your parents are against you and that you're - I’ve been told this ever left out at home, but also that the whole world has suddenly turned since I was four. When, for its back on you. I myself have experienced my share of non-support God’s sake, was I a better and it's hard to describe the hurt and pain that is caused when you're person?” aware that your parents don’t believe in you. You can reach a point - Everything is cuter when where you start doubting yourself, your abilities and your liability of younger. making your own choices. It can lead to an unrelenting gap between the both of you just because they ‘think’ this is a wrong choice, or because this isn't the life they had planned out they can sometimes shower you with support for you. And then you realize that you're parents that makes you believe you can conquer the aren't always there for you when you need them world with it. I'm grateful that my parents the most, leaving you alone trying to support supported me in some drastic choices I've made. yourself. Sometimes, they do cover your back and no To be fair to parents all over, including mine, matter how low you fall, they'll be able to lift you up with their encouragement. That’s pretty contradicting, right? I guess that's what being a parent is all about. Many parents Not Listening Parents neglect their “Mom, I want to tell you something.” children’s “Yes, dear.” problems “I have some problems…” and “What problems are you talking about? You’re still too young to have problems.” thoughts as they don’t A conversation most of you have gone through at least once in your life. Now listen to remembering what your feeling was at that them moment, you’ll be full of suppressed anger. Many parents neglect their children’s problems and thoughts as they don't listen to them and give them the chance to say what they want. This makes teens feel alienated from their family and feel uncomfortable in their own homes among their family members. Nowadays, most teens are searching for a person with whom they can share their thoughts and problems. This may end up in a total disaster, as some may choose wrong people to make them close. As time goes on, the feeling of alienation grows bigger and bigger, and teens will lose the feeling that their homes are their only refuge from all the bad things. Soon teens will lose the power to express themselves, and their thoughts will be just other prisoners in their minds (because their close ones don't listen). Finally, they may give up thinking and keep their talents buried inside them. May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 16. If parents listen to their children from an early Who Says They Know age, children will get used to sharing their thoughts with parents. Another positive result is that this it All? will make teens so open with their parents and won't do things behind their back. As a result, Maybe because of my brother…yes it might be the channels of communication between both because of my brother. Well, they do have the sides will always be on. These channels will always right to have a break… a break? They’re parents! make the relation between the two generations I’m not actually hallucinating, but that’s a real better for years ahead which will narrow the gap conflict I’m having with myself. I have those kind between them. At the end, I'm asking teens who of parents who are smothering my 27 year old read this to do their best to turn the channels brother with their over protection while I’m dying always on for a better life ahead. for little attention. I’ve always known my brother to be a source of trouble for my parents, a real kid who can’t handle anything on his own, needs his parents nagging him to get everything done. I'm So Over-protected But still, my brother isn’t my problem… my parents are! I’ve always fought for attention when Some may say that a cell phone is a blessing! everybody thought I could get my parents to Those people obviously don't have my kind of notice that and I could even get them closer to parents! me. At that time I thought they were my “parents” When every three seconds, you get a call from and that this was their own task, but later on I your folks inquiring, where are you? With who? found out that being a parent doesn’t mean you Why are you there? And when are you coming know it all. So, I decided to get closer to them back? that doesn't pronounce “confidence!” And and to try to get them involved in my own life you can't help but feel that you're a five year old and interests. I used to insist on going to certain kid. I know that these acts come from the fact errands with my dad instead of letting my brothers that they care, and I kind of like the feeling of drive me, but this got me into trouble as they being loved and missed, but not to the extent of thought I didn’t like to get along with my brother. suffocation. But I tried to explain what I really meant and I A little freedom can do wonders; just the feeling was actually under more stress which was seeing of being responsible for yourself and your actions my parent’s apathy with my own eyes. I remember can be rejuvenating every once and a while. one day I was telling my dad something that I'm not saying that parents should ditch us entirely, happened that day in school and he was only but finding some middle grounds can prove to be nodding but only when I recited the same incidence astounding. I have those kind of parents who are smothering my older brother with their over protection while I am dying for attention TeenStuff . May 2006 .11
  • 17. three times that I noticed that he wasn’t even either. So after all, we can’t ask too there. I got to grab his attention once when I much of them. It’s enough that they’re mentioned my brother’s name in the middle of there for us and that they’re willing a conversation. I had no problem dealing with to protect us, even sacrifice parts of all that until it was their turn of attention. I their lives for ours if the need arises. passed through some hard time getting along with people at school and I wasn’t able to push The term, “unconditional love” is anymore, but unfortunately no attention was synonymous with the titles “mum” and given. I remember my mom seeing me cry so “dad.” No matter how desperately your hard without even asking. There was a certain girl/boyfriend’s in love with you, she/he’ll never time that I decided that this was enough, I could love you more than themselves. Our parents no more be a parent of my parents and do don’t love us because we’re good or cute; they whatever they’ve got to do. Then my relationship love us because we’re part of them. As a teen, with them turned into an 80 percent peer to I have no doubt my mum wants me to be the peer relationship. Sometimes I think that having best person in the whole world, as with all other such trouble, some kid could only push them to mums on the face of the earth. And I can’t even give little attention to the youngest kid especially begin to count the number of times my parents when they believe that this kid is responsible have done nice things for me, even in the middle enough and can get along alone. of my uttermost rudeness and disrespect. What we’re basically trying to say is, “Guys, - Sometimes I think that if I had my parents’ mums and dads - we have our differences and attention and support I would have been a better disagreements and there’s no ideal way of person, but these thoughts only lead me to think bridging the gap, but we know you love us and of what kind of parent I myself should be to my we love you back.” kids. I now dream of a family of my own, where Written By: I could actually avoid all mistakes of parenthood Engy Yehia, 20 that I’ve seen all through my life. Esraa Hegazy, 19 Hossam Abdel Mon'em, 21 Despite the wide gap between many of us and Nahla Sallam, 22 our parents, we love them and we rely on their Radwa Nour, 20 care and support. When worse comes to worst, Shady Sadat, 21 I can’t think of anyone I’d run to other than my mum or dad. Maybe they don’t understand us, Compiled by: but that’s okay… we don’t understand them Radwa Nour, 20 Illustration by: Adanan Hesham 30 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 18. Brave New World is written by Aldous Huxley. He was born in 1894, in Surrey, England. His parents were extremely intellectual, and living in such an atmosphere where he was very well educated at home and later at Eton. Unfortunately, Huxley had an eye disease that left him nearly blind. Most of his works deal with the clash that takes place between the interests of the society and those people of the society. This dispute reached its peak in his novel, Brave New World, published in 1932. In his extremely satirical Brave New World, Huxley, gives us a picture of what kind of life would be in the future. Being of course a writer who lived through different wars and conflicts, his image of the future was not so rosy, cheerful, optimistic nor a positive one. So, in brief, Brave New World stands for a dystopia (compared with Utopia - the ideal city.) The novel opens in the State's center for Hatchery, where some students are lead by the Director in its sections to watch and learn the everyday- kind of process. In this center, the State produces hundreds of baby twins under certain descriptions, sleep-teach them, assign them to certain tasks when they grow up and condition them to hate certain things. Babies are categorized into many kinds: Alfa, Beta, Gamma and Deltas. Alfa are the smartest and the Deltas are the dumbest. They teach babies and children to hate books and nature, for example, by giving them electric shocks when they try to touch books or flowers. Later, these babies grow up despising nature and knowledge (that could lead them to use their minds and rebel afterwards). This process is called conditioning. In Brave New World, motherhood, emotions, desire, knowledge and love are strictly prohibited and inexperienced by the citizens. They produce babies because the usual process of having babies is 'embarrassing'. Citizens in Brave New World have no problems; they do not age and they are put to death by the government's decision. And if anything goes wrong, they have Soma pills to make them feel at ease. The president and director hide thousands of documents and books, including the Bible, Plato's works, Shakespeare's and history books are taken away because knowledge is radically prohibited. Religion is also highly undermined. The citizens of the State must have more than one relation every month or two. Lenina, who has been seeing Henry Forster for three months, is being criticized and laughed at by her friend Fanny. On the other hand, Bernard Marx is in 'love' with Lenina because someone had pressed the 'wrong button' when he was a baby, so he grew up differently. He feels love and actually is extremely attracted to the heartless Lenina. Out of curiosity, Lenina leaves Henry, and goes with Marx on a trip to the Savage Reservation of New Mexico. There they meet a lady, Linda, who ran away with someone from the State and gave birth to John. Later John is introduced , as a romantic, decent, polite and religious young man. John and Lenina soon fall in love. It is not love for John, but 'love for change' for Lenina. John was brought up reading the complete works of William Shakespeare and believing in God. Later, Marx makes a deal with the president, to move John to the State, to study his case. When John arrives to the State he is completely shocked and starts having serious breakdowns. Do you think John can stand living in brave new world? What do you think happens to John at the end? Well...go and read the book because I would not like to spoil such a fantastic book's end! You might find, the novel 1984, written by George Orwell, interesting, as well. It also gives an image of what the year 1984 appeared in Orwell's mind. Orwell's predictions in 1984 failed. But who knows about Brave New World! Rana El Menshawi, 21
  • 19. Thougts How can words ever describe I cry sometimes when we talk The feeling in my heart Even when I am smiling The day we first met The gift of your love Was the first spark Brings emotions I cannot hide Your sweet innocence and purity You drive me so crazy So honest, so sincere The feelings so deep inside So shy, memories I hold dear Wishing so much you could feel my heart We opened up to each other Knowing I will always be by your A little bit at a time side Each so cautious Our feelings becoming intertwined It is not easy to say things And in common But inside of you You know they are true We have grown closer together One day I will be with you Sharing everything inside To say, "I DO" Leaning from each other Letting the world go by One day… Some day… I tell her, "I love you" And she says she loves me too The feeling that goes through me Amgad.Kh, 15 I cannot begin to describe You are my girl, The lass who lights my days They were going to be fine You have been good to me She thought that all she did In so many ways Was fill their life with misery Did nothing all the time But make them worry One day a girl just sat there and cried Taking out her knife She sat there holding it She sat there for hours In her hand… it just fits Thinking of her life That was when she decided What made it worth the while? And slit her wrist What made it worth the strife? Cutting a vein That was when she realized Blood pouring out There was nothing at all Feeling no pain She was there by herself No yells, no shouts Just on her own As usual no one was there People thinking No one was around, no one She was doing great saw a thing When all the while As usual no one showed they On her shoulders laid a huge care weight And when she needed them the most One day a girl sat there and They were somewhere cried laughing and smiling Thinking of her life… that big While she was here so lost lie! One day a girl just sat there She sat there thinking and cried What would people feel Bleeding her life out If her life just ended now? One day a girl just sat there Would their pain ever heal? and died One day a girl just sat there and That was when she decided cried They were going to be okay by Not having anyone to get those time tears dried That was when she decided Yara Hani el Maadawy, 13 30 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 20. Introspection You look at the mirror, what can you see? Nothing. Of course, it’s too dark. How about turning the lights on? Now, what can you see? Still nothing? For sure you should start thinking of cleaning it up a told the witch that she was the most beautiful woman little; it's so unclean that you can't see anything. in the world? If only that mirror would had shut up then Okay, you did all the previous? Now what can you see? who knows? Maybe Snow White would have had a car Yes you can see yourself, what else did you expect?! accident (or horse accident back then) and died or lost Now have a closer look. Ignore those ears, nose and all her beauty. The witch would have been surely the most those strange features of yours; we’re not going to beautiful of them all. decide what species you are now! Now, move closer… See how mirrors can be so confusing and can get us closer… Stop, before you smack your face in the mirror! into trouble? Mirrors are just items to let us know when we need a Finally, you can look, look, look and look some more. hair cut or when we should wash our face. Have you reached that point when you start asking yourself questions in front of the mirror? Questions about So the next time you look at the mirror make it fast yourself, your worries, your future! I really don't know because once you start talking to it, you'll start getting what charm that mirrors have that drive us to start yourself into trouble. Besides, no one ever found that talking to them. If you haven't reach that point yet then talking mirror yet! But it may still be out there some you don't need to read the rest of this article and please place so take care and… smile! turn the page. If you did reach it, then snap out of it! What you see is what you get. Don't worry yourself by Abdu, 20 asking the mirror what tomorrow will be like; it's only a mirror, not a time machine! Instead of worrying and wondering, just smile because you must be looking at a beautiful face, hopefully. Don't expect the mirror to answer your questions, ‘cause those talking mirrors were stopped being made since Snow White’s fairy tale. When I remember that story, I find that it was the mirror that caused all that trouble. It was the mirror that brought death to its owner. What would have happened if it just
  • 21. Open Letter And here I am recalling... I chose seven letters from the alphabet to keep them special as long as I'm living. They're divided into two parts. However, they don't form words; they mean a lot to me and to everyone who shared the same experience. Here's the evidence; the reason why you're reading this now. I.C.G.E. stands for the International Conference on I actually don't know where to begin and how to translate Global Economy. Being a delegate really helped me out on paper. I'm just writing this to let them all know that with loads of things especially gaining more and more even if we don't see one another except every now and information. But these are only four letters so what then, I still remember and we're still as close as we about the rest of the seven letters? were during the conference days! Answering this question will push me to write the other Guys, I never thought that I would meet a group of three letters by which I'll deepen the image now and people and bind with every single person like that! But dig more inside my mind and heart to remember the that's what really happened. Let me just say something ones of the truly most beautiful days I've ever lived! to each one of you. First of all - and on the top forever - will stay these three: B.C.S. stands for Business Crisis Stimulation, which was my council; my great council where I met a group Hussein Safwat; Sherine El Hussamy; and Aya of perfect people; those who really have a special place Abou Steit... our wonderful secretaries. I love you in my heart, right now. deeply and proud you were my secretaries. 32 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 22. Salma… My best and complimentary friend who I really loved being with. You always cheered me up. Keep being yourself dear friend. Radwa…. When I first saw you, I just felt I've truly known you for a long time! We have a lot of things in common. You're special so keep in touch please. Amr… My CEO! I really depend on you and always felt relieved when working together. Keep up the impressive personality. Yehia… Mr. Operations Manager! My old school mate that I only met now. Am really happy to add someone like you to my 'true friends' list. Daisy… I loved you being by my side during our closing ceremony trying to help me to stop crying. I was crying too. Love you dear. I'm always there. Thanks for being there. Love you. Cherry… You're sweet and understanding. We had Hazem… My true brother in this council. I always a great time together that I'll never forget. feel I'm with my brother when I'm with you, Hazem. Maybe because we both really have a lot in common. Essam… I didn't get to know you that well during Take care, my bro! the sessions but in the conference I found you to be very kind hearted. Take care of my lovely Radwa. Labban... You're so much fun! I had a very nice time dealing with you in the conference. Happy you Noran… It was always nice hearing you calling for couldn't get our passwprd ya nassab... lol a picture! Hope we all stick together; always study well. Abdul Rahman... I rapidly admired your straight forward personality. You're funny and kind and I Marwa… You're so cute. I loved dealing with your appreciate that. Egyptian Gulf Bank. Really I do love you a lot. I consider myself your sister. Omar… Really happy I got to know you; you're a gentleman that always lends a hand to help out. Ahmed Azhari (Bey)… Tell you something, there Thank you! were many banks offering the same percentage on L.C.s and even less; yet I just chose your bank for only one reason: That you were working there! Keep Enas… I felt your tears when you hugged me while up your spirit. Long live MBS! To continue the name list, I could go on and on till the last page of this magazine now! But Unfortunately, I have to stop right here. I send many greetings to: Dina (Dubai), Amr (UK Bulldozers), Farghali, Tarek, Titi, Nour, Yomna, and all the others. There are more and more to say hello to but it’s all written in my heart. Believe me. Love you all so, so much! You BCS guys are one of the main assets I got out of the whole ICGE experience! Keep in touch please. And always remember our good old days! Love, Doaa Samy ~DISF, 19
  • 23. It has been more I realised to go. I still did not than a year now. something: I was a realise how long More than a year person loaded with that way was, since I have last ignorance and nevertheless. It was written a dot in this foolishness, both of discouragingly much magazine, let alone which were beyond longer than I still in this (former) measurement. I can imagine… series. It has been started out writing a very painful time with my mind, and A year had passed, for me… ended up scribbling and it was a very with my heart. unfriendly one Some of you have Nirvana had become indeed. I learned so never heard of me, a personal search many things, some some of you did but for truth in life, a of which may have forgotten search in which the actually turn out to about me, and some people who had be true one day, to of you may…well, written (and still my surprise. One still remember me write!) me feedback thing I do know is well. In short, I used letters, personal that I have to write, for a considerably good amount of time, a section that was called Nirvana in this magazine. The more I look back at my articles as a whole, I ostensibly find myself more and more puzzled as to what the section was really about. To find the connecting theme between all of my words was not a very easy job, even for the writer himself! However, things became much simpler once I admitted one simple fact to myself; there was never really one solid theme. Generally, one could say that it was about trying to make a difference. At first it was about making a difference in people around problems and surpassed my me. I saw myself as questions, helped teenage years this person loaded me more than I did beyond return, and with wisdom that with whatever that looms heavy on was endless and advice I gave them. my heart. I have that no one else With my final article, also begun to realise had! Partly to make I had reached a new how fast time a difference, and stage of being a passes, and how partly to boost my human being, a what my parents ego, I decided to somewhat better used to tell me write about that a stage, but I knew I when I was younger bit. As time passed, still had a long way may have been true May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 24. (such as that I will one day miss school!) During On a relevant note, an old saying that never this year, I have collected bits and pieces along gets old is this: Know what you can change the way which gave me, at an age of 23, more and what you cannot. To spend a lifetime trying gray hair than my father (but I am not saying to change what cannot be changed, or what I am wiser than him of course!) Then one day you can inconsiderably change is a quest of I went to the magazine with a heavy heart, and pain rather than a quest of salvation. Fight with I just knew that I had to write. I needed you honor and strength to change what you can to read about a bit of what I have seen, more but have the wisdom to accept what cannot be than anyone needed me to write about them. changed. So, I silently wrote to Marwa Elwany, the Wise people always say that one must search magazine's Editor-in-chief, a note in which I for those things which give you permanent asked one question under which I gave two happiness, rather than build their happiness empty slots of "Yes" or "No" for her to tick the upon that which does not, and cannot, last. right answer. The question was: "Can I send One story I recently came across is of a teacher you ONE more Nirvana in a week?" If you are who met his students a few years after they reading these words, then her answer was yes… graduated, and they all looked so stressed out and unhappy, and they even stated that this is Twenty three thoughts for life, from twenty how they felt; that something was missing. He three years of life… offered them coffee and a selection of cups. They all competed amongst them to get the So much pain in life is because we are attached finest of cups, eyeing one another out – the to goals that can never be images of unattainable teacher observed silently. He said to them: “You perfection. We want the people we love to look all wanted coffee, nothing more, but competed perfect all of the time; our appliances and mp3 for the cups. And now you can't fully enjoy your players never to get busted; our cars not to coffee over something that makes no difference. have a dent; our bodies not to have a single In life, we all truly want the coffee, but we get inch of flab; and our skin to always be ripe. It distracted over the cups we get them in. The never works. Movie stars always look perfect only way we could find happiness is if we just in posters because they work so hard with focus on the coffee.” I think I am beginning to exercise specialists, makeup artists, photography understand. Do you? (Thanks to N. Ramzy for experts, acting coaches and more. Then they bringing the story to my attention). take dozens of setup shots, just to capture a At one point in your life, you will have to give single moment of perfection that is kept on away certain things. You will neither have the picture, because it cannot be kept otherwise. time nor the capacity to maintain all of your And so is everything else. Everything in life has friends, all of your passions and hobbies, all faults, and accepting this fact saves us from your dreams and desires. You will have to terrible continued pain. Even in love. Learning choose those which matter most. This moment to love the imperfections of our loved ones is comes at one point or another, but it never fails even more beautiful than having a mythically to come. And it comes repeatedly. Its biggest perfect person. Learning to accept the version is in your earlier years, and then it imperfections of life and smile at them has been becomes a routine issue. Do you know what the wisdom handed down to us from thousands you are ready to give up? of years by our ancestors. We must strive for The price of anything is the amount of life you perfection, but know that it is unattainable, at exchange for it. Before you invest any second least forever. of your life into anything, ask yourself if that
  • 25. is the best way to invest it, and line is that much of pain, bodily a kid only lacks one thing: ask yourself if you would never and mental, can be prevented patience. That is the only true ever wish you could take it back. by doing things we are asked virtue of the mature. (Thank you, Palasinca. every day to do. We know what Much of our disarray is because The price is also the other thing we have to do, but we do not people accept reality as it is, you exchange for it. To take on do them. This brings me to the and only try to change it ‘within a new friend, it usually means next point. range.’ Whether or not we that you have to give less to The worst sentence in the world: agree, revolutions based on those whom you already have, “I wish I had done this.” dreams can take place. From as well as to give less to A lot of the wisdom of more Communist Russia, Islamist Iran yourself, your hobbies and mature people is gibberish. Most to China being a world power, perhaps you job or studies. Be of it is out of fear and radical changes in a previously careful of what and who you let exhaustion. But some of it is given life can take place. Some into your life, and of the price true. A fool is the one who would overnight, and most over of letting it or them inside. not always keep their head open extended periods of time and And also, they were right when for an occasional word of truth effort. Even if we do not succeed they said this: “Be careful what every now and then. in making change a reality, you wish for because it might Still, children are the greatest dreaming gives us a space to come true!” In moments of teachers of the world. As kids, breathe, and an alternative anger and rush we may wish we know more easily what is world and better to live in, which things which we may not right and wrong, white and usually begins at 11:59 pm and otherwise want. We may wish black. Either you stole or you ends at 7:00 am. for someone to get hurt or even did not; you lied or you did not; No one has the right to assign die; for buildings to collapse you cheated or you did not, and herself/himself as the caretaker and ruin; and for a great change so forth. As we grow older, we of a truth about anything. No in our lives. More than you think, see shades of gray. We one has the right to control how these wishes get granted, and somehow discover that there is you should live. In return, we learn to regret them. good theft and bad theft; a however, we have the Although it is questionable white lie and a black one; responsibility to responsibly find whether it was just fate or your justified cheating and unjustified out the answers ourselves, own wish which made them one. This is what ruins the instead of living in limbo to the come true, you do not want the world. Too much pointless detriment of others and possibility on your mind. The philosophizing. What makes a ourselves. guilt could kill you. cigarette harmful for a kid It is sometimes so easy to find Moreover, also in moments of makes it so for an adult, if not wise answers for many of our questions. In fact, sometimes there is more than one wise answer. The problem has always been to do any of them. We all Life is work in everything. Work is work, know so many things that could make our lives better, make friendship is work, hobbies are work ourselves and the ones we love happier, as well as achieve and even love is work. Do your work greater overall satisfaction. We just get none of them d o n e ! anger and rashness, we may Moreover, we say or do things which may just keep wound or destroy people or waiting f or things in our lives, even someone or though we may not (entirely) something to mean them. It takes a second miraculously to build a building, and i mp ro ve seconds to bring it down. The things. It same is true in everything does not else in life. It takes years of happen. Life learning, dedication and pain is wo rk in to get a great job or enter every thing . a great faculty, and it takes Work is work, seconds to get kicked out. It friendship is takes a long time to convince w o r k , people of how good you may hobbies are be, and it takes seconds to work, an d destroy all of that. To re-build even love is can be impossible, and is work. Do usually ten times as hard. your work. I have seen and heard of We a lm o s t much sickness in the past always make year. What was most painful one common about it was that most of it mistake. We was preventable. "Had you n e v e r eaten your vegetables, drank appreciate your milk, exercised, stayed the value of off the cigarettes and extra c e r t a i n stress, and took your vitamins more so. If we had kids running people and things around us, you would have been well!" is our advertisements, and until we lose them beyond the common sentence. Of especially our governments, return, destroy them without course, I am saying the satirical much of our misunderstandings repair. There are people, like version of it. But the bottom would be straightened out. Still, family, who are willing to do so May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 26. much for you, for so little from you. We almost bigger problem that appears is this: What exactly never repay nor appreciate them unless it is too is that change? That is the million dollar question. late or nearly so. A tip on how to deal with this It is not doing what is good at a time when you with regards to people is this: Every night before actually can that makes you a good person. It is you sleep, try to assume that it could be your last doing what is right at the hardest of times, when day in life, or the last day of all of those around you least feel like it and when you least have the you. End the night the way you would like to end ability to do so that makes you a good person. Be your life. a good person! Life is a bunch of endless continuous pursuits. Most of the time, when we do something that fails, When you wake up, you will be grumpy till you get we usually seem to know before hand that it most a good cup of tea. Then for a minute, you are probably will, yet we decide to take that chance satisfied. Then you are in traffic, and once you get however. Life is about taking risks and leaps of where you want (work/school), you are satisfied faith; that I grant you. Nevertheless, before you for a minute. The same goes for anxiety, until you do jump, one must exercise, wear suitable clothes, get some work done, run your errands and solve take a few practice leaps and measure their results, some problems. One problem after another. And and buy some really good shoes! then satisfaction comes by getting away from The second greatest thing one can ever have in the world is to have a noble dream, and live your seconds, minutes, hours, days, weeks, months, years There is nothing more beautiful than to and life fighting for it. If it is ever achieved, find another have someone there for you, to take one. A beautiful dream gives your life meaning and care for you, watch out for you.. worthiness, and the friendships you find through them are more perfect then any other friendships one may ever find. The greatest thing, however, that one can ever learn and have is just to love and be loved in return. There is nothing more beautiful than to have someone there for you, to take care for you, watch out for you, to always see you wonderful regardless of how you really are, and to give you all of that whether you ask for it or not. And I think that is enough… For now… They may not seem like much to you, but they have been learnt by blood and sweat, and for some reason I want to save you from that. I also wanted to let them out. I feel better doing that, and I am so lucky that there is work/school as fast as you can, which is where someone who is willing to publish this gibberish you were bored as hell until you reached in the for me. Thank you Teen Stuff for making my life morning. And then for a minute: You are satisfied. better. I will always be indebted to every person Happy people are those who somehow know the who got me on paper, through editing, design, and secret of that minute, and how to leave anxieties even the office boys who made me tea, and all the only to greater things rather than fret only the people whose names space cannot cover. I am smaller ones. The minutes of satisfaction become forever better and happier because of you! Also, hours, days and maybe longer. I am still not yet thanks to all the people who bother to read. You sure how to do that. I am looking though. gave my life……life! You may always share your Most people suffer during work/study time. We thoughts, problems and ideas on typically work for 8-12 hours a day, and they are I will always keep that the most important hours of the day. We suffer email. I recently started a blog as well. because we do not do the things that we would There you will like to do. Sometimes we have to do that to make find all the links you may need to stay in touch ends meet, but many times we do not have to. with me if you ever need to, including the links to Happy people are those who turn their passions Socrates Café Online. All I will say for now is this… into their work and life, and who do not have to wait until after 6 o'clock to find happiness. If you Thank you for reading Nirvana, work from 9-7 (with time for transportation) everyday, and sleep at 11, with an extra hour for One more time… miscellaneous issues, that would leave you with 2-3 hours to do whatever makes us happy, but Bassem Sabry, 22 usually we are too tired to do it by then. Life is too short to enjoy only 1/12 of it! Make every second count. I have realised that more and more people try to be the change they wish to see in the world. The
  • 27. Bureaucracy in Our Lives Come back later… Go sign this from the guy next door…The guy who signs this isn’t there… We hear millions of phrases of this kind every day in public buildings, if you want The world doesn’t move haphazardly. don’t get it then fine, you must be to do anything in a civil Everything is meant to happen. happy with what you have because service office like getting Everything is calculated and all the some things that you do have others an ID or like getting a consequences and the measurements don’t. driver’s license or any other are done. Can you believe a drop of thing of that kind. You have water falls on a mountain in a country, As I said in the beginning, the world to fill hundreds of then the drop goes to a specific river; doesn’t move haphazardly. Yes you applications and forms and afterward to a purifying water weren’t supposed to get something, go to about 50 offices and company to make a bottle of water but God’s will is that you’ll get get hundreds of signatures. using this drop. Then this bottle is something else which might be better. exported to Egypt to a company in On the other hand, maybe you’re To be frank, I hadn’t Mohandeseen which sells to a going to get what you want but experienced any of these supermarket in Zamalek for a guy maybe it isn’t time yet or maybe God official, routine, procedures who comes all the way from is testing you. Will you wait, or will until last week when my Alexandria to drink this drop then you just lose hope? Unfortunately, leaves the bottle in the street for a most of us lose hope and we fail the classmates and I had to fill thirsty guy who’s passing by who’ll test. We’re to face these tests every our third-prep applications. start a new cycle using this bottle. minute of our daily life but it’s seldom You can’t believe how long All this was meant to happen. Nothing when we do well in them because we it took; about an hour and is considered a coincidence. Maybe never wait and see. There’s an old a half writing our personal we as humans say this word but it saying in Egypt that says, “mna3rfsh details like name, address, doesn’t have a meaning in the book bokra ma7’belana eih.” In English it telephone and all that kind of faith. We’re not just moving with means that we know nothing about of stuff. I don’t object to the wind - everything is planned and tomorrow. Well, since we know that, but what I really object well designed. nothing then why do we worry; what’s to, is that we had to write the reason behind our misery? Can’t these very same details Are you satisfied? Is what you have it be that tomorrow will be your lucky about 10 times over (if not enough? If not then when is it day that you get what you wanted more). considered enough? Do you ever say, before but couldn’t? You’ll never know “Enough. I don’t need more”? If you except when tomorrow comes and I think we’re facing a big only had 30 minutes to take whatever surprises you. problem, I mean c’mon! you want from a cave full of gold, We’re living in the 21st would you keep collecting gold the Life isn’t hell but it isn’t heaven either. whole 30 minutes or would you take These two places don’t lie here. In Century and we still live in what can cover your needs only. our lives we keep facing the bad and the era of ‘Fout Alaina Satisfaction is one thing we all miss, the good. We have to start accepting Bokra.’ I think this problem thus happiness never exists in our things the way they are and trust has to be solved because lives. Yes, I relate satisfaction to that it’ll get better very soon like it we all suffer from this happiness because if you’re not always does. How many times did bureaucratic issue that satisfied with what you have, you’ll you have a problem and felt that it causes loss of time, effort never be happy. For men and women was the biggest ever and you only and money. I hope we start who have relationships that didn’t wish that you didn’t have to face it? taking a step forward in work out, are you satisfied or not? Then years and years later, you order to get rid of For the guy who isn’t able to get the remember that incident (no longer a bureaucracy. car of his imaginings, are you satisfied problem) and you keep laughing or not? For the girl who won’t be able about it. Sometimes, on the other Ahmed Ragab, 15 to have the perfect wedding that she hand, you get a bigger problem that has always dreamt to have because you forget all about the other of financial problems; satisfied or problem. Problems happen all the not? time and I’m not asking you not to feel bad about it because sometimes Do we have to accept what faith has it’s out of our hands but the thing is led us into or can we seek for more? that you should trust that it’s going Yes, we have to accept what faith to end and things will get better soon has led us into but, yes, also we can like they always do. seek for more. It was meant to happen this way, We haven’t understood this statement Like my article that you read today, quite well in our lives and, in my Nothing is coincidence and nothing point of view, this is the reason behind is by chance, our misery in our lives. We have to Today you’re crying but tomorrow accept anything sent by faith because you’ll dance it’s God’s will. God always seeks this As always as it does when it gets best for us. It’s found in all the books better, of religion; “Sometimes we hate The trouble will end, as any other things that happen but are good for matter. us.” We just don’t know the hidden Mohamed Bahar, 20 reason behind God’s doings. You’ll keep on asking for more but if you 38 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 28. Copy Cat the Foreigners Hi, chio, see you, catch you later. All that kind of stuff we say in our ordinary life. I’m saying that we all talk now as if we’re foreigners and not Egyptians and that's also fine; I mean that we have to practice talking like that to leave a good impression about Egyptians to the tourists when they come and see our beautiful country. But why do we try acting like foreigners and talking like them and wearing their style of clothes? Some people like to copy cat foreigners as if they’re ashamed of being Egyptians. Is that because we’re not like America, Britain or France; those great, big, civilized countries that have lots of money? Those countries don’t need any one to help them or stand by them because they’re strong in everything, including their budgets and tourism. Have you ever thought that one of the reasons that those countries are living a very rich life is because each and every one of their citizens love and honor their country? They work very hard and very seriously so that they can live like rich men in rich countries. They’re the citizens that really want the success and the honor for their countries. That's why when any one mentions America or Britain, we say, ‘Wow! I wish I could live there!’ Why? Why do we hate and dishonor our beloved country, Egypt? Because of that, we’re not living the life of rich people and the economy of Egypt is so low, even the pound - our pound – is one of the poorest currencies the world has ever known till now. Now, our basic reason for the problem is that people here - all the guys right now - I mean most of them, don’t have anything to do except being with their buddies, having fun or ruining their lives by doing drugs and smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol all the time. No matter how bad that stuff is, they just drink it to forget the time they studied instead of doing something for their future. But suddenly they know that there’s no place for good people or for educated men and women and what they always say is, "What a waste of time! Man, we study hard to be able to make a fortune and to be proud of ourselves but look at what we’ve accomplished sitting in our places and doing nothing.” There are a lot of successful people out there who can't find descent places they should be in and the government is trying really hard to fix this problem. So, let's leave this to the government. The education!! Why are there more than 17 subjects in high school to study? That's so unfair. For a child’s mind, we need to make studying a little bit easier on him and us older ones too. I mean most of the time in school, pupils have to memorize a lot of stuff and we have to tell the ministry that we’ve had it and we can’t take that anymore. Please Teen Stuff Magazine, I’m so tired of figuring out the problems that we have in our country. So, I want my article to be published, please, so people could wake up from their sleepiness and read this article and also the ministry to know how much we suffer in education. Thank you people who read this article and I hope you enjoyed it. Thank you also Teen Stuff for publishing it. Doaa Samir, 12 Positive Dreams Do you have a dream? What's my dream? How can I achieve this dream? Is it impossible? Have you ever asked yourself those questions? It's an important thing to have a dream… why? Dreams have no cost. But it's much more important to know how you can achieve your dream and work hard for that. All people have dreams but not all of them achieve their dreams. The thing which can make you a successful person is being positive towards your dreams. And to be positive you need to determine your dreams, find out the ways to achieve them and then begin working hard. And don't get depressed or fed up when you fail but try again till you succeed. Many years ago people looked at the moon as something so strange that some of them worshiped it. But now, people not only reached the moon but they walked on it as well! To achieve your dream, you must be sure that to get something you need to sacrifice something else. Finally, I want to invite all of you to be positive. Let's be creative and be sure that people who find things to complain about are always less popular than those who find things to praise. Medhat Kassab, 18 TeenStuff . May 2006 .11
  • 29. Geneva noticed a short man wearing goggles, ski clothes and a snow cap walking towards me. He was holding a pair of skis which was why I assumed he was the instructor who was asked to teach me. Thankfully, he spoke English and he asked me to change into my clothes and quickly meet him at the top of slope. With a great deal of excitement, I headed to the changing rooms and got changed quickly. After arriving at the slope, I noticed Morsel swiftly racing down. I didn’t dare go as fast as she did, as it was my first time. I stared at the pure white snow, took a deep breath and managed to force myself. The wind sliced my faced and I felt my skin was stretching. The wind was taking control of my body. I wondered where the instructor had gone and why he wasn’t helping me. Unluckily, I spotted a large tree in my Staring through the misty window, I wondered how direction. I felt this was it. I tried to stop, but it was these people survive this cold, chilly weather. The hopeless. I was getting closer and closer! It was snow drifted in the air like balls of cotton wool. Although getting bigger by the second! Although I had I was in a taxi, I could clearly smell fresh air through commented on how beautiful it was to my instructor, my runny nose. There were very few people walking I didn’t find it so beautiful anymore. Fortunately, there in the serene streets of Geneva and they were heavily was a small bump on the ground that I tripped and dressed, carrying umbrellas shading the snow. Finally, fell over. Although that wasn’t the best thing that could I arrived at the luxurious hotel La Bristol. I paid the have happened, it was still better than colliding into driver 13 Euro as he had asked, took my heavy suitcase a tree! Thankfully I was unscathed. That was one of and entered the hotel. the best experiences in my life. After an hour of settling down and unpacking, I grabbed After my my coat and rushed downstairs since I didn’t want to instructor be late for the shuttle bus waiting in front of the hotel. found me At the reception, the young man began talking in he told French; it was like he was talking in gibberish and I me to get didn’t understand a word coming out of his mouth. It changed seemed he was continuously repeating himself expecting because me to understand. Although it was very rude, I simply we were walked away seeking the door. When finally finding going to the shuttle bus, I quickly headed towards it as I couldn’t have take the cold. Several people who were seated around lunch at a me accompanied me. There was a small, co-operative typical family sitting behind me who I assumed were Swiss Swiss as they had the same accent as the young man at the reception. Glancing around me, I hoped I would find someone who spoke English, but unfortunately there was no one in sight. It was like I was surrounded by a cacophony of birds communicating. We waited for restaurant. I could feel my stomach grumbling. It was five minutes till the last passenger entered. She was the restaurant of the mountain. Upon entering, I could a Swiss woman with an outstanding sense of style. see that nearly every single seat was taken which was She sat down beside me and greeted me with the an indication that it had good food. We searched for common, ‘bonjour.’ I guess my French lessons came a while till we found a seat outdoors. I stood up and in handy, as I understood what she was saying. But observed the incredible view. It was like I was on a I simply waved back trying to avoid conversation. cloud overlooking all of Geneva. Buildings, houses, There was an awkward silence for about two minutes, parks and lakes were scattered everywhere. Still in as I thought she didn’t understand English. To my shock, I sat down ready to order. I ordered a typical surprise, she asked me, in her friendly French accent, Swiss meal of fondue. I had never tried it before but if I was British. They were the first three words that heard it was delicious. The service was very good as made sense to me that day. A smile spread on my I only waited for a couple of minutes. I grabbed my face and I answered her. The journey lasted for about fork, poked a piece of bread to it and dipped it into three hours which passed by as quick as the speed of the bowl of cheese. As it melted I swallowed it and light. It felt as though we were on the bus for a couple felt my throat heat up. It was delicious! After a few of minutes as I was having an interesting conversation minutes, I thought I was going to be late and the with Morsel, the woman. shuttle bus would leave without me. I paid for my food and hurried to the bus. As I stepped out I was amazed by the mesmerizing view. It was like entering a wonderland of snow - the They were all waiting for me and thankfully didn’t floor like shinning marble and the skies like balls of leave. I entered the bus and settled down thinking cotton candy with snowmen spread out everywhere about my wonderful experience. I was sadly leaving like scoops of ice cream. The scenery was stunning. the next day. This had been one of the most enjoyable I temptingly touched the snow and felt my hand go trips of my life, I thought to myself. cold in a nice way. As I stared at the endless mountains, Alia Ayman, 12 somebody called out my name. I turned around and May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 30. The X-Universe Forty years since its inception and the themes in the X-Men comic books are as evident in our current times as they were ever. Conceived against a backdrop of the Civil Rights movement and the Red Scare in the United States during the 1960s, the X-Men franchise was entirely built on a socio- political undercurrent as the conflict between mutants and normal humans reflects the conflict often experienced by minority groups of different ethnicities, affiliations, or cultural backgrounds. Paraplegic, telepath, Charles Xavier, (AKA Professor X) the founder of the mutant group X-Men in the comic books, is a model of African American Civil Rights leader Martin Luther King with arch-nemesis Magneto to the more militant Malcolm X or perhaps the radical revolutionaries of the Black Panthers. Xavier’s ‘dream’ of peaceful co-existence between mutants and humans is a direct reference to King’s historic ‘I Have a Dream’ speech. Sentinels- lumbering, semi-humanoid robots tasked with the apprehension or elimination of mutants, closely resemble the lynching mobs of the KKK. 50 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 31. The
x-men legacy
girl Undercurrents of the ‘Red Scare’ humans, but wouldn’t hurt any of X-Men legacy is an Afghani Muslim are well present as well. Senator them because it would then be a girl, Dust, who can transform Robert Kelly’s proposal of a “Mutant violation of his ethics and values. herself into a cloud of sand-like Registration Act” is similar to the Magneto, on the other hand, openly substance, with gusts strong efforts of Congress to effectively instructs hate against mankind and enough to rip through flesh, bones, ban Communism in the United won’t hesitate to use violence and even steel. Dust is part of the States during the 1960s. In the against humans to prove a point. student body in the Xavier Institute, 2000 film, senator Kelly exclaims, In that light, Magneto and other and is an active member of the X- “We need to find out who these evil mutants of the X-Men mirror Men. Through the character of Dust mutants are and what they can the fundamentalist, extremist the writers have setout to tackle do!" even brandishing a list of ideology, and their actions and some of the classic, coming-of- known mutants reminiscent of beliefs is akin those of terrorist ages cliché typically associated with Senator 's list of alleged members. groups. The fact that hundreds the Eastern culture. It’s proof of Somewhat more explicitly mutants have used their powers X-Men’s continuing tradition to suggested is the comparison of the in criminal or violent acts against acknowledge various ethnicities as situation of mutants akin to those society doesn’t help to exacerbate more and more characters of of Jews in Nazi Germany. Magneto, tension between mutants and the different cultural and racial a holocaust survivor himself, has rest of mankind, and largely backgrounds are constantly being routinely sought to establish a contributes to the stereotype that added to the mythos . ‘mutant homeland,’ a philosophy all mutants, by nature, hate that is very similar to the Zionist humanity, and want to take control History one behind the acquisition and rise of human society. And for that Created by Marvel Comics guru of the Israeli state. The mutant reason alone, mankind hates and Stan Lee and his lifetime artistic slave labor camps in Genosha, an despises mutants, simply because collaborator Jack Kirby and island near and a long-time they fear them. Quoting Professor introduced in the 1963 first issue regime against mutants, in which X from the 2000 film X-Men, of their own title, the mutant misfits numbers were burned into mutants’ “Mankind is not evil, just were brought together by crippled foreheads, show much in common uninformed.” At one point in the professor Charles Francis Xavier - with Nazi concentration camps as comic books, Magneto even leads himself a mutant endowed with do the internment camps of the an army, the ‘Brotherhood’ of Evil psychic powers - at his school for classic, storyline. Mutants, making him the comic- Gifted Youngsters. The private book equivalent of today’s Bin academy was merely a front; it Even in today’s world, one can Laden and his army of Taliban was only part of his plan to locate easily draw parallels between insurgents. mutants, provide a secret haven themes and characters from the for them to master their special X-Men comic books and some of The X-Men franchise contains a abilities and learn how to function the issues that are most persistent richly diverse cast that is among in the outside world that was not of our current time, namely comicdom's most . Before yet ready for mutants safely. In discrimination and fundamentalism. international characters became a addition, he sought to foster good Professor X preaches tolerance and wildly popular thing in comic books, mutant-human relations by compassion towards humans, X-Men was one of the first comic providing a positive example of maintains a solid faith in humanity books to feature a cast from all mutants with his superhero team, and believes in the possibility of over the world, shedding light on the X-Men. peaceful co-existence between different cultural and political Xavier's first student was the 11- mutants and mankind. Not all of undercurrents at the time through year-old Jean Grey, who had been Xavier’s followers share his each of its characters. It’s not a traumatized when she telepathically confidence in mankind: Wolverine, surprise then, in the wake of the experienced the emotions of a a mutant endowed with super recent events, from 9/11 to the dying friend. Xavier helped Jean human strength, known for his war in Afghanistan and Iraq, that recover and taught her to use her temper, doesn’t care less about one of the latest additions to the telekinetic powers. Over the TeenStuff . May 2006
  • 32. following months Xavier would The second cancellation was to the biggest selling single issue of assemble his original team of make way for the team’s re-launch an American comic book ever, at mutants: Scott (Slim) Summers, with a more international and 7.5 million copies across five (AKA Cyclops) the leader of the X- expanded roster. When most of his alternate cover editions. The Men who can fire ruby colored original students were captured by franchise has spun off several other beams of enormous force from his the mutant Krakoa the living island, successful ongoing series that saw eyes, Robert (Bobby) Drake, (AKA Xavier recruited a new team of X- some mutants go solo, numerous Iceman) who can lower his body Men to rescue his original team mini-series, one-offs and graphic temperature, turning himself or and defeat Krakoa. Thus the new novels. The X-Men found a base nearby objects to ice, Henry (Hank) line-up: Ororo Monroe, (AKA on other mediums: Fox 1992 McCoy, (AKA Beast) a feral mutant Storm) an African from Kenya who animated series one of the most born with unusually large hands can control the weather, Sean watched animated series in and feet, and Warren Worthington Cassidy, (AKA Banshee) an television history. Another III, (AKA Angel) who possesses Irishman who can produce super animated television show, X-Men: feathered wings that grow naturally sonic screams that propel him Evolution, was launched in 2000 from his back. through the air and shatter objects, yet didn’t enjoy as much popularity Shiro Yoshida, (AKA Sunfire) a as its predecessor and ended in Over the next few years the team Japanese mutant who can convert 2003 after four seasons. A dozen expanded to include a few more matter into superheated plasma, X-Men videogame tie-ins with the members: The now deceased Peter Rasputin, (AKA Colossus) a comic books, the animated series Mimic, Scott Summer’s younger hefty Russian peasant who can or the films have also been brother Havok and his girlfriend convert his skin to armor, Kurt released. Polaris, who both joined the team Wagner, (AKA Nightcrawler) a as reservists. Although the series teleporting German mutant who The Film attracted fan favorite talents, it resembled an evil furry black Ever since Bryan Singer’s first X- didn’t click with the readers the demon, John Proudstar, (AKA Men movie was released back in same way other Marvel projects Thunderbird) a Native American 2000, the world was never the like The Avengers, Daredevil, with superhuman strength and same again. Every major studio in Fantastic Four or a particular wall endurance, and Wolverine, a Hollywood had gone ballistic and crawler did. The comic book itself Canadian mutant with a shadowy was rushing to own their individual was entertaining, and it had a past, who possesses animal-like and exclusive superhero movie premise unlike any other series senses and reflexes, rapid healing rights. Comic book movies were Marvel was running at the time. abilities, has three forearm-length the craze of Hollywood that formed But large parts of it seemed to be claws on each hand and a skeleton ever since X-Men – there was never too similar to other comic books laced with an indestructible metal a year since 2000 that didn’t available on the market, namely called Adamantium. The new line- feature a superhero movie. the team concept which had up made its entrance Giant-Size However, none of the subsequent already been done with Fantastic X-Men #1, considered by many superhero films – with the Four and JLA (Justice League of the true beginning of the X-Men exception of both Spider-Man films America). With sales faltering, the legacy. and more recently Batman Begins series limped on until the year – had managed to reach the bar 1970 when it was finally cancelled. The new revitalized formula took that was set so high by Bryan Revived later the same year as a the comic book, now renamed, Singer. Basing the superheroes in reprint it struggled on until 1975 Uncanny X-Men, to the top of the a realistic world was not the only when again, it was cancelled. sales charts. In 1991, a new way to go; there was also the need adjectiveless X-Men title became to provide the heroes with dramatic Ever
X-Men movie
the world
again 30 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 33. The
humans and
alike or emotional storylines that would capture audiences’ of their deformities. Another character from the comic attention. Bryan Singer had done just that with both X- books, who appears to be central to the plot of the third Men films, and has made sure that the X-Men films would film, is Leech, a mutant with the power to drain mutants not only stand out as action blockbusters, but films with of their superhuman abilities. Regarded by humans as complex storylines and dramatic subplots that would help the “cure” for mutation, the mutants see it as a dilemma: people relate to the mutants and make their situation there are some who see it as an opportunity to become seem more relevant to our modern world. After the “human” and rejoin society, while others see it as a threat success of the first two X-Men films, and the open ending towards their superiority in the evolutionary chain. The suggested an X2, a second sequel seemed inevitable… opposing views of both Professor X and Magneto regarding yet its production oversaw some tedious turbulences. the “cure” put them to the ultimate mutant war that would decide the fate of both humans and mutants alike. Bryan Singer was supposed to direct and co-write the Another highly anticipated aspect of the new X-Men film third film's script, but when he was given the offer to is the development/continuation of the Dark Phoenix take over the long-in-development-hell, Superman Returns storyline; the resurrection of Jean Grey, her increased from Brett Ratner, he left the project, taking with him powers and her apparent turn to evil leading her to join most of his production staff from the previous X-Men Magneto’s brotherhood of mutants. films. (Singer has maintained in interviews that he would have gladly done this movie after completing the Superman With a new director, new characters, new elements from project, but 20th Century Fox chose to continue without the comic books, as well as the same characters from him.) Layer Cake director, Matthew Vaughn, then stepped previous films, X-Men 3 otherwise known as X-Men: The into the director's chair, overseeing the script and Last Stand is hitting theatres worldwide next month. production, only to leave nine weeks before filming, Whether Ratner manages to finish off, nicely, what Singer unable to commit to the year-long production schedule started or destroy the establishment of what could have which would keep him away from his family in England. been a great final installment to a successful franchise In an odd twist of fate, Brett Ratner filled the vacated is yet to be seen. However, this much is certain…'c9 this position. Ironically, Ratner was also a contender to direct will be the final installment in the X-Men film trilogy. We X-Men back in 2000 before Singer got the job. Ratner may yet see Wolverine or Magneto separately in their himself is no stranger to action films; he has done both own spin-off films, yet this will be the last time we see Rush Hour movies with Jackie Chan, as well as the spy the entire X-Men crew together. Here’s hoping that the thriller, After the Sunset. Funnily enough, this isn’t the third time is the charm for this X-citing film series! first time Ratner had been asked to take over directing duties for an incomplete franchise, for he had also directed Written by self-admitted the third film in the Hannibal Lecter trilogy, Red Dragon. film and comic book fans: Ahmed Raafat, 22 While the decision to hire Ratner as director came as a Ali Nasser, 21 shock for most devoted X-fans, the fact that he was able to assemble the entire cast once more (with the exception of Alan Cumming who played Nightcrawler in X2) as well as add new characters and elements from the comic books, is quite an achievement for a director who had just jumped on board. Fans have praised Ratner for some of the decisions made in casting, notably the addition of fan-favorite, Beast, played by none other than Dr. Frasier Crane himself, Kelsey Grammer, under huge loads of blue hair and make-up. Still no sign of other fan-favorite character, Gambit, yet other character additions have been met with fanboy joygasm: Angel, Juggernaut, Kitty Pryde (Shadowcat), Callisto, and Multiple Man. Other elements that have been denied of appearance in previous installments yet speculated to appear in this installment is the Danger Room, the multi-threat level training room for the X-Men, as well as the Morlocks, a band of underground mutants who can’t ‘pass’ as normal because
  • 34. Teen style Off with bulky coats and jakets! Check these for the latest summer look and feel like a cool summer breeze 58 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 35. Teen Stuff Black Pages Keith Collins (Bass) and Steve from then on. Savatage was now Wacholz (Drums). The band were officially a Progressive Metal then signed by major label, band, with very conceptual and Atlantic Records, and released operatic tendencies, into which their third album, Power of the Jon also contributed greatly, due Night; after which, Collins was to his then, newly acquired vision, replaced by bassist Johnny Lee apparently after seeing a Middleton. performance of Phantom of the Opera at the time. The band’s first three albums are By the time Gutter Ballet was known for being much heavier released, second guitarist, Chris than the band’s later works; Caffery had also officially joined Sirens being the heaviest, as the band as a full-time member, more of a Thrash Metal album; but also left by the end of the then followed by The Dungeons Gutter Ballet tour. Are Calling and Power of the Night, which were both Heavy The recording of their next Metal albums, and those that album, Streets: A Rock Opera embraced a high resemblance (1991), started soon after to, and influence by, earlier icons finishing the previous tour; such as Judas Priest and Black another concept album. It was Sabbath. actually based on a book by Paul O’Neil, about the drama of a Fight for the Rock (1986) was musician-character’s life. It’s still their fourth album, and highly considered by many to be one "Children and mirrors have no considered a failed venture, both of the band’s best albums, even memory by the band, and by critics. The though I personally don’t They reflect us for that is all they album was an attempt at a more completely agree, since I think see commercial approach, basically they have so many better They are the us that is still yet forced upon them by Atlantic; songs/albums to their name. (But to be and it plummeted. there’s no doubt that the album And so we carry on" (Surrender) did include a lot of the band’s Savatage released their first truly great works). The capacity for endless creativity commercially-successful album, However, Jon Oliva was forced is one of the things that make Hall of the Mountain King, in to step-down from his position Metal so unique. It provides 1987. But, this album had as lead vocalist right after the artists with the ability to express something different. Hall of the Streets tour, due to him themselves with near-infinite Mountain King put forward a new, reportedly having constant vocal innovation, and never-ending fresh scheme. Heavily influenced problems. change. by the band’s then new producer, However, not all Metal Paul O’Neil, the band’s new sound Zachary (Zak) Stevens would artists/bands choose to venture featured complimentary replace Jon and start recording into this path quite so deeply… symphonic instrumentals that the next band album, Edge of Savatage do. gave a new dimension to their Thorns. It was released in 1993 music. O’Neil also provided lyrics and was the first time Savatage Founded by Jon and Criss Oliva for the album, as well as the rest would start enjoying the perks, in 1979, Savatage recorded and of their albums from that point attention and constant radio-play released some minor material on and is practically the muse of being a mainstream band. under the name Avatar, before behind the idea and style of Savatage was finally being truly the name Savatage would replace Savatage’s next album, Gutter recognized and appreciated it. Ballet (1989). amongst a much larger scale of Under the independent label, Par a world-wide audience. Records, Savatage would then Gutter Ballet was Savatage’s very Unfortunately, disaster struck… record their debut album, Sirens first concept-album, and Savatage wouldn’t get to enjoy (1983), as well as their second, considered to be a defining point their success for long, as October The Dungeons Are Calling in the band’s career, as the album 17, 1993, saw the tragic death (1984); as Jon Oliva (Lead proved to be the corner-stone of the band’s lead guitarist, Criss Vocals), Criss Oliva (Guitars), for the band’s individual style Oliva (Jon’s brother), in a car May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 36. 1) An incident where the captain of a freighter threw three General Trivia: stowaways overboard, and left them  The band's first given name to die. was “Metropolis” 2) An Irish reporter who was  The band’s second name murdered, trying to fight drugs and was “Avatar”, which was also drug-dealers in the country. changed later due to another band having the same name So, what I want to know is… First,  The band’s final name, what was the name of the freighter? Savatage, came from the And second, what was the name of combination of the two words the reporter? "Savage" and "Avatar"  Lead Vocalist, Jon Oliva, is In 2000, Zak Stevens left the band constantly referred to by his fans as to spend more time with his family. ‘The Mountain King’ Jon rejoined the band as Lead  Jon Oliva was featured in Vocalist once more, and the band the song, All Together Now, from accident caused by a drunk driver. recorded and released their last the 1996 album WWF Full Metal, album to date in 2001, Poets and where he sang along-side a number The band was devastated and would Madmen, with Nuclear Blast of professional wrestlers. almost break-up after much Records. The album is truthfully  The actual recording line- mourning and uncertainty. But the brothers had allegedly made a pact, a few years earlier, to keep the band going in memory and tribute of the other, in case one passed away. And Jon would apparently keep his promise, even though he, himself, was not the lead singer of the band anymore. The band temporarily recruited guitarist Alex Skolnick for the recording and release of their ninth album, Handful of Rain. The album is understandably dark, and would be best categorized, for the most part, as a Heavy Metal album. However, in reality, the album was recorded under very strange circumstances. Bassist Johnny Lee and drummer Steve were apparently just too upset to be part of the recording, and Steve officially left the band soon after; however, the two members were still credited for the album, anyway, and also appeared on the album cover which was Jon’s way of showing tribute - outstanding, and contains many of up of the Handful of Rain album a classic Savatage image, known my personal Savatage favorites, as was: Zak Stevens (Vocals), Alex and loved by fans. well as a whole lot of pure hard- Skolnick (Lead Guitars) and Jon hitting METAL! Oliva, who took-over for most of the Chris Caffery returned along with (The Trans-Siberian Orchestra rhythm, bass, keyboards and drums drummer Jeff Plate and lead guitarist project is still active too). in the whole album. Al Pitrelli, to replace Alex Skolnick,  Paul O’Neil is considered by Steve Wacholz and the late Criss In the end, Savatage are clear proof most to be an honorary member of Oliva, and the band released yet that bands don’t have to win a bunch Savatage, due to his crucial another greatly successful concept of awards to be great and immensely contributions, achievements and album, Dead Winter Dead (1995). popular. Award reception is mainly support for the band. It was closely followed by another dependant on media attention, and project recorded by the Trans- this great band has proven that one Siberian Orchestra (A new Savatage doesn’t have to be a media-hog in As always, I hope you enjoyed this project incorporating an orchestra). order to be recognized as an month’s Black Pages, and have extraordinary artist, not to mention found new songs to add to your The Wake of Magellan was their one who is highly respected and personal playlists. I’m also waiting next album, released in 1998; a acclaimed amongst nearly all for your feedback, as well as your concept album dealing with two real metallians everywhere. answers to our little quiz. Just visit life events, compiled into a main and send theme for the album. whatever you want to tell me, Now, I wonder who knows the Recommended Songs: Handful of addressed to Jean-Pierre, J-P, or the correct answer to the two questions Rain, Surrender, Edge of Thorns, Black Pages. I’m about to ask, concerning these Awaken, Chance, If I Go Away, Rock On! events. I’ll give you a hint for each, Summers Rain, Tonight He Grins and I’ll be waiting to see how many Again, The Storm (Instrumental), Jean Pierre, 21 come up with and send back a Ghost in the Ruins, There in the correct answer. Silence. TeenStuff . May 2006
  • 37. What do you Know about Hezbollah? Some answers I received news services, educational facilities political agenda; in contrast to other *A music band that sings religious and participates in the Lebanese groups, Hezbollah had a wide array songs. Parliament and recently it was of aims, most of which were against * They are a religious group in represented in the 2005 government. the intervention of Western powers in As a stated aim of Hezbollah is the the internal Lebanese conflict. Iraq. removal of the state of Israel, it Later on, Hezbollah launched a * The Muslim brotherhood in expresses support and sympathy of massive and prolonged military Egypt, they called themselves the activities of Hamas and Islamic campaign against the Israeli Hezbollah to stand in the Jihad, Islamist groups responsible for occupation of Southern Lebanon. They elections!!!!!! armed resistance in Israel. used guerilla warfare tactics against *I saw them in Syriana movie, Israeli military targets in the occupied however couldn’t understand History of Hezbollah: zone. The efforts of Hezbollah had a exactly what they are! The history of Hezbollah represents, major role in the withdrawal of the to a great extent, the history of the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in the *The party of the people who will Shiite population of Lebanon. The summer of 2000 to internationally go to heaven. events of the Lebanese civil war led recognized boundaries. Hezbollah *An Islamic party in Algeria, to the creation of several militias to insists that the Sheba Farms, still responsible for crimes and defend every single ethnic and religious under Israeli occupation, are part of violations among non-religious faction in the Lebanese society and Lebanon and, thus, - according to Hezbollah was not an exception, as it Hezbollah - it still has the right to conduct military operations against Israel and its forces. Muslims! *The Islamic party in Lebanon, you have the president representing the Christians, and Hezbollah representing the Muslims in Lebanon! The issue of Hezbollah, just like any other issue in the world today, is highly controversial. When it comes to the way they promote their purposes and represented, to a great how they achieve their goals, some extent, the Shiite consider them freedom fighters and population. others consider them terrorists. It remained Hezbollah is a ‘non-state actor’. A underground for a non-state actor (NSA) is any party or number of years. Its actor that does not represent a state. earliest members Hezbollah (Party of God) is a Shi’a operated under the Islamist group in , founded in 1982 auspices of the, to fight the Israeli occupation in Lebanese National Southern Lebanon. It is regarded by Resistance, a mixture many in the Arab and Muslim world of forces united in their as a legitimate resistance movement opposition and and political party in Lebanon. resistance to the Israeli However the United States and various , aggression and other governments regard it as a invasion. terrorist organization. In addition to One of the main its military wing, Hezbollah maintains differences between a civilian army, which runs hospitals, Hezbollah and other groups was Hezbollah’s May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 38. The continued existence of Hezbollah's military wing after 1990 violates the Taif Agreement that ended the Lebanese civil war, which requires the "disbanding of all Lebanese and non-Lebanese militias" and requires the government to "deploy the Lebanese army in the border area adjacent to Israel." The Lebanese government did not try to disarm Hezbollah during the 1990-2000 period, After the assassination of Rafik Hariri in justifying its position by the fact that Hezbollah was a legitimate national February 2005, Hezbollah strongly resistance force, fighting for the liberation of the South, then occupied by Israel. supported Syria through demonstrations. It is claimed that Hezbollah is "opposed" South Lebanon to the Cedar Revolution, which resulted was occupied in Syria's withdrawal. by Israel After the 2005 elections, Hezbollah held between 1982 23 seats (up from eight previously) in the and 2000. 128-member Lebanese Parliament. It also Hezbollah, participated for the first time in the along with the Lebanese government that was formed mainly leftist in July 2005. Hezbollah has two ministers and secular in the government, and a third is groups in the Hezbollah-endorsed. It is primarily active Lebanese in Southern Lebanon. The group is headed National by Sayyed Hassan Nasrallah. Resistance During the months following (Hezbollah's Front, fought a main backer) Syria's April 2005 withdrawal guerilla war from Lebanon, international and domestic against Israel. pressure had mounted on Hezbollah to The National dismantle its military wing and become Resistance solely a political party. Front militias disarmed in Iran and Syria: accordance Iran, as an Islamic republic — a Shiaa with the Taif one — remains a close ally, financial Accords, but assistante, arms procurement and model Hezbollah for Hezbollah. backs Hezbollah morally remained and has also supplied it with money and defiant arms, such as Katyusha rockets. In return, claiming until all Lebanese soil is liberated and Israel expelled, resistance against Hezbollah protects Syria's interests in occupation will continue. They had become by far the largest and most powerful Lebanon and aligns with Syria in its and effective of the resistance organizations. confrontation with Israel over the occupation of the Golan Heights. Recent Developments: On May22, 2000, Israel withdrew from Lebanon to the UN-agreed Israeli border, The group is said to be financed largely and the UN as complete certified their pullout. However, Hezbollah claims the by Iran and Syria, though it also raises Sheba Farma, which is still occupied by Israel, to be Lebanese territory, and on funds itself through charities and that basis has continued to engage Israeli forces in that area. The UN recognizes commercial activities. the Sheba Farms as part of the Golan Heights, and thus occupied Syrian (and not Lebanese) territory. Bashar Al-Assad, has been subjected to sanctions by the U.S. due to (among other UN Resolution 1559: things) his continued support for Hezbollah, which it views as a terrorist On September 2, 2004, the UN Security Council adopted UN Security Council organization. Resolution 1559, co-authored by France and the United States. Echoing the Taif Agreement, the Resolution “calls upon all remaining foreign forces to withdraw The Western Bloc: from Lebanon” and “for the disbanding and disarmament of all Lebanese and The European Union has labeled non-Lebanese militias.” Hezbollah's External Security Organization or international wing as “terrorist.” Hezbollah has been labeled a terrorist Lebanon is currently in violation of Resolution 1559 over its refusal to disband organization by the United States, the the military wing of Hezbollah. Syria was also in violation of the Resolution until United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Canada, recently because of their military presence in Lebanon. Israel, and Australia. Those who consider Hezbollah to be a On January 23, 2006, The UN Security Council called upon the government of terrorist organization consider its sponsors Lebanon to make more progress in controlling its territory and disbanding militias, (in particular Iran, Syria, and Lebanon) while also calling on Syria to cooperate with those efforts and to take measures to stand in violation of UN Security Council to stop movements of arms and personnel into Lebanon. Resolution 1373 and 1566. Further, UN Security Council Resolution 1559 calls for The United Nations has not included Hezbollah on its list of suspected terrorist the dismantling of Hezbollah and all other groups (which is just being drawn up). However, it has called for the disbanding militias. Israel has lodged continuous of Hezbollah's military wing in UN Security Council Resolution 1559. complaints about Hezbollah's actions. As you can clearly comrehend from the Lebanon’s Position: facts above, when it comes to Hezbollah, Hezbollah's role in the Israeli withdrawal from Southern Lebanon gained the the world seems to be divided. Some call organization such respect in Lebanon and the wider Arab and Islamic world, them courageous patriots and others cold- particularly among the country's large Shi’a community. President of Lebanon, blooded terrorists. But which of them are Emile Lahoud, Said: “For us Lebanese, and I can tell you the majority of Lebanese, they really? I am sorry, I cannot help you Hezbollah is a National Resistance movement. If it wasn't for them, we couldn't with that, and you will have to figure out have liberated our land. And because of that, we have big esteem for the for yourself whether they are terrorists Hezbollah movement.” or freedom fighters. However, others in Lebanon, particularly the minority Christian community, Dina Wahba, 19 privately criticize the movement as extremist and divisive. Gen. Michel Aoun, a prominent Christian parliamentarian and former General, has repeatedly called for Hezbollah's disarmament. Saad Hariri and his Sunni bloc also favor disarmament. Overall, most prominent Lebanese politicians have profoundly resisted international pressure to disarm Hezbollah, saying that Hezbollah is an internal Lebanese issue. The common fear among Lebanese is that the army might disintegrate if the attempt were made to disarm Hezbollah without its consent. TeenStuff . May 2006
  • 39. WMDs Big Words “Who can think, without horror, of what another widespread war would mean, waged as it would be with all the new weapons of mass destruction?" How Kids This was the first time in history the term ‘Weapons of Mass Destruction’ was used in an article published in 1937 in Times Magazine in reference to the bombardment of a Spanish city (Gurenica) during Practice Politics Their Own Way! the Spanish Civil War. Weapons of mass destruction Do not believe second category is those are those weapons that can anyone who tells you huge, strong, but naïve destroy massively. that he is not students, those who have They include nuclear, chemical interested in politics the ability and potential and biological weapons; that and does not care to be on top, but they do is why they are also called, about what happens not know how to use it ‘non-conventional weapons.’ in the political arena. efficiently as they avoid They cause a threat to any Due to the simple direct impact with other possible conflict between two fact that we were all students claiming (which countries if one of them ‘politicians’ one day; can also be true in their possesses WMDs, because in we used to practice case) good will and the that case, MASSVE politics since we tendency for not falling DESTRUCTION is most likely were kids. Do not be into trouble, and caring to happen. It might be the astonished. It is true about their issues only. reason behind America and, and let me explain (do you know a race the then named, U.S.S.R, not how…. called the ARABS?!) drifting to an armed confrontation during the Cold War Era. It is the nightmare of Listen, let us draw a line in the middle Smart kids who are considered nerds, some nations while others of the desk. You take your side and those who wear glasses and are very shape their policies and I will take mine, if anything from your good academically; they always get decisions, putting into stuff falls into my part it becomes high grades but do not have a social consideration the threat of mine, and don’t you dare cross the life as they put all their concentration WMDs. line! This is a normal statement that into their studies. At the same time, many of us either heard or said the bullies and other students cannot The U.S led war over Iraq, was something like it when we were in help but ask for their cooperation justified with Iraq possessing primary school. Doesn’t that bring to before and during exams without WMDs (which proved incorrect, your mind what separate countries needing to say that otherwise they later on). nowadays and what they call, would be beaten up. Those kids remind The whole clash with Iran now boarders! me of countries like Japan, China and is regarding its nuclear what people like to call now, the programs, and if it is willing to You cannot date your friend’s sister. Economic Giant but Political Dwarf - develop nuclear weapons or You cannot tell on your friend. You The European Union. not. should prove to your mates that you South Korea is on America’s are courageous whatever this I cannot help but wonder when I recall ‘axis of evil’ list because of its requires… these are all part of what all those examples, the irony that nuclear facilities, and the fact kids call, the code. You cannot break comes when most people claim they that they managed to develop the code… it is something like an do not like politics and avoid nuclear bombs. unwritten constitution that all kids are participating in political life or even Saddam Hussein is being supposed to respect and avoid in a normal controversial debate. Even accused in his trial, of using violating it. Don’t you believe that this though, if they recall, they will chemical weapons against the resembles practicing laws within a remember, in the back of their minds, villagers in Iraq. country but on a smaller scale? the true political identity that they Somewhat like having a constitution once had without being taught or even This is not to mention how that controls citizens’ behavior? told about. It is a nature within every WMDs has become a term human being and it is a part of who accompanied with everyday politics, which is not the Even the way boys and girls make fun we are, regardless the educational or problem. The real problem will of each other by singing childish songs, cultural background that we come be if those weapons are used the way kids make fun of foreign from. So do not claim that you are once again, as it may lead to students; it can be all considered the not interested in politics and instead, a real DESTRUCTION! roots of racism that is within every try to join this world that requires all human being, and it can be considered our efforts in fixing what some people Yasser Abbas, 19 a factor in developing feminism believe to be UNFIXABLE!! among women nowadays. And always keep in mind this quote that reminds me of the irony of life: Kids who are blessed with physical strength are divided into two “Amateurs built the Ark, professionals categories; the first use their strength built the Titanic!” to bully other weak students and take some of their food or money by force, in return for not beating up those Yasser Abbas, 19 weaker kids. (I hear someone saying, Oil-for-food Program in Iraq!) The 62 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 40. business executive in Cairo to a hair stylist in Amman, a student, an engineer, a preacher, professor, and an attorney. It is a mix of Christians and Muslims answering different questions posed to them, all written down in a casual narrative form. An Unforgettable Situation: During the seminar, while Dahmash was talking about means of reaching the West, she recalled a story about a student of hers in the USA who was interested in learning the Arabic language and upon asking her why the student answered because of 'Akim.' Acting surprisingly, the student tried to elaborate more stating Akim who has the “telephone song.” It was then that Dahmash realized that the student meant 'Hakim,' the Egyptian singer. The moral of the story: Last month, Teen Stuff Magazine held a special Boycotting is not the only means we could affect the West seminar with the famous Palestinian-American with. There are other creative and simple ways for us to journalist/writer, Samar Dahmash about her latest react and establish communication with them. book, Arabic Voices Speak to American Hearts. The youth of Teen Stuff magazine benefited much from the seminar and interacted with Dahmash enthusiastically. They shared with her their beliefs and opinions, while her own encouragement to them showed that youth do make a difference. Who is Samar Dahmash: Samar Dahmash-Jarrah is a Palestinian-American speaker, journalist, and educator. Born in Kuwait, she has traveled extensively throughout North America, Europe, and the Middle East and has lived in Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, and America. Her professional accomplishments include being a contributor to CNN World Report; news editor and reporter for Jordanian television; editor and reporter for Jordan Weekly; and a Political Science instructor at the University of South Florida in Tampa, Florida. These experiences have allowed her to view the Middle East conflict from many different perspectives. After the World Trade Center tragedy of September 11, 2001, Dahmash, an American citizen who lives in Florida, was asked by many community organizations, churches, temples, and peace groups to speak about the Arab world. These events and the Iraq war served as the inspiration for Arab Voices Speak to American Hearts. Dahmash holds a Master of Arts degree in Political Science, a Bachelor of Arts in Middle East Studies, a Certificate of Merit and many Service Awards from the American University in Cairo. The Book: Arabic Voices Speak to American Last month we Hearts: th celebrated our 10 After moving to the U.S.A., Dahmash started her birthday and it was journey of establishing a civilized means of really great to look back communication and dialogue between the Arab at all the passed years world and the West on one hand, while defending the Arab image, on the other, in the eyes of the and see how far we West; especially after the 9/11 disaster. have come. Our biggest After years of lecturing the West about the Middle thrill though was to see East, the Arab and Islamic world, in addition to other newspapers teaching Arabic language and the basics of Islam taking notice of our as a religion, Dahmash collected all the questions special Birthday issue and inquiries she encountered from Americans about writing about the the Arab world. She then decided to attain answers magazine and talking from different people in various Arab countries and about our history and that was the beginning of her journey of writing her book, Arabic Voices Speak to American Hearts. mission. So we would The book was simply an attempt to create a bridge like to dedicate a special of communication between the Arab world and the thanks to 3een Western world. The book includes the answers of Newspaper for their Arabs that vary from different people, such as a warm greetings. May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 41. The Rising Talents of the BISC In their continuing efforts to encourage students and enhance their talents, the British International School held a poetry competition through which many of the students applied to and showed amazing creativity through their submitted work. Even though it was difficult to choose the winners, a decision was finally made. Check with us below the winning poems. Oblivious Why? Lights blaze. Filling the murky streets Why do I have to go to school, Mum? Where the girl walks. Why can’t I watch TV all day? Head bowed, shoulders hunched, Why do I get homework, Mum? Hair billowing. Why can’t I ever get my own way? Oblivious The shouts of beggars, Why do we have to have these things called ‘exams’, Mum? Reaching out to touch her hair. Why can’t you buy me a car? To the old men in small cafes Why can’t I sleep late like you, Mum? Belching out sheesha fumes, Why can’t I always hang out at a bar? Like the rusty taxis Offering her a lift. Why must I wear a uniform, Mum? Oblivious Why can’t I wear jeans all the time? To the tuts and stares, Why can’t I go wherever I want by myself, Mum? The dirt and filth, Why do most poems rhyme? Filling her mouth Threatening to choke her. Why can’t I boss my sister around like you, Mum? She wears a mask of tears, Why do I always get the blame? Features crumpled, Why must I be polite to grown-ups, Mum? Squinting at the onslaught, Why can’t we all be the same? Grasping for reality From the chaos of her life. Mum! Why aren’t you answering, Mum? Oblivious Please please please tell me why! To the icy wind I just want to know the answers, Mum! Throwing her coat about her, Ok, then, I will go and ask dad now, bye. Frisking her bony figure, Grabbing her discarded veil By: Christiana Tsaoussis (S1V) Tossing it beyond her reach. Oblivious To the stinging pain Of the red hand print on her cheek. Oblivious To the blanket of smog, To the discarded rubbish underfoot. She brushes past To hustle and bustle, To stop at the roadside Eyes closed She breathes in. Oblivious To the man shouting, Sprinting up the street. She clenches her fists. There is nothing left of her. Oblivious Young Lives She inhales her last breath, And steps into the street, To the sound of screeching tyres. Not quite a tree, yet no longer a plant Long have the days since a seedling once sprouted By Alex Lovett With bark that knows not of its own dexterity Nor of its ever caged ability And roots that forever grow more and more familiar In the Earth it has grown to know Its swirls not yet quite a myriad Yet perhaps in the future, it shall glance back on the present And allow a simple smile to spread to its aged lips. By Kayvan Rezaiezadeh (S3M) 68 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 42. Deceitful Spring Rebellious flowers bloom Opposing the falling dark Wind whisks and twirls its way Day has been conquered Our Wasted Lovers embrace to a forbidden tune Teenage Lives In shadows and the guilt Another girl, Betrayal! Thou hast stained my conscience Another guy, Leave me be! They’re both teens, So am I. “Oh my love, I have waited long Another tear, Amongst mine forlorn trails of thought Another smile, I pondered if thou would come to me Is it really, worth its while? My soul had shrunk to a dusty end.” Another cut, Another note, “But here, standing before me Another finger, Long curls resting upon thy shoulders Down my throat. Love, how thou dost torture me so Another drug, Cruel Life! Why must I be torn between two?” Another drink, More vomit, Satin skin laced with perfection Down the sink. Youth taunts me harshly The adults know, I whisper sweet words to an ear Do they care? Melodies of love and affection. It’s for attention, That’s what they say. With the breaking daylight But this happens, I leave her to her sleep Every day, An angel at rest In our wasted teenage lives. I return home to another and to my shame. By Franchesca Romberg (S2T) I wait long hours to see her, Come again sweet night Come again. By Hannah Patten Max, Kimmy and Ben I know three naughty children, Glass Box Called: Max, Kimmy and Ben They stuff their fingers up their noses, Waves of talk wash over her They always snatch blood, red roses, Words not meant for her They tickle their bums In a swirling sea of children And act very dumb, She stands alone Those cruel words thrown her way Oh, Max, Kimmy and Ben. Seem to glance off Her glass box Max has blonde hair But inside the glass is shattered That sticks up in the air, The broken shards buried deep inside Kimmy is round and spotty No one will ever know And very, very bossy, Of that broken glass box Ben is cute and slim Buried forever But extremely dim, She carefully rebuilds the glass Stronger on the outside Oh Max, Kimmy and Ben. But deep inside the layers The glass box If you see split paint Is just as fragile Get ready to faint, With a hidden delicate beauty ‘Cause the kitchen’s all sticky, That may never be uncovered And the bathroom’s all messy, In a life that has barely begun And Max, Kimmy and Ben say: A girl “It wasn’t me. Honest!” Is already weary By Alexandra Bertin (S1I) By Louise Anderson (S2C) TeenStuff . May 2006 .69
  • 43. Marioutiah Clean-up After Before 2006. Marioutiah channel clean-up is only the beginning of a long term cleaning program. Members of Timberland staff , local environmentalists and hundreds of volunteers started a walk to pick up wastes from the channel banks and waterside, then grading the channel banks for a better pedestrian path, and covering the banks with smooth sand as an Time lots ofMakeways people serve... some with money There are to different a Difference isolation layer, finally planting of grasses, trees and local flowers. and staff, others with their time. Not all of us have money, but all of us have time—time to make a difference. At Timberland, we find many different ways to share our strength. We're always looking for new ways to support the community, Here at Timberland, things are different from other companies. Employees work hard to make some Before After of the world's most innovative products, then use paid time-off to make a difference in the community. And throughout the entire company, it's evident that doing well and doing good are inextricably linked. Before After Additional Value to the Clean-up. 1- To maintain the cleanness and beauty of the channel, Timberland staff and volunteers agreed to build The Human Touch's a steady and trustful relationship with "Marioutiah" providence, by Still no substitute for people helping people. That's why Timberland employees are encouraged to do as much as they can for others. educating them how to maintain Whether it's through paid community service, sabbaticals or volunteering and preserve is doing. in different events, the goal is to engage others and cause real, lasting change in communities all over the world. And as always, we donate 2- Timberland also contributed to a percentage of the proceeds from select products to the service building a doc and stairs, and organizations we partner with. replenish the fairy boat itself for the safety of the fairy passengers. Why water, why keep the blue planet "BLUE"? Only 1% of the earth's water is drinkable. Over one billion people don't have access to safe drinking water. Over 40% of the population depends on water resources from other countries. Partners of "Blue Earth Clean-up 2006" This clean-up wouldn't have succeeded without the support of the hundreds of volunteers that worked hand on with Timberland staff. Government of Giza, specially that his Excellency Dr. Fathy Saad Governor of Giza is a volunteer for this event. The Clean-upup program is to provide a long term The intention of this clean Program. Ministry of Environmental Issues as our true guide to better environment support to pedestrian path, and any future areas of the channel bank headed by his Excellency Dr. Maged which may add to the program, also set an example for our neighbors George Minster of environment, our in how to preserve their water resources and streams, and draw the valuable volunteer. attention of local organizations to the importance of "WATER". 65 . May 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 44. Dear Bissan, Yes you should see a psychiatrist as soon as possible. You have all the criteria of a major depressive episode, a very cruel illness that can handicap and spoil each and every moment of the day. Despite its severity, it's an easily treatable disease. Please contact me through the magazine. Dear Anonymous, Your shyness has reached a pathological level. You have what we call 'social anxiety disorders,' where shyness is accompanied by physical symptoms. The first thing you'll have to do is to cut down avoidance behavior. By Dear Dr. Tamer, avoidance I mean Not everything we need happens and not everything we want running away from we get and life doesn’t go on the way we see it and neither does situations that you're love. I'll tell you a story about a friend of mine. She's an ordinary afraid to face. Avoidance girl but her kindness made her a fool when she told her friends lowers your confidence about her love. So they tricked her and the person she loved even more. So make a found out that she loves him because they called him and told point of sticking around him everything. What makes me sad is that they didn't tell her when you're with groups what they did but she found out later on which created a big where there are guys. problem and she appeared in front of him as a loser. Now she's Answer in all the lectures trying to find a way to correct the wrong that's been done but and don't be afraid to ask she failed. And then his friends kept making fun of her which questions even if your was very disappointing. heart is pounding and all I'm writing this just to tell you don't trust anybody... even your the muscles in your body very best friends. (Honestly, it's not my friend's story, it's mine are shaking. If constant and it's true. I wrote this because I want him to know that it's confrontation does not not my fault and it's not me. I found that Teen Stuff is the only work, then there are thing that can help me. I don't want to be a loser or a fool; I certain anxiolytic drugs just want to be a person who all people give her all their respect. that help you during Please, Teen Stuff, help me to gain my respect back. confrontations. Combined with cognitive Anonymous, behavioral therapy, this disorder is quite easy to Dear Anonymous, treat. Although your friends managed to put you through a very embarrassing situation, I don't believe you should lose faith. You shouldn't feel like a loser, simply because you're not. Having feelings and expressing them doesn't make you a loser but losing confidence would. So you trusted the wrong group of people, so what? We all make mistakes and this is how we learn. The lesson here is to give your trust only to people who deserve it. I disagree with your point of view of never trusting anybody. Trust should be given, but selectively. Cheer up, you made no mistakes and regain your faith in the good side of people. TeenStuff . May 2006
  • 45. Leo (Jul 23 - Aug 23) You are challenged to be charismatic. Express your fantasies. Your lucky number: 8 Favorite pet: Cats Loves: Hates: Aquarius (Jan 22 - Feb 19) - Being energetic - Being bored Make plans and goals for the 12 months. - Laughing - Being laughed at Your lucky number: 46 - Friends - Being alone Favorite pet: Fish Loves: Hates: -Surprises -Showing off -Daydreaming -Borrowing things Cancer (Jun 22 - Jul 22) -Breaking the Rules -Following the rules. Make an effort to think. Your lucky number: 27 Favorite pet: Pigeons Loves: Hates: Capricorn (Dec 22 - Jan 20) - Collecting things - Feeling lonely Your efforts can bring you recognition. - Keeping a photo album - Losing things Your lucky number: 9 - Birthdays - Mysteriousness Favorite pet: Dogs Loves: Hates: - Being Loved - Nosiness - Having privacy - Feeling lonely Gemini (May 22 - Jun 21) -The Sea - Crossing Boundaries Once you get beyond the false airs, it's easy to like the person behind the act. Your lucky number: 24 Sagittarius (Nov 22 - Dec 21) Favorite pet: Dogs Take a micro-vacation now, you should enjoy Loves: Hates: yourself and others thoroughly. Actions speak - Soft Music - Staying Home louder than words, so get busy. - Sunset - Being Ignored Your lucky number: 11 - Hanging out - Complaining Favorite pet: Lions Loves: Hates: - Helping others - Making promises Taurus (Apr 21 - May 21) - Being Honest - Doubting your honesty If you tell enough people about your dream, maybe - Being praised - Being Outside it will catch on. Your lucky number: 58 Favorite pet: Turtles Scorpio (Oct 23 - Nov 21) Loves: Hates: To get more love, develop your grace and charm. - Saving money -Wasting Money Your lucky number: 13 - Good food - Being disturbed Favorite pet: Birds - Going Out - Changing your routine Loves: Hates: - Winning - Losing - Being cool - Getting embarrassed - Mysterious - Being Bothered Aries (Mar 21 - Apr 20) Don't waste money. You must make careful decisions. Your lucky number: 5 Favorite pet: Cats Libra (Sep 23 - Oct 22) Loves: Hates: Focus on positive thinking. - New clothes - Waiting in lines Your lucky number: 26 - Spending money - Being ignored Favorite pet: Rabbits - Gifts - Salty food Loves: Hates: - Being praised - Yelling - Being Fair - Being criticized - Being Active - Laziness Pisces (Feb 20 - Mar 20) Be powerful. Show others what you are made of. Your lucky number: 20 Virgo (Aug 24 - Sep 22) Favorite pet: Cats Seek friendship and enjoyable moments with those you love. Loves: Hates: Your lucky number: 14 - Conferences - Being Indoors Favorite pet: Puppies - Loud Music - yelling Loves: Hates: - Studying - Noisy places - Being on time - Sitting for too long - Home - Crowds - Organizing - Moving your things Famous birthdays Tori Spelling, David Boreanaz, Janet Jackson, Pierce Brosnan Henry Fonda (16/5) Sugar Ray Teens’ Birthdays David Beckham (2/5) James Brown, Golda Meir, Leonard, Bob Saget, Bill Paxton, Dennis Hopper, Ahmed Raafat (18/5) Niccolo Machiavelli (3/5) Audrey Hepburn (4/5) Ayatollah Khomeini (17/5) Pope John Paul II Radwa Nour (1/5) Craig David, Karl Marx (5/5) George Clooney, (18/5) James Fox, Malcolm X (19/5) Cher (20/5) Tony Blair, Orson Welles, Sigmund Freud (6/5) Naomi Campbell, Sir Laurence Olivier, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle (22/5) Jewel, Joan Collins (23/5) X- Teens’ Birthdays Eva Peron, Gary Cooper Piotr Ilyich Tchaikovsky , Hany Moustafa (10/5) (7/5) Enrique Iglesias, Darren Hayes, Harry S. Priscilla Presley, Bob Dylan (24/5) Anne Heche, Truman (8/5) Howard Carter (9/5) Fred Astaire Mike Myers (25/5) Lenny Kravitz, John Wayne (10/5) Salvador Dali (11/5) Stephen Baldwin, (26/5) Henry Kissinger Christopher Lee (27/5) , X- Staffs’ Birthdays Katharine Hepburn, Florence Nightingale (12/5) Kylie Minogue, Ian Fleming (28/5) Annette Mariam Ezz (17/5) Dennis Rodman, Stevie Wonder (13/5) Cate Bening, John F. Kennedy, Bob Hope (29/5) Colin Blanchett, Tim Roth, Robert Zemeckis, George Farrell, Brooke Shields, Lea Thompson, Clint Lucas (14/5) David Charvet, James Mason (15/5) Eastwood (31/5) April 2006 . TeenStuff