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    5098 5098 Document Transcript

    • February 2006 Issue # 96 www.teenstuffonline.com
    • ‫ﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻘﻮﺍﻧﲔ ﺍﳌﻠﻜﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻔﻜﺮﻳﺔ‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫אא‬ ‫א‬ ‫)ﻋـﱪ ﺍﻻﻧﱰﻧـﺖ ﺃﻭ‬ ‫א‬ ‫אא‬ ‫ﻟﻠﻤﻜﺘﺒــﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﻟﻜﱰﻭﻧﻴــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻷﻗــﺮﺍﺹ ﺍﳌﺪﳎــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻯ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ﻭﺳﻴﻠﺔ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ (‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫.‬ ‫א א‬
    • THIS ISSUE February 20065 A Word from us Tune Up 64 Plain Talk The Land is mine Mail Star Corner Sweet Fantasy Fun with Dick and Bits and Pieces Jane From the Heart We comment Thoughts G- Articles Up Coming Prose Flashback Attractions Open Letter Think Green Introspection What If In Focus Aregica Obsessions… Dig Out Confessions Yours!! Chill Out Teenz Stars Political Mania Teenz Fitness
    • Friendship Hi Teen Stuff, This is my first time to write to you teens. First of all, I like your magazine very much. You choose the most important issues and have very good writers who have a sense of humor. Can I be a friend of this great magazine? My name is Smsma khalofsky and I live in the Mokattam area. I have a request; can you write about friendship nowadays? Missing Sections! Smsma Hi Teens, Dear Smsma, You’re the best English magazine I've ever read. I started Nice to hear from you and thank reading TS since last September and you’re really my favorite you so much for your magazine. But I’m so sad because last January you left out my overwhelming feedback. We’re favorite two things that I love the best in the magazine. They’re so glad that you like the We Comment and Famous Star’s Birthdays ........ PLZ don’t magazine and we’ll keep on miss that again! doing our best to live up to your The biggest fan you'll never lose, expectation, guys. We’ll suggest Dr_FrEeZ your topic to our staff and if any are interested, they’ll write Dear Dr_FrEeZ, about it. Hopefully, if there’s It was really nice reading your mail. Thank you for your kind any teen reading this mail now words and we’re glad that our magazine has appealed to you. and interested in writing on such Sorry about the missing sections but sometimes we’re forced a topic, we’d like to hear from to cancel certain things because we run out of space. them also. Hope to keep on Unfortunately, we don’t have famous birthdays again this month hearing from you. but we hope you’ll enjoy reading We Comment. Thanks again and keep your mail coming. 6 . December 2005 . TeenStuff
    • Funny how all over the world tourists are treated as second degree citizens except here in Egypt. Remember a regular citizen always comes second. Alfajr It’s a real disaster that one of Islam’s Pillars is now being ruled by the concept of personal interests and gaining more money out of it. Alfajr Still we wonder why youth is pessimistic and see no future in this country Couldn’t have put it in a better way. I just don’t understand how can any actor consider acting in such a farce. And we blame teachers for private lessons! There is a message here teens; teaching pays nothing, so stick to playing football. Al Ahram We pay thousands and thousands on festivals and carnivals, in fear of being accused of ignorance and not appreciating culture and art I’ll leave this question for you to answer; which is better a country without international festivals or without decent education? Al Masry Al Youm www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 7
    • . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Love Me, Love My Dog! Pets are one of the best joy providers on earth. I always dreamt of having a dog my whole life but I never had one until my last birthday in September. It was a gift from my husband who, by the way, was constantly rejecting the idea of having a dog in our house. However, knowing that for me, this would be the best birthday present EVER, he surprised me with the cutest puppy I could possibly ever imagine. As you would expect, the very first thing that occupied our minds was what will we call him? We searched Escaping Reality the Net over and over again for dogs' names because I really wanted a very unique word to be the direct Drowning in a whirl of thoughts contact between me and my dream. While searching, Distant agonizing screams haunt I made a joke about calling him Buzz Lightyear like the character in Disney’s Toy Story. Surprisingly, the me joke left a terrific, remarkable echo in our ears and Violent winds rushing past my ears we actually decided to call him Buzz. Swarmed with blinding darkness Having spent less than two months with Buzz, you’d Gracefully I fall on a bed of roses hardly believe how much he’s become a real effective part of my life. And I think I've become a part of his Viewing my only refuge life too. He makes me the happiest person when I A world I built to escape have to stay away for a while and come back home Dwelling in this sparkling isolation to find him waiting by the door hopping and leaping, smiling and showing his small lower teeth, just Clinging to this fantasy with all my because he saw me. But also I won't skip the part strength right after I say hi and give him a shower of kisses on my way in; gradually Disregarding the remote calling of discovering the my name mess he makes, especially when Let me stay…Let me stay… it comes to shoes. And right at this moment, it feels like BUZZZZZZZZZZZZZZzzzzz. But then again, one of the funniest things he does is the way he runs back and forth, right and left all in a second trying to confuse me so that I can't catch him. In fact, it does Don’t you ever get that urging feeling of wanting become hard, sometimes impossible, when he uses to get away from this world? I’m not talking about this smart technique which, mostly, makes me forget taking the first flight out of your country, I mean about punishing him and stand laughing at his hilarious heading straight to a place only you know how to action as if he's trying to win a battle or something. access. A place that’s deep within the insides of your brain. Once you find it, when you feel that Moreover, when he sleeps and I make any noise the world has suddenly gone dark, you lock yourself around him causing the slightest disturbance, he there for hours and hours, just imagining; whether wakes up and looks at me with his sleepy innocent it’s jumping into your favorite book or movie to eyes; watching me carefully, fighting the urge to live in that world, or just creating a world of your close his eyes and trying to figure out if I’m staying own. A world that’s so perfect and magnificent in the same place or going somewhere else. just for you. Only then, have you escaped reality. Sometimes, I have to pretend I’m staying so that he Escaping reality happens when it’s hard to accept goes to sleep again, feeling safe that I won’t be or tolerate it. It ignores all reasonable thinking as leaving him alone. it ignores what’s real and actual. That’s why it’s called ‘imaginary’ because you’re the one who In short, pets are charming! They’re like little adorable fantasizes yourself out of this world and into the babies that we should care for, love and appreciate. inner depths of your imagination. Personally, I do I JUST LOVE MY BUZZ! it quite often. When I feel down or extremely depressed, my mind shifts inevitably to that special Sherihan Hassabo, 21 place in my head, the place I call ‘My World.’ Rejecting Reality within Literature: We’re not the only ones who escape reality now. It all started centuries ago when English poets www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006
    • and writers decided to hold a Some of you might not agree with as it’s only in your head. movement to defy all meaning and me but why do you have to first It’s okay to once in a while stray rationality. The beginning of the see something that’s not as good deep in our thoughts. But how deep 19th century is known as the age as yours in order to realize the is too deep? And is what we’re value of doing wrong, mentally? That’s a what you tough one to answer because it have? Try to depends really on how much time appreciate you spend stuck in daydreaming. your life Psychologically, it can be dangerous before it’s if we live in the ‘other world’ more too late. than the real one. Sometimes the And most brain can confuse the real with the importantly, false and that person - who suffers value from a personal/social disorder due yourself. to the extreme hardships of life - Just as any may be incapable of identifying superstar is which is which, as they lose touch special in with reality. your eyes, Life can push us to the edge you’re also sometimes and the more darkness Just as any superstar is special in your eyes, you’re also special and unique special and we see in real life, the more light of ‘Romanticism.’ They didn’t call unique; all you have to do is see it we create for ourselves in our own for romance and love as much as and believe in it. fantasy world. That’s why it seems they called for a radical change. It I think by now you’d agree with so appealing. Thankfully, I’m not was a revolutionary age which set me that we all daydream and I’m suffering from that disorder and I out to transform not only theory not telling you to stop dreaming. very well know what’s real. Yet it and practice of poetry and all art, If we stop dreaming, it may be the does seem more appealing. The but the very way we perceive the end of life and our future as we problem is once I’m there it can world. They rejected the rules that know it. In spite of their similarities, be a gruesome experience to try were set by previous ages and they there’s still a difference between to get out. But in the end, reality revolted against realism as they dreams and daydreams or has to knock on my door and drag believed more in imagination and fantasies. Dreams are when you me back there again whether I like the importance of senses and set realistic goals for yourself; goals it or not. And believe me I don’t, emotions over reason and intellect. that are more likely to be attained because when it hits you so hard Romantic fiction in general is in real life. While day dreaming is with one of its whims, it feels as if primarily the kind that offers a the act of engaging in fantasy while you just fell from a skyscraper and reader a chance to discard realism. awake; it can imply sometimes a unfortunately the landing isn’t that It deals with things that are yearning to fulfill something unreal, smooth. mysterious, strange or exciting hoping it’ll materialize. Thus, some Sooner or later, we’ll realize that other than the things that happen say it can be useless while it can the world we built is detaining our in real life. In short, fantasy be regarded the opposite as great actual world. And that’s the biggest writings show life not just as it is, things may come from it. For problem; we enjoy it so much that but as we like to imagine it would instance, it can be useful for jobs we forget about our own life and be. that require creativity and how to make that one – the real Later on, other authors decided to inventing, like engineering or one – better. There should be a follow this technique of rejecting designing. Then again, all jobs need limit to our fantasizing all day. reality, or at least displaying what a little creativity to be successful Again, I’m not saying to be more happens if we do so and just live because what this world really realistic, nor am I saying to be a life of pleasure without facing needs is a little imagination to spice more of a dreamer. Why are there real life, like in Aldous Huxley’s, A things up. Personally, I’m a person always extremes? Can’t there be Brave New World. who likes to let my imagination run something in the middle? Life is wild and it’s very useful in terms just too short to be living a fantasy Be Somebody… Not Somebody of writing. Because then I have the one, or living somebody else’s. We Else: pleasure of acquiring fruitful ideas. should live our own life, and aim How many times have some of us I’d never give up on my dreams or at making it better with our dreams honestly wanted to be somebody imagination because that would and imagination. “We do not dwell else? Whether it’s somebody totally affect my existence. A really on dreams and forget to live.” famous who is your idol or just the good friend of mine once said, perfect guy/girl next door? I bet a everything you imagine is real and If you have any comments relating lot would say that to this day, they I totally believe that. But to what to this issue, I would love to hear would like to be somebody else. extent is it true? Like I said this is them at: But why is that? I know that if very useful in different aspects of info@teenstuffonline.com everyone takes a good look at their life. However, it doesn’t concern lives, family, friends and the concept of the creation of your environment they’d realize that it’ll own world I was talking about. Esraa Hegazy, 18 never get any better than this. Because then it won’t become real February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Flashback DO YOU REMEMBER FEBRUARY 1986? NO, YOU PROBABLY DO NOT. YOU WERE ALL CRAWLIN’, BOTTLE FEEDIN’, THUMB SUCKIN’ TODDLERS BACK THEN… The Central Security Forces are a special group in the way that, although they supposedly serve both government and people, they are despised, often hated by both parties. They are a group that are, literally, quarantined in vast camps far away from vibrant city centers and sociable venues, yet crucial for managing and forestalling the kind of sociable traffic unsettling to the powers that be. You have all probably seen them before; hundreds of wretched, sun-baked men perfectly lined up in fearsome black helmets and uniforms, carrying stinging batons and impenetrable shields, waiting for any manner of disorder for them to put down. Back in February 1986, when rumor hit the Central Security Forces that their term of service would extend from three to four years, they mutinied, breaking loose and tearing everything DO YOU that stood in their way. They set hotels and nightclubs on fire that were situated on the Pyramids road and were usually REMEMBER populated by tourists. They looted stores, set cars And neither do I really. I have on fire, vandalized civilian properties and spread only the flimsiest memory of their rage through out Cairo and beyond, before the the year1986. But here is how army was called upon to quell their wrath. The streets I think I was probably spending were turned, over night, into battlefields and a round- my days back then… busy lining up my army of LEGO and PlayMobil men or watching Nagwa Ibrahim (or whoever the-clock curfew prohibited civilians from departing their homes. Eventually, the riots came to an end, and if it served anything, it brought the public’s attention to the horrifying, dreadful, severely poor FEBRUARY 1986? living conditions and inhumane treatment that the was hosting that show) talking CSF was undergoing at the time. to a Cabbage Patch doll with an extremely irritating voice. Or maybe watching one of those genuinely-scary-yet- While millions of Americans were mourning the death of the seven supposedly-aimed-for-kids astronauts killed in the explosion pantomime shows on a of the aptly named, Challenger Saturday morning. I did not space shuttle, millions of Soviets even have to worry about were celebrating the launch of the school. In a nutshell, things Mir space station, as it soared up were pretty steady for a three- through the skies and up the year-old like me back in 1986. heavens, beginning its fifteen year Unfortunately, the same cannot journey of traveling through space; be said about everyone or one that would decidedly end in… well, humiliation. At a time when everything else, as things were the Cold War was being fought in shaping into something pretty space, this was proof of the Soviet ugly back then on one Union’s triumph over the United particular cold February. Make States. Ironically, the Soviet Union no mistake; it was no would collapse only five years later. Valentine’s. 12 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • February1986 Film Releases: 1986 Trends: Rocky 4 A Chorus Line You might have the faintest memory of your yet-to-get-married Kiss Of The Spiderwoman older brother’s or young uncle’s usually inaccessible bedroom Back To The Future being like this: Back in 1986, the ultimate in decoration for Year Of The Dragon any bachelor pad was a complete set of matching bed covers, curtains and wallpaper and if they were really rich (or spoilt by their parents) they could have had the carpet to match February1986 Music too. Linda Beard came up with the idea of bedroom decoration Charts: for men only and it took off beyond her wildest dreams - even the wallpaper which could make your eyes go funny if you stared at it long enough. The diagonal stripes were usually The Sun Always Shines On masculine colors like, gray, black, a different shade of gray TV by A-Ha and just a hint of red for danger. Only Love by Nana Mouskouri The Casio SK1 sampler keyboard was the kind of ‘thoughtful Walk Of Life by Dire Straits and educational’ toy your folks would have been spending Borderline by Madonna their money on to buy you, back in 1986. The Casio SKI Broken Wings by Mr Mister sampler keyboard was obviously designed as a toy rather than a serious musical instrument - and it showed. It was light, it was small and it was low on options; the memory February1986 Headlines: cleared when turned off which meant that you wouldn’t be able to keep your glorious musical creations. But it sampled well enough for you and your friends to have a jolly good time. Rumor has it that it is apparently still used by the likes Riots by Central Security Forces break out, following of Fatboy Slim and Blur; like it’s not so obvious. rumors that their term of service would be extended from three years to four. Army troops are deployed to restore order. According to official figures, 107 people are killed in the mutiny. Interior Minister, Ahmed Rushdi is dismissed and replaced by Zaki Badr. Funerals are held for the seven astronauts killed in January on the Space Shuttle, Challenger, which explodes shortly after take-off due to a programming error. The Soviet Union launches the Mir space station. Swedish Prime Minister, Olaf Palme is assassinated while strolling down a street in Stockholm, on his way home from the cinema. Comet Haley reaches its perihelion, the closest point to the Earth, during its second visit to the solar system in the 20th century. President Ferdinand Marcos of the Philippines, goes into exile in the USA after twenty years of rule. Corazon Aquino becomes the first Filipino woman President, first as in in- term President. Twenty-eight years of one-family rule ends in Haiti, when President Jean-Claude Duvalier flees the Caribbean nation. And just when you thought that people couldn’t come up with After a wait of thirty-seven years, the United States Senate anything more foolish, big glasses, usually restricted to nerds and approves a treaty outlawing genocide. librarians, went big for no apparent reason. Oh, and so did boxer shorts! And on February 21st, Welsh soprano voice, turned pop starlet, Charlotte Church is born. Ahmed Rafaat www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 13
    • Where Have THEY Gone?! A typical question that’s asked in each and every interview that everybody goes through is, “Who is your idol…who is your model that you follow in his footsteps?” And a typical answer is usually, “My role model is actually… can you give me some time please--err?” Finally after a pause, the interviewee says, ‘Dad’ while others go for their moms, brothers or even an older cousin or something like that. A father or a mother’s role can never be described nor can it be expressed in words. They introduce science there’s Einstein, Magdy Yaakoub, Farouk El us to life, love us more than we can imagine and Baz, and Ahmed Zowail-----can’t really stop! But strive to raise us correctly and in the most proper unfortunately I have to. See how uncountable they way ever. They’re worth being imitated and followed. are! On the other hand, we don’t find except a few The truth is that we truly love them deeply and of those role models of ours! Where have they because of that we feel like, “Oh my parents are gone?? If dead, then why don’t we find others and really great! They did all that for me and are still others in the same amount as they did ages ago?! doing more, asking for nothing in return except seeing their young offspring growing up and Well, our plan this month is to talk to our role achieving all the best!” models. Each one of us wrote an open letter to his/her role model in life. You’ll find some of us who However, the important thing that we actually want address specific persons and others address their to highlight is the absence of role models nowadays. imaginary role models and you’ll also find ones who Life was always enriched until the last recent decades didn’t actually choose only one idol. See for yourself with loads and loads of idols and role models. If and don’t forget to tell us who is your own role you happen to ask about them, I can never amass model! all of them because there’s really a large number of them of special personalities. Let me mention a Doaa Samy, 19 few: Head of Think Green Club Starting with religion, after the Prophet Mohammad When I started to think about who I should address and his blessed companions, Abu Bakr Al-Seddik my letter to, I found that there are several characters and Omar Ibn-Al-Khattab, who are extremely special, who affected me deeply and helped in the formation we can also find modern scientists in religion like, of my beliefs. So I'd be lying if I tell you that I Al Sheikh Al Sha’rawi. In politics, several role models consider only one of them as my role model. But include, Saad Zaghloul, Tal’aat Harb, Gamal Abd- I managed to narrow down my choice to three men El-Nasser, Nelson Mandela, and Che Guevara. In who I believe, being who they are and what they Renaissance, philosophy and leadership we of course stand for, had a profound influence on the person have Ghandi. In economics, there’s Tal’aat Harb. I am today. Then concerning arts and literature, we have Abbas Al-Akkad, Taha Hussein and Naguib Mahfouz. In 16 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Dear Ghandi, owe my first poem to you and also my infatuation Your tolerance and pacifism impressed me. Your with literature. deep love for your country gave another meaning to patriotism. The way you fought for your people As for the rest of the influential writers, you all hold and bared so much suffering in order to reach what a special place in my heart because you’ve guided you want without losing hope, is worthy of most me to my path. You keep reminding me each day respect. not to forget how much I love writing and its wonders. And the passion I feel while pouring my heart and Dear Guevara, soul on paper. Because of you, I realize the power I deeply admire your rebel spirit and pure devotion of words and their effects. to your beliefs. I hope that one day I’ll lead a road of my own as Dear Shakespeare, you did. I wish to inspire and to leave my mark on I’ve always been inspired by your creativity and the each one who reads what I’ve got to say. way you understood human nature. Esraa Hegazy, 18 I hope that one day I’ll lead a road of my own as you did. I wish to inspire and to leave my mark on each one who reads what I’ve got to say I can go on and on and still I wouldn't be able to Dear Role Model, convey how much I look up to these men. But enough about me now, it's your turn to find out I wish you were there for real. I've been searching who your role model is and why? for you for years and years. And for years to come I'll still be searching. Through my short, yet long, Dina Whaba, 19 journey of searching; short in time yet long in Dear Writers, feeling, I've been lucky to integrate you through millions of people and I still will. I thank every single writer I have read that has If there’s another virtue or other ethics that I don’t influenced me greatly with their astounding words. know in this life, I'll be adding this to you, until I For each writer who made me laugh or cry; for each perfect you and look up to you. So I guess I should one who amazes me always with their off the wall say: To every true respectful person, to every writing technique, I thank you for your creativity devoted teacher, to every caring mom, to every and inspiration that lights up my life. It’s necessary conscientious writer, to every scholar, to every artist for me to thank first and foremost William who highly appreciates his talent, to every kind Shakespeare. I thank you for being a literary genius person, to every hard worker…thanks for being the who has left profound and inspiring work of dramatic inspiration for the past years and for years to come. plays depicting human experiences and your monumental sonnets that are brilliantly written. I Radwa Nour, 20 www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 17
    • I consider myself a hardworking energetic person Dear anonymous, who also wants to excel and prove myself. Most of all, I have that feeling of change…I want to make a I decided not to give you a name to keep your change. I wish to help people, who aren’t as fortunate uniqueness among humans. You were always a as I am, by one way or another. Maybe that will mystery for me, as I never knew who would ever fit happen by spreading awareness through my writings into such a place in my life besides you! and my programs that I insist on having, hopefully, in the future. It may also happen by going to people I met thousands of people during my life, learned to their places myself, talking to them about their different lessons from each and everyone I met, but problems or even holding workshops that can enable nothing compares to what you’re expected to teach me. You’re my role model whom I should clone in most of Blessed with the power of words, my actions, follow your footsteps and the ability to convince, and to take you as an image in front of my socialize easily eyes for the person I wish to be one day. them take a step forward towards a higher status. Such a task is an honor for me, as you are the only perfect person that I ever knew. You have it all; I believe that achieving my own goals and targets you’re talented, well-educated and a great leader, are always connected to others’ goals and aims. I’m which I admire you for You’ve been blessed with the . not living alone on earth. I’m neither the only person power of words, the ability to convince, and to socialize breathing oxygen nor can I resist gravity! I may have easily. You know something about everything; you a gift that when combined with my brains and can speak about any topic and have your own view. thoughts, results in a fruitful outcome. Only then can It’s always an experience in itself when talking to I help myself and proudly feel progress and deep you. I can never get enough from having a dive character development. Yet, it’s never enough to with you in the pool of thoughts, as you get me think only about myself. Actually, it’s even nicer and looking from a different perception to the same more pleasing to feel like helping other people and thought every time. You know how to inspire people, totally changing their lives! affect them and how to lead others. You’re the dream that I dream of turning true one day because This is MY DREAM Oprah! Sound familiar? I know it unfortunately you don’t exist! does because I found you did all that. I found that you achieved all what I want to achieve. I don’t know Yasser Abbas, 19 how to say it, but I have true feelings of respect for you. You deserve the best! Wait one day to hear about Doaa Samy that followed in your footsteps! Dearest Oprah Winfrey, Best Regards, After sending you all my greetings and warm wishes, Doaa Samy I just thought of sharing what I have in mind here with everybody including you of course. P.S. Oprah Winfrey was named one of the 100 Most Knowing someone like you Oprah, has added a lot to Influential People of the 20th Century by Time me. The way you started your career was and still is Magazine, and in 1998 received a Lifetime Achievement extremely magnetic. You strived a lot to achieve your Award from the National Academy of Television Arts dream. You never gave up and always fought to hit and Sciences. your target, to be what you are now! 18 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • What If…we never Drop by drop those particles embrace my cheeks. To my surprise, it all happened without ordering my pair of lids to cover up any of my iris! ‘Wet’ can actually describe the status of my eyelashes. Screams of mine aren’t even heard. My lips are stretched and slightly opened but A loud utterance; often in protest or opposition, a loud utterance of my ears hear emotion especially when unable to articulate, can be summed up in only one word ‘cry.’ Crying is an extremely healthy process where you can nothing except inner get out all of your suppressed passion of the outer world. Some people prevent themselves from crying in front of any body; thinking that explosions! I had crying is evidence of weakness. I’m with you that sometimes it’s pretty private while on the other hand, I’m not for hiding our feelings. That’s never imagined I highly dangerous! can do that one day; such an image of The worst thing you can ever watery circles going do is to cry silently down my face without even You know what? I’m telling you it’s dangerous to hide your feelings yet I always try to keep my feelings inside until I reach a place where I’m blinking once, have all alone! Yeah! I do that; maybe because personality tests consider me an introverted character that recharges power from within. Well, I never crossed my disagree with that. One may have times when he/she feels like sitting with oneself and meeting nobody at all. But that doesn’t mean that I mind. don’t like to see people when I’m depressed or out of mood. Your companions always help change your mood. They actually get you out of your uninterrupted condition that keeps you indulged in the same connected circle of thoughts and sentiments. Let me talk about the worst act related to the crying process. If you 22 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • look back at the first lines when never. I was describing how crying can take place without either blinking Hope I have helped or sobbing, you’ll already have a change some of the drawn image in mind about what wrong conceptions I want to say. about crying and made The worst thing you can ever do you somehow aware of is to cry silently! To keep your the benefits. Yet, you’ve sounds inside and prevent them got to take care that from waving through the there is a small surrounding outer atmosphere is difference between more like suffocating. Imagine expressing oneself and that you’re about to drown and being redundant in one suddenly find a floating piece of way or another. I call for wood. When you quickly try to crying just when truly reach it and get over, you find it needed to aid you to broken and so heavy that it has take a step forward, enough power to pull you nonetheless, continuous downward! That’s exactly the case. crying for trivial reasons is disliked and will make Why don’t we analyze? people think poorly about you. Why does anyone cry? It’s a reflexive action similar to your Finally, I’d like to change cough when any particle - other your mood now by than air - disrupts your esophagus letting you sing! Yes, while eating or drinking. Crying you must sing for me is a mixture of inner sentiments “HaPpy BirthdaY!” I may due to certain outer conditions be celebrating now if it’s that create pressure and lead to February 1st! Grab the a normal transformation from a chance and sing with calm state to a somewhat stormy me…ooops! -- I mean one. It’s one of man’s basic rights for me :) And let me to express! discover how my 19th If I can’t cry, I would die, I always year will look like. think. They sometimes say sobbing is not the solution! No, I disagree. It may not help solve the problem but it’ll sure help the person get - better to solve the problem! When I face a shock, I must internally react first before starting to think Love to cry to get it all out how to solve it. Involuntary I find myself down; resultantly, and renew your mood. disappointment may be a proper inner feeling that will push me to express that physically as well and Crying is a blessing that’s why tears are there. Tears are there to flow and If you are skating and fall down flow…streaming down your eyes and break your arm, I tell you that and cheeks carrying the excess you WILL definitely cry - based on charge out of your body. a personal experience! Write me back, tell me what you - If you haven’t ever tasted your think and if you have any special They say these quotes about tears you wouldn’t ever know the experience, you’re more than crying: meaning of laughter! welcome to share it. Send your - The sorrow which has no vent in mail to: info@teenstuffonline.com tears may make other organs Enjoy all of your reactions; freely It’s important to do that if you weep. Henry Maudsley express your sadness and agony. want to contribute. Thanks! - Let your tears come. Let them Discover how magical it is to feel water your soul. Eileen Mayhew satisfaction and strong inner will - Laughter and tears are both that can enable you change a responses to frustration and situation 180 degrees. Fall down exhaustion. I myself prefer to and get up, then fall down once Wishing you a laugh, since there is less cleaning more and get up again even up to do afterward. Kurt Vonnegut - The soul would have no rainbow stronger than before. No problem with that. We’re here to learn and very Happy had the eyes no tears. John Vance Cheney benefit; to laugh sometimes and cry at other times but most Valentine’s Day important is each one’s self I say this about crying: expression. Let me repeat: Don’t Doaa Samy, 19 - A baby’s first sound uttered is a deprive yourself from your basic cry! rights. Love to cry to get it all out - When you lose a very special and renew your mood. Crying is person, you cry deeply. a blessing! Evaluate it now or www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 23
    • Aregica "When imagination becomes the only fact" Welcome to Aregica News Room Channel! It's not Transmission 172' Middle East through Teen Stuff surprising to Sat! hear that 500 For those who don't know Aregica, it’s a country million pounds anywhere on some place on Mars. Whether, you’re are spent an Aregicanian citizen or not, believe me; you'll get every year on excited with Aregica News Room. private Aregica News Room brings the event right to your lessons. These place. private lessons Aregica News Room discusses hot issues. aren’t Aregica News Room is your eyes to the Aregicanian world. restricted only to school Just free your imagination and live the moment with students but Aregica News Room! also university students. This Good evening, everyone! Happy Valentine to all of you! situation puts Let's start with the headlines: the Aregican 1) The New BAL in the United States Of Aregica government in 2) Private Lessons - Private Lessons Forever a real dilemma 3) The New Electronic Government in how to stop those teachers Detailed News: It's not surprising to hear that 500 million pounds 1) The New BAL in the United are spent every year on States Of Aregica private lessons In an outstanding move, the United States of Aregica has established a who are used to earning 210,000 Aregican pounds a new organization month and convince them to be satisfied with 1000 called BAL. BAL only. Frankly speaking, the Aregican family is the only stands for Blue Ant victim!! Lovers and the organization aims at providing the appropriate 3) The New Electronic environment for the blue ants to prevent Government their extinction. BAL is saving no effort to After establishing the new electronic government, ban all home predictions have arisen on how this government would insecticides due to their great harm to blue ants. Blue react towards many internal affairs that Aregicans care ants don’t die by ordinary home insecticides but their about. Aregicans want to know the correct figures and respiratory system may be affected leading to severe not the fake ones they’re used to. Aregicans are in pneumonia. bad need to trust the government’s words just for Finally, Aregica News Room crew finds it meaningless once. They’re fed up with the usual slogans that are to conclude that blue ants are much more worthy than rarely applied. Aregicans would never like to repeatedly those innocent children, who are killed everyday in see the violence spreading that way it happened during Calestine and Biraq by the bullets of the United States the Aregican Parliament elections. Aregican youth are of Aregica soldiers. Those children who've done nothing dreaming to have job opportunities when they graduate. except being born humans and not blue ants!! Aregicans want to see real justice that never differentiates between this and that. They want to feel secure in their Motherland. Aregicans would like to 2) Private Lessons… Private omit the word street children from their dictionary. Lessons Forever Finally, Aregicans want to be proud that they’re Aregicans! Last week, the well-known private lessons teacher raised his fees up to one hundred Aregican pounds per That’s the end of our episode. Happy Valentine again lesson for each of the seventy-five students in every and we’re sorry to have this serious and dramatic news group. It was all because he wanted to spend the taking up the whole space because we, simply, had no summer months, this year, in Hawaii and not in Spain other choice than to state the facts! as usual. With a very short and easy calculation, one can get that this poor teacher earns about 210,000 See you next episode, Aregican pounds per month, which will help him, travel to Hawaii this year. Noha Samara, 21 Illustration by: Adnan Hesham 24 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • ARE you always drawing during long...just relax and scribble! phone calls, while studying, thinking? 1- Sketch a face... Discover the meaning of your 2- Draw a tree scribbles and what they reveal 3- Sketch a heart. 4- Draw a house; big, small, cottage about the inner you... or castle. Whatever you want! You will be asked to draw different And the secrets of your your HEART out! things.....Don't worry, it won't take symbols will be revealed Reveals a lot about Trees in general tell Always signifies home and It is the core of your your real self a lot about your life family, so check out your love and and your destiny. attitude towards them... relationships... Here's what your tree Happy, smiling face: Large house says about you... You are fun You love your Rounded and family, besides Rounded at the base: to be around, clouded- which respecting You are so loyal and very shaped: them; that is passionate! reveals the You are fact that you why you are sociable and have lots of kind. It also the center of friends! signifies that attention at Great! you are feeling home. Profile: on the top right You are very Bare now! ambitious; branches: Tall, thin house: You do not Indicating a family Pointed base: you are Your always express quarrel or relative yourself much, rivalry, don't worry it relationships are looking to the somehow future! but you are will blow over soon! ambitious and perfect, but you Long pretty are a bit jealous eyelashes: successful too! Lots of windows: sometimes so You are into Covered in You are take care! fashion and like leaves and lucky to to be praised a fruits: have lot and waited You are an such a upon, too! open-minded big and and happy warm Big lips: person who family, You are loves having but you are sometimes a bit nosy Arrow through heart: sensual and loads of fun! and like to know everything that You are a daydreamer, always romantic, is going on. dreaming to fall in love and and Christmas soon you will! everyone tree: loves you! You are Lucky you! energetic and Broken heart: one of your You are very much kind! affected by a break-up or your Long hair: relationship is not You are Palm tree: stable. Time to get creative and You want to out! spontaneous! House surrounded by a fence: Keep it! unleash your adventurous Your home is a secure and safe spirit and escape place for you; that is why you love spending quality time with responsibilities! your family. Overlapping Short or spiky Messy or shaded hearts: hair: tree: You are worried You are living You love a healthy and a yourself; about something nowadays or may House and a happy obviously you shining sun: relationship. like to be the be you lack confidence in You have a perfect Lucky you! center of happy family. something, but don't attention! worry it won't take Lucky you! long! Suss Your Symbols - Arrows: you have got a focused mind! - Numbers: you are very organized! - Crosses: you are wise and spiritual, but you need some - Animals: you are happy, kind and romantic! guidance too! - Balloons: you have got a loving personality and very - Stars: you have high aspirations! enthusiastic! - Circles: you are romantic and sincere! - Clouds: clear fluffy clouds; show that you are a daydreamer, - Squares: you are practical and reliable! but dark ones show that you are worried about something! - Spirals: you are stressed and you need to rest! - Crown: you will do anything to be famous and rich! - Infinity: someone loves you and thinks about you all the - Ring: you are seeking for a long-lasting, secure relationship! time! - Sun: you will live life to the full!
    • PUMA® Launches Statement Product at African Cup of Nations_ Eight Teams To Debut New 2006 v1.06 Concept In Egypt PUMA® unveiled its new 2006 seams for improved comfort. The new famous player Samuel Eto’s answered, “i football statement concept, specially developed woven fabric keeps believe all players like to get on to the the weight down to a minimum whilst pitch feeling as light as possible, as long the v1.06, at the 2006 African providing superior moisture management as they are not naked. This boot brings Cup of Nations_ in Egypt in to keep the player dry and comfortable. you that possibility, to take the pitch January. As proud supplier to feeling light but wearing a football boot. eight elite teams competing v1.06 Boot The design is very nice, a few details have been changed during the test periods but in the tournament (Angola, Created with one objective in mind, to I believe that they are now on the list of Cameroon, Egypt, Ghana, get players to the ball faster, the v1.06 everyone that wants to play a game of Ivory Coast, Senegal, Togo boot was designed create split second football.” and Tunisia) the event sat the advantages. The lightest PUMA boot on As for his opinion of the Kt he said “The the market, the upper is constructed from fabric is good … things have pace for 2006 with the debut an extremely thin and specially developed changed a ot. This I much of the new v1.06 playing kit. synthetic ConTec textile material for lighter for a player and I see increased speed, stamina, leather like a lot of potential. Let’s just Designed to get the players to the ball touch and close control. The fine-tuned see if it brings luck to those faster, the state of the art v1.06 playing PUMA AptoLast and asymmetrical Lace wearing it.” kit introduces a revolutionary lightweight Wrap system allow the boot to mould to proposition with an out and out focus on the natural shape of the foot for optimal On 19th of January aerodynamic advantages and comfort. energy preservation. Puma announced a The v1.06 shirt utilizes a brand new tear charitable partnership resistant fabric developed in collaboration with United For Africa with Manchester Metropolitan University. v1.06 Ball leading up to the The resulting kit, federation badges World of football included, weighs a mere 100g while Introducing a Championships in providing optimal moisture wicking and new-patented June. The evaporation demanded by top flight panel concept based on a organization will players. directly benefit from verified the sales and In an effort to honor and stress the geometrical proceeds of special individuality of each team, PUMA has approach, this projects launched designed a new graphic treatment unique construction in PUMA concept to each country. The jersey features a secures the roundest, most stores and tonal print of a visual icon representative special retail of the personality and heritage of each technically formats this football team. advanced ball on summer. the market. Continuing with PUMA’s patented dimple technology, the new v1.06 Playing Shirt v1.06 ball delivers more speed, further distance and improved control. Sticking to the overall design Samuel Eto concept of getting v1.06 Goalkeeper Glove you to the ball faster, the v1.06 In tune with the concept design brief, the shirt was new v1.06 goalkeeper glove sets out to engineered and provide top class goalkeepers with a crafted with lightweight glove proposition further aerodynamics in enhancing the proven performance mind. The most features of PUMA gloves. lightweight shirt on the market, the When asked upon his impression of the v1.06 game shirt is fully welded with no new PUMA [V1.06] and the design the February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Sami Youssef and New Release at Virgin On February 18, 2006, closer to people Virgin Megastore because there are hosted, for distribution, specialized people for the signing of Sami preaching who know Youssef's new album, their job well and he is My Ummah not one of them. Youssef arrived at Virgin "Preaching might not Megastores at 6:30 pm serve its right purpose and was received with if was forced upon applauding and people especially cheering fans while the through art and in attendees presented singing," he explained. him lovely bouquets of roses. After answering all the Youssef, first, started by questions, Sami Youssef singing some of his new stared signing posters album's songs and then and CDs for the answered questions attendees and as he from his fans. was leaving, his fans wouldn't let him go and Sami Youssef stated insisted that he stay. He clearly that he is not a apologized for not being religious preacher and able to speak Arabic and that he doesn't believe promised his fans that preaching is what will this will change soon bring him because he is working on that to be able to communicate with his fans. He said that loves Egyptians because he can sense that they are good by nature and sociable. The event ended with Youssef singing his new song, Free, which talks about Hejab and he promised his fans a concert soon in Alexandria's Library. Blo od donation league is a collaboration between Egyptian national blood transfusion services & www.egypt2006.com web site as a side activity for the African Nations Cup. Its principle simply is to make use of the competitive spirit between different football clubs' fans & direct it to be transformed into positive charitable attitude, especially in blood donation with our slogan to be “IN THAT WE SHOULD COMPETE” Every one can participate in this league through registering him/her self as regular blood donor in a web base registration form on www.egypt2006.com & to register the name of his favorite club & the blood center will call him/her to inform him/her about the nearest blood center to donate blood. At the end of the league, the winning club will be the one chosen by the largest No. of blood donors. On Thursdays, as well, there will be a fixed blood campaign in Ramsis square in front of the Main Railway Station & another mobile blood campaign rotating in different clubs weekly. www.teenstuffonline.com
    • On January 19, 2006, Seeds of Peace Delegation Leaders of Egypt, and AMIDEAST Egypt, held an Award Ceremony for the Seeds of Peace Art Competition. Teen Stuff staff was very pleased to be there to share in this inspiring event. The competition was held during International Education Week in Cairo and Alexandria on November 12 and 18, respectively. The competition invited students aged 12 to 16 years to create drawings and paintings that encourage peace, tolerance, empathy, acceptance, patience, and co- existence. Both Seeds of Peace and AMIDEAST are organizations dedicated to increasing cultural understanding within and between communities around the world. This contest is an outgrowth of their work. Seventeen schools were represented by 75 participating students. A committee of four professional artists judged the artwork and selected the best twelve paintings and then short listed them to identify the top five winning works. There were seven winners in Cairo and five in Alexandria. Seeds of Peace published a 2006 calendar to highlight the best twelve creations, which were identified with the names of the young artists under each month’s image. This calendar was distributed to all participating schools, all Seeds of Peace Delegation Leaders around the world, AMIDEAST, and the artists who judged the student competition. Congratulations and thanks to everyone who supported this event! 30 . February 2006 . TeenStuff
    • Campaign Awards 2005 Campaign Middle East has announced for the first time ever the short list for the Campaign Awards 2005. The awards is a huge event for the region’s advertising and media agencies. With awards given out for 13 different categories, meaning the ultimately creative minds in the region all in one event, taking place on January 31st, 2006 in Dubai. With the overwhelming amount of more than 600 entries received for the awards from around the region, the first round of judging took place in Dubai two weeks ago, followed by yet an extra round to create a shortlist for each category. 20 judges from top advertising, media and PR agencies under the chairmanship of Unilever Middle East boss Jan Zijderveld gathered at the Fairmont Hotel in Dubai to debate the entries. The agencies and campaigns that were considered exceptional in the region were short listed were announced on December 25th. Where does Egypt fit in the region’s? , you might ask. Well, Egypt has scooped up 3 entries on the short- lists in three different categories. And the Short-lists are (drum roll please………) *Media Agency of the year: Zenith Cairo Initiative Mindshare MENA OMD UM7 *Advertising Agency of the Year Face to Face JWT Lowe Partnership Saatchi & Saatchi Tonic *Media Plan of the year Virgin Megastore, Zenith Cairo Barbican, Initiative Emirates Today, OMD Heineken, MindShare Rani Float, initiative Tiida, OMD Vodafone Kuwait, MindShare *TV Campaign of the year Beirut Marathon, Leo Burnett Beirut Crest Lighthouse, Saatchi & Saatchi Domino’s , JWT Exotica Flower Shop, Leo Burnett Beirut Ford Mustang, Drive, Team Y & R Mobinil Mercedes, Leo Burnett Cairo Twix, TBWARaad Congratulations to Zenith & Leo Burnett for voicing out Egypt’s exceptional work among the region’s Advertising & media fields. www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Syria at a Crossroad: Will it be another Iraq? “The Assassination of a Legend” Date: February 14th 2005. himself) saying: "I have... submitted the resignation Place: North of Beirut of the government and I have declared that I will not Scene: ASSASINATION! be a candidate to head the (next) government." Hariri's contributions were numerous. Among the It is a quiet spring day in Lebanon. A convey of a few most notable is the fact that he educated 30,000 cars is moving along the beachfront. Its appearance Lebanese students inside and outside of Lebanon and indicates that it contains some important people. The spent millions of dollars of his own personal money camera takes you then for an inside look of the to redefine the face of social structure in Lebanon. motorcade to see some He donated a great deal of money to charity and famous figures like Rafik invested in Lebanon when few others were willing to Hariri (the former Lebanese risk doing so. He worked towards unity of the different Prime Minister) and Bassel religious and ethnic groups and rebuilding the nation. Fleihan, the former Minister On June 22, 2005, Beirut International Airport was of Economy and renamed Rafik Hariri International Airport in honor Commerce. Among others, of Rafik Hariri, all of which proves that Hariri was an they were both members extraordinary man. However, unlike many other of the Lebanese parliament important figures who were assassinated, the whole and were heading home world was concerned with this man’s death. after an important session at the parliament. “The White House condemned the attack and said The scene suddenly is disrupted when explosives Lebanon should be allowed to pursue its political equivalent to 1,000 kg. of TNT are future free from violence... detonated creating a devastating blast and free from Syrian causing a huge rift in the ground, occupation.” killing several people including Rafik Spokesman Scott McClellan Hariri, and injuring dozens of others. said he was not trying to “link Syria with the bombing,” Flashback now with the director as adding that “Washington did he takes us back several years ago not know who was to tell us who was Rafik Hariri, and responsible,” Reuters News why was he be assassinated in such Agency reported. a way. Sorry Mr. McClellan, if you Rafik Bahaa Al Din Al Hariri was a claim that Washington didn’t Lebanese Muslim, self-made billionaire know who was responsible and business tycoon. He left Lebanon and that you are not trying in 1965 to work in Saudi Arabia for to link Syria with the a construction company, and there, bombings then why would you he accumulated vast amounts of wealth in a short period of time and emerged as a powerful construction tycoon. In 1978 mention Syria in the first Hariri was made a citizen of Saudi Arabia by the Saudi place? And why would you royal family as a reward for the high quality of his link the Syrian presence in entrepreneurial services, and he became the Kingdom's Lebanon to violence? representative in Lebanon. He then went on to become Saudi Arabia's leading entrepreneur. This episode was much more In 1982, he donated $12 million to Lebanese victims interesting than the last one of Israel's invasions and helped restore Beirut's streets because after the with his own money. He also used his personal wealth assassination everything to finance the Taif Accord in 1989, which put an end changed. A revolution to the civil war. aroused in Lebanon, which was then called the Cedar In 1993 he founded the television station, Future TV Revolution. Syria was being pressured to pull out of in Beirut and purchased stakes in several Lebanese Lebanon (as if it was proved that Syria was the reason newspapers. He founded his own newspaper, Al- behind the assassination) and the crisis escalated to Mustaqbal (The Future). He was also the biggest a terrifying level, putting Syria in a corner. And the shareholder in Solidere, the joint-stock company that whole world watched and waited for the Syrian and almost single handedly transformed and revived Lebanese reaction. central Beirut following the Lebanese civil war. Hariri served as Prime Minister of Lebanon from 1992 What was the reaction? Who was the new figure that to 1998, then again from left Syria shaking whenever they hear his name? 2000 until October, 20, What is the Cedar Revolution? 2004. Hariri resigned both You know the rules; if you know the answers, send times because he was me back at: against the extension of If you do not, then wait for the next episode in March President Lahoud’s term as and try to read some newspapers during the meantime! pressured by the Syrian government (as Lahoud is Yasser Abbas, 19 considered a pro-Syrian 32 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Women in Afghanistan: Who is Responsible for their Oppression? still being abused, harassed, and threatened all over Afghanistan, often by government troops and officials," as stated by Zama Coursen-Neff, co- author of the Human Rights Watch report and counsel to the Children's Rights Division of Human Rights Watch. "The U.S.-led coalition justified the war against the Taliban in part by promising that it would liberate Afghanistan's women and girls," said Coursen-Neff. “In fact, by supporting repressive warlords, the international community has broken that promise and forsaken women's rights." The Afghan Human Rights Commission, which is mandated to monitor human rights conditions and investigate abuse, is not receiving sufficient political and moral support from the international community, including the U.N., to effectively investigate or monitor human rights conditions. Over the last twelve months, Human Rights Watch has itself documented serious human Decades of civil war are more than rights abuse against women and girls enough to crush any country which by warlords all over Afghanistan. is exactly what happened to Afghanistan. The costs of this civil Outside of Kabul, women and girls war are enormous; more than one have faced serious circumstances million civilians are believed to have that threaten their physical safety, been killed and countless others including sexual violence. In the injured. The catastrophic North, three rival forces have abused consequences of this war have Pashtun civilians, including raping weighed heavily on the women of entire households and girls as young Afghanistan. as fourteen. Will the international community continue to sit idle as Naturally, men and women have human rights are clearly being suffered the hardships of that war: Zabul, Logar, and Wardak. Local perpetrated against women in Indiscriminate bombings and shelling forces have done little to prevent of residential areas, destruction and these attacks. displacement and being the victims of deliberate and arbitrary killings Many Afghans expected the and "disappearances." But in addition international community to stand up to all that, women in Afghanistan to warlords but the international have suffered from gender specific community's inability to fulfill its human rights abuse, such as rape commitments toward women in and sexual assaults, forced marriages Afghanistan threatens the promise and prostitution. Women in of the post-Taliban era. Now many Afghanistan were often treated as are angry and disillusioned with the the spoils of war. United States, the United Nations and the international presence in Afghanistan? It appears that armed guards were Afghanistan generally. ignored by leaders, as a method of And why is not the intervention of threatening vanquished populations "Many people outside the country the United States obvious in the case and of rewarding soldiers. Many believe that Afghan women and girls of the Afghan women? Who is to women were raped by armed guards have had their rights restored. It is blame and who is RESPONSIBLE for during the period from 1992 - 1995. just not true. “Women and girls are the dreadful situation of the Afghan Many Afghan women reportedly women; The Taliban regime, the committed suicide to avoid such a United Nations, the United States or fate. the international community as a whole? For your own knowledge, Neither Afghan men nor women are while we are sitting here debating, allowed to take part in the decision numerous young women and girls making process but this oppression are being beaten, raped and killed. is falling doubly hard on women, who And we still have not figured out who also face the general political is responsible! oppression of women. Schools for girls have been attacked with rockets or set on fire in at least five Dina Wahba, 19 provinces: Kandahar, Sar-e Pol, www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 33
    • 8) Eat with a teaspoon and chew slowly. That makes you feel full quickly. 9) Don’t eat after 8 p.m. 10) Don’t eat between meals. 1) Deal with yourself as if you’re a normal body-sized person but who must follow a Now, for a few other tips you can follow. few steps to look better. How can your clothes help you reduce your shape? ‘Plus-size,’ ‘full- 2) You have to go on a balanced diet which bodied,’ ‘heavy,’ supplies your body with vitamins and energy. (Don’t stop eating or only eat an - Try to wear dark colored clothes like black, blue-black, brown or dark brown. They’ll ‘large,’ ‘full- apple as a meal, for example, because you’ll gain the weight you lost as soon as make you look thinner. figured.’ These are you start eating normally again). - Don’t wear clothes with folds. They’ll make you look larger! just a few of the 3) Practice, daily, any kind of sport you terms used to want for 20 minutes. It’ll help you to lose weight and to re-shape your body. - It isn’t preferable to wear flowered clothes. Plain, solid clothes are better for you. describe those of - Pockets, pockets! All teenagers like us who wear sizes pockets but what you don’t realize is that pockets make you look larger. of double digits. - If you like jeans with back pockets, try But now it’s time to to wear jeans with large back pockets. throw away all of WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR? TRY THESE these terms by TIPS NOW!! facing our Hadiel problems without being shy because overweight is one of the biggest teenagers’ 4) Drink at least three cups of green tea a day. It’ll help you to lose weight faster. problems and we must face it. 5) You can take green tea as tablets. It’s natural and 100 percent safe. SO LET’S FOLLOW 6) Drink at least two glasses of water before THESE STEPS: each meal. It’ll make you feel full quickly. 7) You needn’t eat from a large plate. A small bowl is enough. (DON’T REFILL IT!) 36 . January 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Must-Listen-to Love Songs For Valentines, we have two albums Powered by just for you The first one is the Bee Gees, releasing a typical album for the Valentine's occasion. This album brings together the best of their love songs She's back with her new album, Finally you will all get and all of their topping the Billboard 200 Chart at the chance to check finest ballads over # 1, she’s the talented female singer, their four decade Ashlee Simpson. I Am Me, is Ashlee’s the international release second album, released on Geffen of Bryan Adams career including the hits, Words, How records. Also, she’s teamed up once ‘Anthology’, a 2 disc CD again with producer John Shanks set of all his greatest hits Deep Is Your Love, Secret Love, To Love Somebody, First (Sheryl Crow, Melissa Etheridge and and more, to be released Alanis Morissette). soon. Also for release is of May, Lonely Days, Too Much Heaven, Heartbreaker, Emotion, Wedding Day Ashlee co-wrote all ten songs with a new live DVD called ‘Live Shanks who plays keyboards, bass In Lisbon’, which features and many more. and guitars. a track listing full of hits, The album ranked them among the top It entered the Billboard 200 Chart and was shot by veteran five most successful recording artists at #1, following the same successful director Dick Carruthers ever. steps in Super 8, so looks really The Bee Gees career is truly remarkable of her first solo album, special and very different and the key to their longevity and Autobiography, that also debuted at to previous DVD releases. outstanding #1 in July of 2004. And here's what achievement is quite simply that they’ve she had to say about her second written some of the best love songs album: ever. "I’m really excited to have my album debut at #1. It makes all the hard work worthwhile. I especially want The second to thank all my fans and I’m so album is a grateful for female aimed their continued compilation of support." sentimental songs and The first track ballads. They carrying the say that same name of the album, I nothing hurts Am Me, has like love and I truly believe in that. And been lighting for others who hold the same belief, up radio station we give you a LOVE ALBUM compilation request lines which includes the most famous love from coast-to- songs and ballads ever. coast. It includes some best tracks of the Meanwhile, the artists on the album, such as: video version of Whilst there have been Sinead O’Connor’s, Nothing Compares Boyfriend is the hits albums before, never To You, Michael Jackson’s, One Day in #1 most requested clip on MTV and has one included all the Your Life has been added into MTV's ‘Big Ten’ key tracks of his career, Ronan Keating’s, If Tomorrow Never rotation. So Far So Good was Comes, Dido’s, Here With Me, Blue’s, Proudly speaking, father/manger, released in 1993 and Guilty, Joe Simpson says, "It's so nice for Justin Timberlake’s, Cry Me a River, Ashlee to be rewarded for all her doesn’t include any of hard work and perseverance. She’s Bryan’s later hits and Maroon 5’s, She Will Be Loved, Hoobastank’s, The Reason, Elton John’s, a strong and talented person and 2002’s single disc Best Of we're immensely proud of her." Me didn’t include the huge Sorry Seems To Be the Hardest Word, Sugarbabes’s, Shape, Bee Gees, Words And here's a small biography for the early hits Heaven, new talented artist: Somebody, Cuts Like A and Boyzone’s, Baby Can I Hold You Tonight? Ashlee was born in 1984 in Waco, Knife and It’s Only Love Texas, and was raised by her parents amongst other omissions. Also included is, Abba’s, The Winner Joe and Tina Simpson who influenced Takes It All, Cher’s, If I Could Turn her life strongly. She started singing Anthology includes as well Back Time, Phil Collins and Marilyn at age of four and at age eleven she two brand new recordings Martin’s, Separate Lives, Scorpions, became the youngest person ever and two previously Wind of Change, The Police’s, Every admitted to the prestigious School unreleased live recording Breath You Take, Sheryl Crow’s, The of American Ballet. (from the Live In Lisbon First Cut Is the Deepest, Leanne Also, making inroads as an actress DVD) together with a live Rimes’s, How Do I Live and still many early on, she appeared on shows duet track with Bonnie more. like, Saved by the Bell Raitt that has never The album has sold over 200,000 copies and Malcolm in the Middle. But it previously been available in excess. Having such artists and was a continuing role on the hit WB on a Bryan Adams album. incredible series, 7th Heaven, which jump- compilation of the best Love songs ever started her rise to stardom. After … is there anything more to ask for?! she signed with Geffen Records, The Ashlee Simpson Show on MTV Amr Reda, 20 chronicled the making of Autobiography - her first album. www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 37
    • Oldie but Goodie Yes, I promised you I'd be back with more, so here I am! Welcome to the second edition of the Black Pages, and the very first Black Pages ‘International-Band Review!’ And our special guests in this issue are one of the most famous Rock bands in the world! They've been rocking sold-out concerts and arenas for years, and chances are you probably heard one or more of their songs and never even knew it! It’s my pleasure and honor to present to you, Ladies and Gentlemen, Dudes and ‘Dudettes’… AEROSMITH! (Don’t worry all you Metallians out there… I'm just getting warmed up! *wink*) Now, while Aerosmith can't really started over three and a be considered a Metal band, they half decades ago! And sure as hell are one of the best what does lead singer Hard Rock bands out there. Still Steven Tyler have to say alive and kicking till today, they about this? have etched their mark upon the great stone of musical history time "I can't imagine being on and time again. And as far as Where Are They Now? they're concerned… it's not over telling people how great yet! I once was. You have to take your work seriously, Founded back in 1970, the band, but not yourself." Aerosmith, still maintains their And surely enough, the original line-up till this day; meaning band just launched their that all the same band members latest Arena Tour last have been together and friends November! since back when the band first February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Lead singer Steven Tyler (then also drummer) first met guitarist Joe They always were a charismatic Tom Hamilton: Bass guitars Perry and bassist Tom Hamilton in band on stage. And Perry's guitar Zodiac Sign: Capricorn Favorite 1970 and formed a power trio. brilliance, Tyler's cynical big mouth, Food: Anything fried Favorite They quickly recruited second along with the rest of the band's Car: Ferrari 275 GTB guitarist Brad Whitford, former striking chemistry, all helped give Favorite Aerosmith Song: The Farm member of Earth Inc., and added the band an invigorating and Favorite Sport: drummer Joey Kramer to the mix, energetic edge and their ability to Tennis leaving Steven Tyler as the full- create all kinds of appealing music, Favorite Movie: time lead vocalist and completing made Aerosmith one of the most Bladerunner the quintet. A new rock band had popular bands of their time. As for Started been born! their apparent ability to evolve, Playing: Age 12 adapt, and compete… THAT is what 1st guitar: Starting out in clubs, the band still makes them a success till Fender finally landed their first record deal today. Precision with Columbia Records two years later and by their 3rd album release, Finally, the band Aerosmith have Joey Kramer: Aerosmith had struck gold! The been through a hell of a lot along Drums and band had developed their style, the years; some good, some bad, Percussion and it was a solid mix of smooth and some worse . But in the end, Zodiac Sign: bluesy riffs and a powerful bawdy even through the hardest of times, Gemini/Cancer Favorite Food: lurch, that, combined with Steve’s they always managed to pull Sushi clever and sarcastic lyrics, rocked, themselves together, get back on Favorite Car: 550 to say the least! their feet and make a comeback; Ferrari Marinallo and through it all, they brought us Favorite Aerosmith From that point on, it was the some of the greatest music ever Song: Nobody's beginning of the top-of-the-chart and for that… I salute them! Fault and Lord of history for Aerosmith. With more the Thighs than a few gold, platinum and Started Playing: multi-platinum records to their Age 14 1st Drums: name, Aerosmith are credited for some of the most popular songs in Rock history. Maybe their most The Band: Kent 3-piece set popular song of all is the ever so Steven Tyler: Lead vocals (and Recommended popular Dude (Looks Like a Lady) occasionally on harmonica) Songs: Dream On, from the Oscar winning hit comedy, Zodiac Sign: Aries Dude Looks Like A Mrs. Doubtfire, starring Robin Favorite Food: Lady, Pink, Livin' on the Edge, Williams. (The movie being a Italian Crazy, Cryin', Sunshine, Beyond personal favorite of mine, still Favorite Car: Beautiful… and so much more. reminds me of singing along with Lotus Super 7 this track among friends countless Favorite Aerosmith General Trivia: times, on school trips, outings, song: No Surprise − Steve Tyler and Joe Perry first etc.... even before I knew who met at an ice-cream parlor Aerosmith were). Another Favorite TV show: − Steve once made a bet for Aerosmith soundtrack that would Southpark $50,000 with a fan… and lost it! be widely remembered by most is, (and he paid!!) of course, the emotional ballad Joe Perry: Lead − Steve Tyler is father of actress Don’t Wanna Miss a Thing, from guitars (and backing vocals) Liv Tyler the Oscar nominated movie, Zodiac Sign: Virgo − Joe's loose guitar string once Armageddon, starring Bruce Willis, Started Playing: pierced Tyler's cheek making him Ben Affleck and a large number of Age 6 bleed onstage stars, including beautiful actress Guitar Lessons: − Brad likes to collect model cars Liv Tyler (Yes… Steve Tyler’s own None and loves anything with an engine daughter and the same Liv Tyler 1st String − Tom likes to learn languages and that also appeared in movies like instrument: collect World War II Paraphernalia Lord of the Rings). Ukulele (made by − Joey says he's extremely Other favorite Aerosmith tracks his uncle) sensitive and claims to "eat" in his include Pink, Walk This Way (with 1st Guitar: sleep Run D.M.C), Angel, Living on the Silvertone − Joey is responsible for the band Edge, and the three songs Crazy, name, Aerosmith Cryin’ and Amazing, which starred Brad Whitford: − Aerosmith once guest starred in the beautiful actress, Alicia Rhythm guitars an episode of The Simpsons Silverstone in their music videos. Zodiac Sign: But, my own personal favorite Pisces Aerosmith song, and their closest Favorite Food: Well, unfortunately that's all the to my heart I might add, is without Japanese space they'll give me. But wait for a doubt the remarkable Rock ballad Favorite Car: the Black Pages section next Dream On. This was one of the Porsche Turbo month for more! very first Rock/Metal songs I ever Favorite Rock On! heard, and it still has a very special Aerosmith Song: place in my heart. And apart from Nobody's Fault Jean Piere, 21 the beautiful instrumentals of the Favorite Sport: track, the lyrics are some of the Auto Racing most fascinating works of genius Started Playing: put to song. It’s a marvelous piece Age 14 Guitar of art to say the least. lessons: 1 Year 1st Guitar: Winston www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006
    • Having Fun with February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • more relevant wowed audiences and critics alike today than it was who have since then begged for 1977. On the idea more of the serious Carrey. “There's of remaking films, no meaning to it at all,” Carrey Jim says: “Most of confessed, when asked how he the time I go, ‘Oh, decides between doing a comedy again with that?’ I or drama next. “It's just whatever don't know. I was turns me on at the moment and seduced by the whatever the universe sends me.” idea because I That’s why his next project is a thought it could be drama/thriller titled, The Number really fun for me 23, in which he plays a man who and for a really finds a book about a character that good actor to have is obsessed with the number 23; a a rebellious romp. Honestly, the number that haunts him and leads Since everyone on Earth knows bottom line is that it was a great him to do some very bad things. about Jim Carrey, his days as a backdrop, and we got to say some Finally, it starts happening in his struggling stand-up comedian and socially conscious things but I just life, and he starts to notice parallels his early hits such as The Mask thought it was a fun idea.” One of between the book and character and Dumb and Dumber all the the other qualities that drove him and his life. The film will be directed way up to his current stardom, we to do the film was the fact that the by Joel Shumacher (Batman can just skip ahead to the present film’s storyline bears some Forever, Phone Booth). Don’t worry day and his latest movie, Fun with resemblance to his own personal folks… Jim isn’t leaving comedy! Dick and Jane. The movie is a life, when his family was down- Not only is he coming back for a remake (as are most Hollywood and-out of luck and he had to use comedy next year, but he’ll be films nowadays) of a 1977 comedy his talents to help his family out of teaming up with Ben Stiller in the with the same name starring poverty. Add to that, it was also futuristic sci-fi comedy, Used Guys, George Segal and Jane Fonda. It another opportunity for Jim to in which they’ll play the last male featured an upwardly mobile stretch his over-the-top comic pleasure clones in a world ruled by married couple, Dick and Jane abilities to the max, whether it’s women. And there’s also talk of a Harper, who suddenly find singing his own rendition of R. team-up between Carrey and themselves unemployed and in debt Kelly’s, I Believe I Can Fly or eccentric director Tim Burton for and are forced to turn to armed stepping into singer Cher’s outfits. Ripley's Believe It or Not! in robbery in desperation to return to which Carrey will play Robert Ripley, their comfortable lifestyle. The film Teaming with Jim Carrey as his the man behind the Believe It or was a social commentary on the loving wife and partner-in-crime, Not newspaper columns and the presumably stifling corporate Jane, is Téa Leoni (a.k.a. Mrs. David finder of the greatest oddities in environment of the mid-1970's and Duchovny) who starred in films the world. There’s the American Dream-turned- such as Bad Boys, Jurassic Park also a nightmare. Does the story ring any III and Spanglish. Although bells? It should, because the same Cameron Diaz was set to play Jane plotline was given the Egyptian but dropped out due to scheduling treatment in the 1982 comedy conflicts, Téa Leoni came on board Esabet Hamada we Toto, starring and proved to be an excellent Adel Imam and Lebleba. So what’s match with Jim Carrey’s comic new with this 2005 version? Like timing. On working with Téa, Jim its older counterpart, this too is a has this to say: “She's so great. commentary on the current My manager Jimmy Miller corporate corruption that is taking handles her as well, and he's place nowadays (specifically the been telling me for years, Enron scandal, if you’ve been ‘You've got to work with Téa, following the news). This is why you've got to work with Téa!’ this film is set in 2000, where So we finally got the according to Jim Carrey in an opportunity and it was just a interview, “the world has changed dream. She’s so willing to go in the last five years in ways that anywhere and do anything we couldn’t even deal with in the and she's not afraid to get movie. Certainly, it was the time her hands dirty. And she's when people started waking up and also a very connected, a much noticing that we're all part of the disciplined actor and I wanted corporation. I'm part of the somebody who could make the possibility of corporation. You're part of the relationship real and I think in the Lemony Snicket’s A Series of corporation. We're all hooked into movie, the relationship is really Unfortunate Events sequel, yet it, and where does it end and how sweet, you really like these people.” it’s not certain whether Jim will be corrupt are we? How long can I eat involved or not. Either way, Jim has from a rotten apple around the In maintaining the balance between a busy schedule ahead of him and edges, before I swallow something comedy and drama, Jim has been as long as he continues to appear that hurts me? It's like we live with walking a very fine line that most in successful comedies as well as that kind of feeling in this country.” people nowadays are interested in more dramatic roles, people most seeing more of his dramatic side. certainly will never get enough of While Jim isn’t the kind of actor As evident with recent films like America’s No.1 funnyman! who’s willing to do sequels or the cult-favorite, Eternal Sunshine remakes, he found the idea of of the Spotless Mind and previous Ali Nasser, 20 revisiting Fun with Dick and Jane classics like, The Truman Show Head of the Film Club appealing as the theme of the film and Man on the Moon for which (and a huge Jim Carrey fan!) (corporate corruption) seems to be he earned Golden Globes, Jim has www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 51
    • Memoirs of a Geisha Starring: Ziyi Zhang Ken Watanabe Mako Michelle Yeoh Director by: Rob Marshal Far-East cultures are getting used to fascinating us every now and then with movies made about them and their culture. First Crouching Tiger and Hidden Dragon did it and won an Academy Award as Best Foreign Movie. Followed by The House of Flying Daggers and Hero, such movies got audiences more Marshal to direct this film and it and more fascinated with them. took a lot of negotiation as Rob Now, Ziyi Zhang and Michelle Yeoh Marshal created his first with are reuniting again after co-starring Miramax and is contracted to do together in Crouching Tiger and another one for them. But Hidden Dragon. It's time for another Dreamworks and Miramax have a movie about the mysterious and long history of talents, exchanging. exotic world of Japanese geishas, Steven Spielberg, Brett Ratner, entitled, Memoirs of a Geisha, based Spike Jones and Kimberly Pierce, on the novel of Arthur Golden. who were all considered for The movie starts during the time directing this film. before the WW II with Chiyo, a Hope you all enjoy this movie with young daughter from a penniless the score of John Williams, as he family, who was sold as a servant passed on the score of the last to the house of the geisha. Not Harry Potter and created the score really welcomed by the owners and for this movie. the head geisha, Hatsumomo as she was jealous of Chiyo’s stunning Alaa M. Jalal, 19 beauty. Soon she was rescued by the bitter rival of Hatsumomo, Mameha (Michelle Yeoh). As Mameha becomes her mentor to be a geisha, Chiyo is taught her all the artistic and social skills for her world as a geisha and changes her name to Sayuri. Sayuri captivates the most powerful men of her time but she is haunted by her secret love to a man beyond reach. Soon World War II looms. Japan and the geisha's world are forever changed by the onslaught of history. The rights to the novel were bought a month after the book came out in 1997 by husband-and-wife producers Douglas Wick and Lucy Fisher. It was very hard to get Rob 52 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • The Family Stone Starring: Diane Keaton - Sarah an immaculately composed, during Christmas, in a small Jessica Parker - Claire Danes) contemporary New York City- college town. Directed by: Thomas Bezucha based career woman Two-thirds of the film is set inside After her initial trial by fire with the Stone family residence. “To The Family Stone is a comedy the Stones, Meredith enlists the me, the house is the last actor in about the annual holiday help of her younger sister, Julie this film,” says Bezucha. gathering of a New England Morton (Claire Danes). family, the Stones. The eldest son brings his girlfriend home to meet Julie enters the “lions’ den” his parents, brothers and sisters. with much more ease than The bohemian Stones greet their her sister, but Julie’s visit visitor – a high-powered, ultimately leads to further controlling New Yorker – with a complications, especially for mix of awkwardness, confusion Everett Stone (Dermot and hostility. Before the holiday Mulroney). Everett is a is over, relationships will unravel successful executive in while new ones are formed. Manhattan. The Stones, and Meredith Sybil Stone (Diane Keaton) is the and Julie, are people you strong-willed matriarch who’s at could meet in real life,” says the heart of the Stone family, an Producer Michael London, outspoken woman who wants whose credits include the only the best for her five children. much-honored pictures Sideways, Thirteen and The Everett’s girlfriend, Meredith House of Sand and Fog. Morton (Sarah Jessica Parker). is The Family Stone is set In Her Shoes Starring: appearance. The film the ever-versatile Tony Cameron Diaz, shows you the story of Collette playing a pair of Tony Collette and the two sisters and how squabbling Jewish sisters, Shirley MacLaine their lives drastically Hanson gets inside his change. characters' scrambled Director: Curtis Hanson Movie Critcs had this to lives with sensitivity and say about the Movie: compassion as he Before you guys start explores the ties that wondering and saying “In Her Shoes starts out forever bind.” that we have already with the materials of an Kirk Honeycutt written about this movie ordinary movie and last month and how could becomes a rather special something like that miss one. The emotional payoff Some might say that this Teen Stuff staff, we didn’t at the end is earned, not is an all girl movie and miss it. In Her Shoes is because we see it coming you boys should stay out simply too good to write as the inevitable outcome of it but that is not what about it only once and of the plot, but because other says and I quote, since it is still not in the it arrives out of the blue “The audience for In Her theatres we decided to and yet, once we think Shoes definitely skewers take this chance to tell about it, makes perfect female. But Fox can count you more about it. From sense. Like a good poem, on Diaz to attract male last month’s preview you it blindsides us with the viewers, who won't be are probably familiar with turn it takes right at the disappointed by the sexy the story by now but here end.” and stylish outfits her is a little reminder. Maggie Roger Ebert, Chicago character, a clothes and Rose are too opposite Sun-Times maven, wears in the sisters the first knows picture.” nothing but how to party “In Her Shoes, director and never keeps a job Curtis Hanson has made while the latters is a very a chick flick with successful lawyer who substance as well as style. doesn’t focus on her outer With Cameron Diaz and www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 54
    • Oliver Twist Starring: Ben Kingsley, Davies playing Oliver, and as is as moving in the Barney Clark, LeAnn Rowe Robert Newton as Sikes, role as Ben Kingsley is in and Jamie Foreman Alec Guinness as Fagin and his. Leann Rowe is a very Directed By: Roman Kay Walsh as Nancy were sexy Nancy and was a fine Polanski its representatives. In choice for the part. (1974), appears the Based on Charles Dicken’s animated version directed The art direction and Oliver Twist the tragic by Hal Sutherland by cinematography are oil novel is a classic, where Warner Bros. paintings in motion; highly an orphan who is abused atmospheric and gorgeous by a workshop, meets a Yet this new version is to look at. All great pickpocket on the streets more emotionally directors have different in London. From there, he engrossing with great visions and experienced joins a household who are character development of craftsmanship in trained to steal for their Fagin and Oliver. The successfully remarking this masters. duality of the characters much loved tale. is wonderfully introduced. The first movie of William The scenery and incredible If you’re a fan of Dickens, J. Cowen (1933) starred lighting that Polanski used then you’ll have to see the Dickie Moore as Oliver, is really amazing. There film, because simply you'll Irving Pichel as Fagin and are many differences in love it. If you’re a fan of Doris Liyod as Nancy. It the plot from the previous Roman Polanski, it's one was sincere but atrociously versions. of his best. If you wish to acted and was a flatly be entertained in a very staged film version. Then Jamie Foreman is the classic and non-offensive another version took over scariest Bill Sikes ever. way, you must SEE IT! in (1948) directed by Barney Clark as Oliver David Lean. It was a movie carries the pictures on his Mahie Ahmed, 20 in which John Howard instinctual little shoulder Syriana Starring: George Clooney – Matt Minghella). Damon - Chris Cooper In Bob’s last assignment, an Directed: Stephen Gaghan assassination of two arms dealers in Tehran, a Stinger missile falls into ‘Syriana’ is a very real term used the hands of a mysterious blue-eyed by Washington think-tanks to E gy pt ia n . O n h i s re tu r n to describe a hypothetical reshaping Washington, Bob is promised a of the Middle East. promotion after one last undercover Syriana, is a political thriller that mission – assassinating Prince Nasir. unfolds against the intrigues and But when one of his field contacts corruption of the global oil industry. turns on him and the assassination From Washington to the men toiling attempt goes terribly awry. He in the oil fields of the Persian Gulf, begins to realize that he has been the film’s multiple storylines weave lied to. “Syriana also opens together to illuminate the human discussions about corruption, about consequences of the fierce pursuit the effectiveness of the CIA, about of wealth and power. any number of things,” says Clooney. It’s worth mentioning that our The intrigue takes place against the Egyptian star, Amr Waked has a role backdrop of an oil-producing Gulf in this movie. Lately, many of our country, where young, charismatic s tars h ave been s tar ring in and reform-minded Prince Nasir international movies, although the (Alexander Siddig) is seeking to role isn’t a big one, it’s a good step change long-established for Waked’s career. relationships with U.S. business interests. Nasir, the apparent heir S he iks and fie ld wor ker s, to the throne, has just granted g o v e r n m e n t i n s p e c to r s a n d natural gas drilling rights – long held international spies, rich and poor, by Connex, a Texas energy giant – the famous and infamous – each to a higher Chinese bid. plays their small part in the vast and complex system Bob Barnes (George Clooney) is a This movie is a Warner Bros. veteran CIA agent nearing the end Production and suggested by the of a long and respectable career, book See No Evil by Robert Baer. with a son headed for college (Max www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 56
    • Obsessions Dig Out Yours!! No wait! Don’t turn the page! Just because this article is about obsessions doesn’t mean it doesn’t concern you. As a matter of fact, it’s all about YOU! It’s for you, me and all of us. Each one of us suffers from at least one of the - soon-will-be-mentioned - symptoms. You know why? Because each one of us has a favorite actor or actress, owns or will soon be carrying a cell phone, has a favorite car make, and a much loved sport or sports star. Getting curious? Then read on! considered beautiful for being plump. They were regarded healthy and wealthy because they could afford food. In the 50’s, actresses were gorgeous when they had curvy bodies. Nowadays, being slim is the ‘new look’ that everyone has to attain, notwithstanding the consequences. Their obsession with reaching a perfect image and their fear of gaining weight can reach an extent of suffering and eating disorders, like bulimia and anorexia nervosa. Clearly, the media has a great influential role on our lives. Somehow, it indirectly lays focus on a certain shape or size that people should acquire. The constant display of real skinny celebrities and considering that as beautiful corrupts the whole perception of what’s beauty to a lot of people, including young girls. It’s also a great promoter of dieting. There have been tons of programs on how to become fit (or in this case, slim), what you girls. This indicates how being slim should or shouldn’t eat and Beauty Redefined: is becoming a dominant obsession. recommendations on new found Some people don’t realize that diets that seem effective. They’ve Dieting is one of the biggest dieting is also becoming even set up a hotline that you can obsessions, not only abroad, but fashionable on its own, meaning: call to find out how you can get it’s also obvious in this society. Girls like being on diet even though slim! Health reasons, obesity and over- they know quite well they have a Another way of losing weight weight issues used to be the main body they’re extremely satisfied quickly that has greatly spread in reason for someone to go on a with. So, a diet becomes like your this society is to just head to a diet but now it all has to do with accessories; you only wear them nutritionist, or a diet therapist your appearance. outside to give you a prestigious that’ll set a diet schedule for you How many times have you heard look. They’re on diet in front of to lose whatever kilos you want somebody turn down a piece of people, reinforcing the old by putting you on a low- chocolate for instance because stereotype of girls being dainty, carbohydrate diet, a classical diet, he/she is on a diet? Not all of them fragile and eat like delicate birds or a chemical one. No one really need it anyway but, in their and this seems to impress quite a heard of those doctors or perspective, they need to shed off lot of guys. Then they eat whatever nutritionists a few years ago. But some of the invisible kilos that they want at home, maybe even now, their offices are piled up and only they can see. A few statistics lying on a couch and watching filled with people anxious to lose were conducted regarding this television with a mouthful of weight. It’s grown into a very issue. They showed that the carbohydrates and a large tray of profitable business! number of teenage girls who only food. “think” they’re fat are more than Diet, diet, diet! This is just a word the number of actual over-weight Centuries ago, Greek women were that I’ve been hearing constantly 60 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • ever since I can remember. It can Sometimes, those people act like this is how we see the stars. We see sometimes get on your nerves, the they’re too delicate or finer then them on the red carpet, we see many times you hear it or even try others to handle the circumstances them on magazine covers, but we it yourself (For the record, I’m not that normal people handle, like going never see them when they’ve just a slim person). People who want to to eat outside, leaning on a car in woken up or on a bad hair day. lose weight should concentrate more the street or staying outside without We see them through their roles in on eating healthy and giving their having the million showers they the movies, through their songs, body what it truly needs rather than normally have per day. through their art but seldom have depriving it. Also, don’t let anyone How can you tell that a person is we seen their true selves. This define which body shape is beautiful obsessed with cleanliness? You just definitely enhances their mythical and which isn’t; real beauty lies have to look at his/ her hands. stature and maybe that's why we within. I know that’s a cliché but it’s They’re too rough and covered with forget that they're normal human also very true if you give yourself a a whitish color due to overuse of beings and start getting obsessed chance to ‘weigh it up’. soap and detergents. Some of them by them. We don't miss a program actually sweep and vacuum more our favorite star will appear on. We than three times a day. I personally follow every bit of news about knew a lady who actually had her him/her. We believe in them. Then The Germ maid ‘wash’ her apartment, as in we get truly disappointed when we Terminator: with water and detergent on the discover that our beloved stars aren't floor and even the walls; she only who we think they are. "Oh, I touched a pencil, I should sweeps the ceiling (thankfully!) She wash my hands!" even re-cleaned the apartment after We perceive stars as a bunch of rich, her maid had left (dead beaten of famous and consequently happy course!) people and everyone's dream come true. Being a superstar has become Some people wash their vegetables restricted to the acting and singing with antiseptics; some actually reach profession perhaps because most a very severe case of visualizing of the time the spot light is on those germs attacking them! professions. So we find ourselves in the midst of what we can call ‘The spot light craze.’ Everyone wants to Superstars - Love be under the spot light and 'em, wanna be like regardless of their talents and capabilities everyone wants to be a 'em: superstar. Well, this is their right; success has Charming, dazzling and glamorous; always been everyone's dream. But for some Centries ago, Greek women reason I don't know why people forget that being a superstar and achieving were considered beautiful success is definitely not restricted to a certain for being plump profession. You don't have to be an actor or a singer to be a superstar. I think what you "I opened the door, I’d better wash really have to my hands!" do is find out "I rode in a cab, I'll have a shower!" what you like "How can I trust the cleanliness of and what the restaurants' cutlery? I'll take you're good mine with me. Oh no, better not go at. Believe in at all!" what you do, give it the How many times have you heard required these comments from people you devotion and know or barely know? These people dedication are extremely obsessed with and cleanliness. We’re not talking about eventually Obsessive Compulsive Disorder here. success will We're just talking about certain follow. I truly obsessions that people adopt in believe that if order to enhance a certain self you’re good image. I've seen it both in guys and enough in in girls. They have a certain tendency something, to show people that they’re kind of money and different and that they don’t want fame will find to be acting like every one else you. It’s as simply because they’re ‘different.’ simple as Many times in my life I thought this that. is exactly what they want to be; ‘different’ or ‘distinguished’ because they seemed to have a problem getting along with people or being the popular ones in the group. www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 61
    • phones. In fact, Douglas Adams did put it One thing leaves me wondering, this way in his book, The Restaurant though. How could someone fall in at the End of the Universe (second love with a car he would never book in his trilogy of five). afford… not in a hundred years time? But, Zaphod and Ford It's like falling head over heels for aren’t actually the only a celebrity you probably will never two who feel this way see, and even if you do, it'll be with about a vehicle. I'd say hundreds of people around him. there are people out Yet, again, there are people who there, millions and can only afford bicycles and still millions, who are very love expensive cars. obsessed with cars. I would think loving cars too much Lovers claim it's just is harmless and maybe the only everything you do with it; drawback is the money spent on the doors as they open magazines, or whatever it is, the up, the touch of the floor obsessed buy. Contrary to this, I as you get in, the seat think with this flare, it's possible to with its slight coolness make use of creative energies those and the smell. The sound young people have through car the gears make as you design contests and things of the move them and the vivid sort. scream of the engine. And when the ‘doll’ starts to stroll, it's the speed!! Cars are just lovable. Mobile Mania: It's amazing how, in spite of fast As we put together this article, the growing technological developments Nokia ‘N’ series are making their that are taking place, cars still do breakthrough into the mobile The ‘Automobilic’ Love: maintain their rank in the hearts of market here in Egypt. Take for Douglas Adams (author of The many. There are young people who example, the N90; a seemingly Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy) wouldn't trade their passion for cars swivel handset with a classy design, would put it this way: for another such as laptops or cell boasting a 2 mega-pixel camera, It was a ship of classic, simple auto You don’t have to be design, like a flattened salmon, twenty yards long, very clean, very sleek. There was just one remarkable thing about it. an acotor or a singer to "It's so ... black!" said Ford Prefect. "You can hardly make out its shape… light just seems to fall into it!" be a superstar! Zaphod said nothing. He had simply fallen in love. "Your eyes just slide off it ...," said Ford in wonder. It was an emotional moment. He bit his lip. Zaphod moved forward to it, slowly, like a man possessed - or more accurately like a man who wanted to possess. "Come and feel the surface," he said in a hushed voice. Ford put his hand out to feel it. His hand stopped. "You ... you can't ..." he said. "See?" said Zaphod, “It’s just totally frictionless. This must be one mother of a mover ..." He turned to look at Ford seriously. At least, one of his heads did - the other stayed gazing in awe at the ship. "What do you reckon, Ford?" he said. "You mean ... err ..." Ford looked over his shoulder. "You mean stroll off with it? You think we should?" "No." "Nor do I." "But we're going to, aren't we?" "How can we not?" 62 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • auto focus, and high quality video positive proof that everyone should during the free time of the class of recording. Regarded by some as become a consumer zombie at least course. Once the argument got so “the best camera phone to grace once in their life. No matter how heated that the professor grabbed Western shores this year” given its casual we may seem, we all cough his colored pen and wrote over that 20x digital zoom. So now as Nokia up money to attain it. We should all student's T-shirt, words that meant put it, “Go on and leave your camera keep in mind that by pursuing it he cheers for the professor's team! at home.” mindlessly, we’re turning ourselves That wasn’t the best of acts I believe, into hamsters that spin helplessly but yet that guy deserved it, he's a Now by the time this article is on hi-tech wheels. big teaser. So the lesson here is: published, God knows how many new cell phones will have just 1) Don't ever tease your professor invaded the market. Maybe there’ll be models with much higher Sports Fanatics: no matter what 2) Fanaticism can always lead to resolution, better phone options and Beep! Beep! Ahly some unsafe reactions up-to-the-minute technology. But Beep! Beep! Zamalek Again and again, how does all of where do you stand in all of this? that help your team? We should Which phone will you be carrying, I'm sure you've heard that millions admit that we're not just doing it yours or a more recent one? of times ever since you were a little for ourselves but for even more. It's Mobiles have taken on an added child. I even said it once or twice as if you're defending your judgment meaning in people’s lives, particularly myself - even though I'm totally in choosing the right team and teenagers. How many of us have against being a sports fanatic - but changed their cell phones at least cheering your favorite team and two or three times? When you run supporting it, is actually a very good into someone for the first time, what thing, but how you should do it is helps you form a first impression the question. about him? Is it just his/her face, Every now and then we read in how they look, what they’re wearing? newspapers about someone who Or add to that, which cell phone died of a heart attack in the stadium they’re carrying? when there was a goal scored in his Constantly twirling in a world where team's net; should it reach that?! appearances and false pretenses Would you literally die for your mean so much has influenced the favorite soccer team?! The question way we think about things. It’s made we'll be asking ourselves a lot here us superficial. And for us teens, who is how does that help your team? are the major and the most I'm not saying you shouldn't stand vulnerable part of society, it doesn’t take much effort to stun and seduce us by mechanisms that have been diabolically Our friends are carrying more manufactured to part us and our parents from our faculties and up-to-date phone which makes cash. us look less cool!! It’s ironic, nevertheless true, that many of us go out of our way to by your team; I'm just suggesting actually we’re all becoming obsessed upgrade our phones when we supporting it the right way. with that. actually won’t be using much of the Screaming your lungs out cheering Every one of us is obsessed with new phone’s options. That’s because your club's name is a great thing something. Whether it’s one of the some options are tailored for those but insulting the opponent; how things we just mentioned or who work, namely businesspeople. does that help your team? something else. Sometimes it’s not Furthermore, we sometimes choose Celebrating winning the match is harmful; it's our right to be to upgrade simply because our pretty healthy but blocking streets, passionate about something even phones have become a year old and spreading destruction to cars and to the extent that it becomes our considered out dated. Or for buildings; how does that help your obsession. But at other times our instance, the rest of our friends are team? The peaceful person driving obsession becomes an obstacle that carrying more up-to-date phones, in the street, who has nothing to do stands in our way and keeps us from which makes us look less cool, with the match and maybe doesn't leading a normal life. We’re not here according to some. Even kids carry even care; what did he do to deserve to judge whether your obsession is cell phones. It’s still a puzzle why a fear and car damage? a healthy one or not; you’re the only parent would spoil his child by buying The other thing is how come AHLY one who can tell. So dig deeper in him a mobile phone at the young and ZAMALEK are in all of our daily yourself, find your obsession and age of 12 or 13. Some time ago, a arguments? Any team plays at most our advice to you is keep it at a kid would want a bike, a walkman, one game per week, yet we manage healthy level. or a play station for a gift but now to extend the conflicts for six more there’s a generally amplified craving days. I say it's a total waste of Esraa Hegazy, 18 for cell phones. energy, time, and mind ability. And Nahla Sallam, 21 How about this funny fact: In again the question, how does that Shady Sadat, 21 Ireland, obsession with mobiles help your team? Radwa Nour, 19 phones has sunk to new depths with In my college, there's this professor Mai Mamdouh, 19 a growing number of people now who’s a fanatic about a certain team. taking them with them to the grave, He's a bit young and a nice person, Compiled by: according to undertakers. so he made friends with us, but Dina Wahba, 19 there's this student who’s my friend Despite all its pros, technology is a and a fanatic about an opposing gratifyingly, mind-rotting, an team. You can start imaging how experience as you could wish; classes sometimes turn into a debate www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 63
    • The Inner Conscience When you just feel lost inside of no where and you can't even find a reason for living, you'll just keep asking yourself, why is this happening to me? Why only me? But if you take a closer look you’ll see that wherever you go Everyone has their own hopes, expectations, and dreams. you may find someone like you… lost Some plans happen but others may not. Some people inside of nowhere. may get along with this fact but others may disagree Yes, they are just like you. They don't with me. know why they were born, why they According to me, life is a game to be played. We may were meant to be what they are now. sometimes be lucky to win it and other times aren't lucky Then suddenly, we all realize the fact enough leading us into a loss. that we’re living to do what we have ‘Disappointment’ is a word that I wouldn't ever like to to do. We're living in this world to believe in. I'm so realistic; I do know that not all what make a change. We’re teens now but we want we get to have. Most importantly is the way tomorrow we’re going to be grown- we understand this concept, the way we know how to up men and women who can change get over our disappointment. It may be hard, but what's the world and who also can bring easy?! happiness to people every where. All we need to do is to take a closer look I recall last summer while I was in Egypt. I got lots of inside ourselves to find that we can promises that I'd be staying there for good if all goes as really do it as long as we believe and planned. But at the end, I found out that I had to go follow our inner conscience. back to the U.A.E. which reflected on me a great feeling of disappointment. I had hoped and dreamt a lot about Nora Magdy, 18 living in Egypt with all my friends and relatives. I found out that I had better get over it, because if I didn't it would reflect on my life and education and cause me great losses. I did suffer a lot at the beginning, but I learnt a lot about things from that experience and discovered that every problem is another opportunity in disguise. Finally, I still do have hope in the future. I would never give up and let disappointment get over me. It’s hard but it’s worth trying. Also, we shouldn't look back for what we lost, but to the future and what we might gain as I do believe, the hardest part about moving on is learning not to look back. Ola Samir, 14 Unanswered Questions As time passes, many puzzling credit for every success, but blame questions fill my head. One of the destiny for all our failures! Even though dilemmas that has really baffled me is I've thought about it many times, I whether there is such a thing as fate. couldn't come to a conclusion. Some Does everything happen for a reason? people may say that I have too much Do we create situations or are they just free time, and maybe they're right but ‘meant to be?’ Are the tales of our I still can't stop wondering how our life lives ‘written in the stars’ or do we write comes together. One thing I do know it down chapter by chapter as we walk is that life is a mystery, and no matter along the path of life? Do we use fate how long we live or how much as an excuse for every unfortunate technology improves, there always will event that comes our way or do we be unanswered questions. Somehow, really believe that it’s the sole reason that is exactly the thing that makes life behind those events? as exciting and worthwhile as it is. It's amazing how easily we can accept Monica Lotfy, 17 www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 65
    • Thoughts You are breaking me down One thing I regret That is what I can see Is that my heart cannot You are letting me down forget That is what I concealed The one who always hurts me Can find a way to destroy the mask of you Because I cannot go away One thing you should know And baby, all because of you I tried to find a way Though I cannot let go To make loving you seem so right I cannot love you One thing I need to show The way I should do Though I seem to love you And it is all within you And it is all because of you I might not bear what you do That makes me want to do To explain this, I can give you a Anything to make what you do Scared of everything about you clue Seem so right My heart trembles out of fear and Do I not look human to you? loving you Anyway all what I feel, say or do One thing I neglect I smile to you Is unfortunately because of you Is that I cannot forget My heart screams out for you Unfortunate for me and you The way you hurt me Wishing that the tender man I see through Yara Sayed Mahmoud, 21 Valentine … Valentine My Wish for You Valentine’s Day things Blue skies to chase your become mine cares away No rose, no gift I find A breath of fresh air when Feel to have a stupid you are feeling down mind Anything to get rid of that Thinking of someone frown who would think of me A sprinkle of rain and a Dreaming of a gift life free of pain what would it be I wish you warmth from Woke up to find it is the rays of the sun only me And a lifetime of joy and Drinking the same cup fun of tea Just keep your eyes to the The same day every sky year And know I am always I spend and end with smile from someone nearby a tear really dear Hoping to hear I wish you happiness on Hazel Daizy, 19 Better new next year a cloudy day A warm and loving Eman Hegazy, 20 The Illusory Presence And I saw a tear falling thunder, I touched the delicate movement of from her eye power of a storm her eye on the pale Screaming, asking him And she was there sheet of her life to protect her sigh crying; my love, take I need you my dear, me to your hug Let me With a staring eye and hold me tight. I am full feel warm a deep look of fear I saw a huge wide sky With a trembling hand I looked deep in her Where lost people die and a gentle touch eyes And pure angels lie With a thirsty lip and It held that helpless I saw a soul aching a warm kiss sigh I saw a heart shaking It occupied the I am lost. Step closer He dried her tears, darkness of the world and take me, for you took away her fears Her goodbyes and once promised in your He carried her soul dreams; her fear of heart there is always And took her heart being sold a place for me back I stared at the beauty To the life she did miss of her eyes That inner silence ruled At those lashes, where her body for a moment her tear lies when she drew his I saw clouds and shadow with the Sarah Ibrahim, 17
    • Prose Love is when you give your heart to someone asking for anything back. Love is when you learn to give and forgive; when you believe that angels do come to earth. Love is the language of peace, faith and passion. Love is a mother staying all night long next to her baby; is a father working hard for the happiness of his family. Love is one sight, which makes you feel safe. Loves is wshen you say, “I love you” and wait for no reply. Love is white and pink; green and yellow; red and black. Love is to call someone in the middle of the night just to say I miss you; when you are capable to change tears into diamonds. Love is when you care about someone and try never to hurt them; to listen and share feelings and thoughts. Love is when you feel that you can fly and search for your love; when your love is far away but you can never love someone else; when you always miss the people you love even if they are next to you. Love is when you get goose bumps when you hear romantic songs. Love is when you believe love exists; when you create music from water drops. Love is when you believe that love is all of these phrases and you ask for more. Reem Ahmed, 15 So much to say; from but I know they fewer to hear and do show up. even fewer to Somehow I listen to understand. their sweet wise Is it just meaningless voices; words or is it my They are like the tune imagination that comes with Swinging around with every new rising sun my troubled mind? You do not hear it you A kindling made of just feel it. fear starts my firing These voices told me suspicious. that this new sun has View of a new day good news. Boundless thoughts That is why this come out from my shallow breathing head. every morning is When does this Felt through my madness stop? lungs. For a fraction Shall I ever enjoy the of time I thought I taste of happiness in had surrendered. my lonely heart Then life passes again? through me once Or will the crazy fear again but it is never of the unknown the end of fear and always lock my eyes never will be. Like a chain It is just hope for a preventing me from better sun than the seeing hope. one that passed by. Those voices came again; I don’t know Night Walker, 19 when they appear Or where they came www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 67
    • Open letter This is dedicated to all who have gone through a true love experience and ended up with a broken heart. I am sorry to tell you that I have better than me. Trust no feelings for you. I know it is me, you will live and hard and I know I hurt your you will love again. feelings but I cannot lie to you by Just wait for the right saying I love you. This word means time and the right a lot and it should only come from p er s o n t o c o m e . the heart. I know that love is such Remember, love that a great feeling. Love is beautiful is only from one side and very valuable. Tell me that will never work out. you agree with me on that. Also A relationship that tell me that you understand why involves only love love means a lot and if it is not from one side will from the bottom of the heart then never last forever. A there is no point of having a heart one-sided love is the because hearts were made only same as a bird with for love. only one wing. How sad it would be that I am sorry but I cannot love you the bird would not be and I cannot lie to you at the same able to fly or enjoy its time. I wish I had that great feeling life because it is for you. Trust me; there is no one actually missing the who is able to have absolute other wing on its control over these kinds of feelings. other side. Forget me and forgive me but never hate me. Your life will move S a lw a A de l , 1 7 on and you will find someone Third Time a Charm feel about myself. Even but all in all they complete each when I’m having a bad other. hair day you say I look like a beauty queen. I’m looking forward to the next It’s so funny; my Valentine with you. You make me heart still beats fast smile just by looking at your face. when you look my You have the power to make me way. I still love obey you without feeling controlled waiting for your calls and that’s a great thing to me. I or surprises and I love being with you and it’s enough love our that you’re not only my fiancé but adventurous dates. you’re my best friend too. You’re For the past two my man and I’m proud of you. If years I was terrified I sometimes drive you crazy or that you might decide run away from you that doesn’t to leave me or that you mean I don’t love you. It’s maybe might get bored. But because I sometimes get scared now that we’re engaged, of not being able to treat you the I feel more secure and way you deserve, because you peaceful. I now know how mean everything to me. It’s true Dear Mohamed, much you love me and that you when some say that you might want us to be together for always. be just one person to the world You know how I’ve always hated This means a lot to me; it really but you might mean the world to the number three, I don’t have a does. Remember that night when someone – remember where we specific reason; I just do. Although you were driving me home and I read that, right? You’re simply the this is our 3rd Valentine and usually asked you why do you think we’ll best thing that ever happened to number three means bad luck, I get old together?! You said the me. know that this day will be special nicest thing, which made me feel Happy Valentine. for us; it’ll be different and unique. so lucky and so appreciated. You I still love you the same way as said that we’re like the pieces of Yours, if I just met you yesterday. It’s so a puzzle; once they’re placed Lobna, 18 exciting the way you make me together, they naturally fit. It’s true sometimes they need a push 68 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
    • Introspection [ “Time heals all wounds; Time will ease the pain." They say it’s the best cure for all heartaches, no matter how deep and how painful it is - time will fix it...I promise.” It sounds like a commercial for a pain killer; a slow effective magic pill. This is the part everyone in pain haunt you. someone or any problem that doesn’t want to hear, yet wants to happens to you is like a rock that believe because the pain of losing Try to accept that it's your destiny differs by the magnitude of the someone is so intense and so and it's what the Lord, who created problem and you have to either overwhelming that you feel like you, planned for you and your lost solve it or you'll be standing there you can't breathe. It’s like someone one. And this is a fact that neither with that rock in front of you, or something ripped your heart out you nor anyone can ever change. blocking your path, making you a and every time you hear, I'm sorry It’s a test you have to pass and it’s passive bystander to life - your life for your loss it’s as if someone is an incredibly hard test, maybe the - as it passes you by. You could squeezing it and walking all over hardest one of them all. But remind choose to get around it but it will it. And you can't breathe again. yourself that the Lord gives each always be beside you holding you soul as much as it can bear; not back from fully reaching all your Why? That’s the question on your more but sometimes not less than potential in life. Or you can take mind at the time and I'm sorry to that. Have faith that this is for the your time to deal with the problem say it kind of stays with you for best. I know it’ll sound stupid at and take the proper time to grieve awhile because there isn’t any first but as time passes you'll and strengthen your faith and magic pill – there’s no instant cure, understand. believe in the Lord's will and realize there’s no answer to all the ‘why's’ that this is truly for the best. and the ‘what if’ questions that Yes… I said time. Even though it doesn't heal your wounds and That realization won't come easy. doesn't make you miss those you You’ll have to go thought the phases lost any less but it makes you of anger, denial, pain, bargaining get used to a fact in your and eventually, acceptance. It won't life that will always be be easy but I promise if you have there. It's like your enough faith you’ll be fine. I am... life is a road and every step gets I went through the phases when you to my father passed away six years another ago. I can say now that I’m okay place. with him being in a better place The but of course not completely okay. loss If I said that, I'd be lying to you of and to myself. The truth is I still miss him very much and that feeling will never go away but that’s a good thing because that means that I remember him, and his memory will always be alive as long as I am. This means that I’m one of the people who promised to be a witness to everything, not only during his life but also to remember him afterwards, so that his life or the life of the one you lost would not go unnoticed because you'll be their witness. We’re witnesses to the lives of the ones we love. Now I can say that all the ‘why’s’ and ‘what ifs’ stopped haunting me because Allah gave me peace of mind, heart and soul through reading Qu’ran and praying and having enough faith and belief in Allah and myself. So I guess now, when all is said and done, after someone tells me, I’m sorry for your loss, I can say, I’m breathing. And so will you. DIOTIMA,19 TeenStuff . February 2006
    • Dear Dr. Tamer, My name’s Ammar and I’m 17 years old and a student in the Faculty of Medicine. I have one elder brother who’s 20 years old and studying the same field as me, Medicine. The problem I’m facing is a very tough one and costs me so much suffering up until today. My dad, being a very difficult person, never talks to me or even to any member from the family. Simply, he can't feel any of my problems because we hardly look at each other!! He’s the type that gets pissed off in seconds and when he gets like that, he doesn’t use his tongue but instead his two hands and feet become the only language available. I won’t talk much about him because he’s still not the problem I’m facing right now and whatever he does, he’s still my father and I’m his son. In fact, I’m 100 percent sure that he can't change himself now; it’s too late plus I swear that I got used to him now even if this makes me very sad. So, I’m a passive person – yeah, I know this. As a result of all of this, he insisted that I should study Medicine and it’s here my problem starts. I remember that day very well when I got my IGCSE final grades. They were perfect I was on top of the world and finally my dad and I had a chat that night. It was all about the Medical-school issue. I told him straightly, ''I don’t want to be a doctor; I want to be a writer, dad.” He just looked at me and laughed then said, ''You’re going to be a doctor like your brother.'' Then he just left the conversation wide open with thousands of questions going through my head. So, I’m studying medicine now, away from the family in another town in Egypt as my grades weren't high enough to keep me in my hometown. I hate what I’m studying. I’m writing for your help now and God only knows how much I cried without tears this academic year. Sure you noticed that we’re in the middle of our exams now.. yeah I know that I’m too late. Actually, I had my first two exams but I did terrible in them to the extent that makes me sure that I’m not going to pass. I’m very depressed and there are still too many exams and even after they finish, there’s still a hard wave called ‘results’ on their way to kill me! Now, how can I continue for seven or eight years like this? How can I be forced to be something I never wanted to be? Dear M.A, Sir, please don't tell me, ''Talk I know how hard it is to do something that you don’t love, but let’s to your dad about changing be practical. The choice of taking your dad out of it has been lost and colleges,” as I’ll never do it. obviously will do no good. You’re left with two choices. The first is Please don’t even ask me to to continue the rest of your life playing victim and feeling sorry for ‘try’ it because if you do then yourself. That’s what you’re doing right now. It’s a good way to punish you didn't get what I mean your dad by failing, but the bad news is that you’re also punishing about my dad getting furious; yourself too. You can spend the rest of your life blaming him for it’s really dangerous! failure but it will never change the fact that you failed. The second Well, thanks for reading. I choice is to keep doing your best. Yes, even if you don’t like what need an answer from you you’re doing. You’ll be surprised how many things in life you’ll have because day after day I get to do against your will as you grow older. Passing college will be a more depressed. Make it very hard task, however, it’ll add a lot to your personality and strength. quick please and don't be late. If you’re talented as you think, you can keep on writing and even I’m looking forward to reading end up being a writer. Graduating from Med-school won’t kill the your advice. God Bless you dream, so don’t kill it yourself by self pity. Study hard and keep and good luck! writing. M.A. 18 www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . February 2006 . 71
    • Scorpio: October 24-November 22 Gemini: If you've ever met someone May 22-June 21 that you found irresistible Keep in mind that the from the moment you met, Gemini is the sign of the they were twin; there’s a part of probably them that needs love Scorpio. and security and then They’re there's the stronger part of them that needs Aquarius: stimulation and novelty. January 21-February 19 To remain in a If you’ve ever met someone that relationship with a fascinating and have an air appeared to be Gemini you must be able of mystery about them. charming, funny, to satisfy their emotional Although, what you see on appealing, and needs. They love to laugh, travel, spend the surface is only what intelligent, they money, and are eager for new they want you to see. They were probably experiences. may appear direct and just Aquarian. They a bit forceful, but usually live in their Cancer: underneath they’re own minds, filled June 22-July 22 vulnerable and sensitive. with a world of If a Cancer has an Scorpions take love very ideas. Although interest in you, they’ll seriously and are searching they seem to drop subtle clues. for admiration from a possess a certain Don't expect them to partner. detached quality be forward, as they and may don't know how to be. sometimes come across as removed Since they have a Sagittarius: from feelings, they are warm, tendency to be old- November 23-December 21 outgoing, and very concerned with fashioned in beliefs, This sign is probably the others. the perfect date would be tickets to most delightful and the theater, a romantic restaurant or charming companion that Pisces: a cultural event. you will find. Sagittarius February 20-March 20 is not At first glance, you may find only out yourself Leo: to enjoy fascinated with July 23-August 22 life but a Pisces. They’re Leos love is usually gentle compliments and and have a praise. Give them softness about plenty of it. Keep in them, mind that flattery will imaginative and fun essentially living get you everywhere. loving. One of their best in a world of dreams and romance. As a result, the more traits is a good sense of Along with their sensitive and you feed Leo's ego, humor. Always filled with mysterious qualities, their psychic the longer your new ideas and intuition usually leads them relationship will last. On a date with enthusiastic about each through life. a Leo, be sure not to skimp on anything, of them, this sign of the as they love the pleasures of life and archer is ambitious, feel that they’re deserving of nice generous and most of all things. freedom-loving. Aries: March 21-April 20 Aries love compliments and tend to gravitate Virgo: towards August 23-September 23 unrestricted, As a rule, Virgo is lively people. attracted to someone Capricorn: They’re who possesses good December 22-January 20 outgoing and conversation skills. They The first time you meet active. If you love to talk and surround a Capricorn they may plan a date with themselves with friends appear aloof but what an Aries, be prepared to stay out who are calm and late and have some fun, as intellectually enjoyable. they’re filled with energy and If you're planning a date love excitement. with a Virgo, try and avoid noisy places especially with lewd or obscene entertainment. Taurus: April 21-May 21 they really are, is If you're interested in a Taurian, Libra: cautious. Their interests don't sit September 24-October 23 are in art, theater, music around waiting Libras love the concept and in their own career. for them to of being loved, Usually they’re drawn to approach you. therefore are people who are A Taurus is a constantly searching intellectually stimulating patient person, for the perfect mate. and they seek a partner which is They also love who’ll fit into their realm something you romance and of life. They prefer to will have to possess in any consequently are good discuss serious subjects, relationship with them. Most at it. Filled with however, will always be likely, you’ll have to be the personal dignity and elegance, you there to listen to a initiator. may find Libra to dazzle and captivate problem. you time and time again. 64 . February 2006 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com