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Published in Education
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  • 1. January 2006 Issue # 95 The King of Them All KONG! EXCLUSIVE Interview with the full cast Sports Maniacs Booklet All About African cup Of Nations
  • 2. ‫ﻃﺒﻘﺎ ﻟﻘﻮﺍﻧﲔ ﺍﳌﻠﻜﻴﺔ ﺍﻟﻔﻜﺮﻳﺔ‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫אא‬ ‫א‬ ‫)ﻋـﱪ ﺍﻻﻧﱰﻧـﺖ ﺃﻭ‬ ‫א‬ ‫אא‬ ‫ﻟﻠﻤﻜﺘﺒــﺎﺕ ﺍﻻﻟﻜﱰﻭﻧﻴــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻷﻗــﺮﺍﺹ ﺍﳌﺪﳎــﺔ ﺃﻭ ﺍﻯ‬ ‫א‬ ‫ﻭﺳﻴﻠﺔ ﺃﺧﺮﻯ (‬ ‫א‬ ‫א‬ ‫.‬ ‫.‬ ‫א א‬
  • 3. THIS ISSUE January 2006
  • 4. Ahmed Raafat Alaa Jalal Ali Nasser Amr Reda Dina Wahba Doaa Samy Esraa Hegazy Ingy Yehia Jean Piere Kareem AbdelMoniem Mahi Ahmed Maggie Balbaa Mai Ibrahim MennatAllah Ahmed Mohamed Bahar Mohamed Khater Nahla Salam Noha Samara Omar Mostafa Radwa Nour Rasha El Komy Reem Ahmed Sadeem El Nahas Shady Sadat Simon Adly Sondos Shabayek Yasser Abbas
  • 5. Hi TS, I liked the December issue a lot and I wanted to give some feedback on some articles. 1. Aregica: It’s just great :) I'd like it to get more and more involved in local politics in the same sarcastic way! 2. FlashBack: It’s amazing! Maybe you can merge the history/political part into it...I think that would be cooler. 3. The Egypt Like You Have Never Seen section by Tarek Rakha...the pics are very nice...though the article was kind of an advertisement-like article...anyway, my regards to him. 4. The Scorpions coverage was lovely. I suggest you interview more Hey Teen Stuff, rockmetal Egyptian bands like you did with 4 Sticks for example. I guess this This is the third issue I've read up to now. I used to hear about will enrich Egyptian rockmetal Teen Stuff magazine everywhere but I had never read it. When music...and you can sponsor their gigs I did, I really found that it's a fantastic magazine! I'd like to somehow if they get that famous. thank all the staff for their efforts in writing and forming My regards to all the staff, this magazine and all the ideas they come up with. I bet I Yours faithfully, missed wonderful issues but I hope the coming ones will be Mohamed more and more exciting! Thank you all and keep it up!! Dear Mohamed, Islam Sherif, 16 Thank you so much for your feedback. Dear Islam, I’m sure you’ve thrilled many teens with your comments on their sections. It’s always great to have new friends. We’re so pleased you We’re glad that the magazine has like the magazine and we hope you keep on mailing us and gained your praise. As for interviewing helping with your feedback. If you’d like to get any of the Egyptian rock bands, we promise that previous issues you missed then don’t miss our booth in the you’ll find it soon in the magazine. Cairo Book Fair; you’ll find all the back issues with amazing Thanks again and keep your mail prices. Thanks for your kind feedback and welcome aboard. coming. Hi Teen Stuff, real champion, but everyone is Dear Roshan, saying that I’m too old for that, but First, I want to thank you for your I’m a really talented teenager. I was Thank you dear for your sweet nice work. This is my first time to depressed and upset all day and words and I’m sure Abdel Bary will write to you and also to buy and night because of this. Nobody can be happy to read your comment on read your wonderful magazine. I feel me; nobody believes that one his article. As for your problem, if never bought it before but I promise day I can be a great glory…'c9 you truly believe in your talent then to be your FAITHFUL READER! maybe after only two years and this you shouldn’t listen to what others Second, I’d like to introduce myself. is my only dream in life. But the say. Do your best to pursue your My name’s Roshan El Boghdady. worst thing that happened was when dream by any means possible and Don’t be astonished coz it simply my mother insisted that I don’t play even if it doesn’t work out, you still means ‘small angel’; it’s Turkish and during studies. It seems that I’ll would have gained the honor of I’m Moslem. On January 1st, I’ll be repeat this year in my faculty coz trying and practicing a sport that 18 so you have to tell me ‘Happy I stopped studying coz I’m really you really love. However, you Birthday’ and ‘Happy New Year’ at upset. shouldn’t let your trials affect your the same time. Finally, it would be really great to studies because that would make I really want to thank Mohamed see my email published as my your mum insist more on her Abdul Bary for his exciting article birthday present day! I’ll be waiting attitude. You should first try to work coz I felt that he was talking about for your reply. things out about your studies and me. I started playing tennis when Bye teens! grades then talk with your mother I was 17 and I know this is too late, Roshan, 17 openly and try making her but to tell you the truth, I have the understand how important this fitness required and my level of dream is so she would allow you to concentration is very high. I really continue your passion for tennis. I love tennis more than myself even wish you all the best and hope you and I have the willingness to be a get all that your heart desires. December 2005 . TeenStuff
  • 6. Rules of the Game It’s no doubt that we’re gifted with a country that is and has always been more unique than others in everyway. In this land, you experience wonders that you might never even think of in other places. Together we’ll review a few of those wonders or if others might like to call them ‘downsides’ in hope of finding some way to reform ourselves and along with our country. Welcome to our exclusive recount of the marvels of the Mother of all lands… EGYPT! Golden Rules of the 4- Steal cows and goats from your counterpart and slaughter neighborhood. Parliamentary them on Friday after prayers 6- When choosing the Elections: and distribute the meat in the neighborhood. neighborhood, pick one where most of the people are 1- Go register your name in illiterate; the rest hungry and the Parliamentary elections like 5- Print the dollar picture on the remaining stoned. the citizen Sa Sa. several notes “Men3’er da3aya wala e3lanat of paper and Sa Sa 7ay7’aleeko te3eesho distribute it to fe tabat we nabat” – without families, shop publicity or ads Sa Sa will make keepers and you live happily ever after… store owners in the 2- After you register your name, buy a small van and get one of those common singers with a deep husky voice and ask him to chant your slogan in your neighborhood “ya welad ya welad tente7’boo meen 3am amin men3’er seen wala geem” and “Mimo 7abeeb el malayeen 7aykebloko la7ma ya 7elween.” 3- Ask your singer to greet the officers of the Ministry of Interior and thank them for their efforts in providing the Egyptian people with peace and security. January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 7. 10- Distribute the elections, by 24 hours, hire pictures of some stout men and order televisions and them to pass by each house refrigerators to and threaten their inhabitants people in the that if they don’t vote for you, neighborhood and they’ll never eat meat or see promise them the their children married. real thing after the elections. 18- On the day of the elections, leave your Porsche in the garage and ride the public bus 11- Buy thousands and wait in line for bread and of sand sacks and beans and as soon as you reach mix them with rotten the neighborhood, loudly flour and tell your announce “ana men el sha3eb!” beloved people that you have imported 19- Assign boys to bribe citizens wheat from the land before they reach the boxes of dreams. with money (the printed dollars). 12- Provide young men, who are unable 20- Replace one of the boxes to marry, with adult with another…and you know dolls called “ El Arosa the rest. eli bebalash” to solve the marriage 21- When you win, forget about problem. all the promises you made along with those 22 Golden 13- Convince Rules ‘we kol ente7’abat we the spinsters ento tayebeen!’ After you that God has chosen to assign them a Sondos, my conscience doesn’t win, forget about noble role in allow me to fool you. I’m now life; to serve 20 awaiting your sympathies their country at… the promises and its people and offer them Sondos Shabayek, 20 jobs in your you made new shopping mall. Leave your Porsche in the garage and ride the 14- Invent public bus and wait in line for education pills; bread and pills for each beans and as soon syllabus that students can take as you reach the neighborhood, 7- Build a soft drink factory and instead of taking private loudly announce tell your people that you have lessons. “ana men el sha3eb!” invested your money in a developmental project that will 15- Put the name ‘American’ in help improve the country’s the middle of every State-run economy and provide 20000 school to work positions for fresh show the graduates. people how you have 8- Build another American fast introduced food chain and create a the modern campaign ‘3alashnek ya baladi’ system of to encourage Egyptian products education. and services. 16- 9- For the sake of the Distribute ‘3alashanek ya baladi’ cook books campaign, encourage more to all Chinese traders to sell their housewives products in Egypt by providing and them with free accommodation husbands. and selling outlets. 17- Before TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 8. Do You Remember January 1960? It’s the swingin’ sixties baby, yeah! to continue the project alone and use the revenues coming from the Suez Canal to help pay for construction. But in the struggle for influence in Africa, the USSR stepped in, in 1958 and possibly one third of the cost of the dam was paid for as a gift. They also provided technicians, heavy machinery, and supplied designs From Slavery to Legendary for the dam. Construction began January 9th, 1960, with the first The Sixties stage wrapping up in 1964. The latest reservoir began filling in 1964 Fashion while the dam was still under construction and first reached Trends was not in its water capacity in 1976. preservation/drought combat/ or power The Aswan High Dam is 3,600m production in length, 980m wide at the base, functionality, but 40m wide at the crest and 111m rather in what it high. It contains of material. At symbolized as an act maximum, 11,000 m•'5f of water of defiance against can pass through the dam every two superpowers, second. There are further the US and UK and emergency spillways for an extra its significance is 5000 m•'5f per second and the proof that Egypt is Toshka Canal links the reservoir still standing on its to the Toshka Depression. The feet and has reservoir, named , is 480 km long managed to survive and 16km at its widest with a a turbulent era in its surface area of 6,000 km•'5f and long politically holds 150 to 165 km•'5f. With The charged history. hydroelectric output of 2.1 importance gigawatts, the dam holds twelve of the Aswan Initially to be financed with the generators each rated at 175 High Dam to help of the US and the UK with a megawatts. Power generation Egyptians loan of $270 million, both nations began in 1967. When the dam first living in backed off in July 1956 for reached peak output it produced Egypt during undisclosed reason, although an around half of Egypt's entire the 1960s arms deal between Egypt and the electricity production (about and 1970s USSR, which was in the middle of 15percent by 1998) and allowed a post WWII Cold War with the US for the connection of most back then, and Egypt’s recognition Egyptian villages to electricity for of the Communist People’s the first time. The effects of Republic of China, are cited as dangerous floods in 1964 and 1973 reasons. In an attempt to restore and of threatening droughts in Egyptian morale and secure his 1972–73 and 1983–84 were new regime's position, Nasser mitigated. nationalized the Suez Canal , with the intention of using tolls to 1960 Film subsidize the High Dam project. The controversial move sparked negative reactions from many nations and shortly after Britain and France had signed a treaty to Releases: (Information from hand over the Suez Canal to Egypt, they formed a coalition that 1. Swiss Family Robinson (Disney) attacked Egypt and occupied the 2. Psycho (Paramount/Universal) Suez Canal, precipitating the Suez 3. Spartacus (Universal) crisis , in 1956. The , US and USSR 4. Exodus (United Artists) forced the invaders to withdraw 5. The Alamo (United Artists) and the canal was left in Egyptian hands. * It is nearly impossible to obtain box office charts for specific The Egyptian government intended January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 9. Maertens injured his foot during a skiing holiday in Bavaria, little did he know that the Orthopaedic shoe he designed for himself would not only still be going until today, but also become a trend setter, let alone be an archetypal boot of rebellion. While recuperating, Dr. Maertens designed improvements to the boots. He designed a shoe that was made of soft and softer, air- padding. In 1958, the Grigg family acquired rights to the air months for years cushioned sole and started making footwear manufacturer and still before 1986. Apologies for the boots at their factory in Wollaston, represent what seems to be a inconvenience. England. The first boot was never dying fashion trend. produced on April 1st, 1960, and January 1960 so was christened the 1460. The 1460, in black and later cherry Beatnik red, was popular with postmen and policemen, who were on their You have probably seen a few feet for many hours a day. By the over the years, with flat shoes, early 60s , Doc Martens were sandals, and berets- fashion items ubiquitous among the rising British that were not from an expensive rock stars. Sid Vicious was among fashion house; the message of the first to wear DM's. Soon, it the beatniks was loud and clear seemed all punk fans were - ‘Be Cool, Man!’ A beatnik is a wearing them. Doc Martens boots member of the ‘Beat’ generation were no longer the footwear of who is nonconformist in dress and the working class; they were the behaviour. A carry over of the late footwear of rebel youth and the 50's and a big hit through out the addition of steely toecaps- and 1960s, the beatnik fashion wave the grievously bodily harm they has, ironically, inspired fashion Music Charts (Information from inflicted- cemented the footwear’s notorious reputation. DMs are now houses like Christian Dior to design what they had fondly labelled as, ‘beatwear’. almost a compulsory kit in the music industry, worn by rock 1. Running Bear by Johnny veterans and boy bands alike. The Preston air cushioned sole and steely 2. You Got What it Takes by Mary toecaps have, over the years, Johnson been adopted by almost every 3. Way Down Yonder in New Ahmed Raafat Orleans by Freddy Canon 4. ElPaso by Marty Robbins 5. Go Jimmy Go by Jimmy Clanton January 1960 News Headlines Construction of Aswan High Dam Begins in Egypt Cameroon Gains its Independence Reserve Bank and Commonwealth Bank are Created State of Emergency is Lifted in Kenya as Mau-Mau Rebellion is Officially Over 1960 Fashion Trends: Doc Martens When German medic Dr. Klaus TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 10. Be Optimistic! Innovative! Hunt Clouds! I bet I can see your eyes already widening in wit amazement at such a striking hobby. Exciting and interesting as it may sound, I actually can’t brainstorm to find a device to do it with, but how about ‘hunting clouds’ using your brains? I was brought up in a ‘frequent traveler’ family and to be on a plane, overlooking a glorious white blanket of clouds is a regular sight. To stress this, my brother, Tarek, else do you want to learn to be of questions that must be floating was on holiday visiting my parents responsible? Unfortunately, as a in your mind at this point, if by any in Kuwait and that left a very lonely working student, running my own chance you’re thinking on the right me in the vast, welcoming country small business, I’m afraid to say track and I’m proving any kind of of Egypt. that after college is actually too success. late! We go on and about saying ‘Hunting clouds’ is a hobby, actually Another point was about my very things like, ‘we can’t live’; ‘we can’t a MUST in everyone’s life, where closest, Suzan. Strangely enough, get married’; ‘we can’t… we can’t!’ clouds success is the only thing she too was away on that exact YES … Because it’s too late. you’ll be looking up to, and proudly same week and was only contacting Hopelessly I took a deep breath, “hang” in front of you like our me every now and then via mobile strong enough to take me out of ancestors used to hang the heads style and that was undoubtedly here for some time to glare at a of deers and foxes. You too have very out of time because this was magical sky where I was startled to modernly show-off your surely when I wanted her to be to notice the clouds, with varying everlasting successes in various close. But nevertheless, she really shapes and sizes, racing each other fields of life. So simply take some did her best! Suzan, I’m telling the in an open-ended sky and time to optimistically observe the world I’m proud of you. surprisingly, clouds that went and clouds in the sky and realize the never came back! speed at which this planet rotates Moving on, here’s the theory I’m Why don’t we utilize chances? Why and the volatility of your current really talking about; my ‘out-of’ don’t we listen? Why can’t I ‘hunt’ status whatever it is. You’ll then theory that I sense in people around that chunky, beautiful cloud and have the agility to go about here in Egypt. Everyone is either keep it, so I can get to see it when changing this positively and envy out of money, out of the mood or I feel like? What do we need to each ‘hunter’ who is ‘out of’ the out of temper or even out of change so we can get that falcon expedition with a bulkier, more hodomhom! In such a steamy time sense of chances to success? elegant ‘cloud’ than yours – if any of year and that obviously is leaving actually. behind a very confusing and vague Let me present a personal That’s the positive, challenging blur to everything in this society experience, that doesn’t have to attitude you must acquire. I’m which is why psychologically, be any means obligatory to anyone sarcastically, out of words and everything just doesn’t seem in the but we need to take time out to try hoping your eagerness for clouds right place or doesn’t even seem to vaguely plan mini-strategies for is keeping you ‘out of’ time to spend right in the first place! a vivid, bright future. Teens need anymore listening to me before you Talking to a couple of teens during to try spiritual thinking and so-like go about re-adjusting your powers that very empty week just to derivatives to try and calm down and heading for a change in life. A exercise my tongue muscles, I and integrate into themselves and change – as simple as it may be, noticed some were confidently progress in this large society. Yoga will always be one on the right optimistic while others very might be a practical answer as it track. shockingly, were out of words to helps understanding powers and But remember, personal talk about the color black as they controls and helps people to stop assessment is a vital part of all this. see in the future, or simply say coming up with problems from ‘out DON’T lie to yourself! Your anything out of the top of their of’ the blue and it may be positive calmness and control will always heads, sounding so out of mind! enough to solve existing matters. judge the rest of the powers you It’s mind blowing how we go about You must clearly decide on what have to excel. I’m now out of here fighting for freedom and Democracy you have got and what you don’t wishing you the best of luck in your and the right to rule, when simply have yet, and what you’ll be future and hoping to see or hear they can’t ‘rule’ down the heading to, if you’re planning to about your ‘clouds’ soon. framework for a successful future. get anywhere with your life. Why do teens here find it out of Confidence is a talent you’ll acquire. Sherif Ibrahim Mohamed, 20 Mars to work during college? When That, I guess will answer a couple January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 11. Think Green Government... A +ve Version We know that our beloved country is racing to reach somewhere. We’re doing our best not to be called a ‘Third-World’ country anymore. But are we really pushing forward? This month, an optimistic January 2006 drives us to think positive. There’s no perfection - all of us believe - yet, we can sometimes think that we live a hard life while stressing on the negatives. However, we can also figure out how it’s worth it to live life with its ups and downs on one condition; if we think in a positive way.Green Club brings you Think Green Government this month. Each member is elected to be the Minister of a certain Ministry, where he/she is required to supply new plans for that Ministry. We’re actually trying to think positive! First of all, congratulate every single member of the club for becoming the Minister of a certain ministry! _ Now, you’re most welcome to check out what our new thoughts for the New Year are. Doaa Samy, 18 Head of Think Green Club Ministry of Transport: I believe the problem that most citizens really face in their lives other place that is transportation and crowded streets that attracts tourists. make people miss appointments and students These guides will be skip classes, which also harms the economy. responsible for We’ll start by supplying new buses and guiding the metros that are similar to those in the civilized tourists, telling world…where would I get the money from? them about the I’d increase the role of the private sector good places that that can invest in transportation by having they could go to their own transportation companies and also and preventing posting advertisements in public buses, them from being metros and at the stations. This would abused by taxi increase competition and provide people drivers and people with convenient means of transportation. selling them stuff for Through this, people will lessen the use of triple the price. I have their own cars, which will be one step towards other plans that I can’t solving the traffic problem. Followed by that, reveal in the will be coordination with the local governors meantime, to keep to pave roads and reconstruct roads up to them safe from being standards because that would be much stolen (by other cheaper than paying money each year for Ministers) until the fixing the same roads (the problem is that Ministry of Tourism: My name is Blah plans are well studied. certain people can’t get this point). What Blah and I’m the new Minister of Tourism. That’s all. should come next is measuring the efficiency It’s a funny story why I decided to run His Excellency, of the Ministry and applying modern for this position. It was two months ago Omar Mohamed, 19 managerial techniques that should focus on when I was with some German friends progress and development. More decisions of mine at the Pyramids. We suddenly to be taken soon ------- keep updated! found a group of kids who were selling souvenirs. They insisted on selling my friends some postcards for any price His Excellency, Yasser Abbas, 18 although my friends didn’t want any. So one of them opened his wallet but only had L.E.5 and a couple of hundred pound notes. My friend offered him the L.E.5 but of course the little kid refused. I told the kid to go away as he had no change at all, so the kid, knowing that I’m Egyptian, offered me a deal. He told me, “Let him give me a hundred and I’ll split it with you.” Of course what he told me drove me nuts and I almost hit the boy. Dreadfully, the people here who deal with any kind of tourists think that they’re dealing with tourists from other planets; they think that these tourists come to places like Egypt just to be made fools of. It’s like, “Oh, foreigners! Let’s take their money.” By God’s will, I’ll use my position to change this way of thinking forever. I’m planning to put tour guides, who work for the government, in airports, malls, museums, at the monuments and every January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 12. Ministry of Culture: In today’s world being a civilized and educated person isn’t only measured by college degrees. In any country, being accustomed to art in its various kinds refines the quality of its people. Ministry of Information: Ladies and Exchanging ideas and cultural values will allow the Gentlemen, it’s an honor to be the Minister people of the world to open the borders of their of Information, especially that I spent creativity so that they can think together to reach my whole career as a writer, a poet, solutions for the eternal question, “how to make the sometimes a journalist and also a world a better place?” television announcer. I believe in the The mission statement of the Egyptian Ministry of majestic message that all means of media Culture is: “Implement programs and projects that present. The press, the television, and serve our goal which is to provide - not only Egypt - the radio are the elements that I consider but also the whole world with educated, civilized and most effective in everyone’s life. refined people who’ll help in making today’s world Accordingly, I thought of some new things better.” The plan I intend to implement as a Minister that’ll probably help make best use of of Culture includes three main projects: those mentioned elements. SIS (State - Before we encourage the people to read, we should Information Service) has a big role in the educate them first. As a way to help eradicate illiteracy development as well. Through the press, I suggest a program for youth similar to that of a everyone’s totally free to express one’s summer internship. For an amount of money, which opinion as long as he/she is quite sure will be set later, they’ll tour the governorates of Egypt of the information published; otherwise, in order to teach the illiterate adults. They’ll teach there’ll be stiff penalties for those who them a special syllabus as such the trainees will be just want to have fun. I’ll also give the given a special training courses in. They’ll also be opportunity to school and university required to organize awareness programs regarding students. Special newspapers will be various issues. established to let them discuss the topics - I’ll also contemplate about a scholarship program they feel like discussing and are most for undergraduates that’ll enable them to continue concerned with. Television and the radio their education in leading American and European are somewhat related, because they universities. present almost the same content, yet, - A chain of libraries across the country is essential the television is wider viewed no doubt. for the Egyptian society; libraries which don’t offer I’ll do my best to expand the local books only but also seminars and activities for various television channels. All the television age groups. I’m optimistic, what about you? speakers and announcers will have technical workshops under the supervision Her Excellency, Dina Wahba, 19 of foreign specialists who already succeeded in that. I myself will supervise the aired programs and see if they’re worthwhile. On the other hand, new creative programs will be shown. Children’s agenda will be richer and more open minded. Nonetheless, important talk shows will definitely be aired as well as dramatic soap operas, comic shows and movies. I won’t forget of course self help and programs to awaken awareness. What I want to end with is actually thanking God that we have such a Ministry that a lot of countries don’t really have (Trusted Information!) Her Excellency, Doaa Samy, 18 Exchanging ideas and cultural values will allow the people of the world to open the borders of their creativity TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 13. Today’s students have trouble adjusting to college because they’re not used to being independent Ministiry of Education and Higher Education: As the new assigned Minister of Education and Higher Education, I hereby grant a permanent vacation to all schools and universities... (Just kidding! But I’ve always wanted to say that or at least have this said to me. Wouldn’t it feel great?) I feel that education here in Egypt deeply needs reformation. The first order of business is to alter and modify school curriculums. Also, schools aren’t going to be just for learning. They’re going to be fun facilities that a student looks forward to go to each day. By achieving this, the student won’t be locked up in a classroom eight hours a day listening to teachers. NO! Forty percent of the curriculum should be activities (research, creative assignments, group projects…etc.). Today’s students have trouble adjusting to college because they’re not used to being independent. But certain courses and programs will be set in their last year to prepare them for their university life. New educational systems will be established especially in areas where poverty prevails. Like the educational system organized by UNICEF that depends on the idea of self-teaching with no teachers - just observers to help guide them. They participate in all activities and attend conferences. It’s quite a successful Ministry of Agriculture: Since the system; all it needs is to be spread in Egypt. ancient Egyptians, Egypt has been Concerning teachers, every teacher, before applying to a known to be a perfect region for new school, will go through a training program that agriculture. But as I said... that was in introduces new and creative teaching techniques. These ancient Egypt! We have the perfect techniques will create the new drastic change known as fertile soil that any agricultural the ‘fun learning experience.’ Extra supervision will be set environment would need. But, in each school to observe how this plan is being implemented. unfortunately, we’re going for the Winning the fight against private lessons isn’t just by chemicals which damage our land’s declaring it but by actually trying to fix what goes on in fertility. We’re also able to farm any schools rather than outside. The facilities also need to be kind of fruit, vegetable or even raw fixed. If the government is having financial problems, then material like cotton during any time of fundraisers like huge dinner parties or concerts will be held the year which actually results in a to help dozens of schools that really need to be improved. different taste or smell! Again, in the In order to cut back on expenses, the government won’t old days people used to know the produce millions of textbooks each year nor will parents different taste and the smell of any fruit pay hundreds of pounds on books. The books will already or vegetable upon entering the house! be the property of the school; each student will return his Are you aware of what has happened?! book at the end of the year to be later used by other Now as for the coming years, I’ll stop students. But certain fees will be paid to compensate any replacing fertile land with built areas. damaged books. And this will help to bring back the old Last but not least, as the Minister for Higher Education quality of agriculture. I’ll also start also, I hereby declare the opening of dozens of private exporting goods that we have in our universities each year. Next year I’m proud to announce land instead of importing many goods, the opening of SUC (Sudan University in Cairo), PIUT in other words, we’ll encourage our (Private International University in Tanta), MPCA (Misr industry. Farmers will have their own Public College in Alexandria), CAA (The Contemporary lands again. Factories will be established Academy in Assuit) and most importantly the AGM (A7la remote areas as a means of making Gam3a fe Masr College) Good luck in your exams! use of the wide empty desert and also to avoid pollution. Specialists will look Her Excellency, Esraa Hegazy, 18 into the lands which have been treated with chemicals and start treating them and refreshing them to start farming in a normal way again. Farmers who’ve been forced to leave their lands and go to the city will be rewarded to come back and will be paid by the government. This will lessen the unemployment rate and improve our agriculture. We’ll build more green houses, to supply an even better environment for plants and greenery. Monthly inspectors will pass by all lands, checking and reporting any problems. These inspectors are employed in each area. As the Minister of Agriculture, I’ll assure you healthy fruits and vegetables by the end of the coming five years…I, myself, miss that pure taste! Her Excellency, Reem Ahmed, 15 January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 14. Ministry of Youth and Sports: Qad Qam al captain Lotfy be shar7 barnamgho! All the clubs will be under the supervision of our Ministry. No club manager will have the right to go on TV and insult millions of people. There’ll be a committee called The Supports Committee. This committee will be there to help all new clubs that are still growing or current clubs that have financial or managerial problems to solve those problems. The goal of this committee is to create fair competition between all clubs for the whole season, so as not to have the league’s winner determined after the first week; so the competition will not only be between Ahly and Zamalak. There’ll be more concern about individual sports, which have proven to get better results than team sports. So it is obvious, that we’re having the phenomena of free riding in teams, which is having each member depend on his colleague and not doing his work well. And for the first time in the history of Egyptian matches, fans will be treated as humans in football matches and all other matches as well. They’ll have the right not to be hit on their heads, nor strip naked in the inspection area when they enter. You’ll also be able to watch the matches on your own TV. You won’t have to go to the cafeteria, to watch a match and buy a cup of tea for L.E.5 and some ‘tasaly (leb w sodany)’ for another L.E. 4 plus the 10 percent tax which makes a total of L.E.10 but you’ll have to leave the rest of the L.E.20 you paid anyway because this is the minimum charge. More courts Ministry of Finance: Everybody knows, and fields will be built for all amateurs to play the Ministry of Finance is at the end of in, rather than the streets. We’ll be doing our a recession. So we took it as our liberty best to arrange World Cup 3010; I guarantee to oppose and come up with the new tax that it’ll be either held in Egypt or it won’t be return policies. We’ve spent much on held at all! We’ll be looking forward to have advertising so please pay up. You’ve seen healthier youth with healthy bodies. We’ll do our our advertisement on television more best to make our children set sports as one of than once so that proves we’re using their highest priorities in their daily lives because your money in the right way and you of its huge importance. For healthier bodies …Let’s shouldn’t lose confidence in our institution. play sports! We’ve explained on our website the whole His Excellency, Mohamed Bahar, 19 process but in a certain way for you just not to understand, so please just co- operate and pay us more money. What you read above may be pinpointing some negatives. On the other hand, you might not be concerned with anything except some words like ‘pay up’ and ‘pay us more money.’ Anyway…let’s see what can be done for improvement. We have also developed a plan for the average Egyptian to become a millionaire and get a second chance in life. The plan goes as follows: Each Egyptian will pay one (1) Egyptian pound everyday. A lottery will then be held, bearing in mind that the lottery tickets hold the name of every Egyptian citizen, and one citizen will be chosen as the winner of the lottery - after excluding taxes of course – and takes the whole sum. This program is guaranteed 100 percent to get everyone in the country rich by the year 22666, when Egypt becomes a world power and proves for once and for all that we were right all along and that our government We have also developed system has no flaws what so ever! No Comment! a plan for the average Egyptian to His Excellency, Mohamed Khater, 19 become a millionaire and get a second chance in life TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 15. Ministry of Foreign Affairs:, I’d like to ZOOMing in on the Arabic music scene is a very express my happiness and honor in being voguish, trendy,and innovative channel, "ZOOM". among you and to be your representative. Brought to you by the creators of Mazzika TV, My forthcoming plans are going to be Mohsen and Mostafa Gaber. ZOOM will be uncovering necessarily held with your contribution. As the latest gossip, news, and releases in the Arabic the Prophet Muhammad [PBUH] said, that music business through interesting ,exciting and in order to gain security and freedom in interactive programming. On zoom, tune in to the your country, you should settle things up hottest, and hippest programs, talk shows, events and reconcile with other countries so that will be my first plan. I’ll be endeavored to and concerts in the music industry. Get it now on this truce through organizing an annual Nile sat at Frequency: 11900 Ghz festival for peace. It’ll take place at the Polarization: vertical Pyramids in which I’ll invite all the presidents, Symbol Rate: 27500 kings and queens in addition to prime and foreign ministers all over the world. My next FEC: 3/4 step will be to interact youth who are well- acquainted with the various problems in ZOOM….. "Arabic music exposed" their countries and introduce these problems to the other country and then put a strategy which can be followed to solve these problems and send another alternative youth group from the hosted country to apply the strategy. This swap will promote our intention in peace and increase the prevailed production rate in the economical, agricultural and educational field. Besides that, political affairs will be adjusted and smoothened and terrorism will be annihilated. I’ll also cry out to reduce the number of youth who have immigrated abroad for work because they should serve their country and be proud of it. Finally, I’ll ask for every country’s aid to compose one international peace anthem so that we’ll be one hand and in the same range and sphere. May God grant me success! Her Excellency, Mahie Ahmed, 20 After going through our different thoughts and plans for the New Year, we hope we delivered our purpose which is to let you, dear readers, to always to keep in mind the negative points but think in a different way that will help improve them. Don’t say, “I don’t like such and such” but instead, you’d better say, “I have an idea to improve such and such!” Doaa Samy, 18 Head of Think Green Club Best Wishes for the New Year January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 16. EGYPT, LIKE YOU’VE NEVER SEEN... Courts and gardens in El Sehaymi were designed environmentally, to adapt to the climate changes in Egypt and also provide a pleasant place to live. "Most of the important things in the world have been accomplished by people who have kept on trying when there seemed to be no help at all." Dale Carnegie El Darb El Asfar Most of you who are Economic and Social Development; a grant of approximately four Khrasaty. Sehaymi is the biggest. It was built in 1648 with additions reading this, do not million US dollars. in 1796, designed to give know about this alley The Governor aided the project of importance to Islamic social patterns and family values. and the treasures that restoring the alley and decided that Strongly adapted to its surrounding it will be restricted to pedestrians environment, the house is it hosts. But do not only and the streets to be paved considered one of Cairo’s historical blame yourself, people in stone. The local residents shared in this event and helped in the valued treasures. Its restoration program started in January 1994 who were born there pavement process and also all the and the amount of garbage do not know too! main piping systems were either changed or restored. All the It is true! Youth actually did not building facades were studied and know about the history that this developed to be evolved into a alley has yet to unfold for them, harmonious exterior for the place, as they only knew about haunted bonding the local community with houses and garbage dumps. Until their context, and understanding Dr.Asa’ad Nadim, owner of El the historic value of their alley. So, Mashrabeya Institute in Cairo, what does this alley hold for them? undertook the responsibility of documentation, restoration and The alley has a historical well called conservation of the alley using a Ketas and three important historical grant offered by The Arab Fund for houses: El Sehaymi, Ga’far and El Plumbing and re-wiring the whole alley was done with aid of the local residents making the process easier and smoother. January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 17. The alley before and after. El Sehaymi is now a tourist attraction and even more a cultural center for children. Children are seen drawing details of rooms in the house as part of their art class. it was done and restoration problems tackled were from weak bearing walls to plumbing removed from it was issues. The entrance to the court of the restored equivalent to the El Sehaymi looks beautiful. This was capacity of a hundred The project was completed on June 26, 2000. housing in old Cairo for a family; this trucks! A booklet of recommendations was handed was us in the past. on how to preserve the area, but alas! Nothing El Khrasaty, however, of what was recommended has been done is not considered a and maintenance had to be taken care of heritage house, every six month under the supervision of Dr. because it was Asa’ad and a book is currently being written modified drastically. about the whole restoration process. But the restoration ‘Restoration’ as a concept is really a debatable program was one. Do people love the way they lived before? concerned with the Is replacing old windows with new ones the value beyond that. It solution? Is restoring only meant for tourist was joined to other attraction and its benefits? All these questions houses and its are left for you to decide but visiting such a removal would have place will teach you, not just about its history, strongly endangered but about a community that learned to work the other houses. Plus with each other, sacrifice and give efforts for there were many their cause. If each alley, street and area other problems to be bonds this way, what would be the result? faced. The house was actually homing more Tarek Rakha, 20 than 20 families! This was a problem but was solved through offerings and successful negotiations with its residents. It took a long time to convince them to move out but Paving of the roads TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 18. Woo Woooo Woooooooo!! freely move but have upper and Oh my God, lower limits. We also would visit all Oh my God, the world countries. Not to worry, OH MY GOD!! nobody would stop you to ask for I remember the last time I went a passport simply because he to Dream Park about two or wouldn’t be able to keep standing three years ago. Never mind still on the country’s border! He’d about how the day was, even be moving and traveling himself. though it was marvelous! When Consequently, we wouldn’t need I went back home after a airplanes. We can manage going physically tiring day, I was anywhere that might otherwise eager to get to sleep after take us a life-time; as we’d be having a quick shower. Pretty moving in slow motion. Never mind, normal I think! the most important thing is to arrive I lost consciousness as soon I anyway no matter when! And all placed my head on the comfy people would be able to practice pillow. Now, tell me, what do ballet and gymnastics. We’d badly you expect then? Ummm, come need that to move properly and in on…it’s not that complicated. all directions. Ok, stop now. I’ll tell you myself what happened. But Thursday Oh gravity! …is it really that first…make sure that you’re by meeting significant? fond of treacherous around the flying tree over there Sometimes we’re not aware of the adventures! to get ready for ‘winging’ to the gifts we’re given until they vanish! club at night, hehe!” (I wonder True. 100 percent true! At least we I was walking, walking strangely, what they could do there;) never happen to think about those actually! I don’t know how. To take All what we know about gravity are gifts or even consider them as a step forward, you must have one the moves an astronaut makes gifts... foot on the floor while picking up while on a spaceship. We see how the other one, moving it slightly funny it is to be hung in air, moving Have you ever tried mixing honey upwards, then finally situating it everywhere always! I’m really with lemon before? I personally Logical enough? I think so! But eager to explore a new non-gravity live to do that I love eating -or what if you have BOTH legs life. Let’s think together. whatever verb you choose- honey upwards at once? with squeezed lemon. What I want A normal person would probably How would we walk around, excuse to mention is the process itself. say, “I’d sure be jumping!” me, I mean ‘move around’ lol! What When you try it (cause, you must!) Well…maybe! about cars…you know what? I think you’ll have to wait a while to let If I come again and tell you to that would help solve the traffic the lemon juice particles interact knock out that jumping option off problem!! Yeah, believe me, if your with the honey’s. If you leave it for your estimations, what would you way is stuck, just move under the a while after you mix them, you say? car in front of you or even above find them separating again. Honey I’m now certain that you all know it; it’s your choice! But you got to at the bottom and the lemon juice what’s going on in my mind! Again, take most care not to hit anything on top. I’m using conditional if if I’m walking with both feet not doing the same action however. “zero type-present simple” as it is touching the ground and not Then we’d find cars with four sided- a true fact! jumping either...flying? uh-huh mirrors; two on both sides, one guys! But I wasn’t pushing reflecting top ways, and another Back to our subject, to mix living upwards. I was doing nothing at reflecting bottom ways, human beings with their place of all---I suddenly found myself nonetheless, I have no idea how living, GRAVITY is the magical caught in the middle in between can those top/bottom ones solution! the ground and the sky…'c9can’t function? Hey you guys, studying get down nor investigate above. engineering over there…think about Really had fun writing this, hope Moving my hand was a big deal. I it and tell me! you had fun reading it as well! felt like I was swimming in an Waiting for your sweet comments everlasting box full of water. You When it comes to sleeping, tell me and usual feedbacks at know that feeling when water lifts please what’s your preferred you up? Exactly! But what actually position? You can sleep standing, Wishing you a very Happy New differs is that you, when swimming with your back bent, curled up on Year for 2006, willingly. Take care wherever, can simply get out of your legs, stretching your arms till I see you next month (My special the sea when you feel like doing upwards, upside down or even month where I celebrate my so but it’s not the case here yet. horizontally!! There’s a big smile birthday!) You can’t get out of your whole on my face now just imagining universe if it lacks GRAVITY! anybody sleeping horizontally and Faithfully, going on like that between people! Doaa Samy, 18 My sister was studying in the same Don’t forget that nothing can stop room while I was writing this article. them. (It’s the last time I’ll write 18 beside She told me a funny comment that my name. I’ll convert that eight I’d like to share. “If there was no We wouldn’t have a place to live into nine on the first day next gravity,” she said, “my friends and in, except if we were locked in a month) I would likely hangout on a typical room or a home where we could January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 19. What Do You Know about Political Parties? One of the things that you, share, to a great extent, similar - Arab Democratic Nasserist ideas. The only difference is that Party or Nasserist Party as an Egyptian citizen, political parties aim at obtaining - Liberal Party (Hizb al- should be fully aware of is power. The formal definition is: A Ahrar) the political system of your political party is a political - Tomorrow Party (Hizb al- organization subscribing to a certain Ghad) country. How does the ideology or formed around very - Solidarity Party government work? One special issues with the aim to - Democratic Union Party important aspect of the participate in power, usually by - Umma Party participating in elections. - National Concord Party government is ‘political - Egypt 2000 Party parties.’ We asked teens Political parties in Egypt: - Constitutional Party what do they know about After the revolution in 1952, the - Egyptian Arab Socialist revolutionary regime had dissolved Party them and these were their all political parties in January of the - Pride Party(Hizb al- answers: following year. Gamal Abdel Nasser Karama) - Isn't granted or introduced a new political system full-licensed yet •Actually I have never attended one. that was named Arab socialism, with •Hahaha! Obviously I know there a one-party system. Nasser's successor, Anwar El Sadat, carried out a limited political liberalization and an economic and diplomatic ‘infitah’ (open door policy) to the West. Nowadays, Egypt is a Big Words one party dominant state. The National Democratic Party (Al- Hizb Al-Watany Al- EthnoCentrism Demoqraty) is the current ruling political vs. party in Egypt, led by Cultural Relativism President Hosni Mubarak. Its political ideology is Socialism; Ethnocentrism. "The Social Democracy. tendency to view one's own Opposition parties are culture as best and to judge the allowed but are widely behavior and beliefs of people in other societies by one's own considered to have no standards." Many claim that real chance of gaining ethnocentrism occurs in every power. The political system is based society; ironically, ethnocentrism are a lot of political parties. But I on a multi-party system. According may be something that all am not interested in politics. to the Egyptian Constitution, political cultures have in common. Within • When a group of politicians gather parties are allowed to exist but this context, individuals will under the umbrella of joined religious political parties are banned judge other groups in relation interests from a rally to express from being formed in Egypt. Also to their own particular ethnic their views in it. banned are political parties that group or culture, especially with • Political parties are the places encourage militia formations or that concern to language, behavior, where you can go to and talk freely have an agenda that is contradictory customs, and religion. about politics with NO limits or to the Constitution or threaten the barriers!! country's stability, such as the Cultural relativism. The idea • I know that the main man of one national unity between Muslims and that one should try to evaluate of the parties is Tony Blair and he the Coptic sect in Egypt. Presently, and understand another is the Prime Minister of England. there are 18 political parties in Egypt. culture/society on its own terms There are three main parties in and relative to its own values England, each one represents a and beliefs. According to this belief, in studying another different class of people. For example, the Labor party represents The Parties: culture we need to suspend the working class. judgment, empathize and try and understand the way that • Maybe it is when people meet in - National Democratic Party particular culture sees the world. a place and begin talking about (Hizb al Dimuqratiyah al politics and other stuff about it! Wataniyah) - New Wafd Party (Hizb al- Wafd-al-Jadid) Political parties are just like any - Progressive National other groupings as in your school Unionist Party (Hizb al or college. They are groups of people Tajamaa al Wataniyah al Dina Wahba, 19 who have similar interests and Tagadamm al Wahdwa) January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 20. Terrorism: In Search for a Definition Though the word itself is very "The roots of the Abu Gharib prison familiar, still, its meaning remains scandal lie not in the criminal vague. Up till now the world's inclinations of a few army reservists greatest politicians and leaders but in a decision, approved by former cannot find an exact meaning for it. Secretary of Defense Donald And as this word is becoming of Rumsfeld, to expand a highly secret great importance in today's world, operation, which had been focused then we should dig deeper and try on the hunt for Al Qaeda, to the to find out what does this intriguing interrogation of prisoners in Iraq." word mean. The New Yorker Magazine. By definition ‘terrorism’ is: US Apache helicopters were reported 1. A terrorizing use of terror and to be attacking civilian neighborhoods violence to intimidate, subjugate, in Falloujah. (FSRN, April 6) On April etc., especially as a political weapon 7,US forces in Falloujah were or policy. reported to be bombing a mosque. 2. Intimidation and subjugation so Local hospital officials now report produced (from Webster's New 280 dead, with many hastily buried Universal Unabridged Dictionary). A in the town's soccer field as residents terrorist is a person who uses were barred by the military siege violence for political purposes. from reaching the cemetery. “The name of today's military These are the linguistic definitions. operation is Enduring Freedom. We Let's have a closer look and view result of the invasion.” defend not only our precious some of the applications of this word From a study published in The Lancet freedoms, but also the freedom of in the real world through the one dated October 30th people everywhere to live and raise person who- if I may call him- is the their children free from fear.” most frequent user of this word “The oppressed people of Afghanistan George W. Bush today, George W. Bush. Maybe then will know the generosity of America we will understand why a simple and our allies. The United States of word such as ‘terrorism’ can cause America is a friend to the Afghan Does that mean that it is true that so much confusion. The following people." ‘one man's freedom is another man's are extractions from journals, reports Bush's Treaty Room statement. freedom fighter?’ The meaning of and statements from President Bush: the word so simple and obvious and “US forces in Afghanistan have the only problem is that it is severely "America and our friends and allies arbitrarily detained civilians, used misused! join with those who want peace and excessive force during arrests of non I hope you are not as confused as I security in the world, and we stand combatants and mistreated am. And after I have stated all the together to win the war against detainees.” This concludes that the facts, I will let you decide on what ‘TERRORISM.’ US-administered system of arrest the meaning of terrorism is and who Bush in his Address to the Nation and detention in Afghanistan is the ‘real terrorist.’ speech. functions outside the rule of law. Human Rights Watch new report. Dina Wahba, 19 "We know that the war was not just illegal and unnecessary but is turning into the bloodiest war involving Britain for a long time. Most of the deaths are from air strikes, which puts the action of the US and British governments in the category of war Shockingly True crimes, on a par with the deliberate targeting of civilians at Guernica in A UN ‘peacekeeping’ mission in 1937 and at Dresden in 1944." the Congo in 1961 included the Lindsey German, convener of the bombing of hospitals and many UK's Stop the War Coalition, as she other defenseless civilian told the Weekly. targets. Since the UN - man's best hope "The Iraqi people are meeting for peace - was founded in 1945 hardships and challenges like every there have been over 140 wars. nation that has set out on the path Josef Stalin, the leader of the of democracy. Yet their future USSR was from Georgia. promises lives of dignity and freedom Adolph Hitler was Austrian. and that is a world away from the The first Secretary General of squalid, vicious tyranny they have the UN was a U.S. citizen who known. Across Iraq, life is being was also Soviet spy. improved by liberty." Of the first 14 UN George W. Bush Undersecretaries who controlled the UN's military, all 14 of them were Communists. “The findings of the first scientific study of civilian casualties in Iraq Yasser Abbas, 18 reveal that at least 100,000 Iraqi civilians, mostly women and children, have died in only 17 months as a TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 21. Check Out Our Latest ‘Movie’ Review: “Syria at a Crossroad…will it be in the affairs of other countries There was no evidence of any urgent another Iraq?” claiming the need for saving the threat to peace. world from terrorism and evil states There had been no complaint from – as they like to call them. This the country whose integrity and Syria is under the spotlight! French eye found the need for security is threatened as the developing the situation into a thriller, resolution claims. On the contrary, All of a sudden the whole a movie that millions all over the the Lebanese representatives had world media has shifted its world would watch and one that will communicated to the Council their focus onto a small country bring in magnificent profit! opposition to consideration of the in the Middle East called Resolution. Syria. Everyone is suddenly The movie starts in 2004 with a Besides, the text was addressing the sudden French concern over Lebanon wrong threat. If there was a threat concerned with the and the realization of the need for to Lebanon, that was well known, it internal affairs of Syria and Syrian troops to withdraw from did not arise from Syria. its relation with Lebanon; Lebanon, as they were of no use explosions, then. Also realizing the threat of Secretary-General of the Ministry of Hezbollah, there was a call then for Foreign Affairs of Lebanon, Mohamed demonstrations, disarming it and turning it from being Issa, rejected the other part of the assassination, revolutions, a military group to a normal political Resolution by saying that there were threats and more. It is a party with no arms or weapons. no militias in Lebanon. There was breath catching package The second actor then - which is the only the National Lebanese that is coming to a theater U.S - appears and agrees with France Resistance, which appeared after that the Syrian troops are of threat the Israeli occupation and which near you…maybe to your to peace and security and should would remain so long as Israel own theater. But who leave Lebanon immediately. remained. (Although the movie shows you that More importantly, the United Nations a few months back, had never interfered in such a matter French/American relations were with regard to any other state. There tense as France opposed the U.S. was no justification for the led war against Iraq!) Resolution, which constituted The two then (France and America) interference in the internal affairs of go to the rest of the characters and a member state of the United talk about the situation when they Nations. propose that the whole group will ask Syria formally to withdraw from This, in short proves that such a Lebanon which results in a United Resolution was not enough. Here, is Nations Security Council Resolution introduced the rule of the director (1559) that calls upon all remaining of the movie, where he thinks of ‘FOREIGN’ forces to withdraw from accelerating the events by having a Lebanon. (Caring to protect Syrian peak that will change the path of feelings and not mentioning Syria events, resulting in more thrilling knows when? by name). incidents where actors can have the freedom to use their rules and The origins of this movie go back to The first episode of the movie was release their talents. the 70’s, when Syria sent its troops not a success because not many to engage in the Lebanese civil war people paid attention to it, as it was that arose then. Syria intervened to not strong and had some mistakes; save the lives of the Maronite particularly a Security Council Christians whose existence was resolution that cannot exist in the deeply threatened. real and just world that we had Although the civil war was over, hoped to be living in. Syrian troops and intelligence bodies stayed in Lebanon and did not return UNSC Resolution 1559: back which raised doubt over Syrian interests in Lebanon that were, By a vote of nine in favor to none actually, many. against, with six abstentions (those After the Israeli invasion of Lebanon who refused to vote) Resolution 1559 in 1982, Hezbollah was formed to passed in the Security Council fight Israel and to free Lebanese focusing mainly on the withdrawal territories from occupation, till they of all foreign forces from Lebanon eventually reached this target in (referring to Syria) and disarmament 2000 when Israel withdrew from the of Lebanese and non-Lebanese That was in the beginnings of 2005, occupied Southern Lebanon. militias (referring to Hezbollah). so what was this peak? The problems with the Resolution If you have an idea about it, share This is a normal situation that you can be summarized in what the it with me at: can find occurring in many parts of Pakistani speaker (who abstained the globe that have even much more from voting) said after the Resolution If you do not know, then wait for complex conflicts that seem was passed: February where you will find the impossible to solve. review of the second episode in this But a smart French eye, inspired by The Resolution is not equivalent with astonishing sequel. the U.S. actions after the attacks of the Security Council’s functions and September 11th; in particular the responsibilities. aggressiveness and the interference Yasser Abbas, 18 January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 22. And I still have a room window by the Pyramids Scene: Somewhere in the desert… “Come and see ‘ya 3asl’, golden Guard! Arrest them! Those are the “A place that survived through the Pyramids cheaper than ‘basal!’” smuggling gang we've been trying ages…once you step foot on these “Feast your eyes! Just take a look, to catch for the last six months!” lands it takes you back in time,” at these statues that you can only “Wait!” yelled one of the tourists. said the tour guide to a bunch of see in a book!” “These are Egyptian products not tourists. “The Pyramids were “Come and check this out ya Chinese, what are you talking designed for…… fandy,… we’ve got the best ‘Bardy!’” about?! We were in Egypt!” “Buy one Tut Ankh'amoun statue After what seemed like a few hours “No sir,” snapped the guard. “See and get one Nefertari for free!” of filling their bags with tons of these labels over here? These interrupted a small boy carrying souvenirs from the chanting products are ‘Made in China’!” ancient Egyptian statues. The vendors, they all jumped back in tourists swarmed around the little the bus and headed for the hotel Having said all that we can say that boy like bees over honey. They as the tour guide was seeing them China's ongoing economic bought as many souvenirs as they off and wishing them a nice day. transformation has had a profound could carry. “Since you love our “Hope you liked your tour for today impact not only on China or Egypt products so much,” said the tour and don’t forget your friend Chin but everywhere worldwide. I'd say guide, after noticing their sheer Yaung.” they INVADED the world! delight over the statues, “I suggest The tourists’ stay was finally over. we go to Khan El Khalili; one of the And before they knew it, they were It provokes my revelation how biggest markets that has a variety packing their bags with all the lovely neither Japan's nor Korea's postwar of ancient Egyptian souvenirs.” goods they bought and heading to boom comes anywhere close to the airport. After a long and tiring China's. And it's even more flight, they reached their native surprising to know that China grew country at last. The tourist group even during the worldwide economic picked up their bags and waited in doldrums of 2001-02. Since 1979, a long line to check them at China has reformed and opened its customs. economy. Today, China's economy is the sixth largest in the world and “Good evening ladies and the fastest growing economy. In gentlemen,” said the security guard the year 2004, its $1.65 trillion at the checkpoint as he searched economy was about 1/7th the size the contents of their luggage. “What of that of the U.S. China's total do we have here?” he asked trade in the same year surpassed referring to the souvenirs they $1.1 trillion, making China the bought. world's third largest trading nation “Just souvenirs; pure, 100 percent after the U.S. and Germany. China's Egyptian products,” replied one of economy grew at an average rate the tourists. of 10 percent per year during the But the security guard got period 1990-2004; the highest rate suspicious and checked every item. in the world! “You’re lying!” he told them. “These The idea was immediately put into aren’t Egyptian. You’re smuggling As shows, our balance was never action. Everyone hopped on the bus Chinese products into this country. more than $-681.4 million - and headed to Khan El Khalili. The minute they got there, they all started taking pictures with their cameras and their hunger to buy souvenirs drove them eagerly to the bazaar. Not needing an intensive search for what they wanted, the 1999 34.4 715.8 -681.4 merchandise was clearly displayed and they could hear the vendors shouting out to 2000 102 805 -703 promote their goods. Come and ‘bos’ with a dollar and ‘nos’!” 2001 80 872 -792 “Come and buy ‘3baya’ from Aunt Shelbaya!” “Come grab a fanous…it’s 2002 92 853 -761 almost without flous!’” On every corner the vendors filled the streets, all shouting 2003 153 937 -784 different chants to attract the tourists to their shops or small stands. 2004 188 1389 -1201 January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 23. disappointing, I know! But that's not everything. We got this information from the Ministry of Foreign Affairs. The recognized trade isn’t the total actual trade because there are a lot of products that come in and out without significant recognition and such products are mostly the small Chinese ones that are spreading everywhere. What's really irritating is that all our exports are raw materials like: granite (43% of the total trade), cotton (21.5%), petroleum (9%) and iron (9%). And we import them back as equipment: (13% of the total trade), machinery, electronics (10%) and clothing (9%). Why allow the Chinese to invade?! As you look at the lack of Egyptian productive industries and compare them to those of China and other countries, it’ll make you dizzy to hear that the government actually encourages investors, especially and wonder where the problem is finds out the truth. He knows now young ones! You stop for a while or if Egyptian products actually do what it will take. He spends days until he figures out which way to go and finally he’s done with his Today, China's economy is the sixth largest work. The second slap comes to reassure in the world and the fastest growing economy him that he’s still awake! After building the plant, he needs to import machinery and the latest technology before he gets down to business. This adds a lot of exist but maybe you’re money to the bill as he’ll have to having problems with pay customs for all the imported your eyesight! Another equipment, machines and side of the coin is the materials. And, of course, to lower complaints from the customs he has to pay, he’ll investors regarding the need to choose one of the routine procedures previously mentioned ways. needed for setting up industrial plants. The red Cued up next, is labor. Unlike tape has made Egyptian labor, Chinese labor is permission and very cheap plus also, the Chinese registration rot in are very skilled. Being a country governmental offices. of a great population ourselves, Let’s now take a look at we should have the same the beginning of the thing…but we don't! The production process. An investor feels wheel turns and turns but confident after hearing unfortunately, the flourishing of about the the plant will add more to the encouragement from the business bills after adding tax bills. government. With a All these elements will add up at broad smile, he enters a the end and raise the cost of the governmental office to get the needed permission and registration…and here comes the first slap on his face. He’s awakened from his dreams with phrases like “Come back tomorrow.” After a while, he witnesses another investor getting his papers done in no time. Bribery, it could be or - probably- connections. Either way, the investor TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 24. product. The previously planned price won’t fit the new circumstances and the product costs more than expected. The markets will be filled with the new goods with high prices compared to their quality. The consumer will have to either choose an expensive Egyptian product or a lower priced foreign product but both of the same quality. Now, you solve the dilemma! I wonder where the procedures that’ll make life easier for investors and customers are! When will the system improve and get rid of the red tape and the corruption that wear it out? Apart from all the difficulties the government imposes on investments, is also peoples’ mistaken perception. Many seem to have the impression that things are never good enough unless they’re expensive or imported. I understand that people tend to think this way because they expect the product to satisfy them when they spend a lot of money on it. But, that’s not always true. Investors reached an understanding on how people that they were all they had and they Social Club perceive a worthy product long ago acted according to this and it worked. Alaa Jalal, 19 and acted accordingly, selling things We too have all 70 million resources; Engy Yehia, 20 with much higher prices than they we just haven’t come to realize that Esraa Hegazy, 18 cost. Nevertheless, advertisements yet. Shady Sadat,21 play the greatest role in shaping the Mai Mamdouh,19 Compiled by: Mai Mamdouh Many seem to have the impression that things are never Special Thanks To: good enough unless they’re expensive or imported Ashraf Hamdy Second Secretary impression people have. Ads create Foreign Affairs stereotypes for the audience to look for supplying us with information up to; an ad would show people and the lives they live in contrast to the lives they wish to have. All of this adds glamour that is far from the truth. And, as planned, hypnotized people end up feeling needy for the product. It's getting very irritating how the Chinese express our culture through their products. They're expressing the framework of our own identities starting with ancient civilizations, religion and ending up with food habits. Sometimes, it's just not right to let someone do everything for you - which is, to our misfortune, the case with China. I’m curious how a country that suffered so much could raise itself up in such short time. It happens a lot that we throw the blame on the times when our country was occupied; the times when our resources were sucked out. But then China comes along to prove us wrong. They didn't just have their resources robbed, they had them diminished. And yet, with all the strength they had, the Chinese knew January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 25. ‘Wasfa Sahla’ A recipe to Success Before you boys out there flip the page saying "Stop… this is a girls’ exclusive cooking page," I want to tell you this is not about cooking. The aim behind this interview, done for our Youth Productive Campaign, is to show you a real live example of a group of friends whose determination and dedication has led them from one success to another; starting with just a simple cooking website to catering and their special TV show. This is a story that should be set as a model for all of you teens who are seeking a real change in your life. Let us hear the story of one of the people behind Wasfa project, Miss Salma Fouad and how she and her friends were not afraid of failing, faced their challenges, followed their hearts and finally made it. - You are a graduate from us had the proper experience plan and began a company in our original jobs till the the Faculty of Economics from our previous work; we with one of our friends, Dalia business reached a certain and Political Science. had done lots of research and Fahmy, who had a small level of success. Also, they What does that have to do we knew almost all what we catering business of her own, should not fear failure, they with cooking? needed to know about and asked her to become the should just plan their projects Okay, let me start from the establishing websites. When manager of our new project. well, work hard and dedicate beginning. I graduated from they told me the idea and We started small; catering themselves to it. Most the science section in high that all I have to do is prepare small parties at first then we important thing of all is to school with high grades and recipes I said, "Sure I would expanded and brought more remain flexible to the market everyone expected me to love to!" I mean cooking has people to help us. and I am sure they will make either enter the faculty of always been a hobby of mine. it like my friends and I did. Medicine or Engineering. I enjoy going into the kitchen - Alright, so from a small However, I had other plans and creating new recipes website and a nice - Before the interview you because it had always been from different things. And catering project into the mentioned that people are my dream to enter the that is how the website small screen invading shocked to find out what Faculty of Economics and started. every house in Egypt. Tell your major and your job Political Science and major us more about your TV is and they see it more in Economics. Of course my - So if the website started show and your like “a second class job”. choice came as a shock to with a spare of the experience? Again we know many my family and I remember moment idea, how did the Seeing how the website was youth who would let go of my uncle coming to our catering project start? a success, we were so happy their dreams out of fear house to talk me out of it. Well you know how one thing but we still knew we were of how the society would Still it was my dream and the leads to another. People not reaching all women out view them or mock them. thing I loved most and I knew started logging to the website there. I mean even though What do you think of that? inside my heart that it was checking the recipes, sending most people are familiar with I am glad you asked me that. the right thing to do. Just us emails with special the Internet now, not First, I don't see my job as because I got high grades requests and since we knew everyone really uses it or has “a second class job”. Cooking does not mean I should enroll a lot about food and the time. That is why we to me is like an art. I bring in a faculty that I do not like. preparations for parties, thought about a TV show that different, unrelated things I would have probably people used to ask us for would reach women and I create a whole new graduated from it like many advice and that was when we everywhere. We tried several recipe out of it. It is my talent others and would not have thought about going into times but didn't succeed, I have focused on, developed exceled in it. Anyway I catering. At first we acted which made us lose focus on it and it led to my success. finished my college years like agents; we knew different the idea for a while, till this People are surprised when smoothly and after caterers in different areas year when we were offered doctors or engineers start graduation I started working like Mohandessien, Maadi and to have our own show on a their own private business in a company whose activity Nasr City and people used to private channel. It was again but no matter what your was to establish an e- tell us about their parties and like a dream come true and study is if you are skilled in commerce website. what exactly they wanted we were all so excited. We any other field you should and we used to deal with the wanted to create something work on developing and - How did you brainstorm proper caterer and fulfill the different from what was benefiting from it I want to for the idead of Wasfa service. Later on when the already there on different tell youth out there that if Sahla and when did it visitors of our website channels. We wanted our any of them have a talent no start? increased and more people show to be fun and matter how insignificant it Well It started around five asked for the catering service, informative at the same time. might seem, they should years ago, one of my friends, we thought why don't we just I think Alia and I have work on it. We have Alia El Sawy, came up with do it ourselves…it is not like succeeded in accomplishing thousands of doctors and the idea. One day she came we do not know how to cook. that because I do believe that thousands of engineers but and told us and the idea Of course it is not just about the show came out different how many musicians do we appealed to everyone. All of cooking, we had made a good and we have received lots of have? How many painters? emails and calls admiring the Youth should cast away the show and asking us to idea of big named colleges present certain recipes on and the idea that those with the show. high grades should enter high graded faculties. You guys - From one project to should study what you like another, there must have and do what you like. been many difficulties and fears of failure and we I couldn't find a better way know many youth who do to end the interview than with not follow through their this wonderful advice which plans out of such fears. we hope all young people will How did you survive that? follow. Remember, if any of We survived that with one you guys have a success sentence: "What is the worst story send it to us by email that could happen? If we fail to we fail but at least we tried.” and who knows… maybe you My advice to youth who are will be the next person to be interested in starting their interviewed in our Productive own project is to start on a Youth Campaign. small scale, so if they fail they will not lose lots of money. When we started our private business we kept it as a side thing and remained January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 26. Walk the Line Starring: work — they sing, they marriage to try and pick up the pieces of her life. She meets up with an old friend, Glory (Academy Award winner Joaquin Phoenix twang, they play new-to- Frances McDormand) who offers her Reese Witherspoon them instruments, they a job at the most predominant source Ginnifer Goodwin crackle with wit and of employment in the town- the iron Robert Patrick charisma, and they give mines. In spite of Glory’s warnings of off so much sexual heat it's Directed by: a wonder they don't burst James Mangold into flames. Theirs are the kinds of performances the Walk the Line, is a new Academy Awards live to Hollywood musical reward.” biography that sheds the Being a huge fan of Phoenix light on the life of music after his amazing icon Johnny Cash. In performance in many 1955 Johnny Cash movies such as, Gladiator, walked into Sun Studios Signs, The Village and in Memphis and gave his Ladder 49 I wouldn’t miss best performance with this movie for the world. real passion. That day was marked in history the harshness and perils of this job because it was the North Country plus her parents’ disapproval, (Spacek beginning of a new era of and Jenkins) she’s determined to enter music that would have its that the job market and make a decent life eternal and major influence Joaquin Phoenix for her and her family. The muscle on the American musical performed all of the songs Starring: aching and back breaking effort of the culture. The movie tells us himself without being Charlize Theron hazardous work isn’t the only thing about Johnny the child who dubbed and learned to play Frances McDormand she encounters everyday, but also the suffered from his father’s ill guitar from scratch. Also, Sean Bean constant harassments of her fellow treatment when he was a Reese Witherspoon did her Sissy Spacek male workers. However, Josey isn’t kid blaming him for his own singing and had to learn Richard Jenkins willing to ignore these harassments brother’s death. It shows to play the auto-harp. Funny Woody Harrelson like she is advised to. The job made you Johnny the star and the thing is Johnny Cash chose her feel alive and the pay check is family man, introduces you Joaquin Phoenix to play him Directed by: worthwhile to give up. She decides to to his music and magical in the film and June Carter Niki Caro take a stand against the mining voice along with the Cash reportedly chose Reese company, not for the sake of leadership beautiful romance that ties Witherspoon for her role in “All she wanted was to make or making a statement, but to create him with his wife June Carter the film as well. I guess their a living, instead she made a secure life for her two children. Cash, played by Reese choice couldn’t have been history” Woody Harrelson stars as Bill White, Witherspoon. Finally, it tells more perfect for the movie, Academy Award winner, the lawyer who helps her file a sexual you about Johnny the drug which, so far, has gained Charlize Theron is back harassment law-suit against the mine. addict, his trip from drugs’ the praise of both critics and playing the role of Josey This film reveals Josey’s journey that hell to redemption and how viewers not just for the story Aimes in North Country. inspired countless of others. A journey he fought his battle to save but for the marvelous Inspired by a true story, it of standing and fighting for what you his soul. performance and I quote, tells of a powerful journey of believe in, even if it means standing One of the amazing things “Joaquin Phoenix and Reese courage and humanity. It’s a alone. about this movie is the fact Witherspoon do first-rate story of a woman struggling in a male dominated society. Esraa Hegazy , 18 Josey is a single mother of two who returns to her hometown after a failed January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 27. RELEASING THIS MONTH From Mark Waters, the director of Mean Girls and Freaky Friday, comes the new romantic comedy Just Like Heaven, starring Reese Witherspoon (Legally Blonde, Sweet Home Alabama) and Mark Ruffalo (13 Going on 30, Collateral). About the Production: When David (Mark Ruffalo) rented his quaint San Francisco apartment, the last thing he expected—or wanted—was a roommate. He had only begun to make a complete mess of the place when a pretty but decidedly controlling young woman named Elizabeth (Reese Witherspoon) suddenly shows up, adamantly insisting the apartment is hers. David assumes there’s been a giant misunderstanding…until Elizabeth disappears as mysteriously as she appeared. Under the copyrights of January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 28. Just Like Heaven Angels in America, and Jon Heder Napoleon Dynamite. The story of Just Like Heaven began on the pages of a bestselling novel called If Only It Were True, which was the debut book from French novelist Marc Levy. The romantic tale of love across the boundaries of our physical and metaphysical worlds first came to the attention of producers Laurie MacDonald and Walter F. Parkes several months before the novel was published in English. While MacDonald and Parkes have produced a number of films that involve both romance Changing the locks does n othing to deter Elizabeth, who b egins to appear and disappear a t will—mostly to rebuke David f or his personal living habits i n her apartment. onvinced she is a ghost, David tries to help Elizabeth cross over to the “other side.” But while Elizabeth discovers that she does have a distinctly ethereal quality—like walking through walls—she is equally convinced that she is somehow still alive and isn’t crossing over anywhere. As Elizabeth and David search for the truth about who Elizabeth is and how she came to be in her present state, their relationship deepens into love. Unfortunately, they have very little time before their prospects for a future together permanently fade away. Just Like Heaven was produced by Laurie MacDonald (The Ring, The Mask of Zorro) and Walter F. Parkes (The Island, Gladiator), with David Householter (Anchorman: The Legend of Ron Burgundy) executive producing. Mark Waters directed the film from a screenplay by Peter Tolan (Analyze This) and Leslie Dixon (Freaky Friday), based upon the novel If Only It Were True by Marc Levy, who also served as co-producer. The main cast also includes Donal Logue (TV’s ER), Dina Waters Freaky Friday, Ben Shenkman HBO’s Under the copyrights of TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 29. Just Like Heaven and comedy, Parkes from the first moment you one person is living in the acknowledges, “This is, in fact, meet them and, hopefully, to physical world and the other is the first pure romantic comedy feel more and more invested apparently dead…or so they that Laurie and I have ever in them as the story unfolds.” think. They cannot even touch, produced. There is something Mark Waters offers, “What yet they have great chemistry elegant about a great romantic makes a romantic comedy work together.” comedy script. It requires no is a good obstacle, and I The director reveals that one big special effects or huge thought this story had one of of those ideas added a different production values; the delight the best obstacles ever—where dimension to the relationship is in a well-told story about two people you really care about. In its simplicity, it can elicit the same kind of emotional, even visceral, reaction from the audience as those big movies do…sometimes more so. In a good romantic comedy, the audience has to care about these people almost Under the copyrights of January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 30. Just Like Heaven between the main characters thinking when I read it that it Mark Ruffalo was cast opposite of Elizabeth, played by Reese would make a good movie, so Witherspoon in the role of Witherspoon, and David, I guess it was meant to be.” David, whose life and home played by Mark Ruffalo. “One She adds that one of the things Elizabeth invades, of the most interesting motifs that drew her to the project unannounced, uninvited and created for the screenplay was was the theme of finding unexplained. Mark Ruffalo that Mark Ruffalo’s character, balance in your life. “You can comments, “David has a little David, would be a widower be very successful and achieve bit of an edge to him, which I and still deeply depressed many things in your chosen think is interesting to see in a about the loss of his wife. So profession, but it is equally romantic comedy. He starts even though Elizabeth is the important to nurture your spirit out obviously depressed and one who appears to be dead, and have a life. My character, anti-social. He sublets this David is the one who needs to Elizabeth, is a very great apartment, and all he come back to life.” hardworking, dedicated wants is to be left alone, but professional who is completely all of a sudden he starts seeing About the Cast: consumed with her job as an ER doctor. She has no room this girl who insists the apartment is hers. He thinks in her life for any kind of he’s losing his mind, but then Witherspoon says there was relationship; she just doesn’t it becomes a question of how “a little bit of fate” involved in make time for one. Through does he get rid of her. She’s her being cast as Elizabeth in the course of the story, she annoying as hell,” he laughs. Just Like Heaven. “I had just comes around to the idea that Both the book If Only It Were moved about the same time you have to take care of your True and the movie Just Like that I signed on to do the film. personal life as well as your Heaven are set in San I was unpacking and putting professional life. There has to Francisco. books up on the bookshelf and be a balance, and I think that’s found the book If Only It Were a problem to which many True. I’d actually bought it a people can relate.” long time ago and remember Under the copyrights of TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 31. And now, since you guys are so special to us and we always aim at giving you the best, we hope you’ll enjoy this special interview that includes the whole cast from the movie, King Kong - an exclusive for Teen Stuff! Naomi Watts Q: How were you approached for the part? N.W: Well, I got a call that they were interested in me and I was in Europe at the time and they were mixing the third Lord of the Rings movie and so we met for dinner in London. We spoke a little bit about the project but mostly it was a social evening. Q: How did it feel to be offered the part? N.W: Oh fantastic! I had never done one of these movies. I had never done an event movie. People think that I must not like them because a lot of my choices have been a bit more obscure but I do love these movies if they’re done well. Q: What was your history with King Kong? Do you remember seeing the original movie before you signed up to this project? N.W: Yeah, I saw both. And I went back to see them again once I started talking to Peter. It had stayed with me; the film is so iconic and the part as well. The story has got all kinds of things going on. And I knew that Peter, Fran and Phillippa would bring something incredibly new and great to it and add to the already quite powerful themes - and they have done. Q: Is there still much screaming involved? N.W: Funnily enough, we had the great opportunity to watch the original on the big screen a while ago and yes, I was struck by how good the screams were but I forgot how much there was; there’s a lot. We’ll see… you can never really gauge that. Maybe not so much, maybe Ann is a bit tougher now. Q: Did you prepare to work with a special effect that actually emotes? N.W: That was certainly one of my concerns when I was asked to do the picture. My God, how do you create a love story when one half of it isn’t there? But they made the great choice of hiring Andy Serkis, who has done so much work and is so into doing this part of it, so to have a pair of eyes and a soul behind him helped me get rid of my fears. There’s a real connection. It was all new to me. It was interesting. Q: What other preparation did you do for the role? Did you ask psychologists about the relationship? N.W: I didn’t meet with any psychologists but I looked heavily into the period first of all, such as women of that time, in the Depression, and specifically New York City. And I looked at every National Geographic piece of footage that I could find on gorillas. Andy had gone up to Rwanda for two weeks and filmed the gorillas there; lots of reading and stuff. You learn a lot when you see those documentaries, you see the behavior. That’s one thing they had really developed and it is was really beautiful. January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 32. Adrien Brody Peter Jackson Q: What’s your role in King Kong? A.B: I’m Jack. What kind of dude is he? Well he’s changed substantially from the original. For the better, I think. The advantage is that he’s a much more sensitive human being. He’s a playwright and he’s kind of convinced by Denholm to write the screenplay and is lured away on this journey. He’s more of a thinker rather than a doer who is then forced to be the doer and become the man that he’s been creating on the page; a more heroic character, someone that he would be creating as opposed to actually being. Q: What were the circumstances under which you were offered this role? A.B: To say yes or no. To say yes, I should say. It was interesting, I was shooting The Jacket in Glasgow and I came out to take a meeting with Peter, Fran and Philippa while they were in London for the Bafta Awards. At that point I was under the impression that they were meeting actors for King Kong but I didn’t know that they were pretty much hoping to have me, which was wonderful. Q: What was your first experience as a kid of seeing King Kong? A.B: I do remember seeing it when I was younger and it having a big impact but I somehow forgot most of the story, aside from the story line with Ann and Kong. I got a DVD of it before I took the meeting with Peter and I realised that there were obviously a lot of elements. I think it’s a fantastic film in a lot of ways. Q: What was the most difficult scene? A.B: I can’t think of a particular scene that was much more difficult than another but what was harder than I imagined was all the physicality. Because in order for Q: Tell us of your obsession that has become a things to look as dramatic, even though there was a lot passion for King Kong? created later, you had to really go for it. And you had to P.J: Well, it’s absolutely true that when I saw King do it over and over and over again! You’re hanging from Kong it did make me want to become a film maker. something or falling and you have to do that as many I’ve no idea whether I would still be making films if times until they get all the angles correctly. And running I hadn’t seen King Kong. But I was nine years old and falling over obstacles; if you do that over and over and it was on TV on a Friday night here in New and over again it’s much more difficult than you imagined. Zealand. And the very next day - my parents had a Super 8 movie camera that they used for home Q: Why is King Kong timeless? movies - after I saw King Kong I started making A.B: It’s one of these fables that I think can appeal to little stop motion films. I got some plasticine and I everyone. It’s a story of ‘beauty and the beast’ in a sense. started to film some little movies which then took But it’s a love that can never be had. It’s dealing with far me all the way through my teenage years. So it did off lands and suspense and drama and all of the wonderful get me going. I saw the movie and I think what the things that cinema can bring to life. original Kong is a wonderful blend - possibly the most perfect blend - of escapism and adventure and Q : I s y o u r ch a ra ct er mystery and romance. romantically linked with the one played by Naomi Watts? Q: How did you improve on the original film? A.B: Yeah obviously there P.J: Well improving is a very weird term when you’re needs to be a level of that. talking about a movie made in 1933. That’s a classic I fight for her so I have to film. How are we going to improve on it? Well, you have some kind of know we’re probably not, (smiles). The classic movie connection to her. I think is always going to be the classic movie and ours is the original lacked a bit of the remake of the classic movie. But it’s such a that. So what we have tried wonderful story and a wonderful premise that I just to do is create a level loved to have a go at doing a remake and obviously of truth to that, within with the modern technology there’ was reason to do the context of the time it. period, that this person may be the one for me. Q: Was there any pressure on you? P.J: Yeah there’s always pressure. I guess there are external pressures on it being a follow up to Lord of The Rings, but that doesn’t worry me too much. Of course there is a certain sort of expectation. The pressure is twofold. One is I want this to be a good remake of King Kong so I want people that respect the original film, to think we did ok. And I also just Adrien Brody want to make a good movie. That’s always the pressure on a film maker. Q: Will one of your big successes in King Kong be t h e m o me n t w h en t he a u di en ce w ee p s? P.J: Hopefully it’ll happen more than once but certainly I hope it happens at the Empire State Building at the end. TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 33. Go back in time… more than 70 years ago! Try to remember how cinema was like during the 30s. Don’t remember much, do you? Charlie Chaplin, Greta Garbo, Gone with the Wind, Wizard of Oz? Well, perhaps your grandparents would! But if you ask them what was the most terrifying or breathtaking film they had ever seen back then, they’d answer back with one word… “KONG!” Still confused? Time for ‘Film History 101’ class, kiddies! The Eighth Wonder of the World Universal Studios' King Kong movie © Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. One of the most respected and beloved ‘beauty and the beast-type’ love story in his Heavenly Creatures star Kate Winslet hallmarks of film history, is King Kong; which Kong’s actions are mostly driven as Ann Darrow. But Universal was forced a giant 25 foot gorilla who was the title by his love for Ann, who, in turn, slowly to pull the plug on the project in early character of a now-classic 1933 black- begins falling for her tall, dark and ugly 1997 due to the overcrowd in the movie and-white adventure film produced by captor. The film shattered all box-office market with monster movies such as, Merian C. Cooper. The film contained records then and was hailed by audiences Godzilla and Mighty Joe Young (both many revolutionary technical innovations and critics alike as a timeless classic and remakes) within the upcoming years. for its time (rear projection, miniature went on to become a cult classic among Jackson moved on to work on another models about 18 inches in height, and moviegoers everywhere. Amazingly, the dream project of his that was to become trick photography, etc…) and some of the now-classic film was not nominated for his launchpad to fame and glory. Jackson’s most phenomenal stop-motion animation any Academy awards. However, take on J.R.R. Tolkien’s landmark sequences and special effects ever filmed. speculation has arisen that the film would mythological masterpiece, Lord of the Any of you who watch the TV program have won Best Special Effects for many Rings, proved to be one of the greatest Oscar on Egyptian television may of the film's groundbreaking effects if the achievements in film history. But you remember seeing a clip of the film during award had existed at the time. Throughout probably know the story behind the LOTR the credits in which Kong grabs an the following years, the original Kong films by now, so we needn’t re-live the attacking aircraft and tosses it while on stood the test of time despite his details again. What you wouldn’t know top of the Empire State Building (which appearance in lackluster sequels or however is how LOTR changed Peter is the film’s most memorable scene). The reimaginings such as Son of Kong, King Jackson’s career. He has been named as original film revolved around a film crew Kong vs. Godzilla, Mighty Joe Young and one of Hollywood’s most powerful and that travels to a forsaken island to shoot the horrendous 1976 King Kong version greatest directors, being the first director a movie revolving around a mysterious starring Jessica Lange and Jeff Bridges. in 20 years to win Academy Awards for god whom the natives worship, only to producing, directing and writing in one discover that the god is non other than Flash-forward 60 years later… New single movie. He has been ranked #6 in the giant simian himself. Kong captures Zealand independent filmmaker Peter Premiere's 2004 annual Power 100 List the lead actress, Ann Darrow (played by Jackson, born October 31, 1961, was as the second-highest rated director, Fay Wray) and the film crew tries to making low-budget ‘slapstick’ horror behind Steven Spielberg. In the following rescue her while avoiding the other comedies such as Bad Taste (1987) for year, he has been crowned the most monstrous beasts in the jungle. After which he won general acclaim at the powerful man in Hollywood by ranking much struggle, the crew manages to Cannes Film Festival for his ability to #1 on Premiere's 2005 Power 50 List. capture Kong and transport him to New stretch a dollar and turn seemingly low- Being the top “gorilla” of film directors York where he escapes, recaptures Ann budget films into works of high quality. (no pun intended), Peter Jackson now and makes his stand on top of the Empire Yet his passion for making movies came has absolute power and can name his State Building. after watching the original King Kong at projects, his price and his demands on But beneath the terror and sheer spectacle the age of eight. Jackson was so fond of studios for which they would willingly of the film, King Kong has an underlying the film that he once cut up his mother's fulfill. So it would make sense that his old fur coat and used it to make a model next project would be his lifetime dream of the great ape. It was a fueling desire and that Universal would be willing to for Jackson to remake King Kong, yet he back him up again, this time offering him would need massive funding and huge a sweet deal of a $20 million paycheck, studio backing for such a privelage. Back along with 20 percent of the box-office in 1996, after he had finished directing gross. Peter didn’t only change career- The Frighteners, Universal Pictures agreed wise but has also undergone physical to sign a contract with Jackson to do the changes as well; he lost 70 pounds during film with a salary of $6.5 million plus the production of King Kong, and Universal Studios' King Kong movie © bonuses. At the time, Jackson had written underwent eye surgery as well thus losing Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. a screenplay and was considering casting his trademarks - chubby look and round Under the copyrights of
  • 34. Universal Studios' King Kong movie © Universal Studios. All Rights Reserved. glasses. $207 million, making it, by a small Head of the Film Club margin, the most expensive film ever Production for the King Kong remake made since Waterworld and Titanic. began in August 2004 in Jackson’s Universal Studios only agreed after seeing Miramar Studios located in Wellington, a screening of the film, in which New Zealand with a budget of $150 executives responded enthusiastically. million. Jackson raised plenty of eyebrows In a clever marketing strategy, Kong’s with his unexpected casting choices; look for the remake was kept entirely manic jokester Jack Black for the role of secret until June 29, when marketing for overzealous filmmaker/P.T. Barnum-ish entrepreneur Carl Denham, Academy Award winner, Adrien Brody as the the film began and the teaser trailer was shown simultaneously on every NBC- owned television channel, as well as Smashing Prizes unconventional hero Jack Driscoll and online at Volkswagon’s official website Academy Award nominee, Naomi Watts as Kong’s love interest, Ann Darrow. The man who put the ‘prrrrecioussss’ in and in cinemas with this summer’s War of the Worlds. Everyone in the world, almost at once, got their first look at Easy Questions Gollum, Andy Serkis, was also cast as Kong’s face! Merchandising for this film Kong for whom he provided a photo- has reached an all-time craze, with toys, mapping basis for his facial and body movements the same way he did for trading cards and a multiplatform videogame on display at every store in It’s your Lucky month! Gollum in LOTR. Also joining the cast America. was Jamie Bell (otherwise known as Billy Elliot), and Tom Hanks’ son Colin Hanks A few weeks before the release of the (reuniting with his Orange County co- film, everyone was wondering star Jack Black). During production, Peter whether Peter Jackson’s remake of Jackson hosted a video production diary, made specifically for the fan website, King Kong was really worth the wait. And early reviews indicated Answer the Diary entries or “webisodes”, posted every 2-3 days, were that Peter Jackson’s King Kong “is a surprisingly tender, even following filmed by staff members of the website and gave an exclusive look at the heartbreaking, film”, according to Newsweek magazine critic, Devin questions and production of the film (e.g. a tour of the set, a peek inside the sound booth during last-minute dubbing, or Andy Serkis doing Gordon. “Jackson has honored his favorite film in the best possible way: by win his ape movements in a motion capture recapturing its heart-pounding, studio) with other cast and crew members escapist glee.” Special King Kong often acting as hosts or ‘guides.’ It’s obvious that Jackson shows his T-Shirts, bags and scary Eventually, visitors to the website were love for the original film not only hairy hands invited to email in questions to potentially by faithfully following the plot but be answered in future videos. On April also lifting some shots as well; - Back in 1996 in Fools day 2005, Peter Jackson posted an including some shots of Ann stealing elaborate practical joke on the website an apple, and Denham directing Peter Jackson’s first where he ‘revealed’ that they were Ann to scream at an unseen danger attempt to remake already starting production on King off-camera. And for anyone who’s King Kong, who was Kong:Son of Kong and King Kong: Into seen the original, keep your eyes the Wolf's Lair. Both films, supposedly peeled for many nods from the nominated to Play to be released in 2006, contained the 1933 film. Other critics state that Ann Darrow? principal characters riding Son of Kong, despite its 3 hour-long runtime, it strapping machine guns to his back and is “an emotionally and physically fighting Hitler's genetically mutated breathtaking film”, “a visual - Who plays the creatures. The film was going to be extravaganza”, and “an amazing film following Roles in the produced under the banner of "Big that demands to be seen on the big latest version of King Primate Productions." screen” (But not on the PC, folks! It The online community was in total totally ruins the experience!). Peter Kong (Ann Darrow – outrage before they realized that the Jackson seems to have pulled it off again Carl Denham – Jack whole thing was a joke. Peter Jackson and has not only made a film that lives has been known to pull pranks of this up to the glory of the original, but a film Driscoll)? sort before. The production diaries were that proves that Peter Jackson is indeed released on DVD on December 13, one the greatest director of his generation Send your answers to day before the U.S. release of the film. and the master of 21st century epics. Since production, the budget has moved Deadline 15-01-2006 from $150 million to a record breaking Ali Nasser, 20 Under the copyrights of
  • 35. Teen Stuff Black Pages Every generation has their own taste in music, and over years, completely different genres of music are spawned, publicized embraced and developed by proprietors of that genre. Jazz, Pop, Rap, Hip-Hop, Soul, The phenomenon reportedly Sentiment, R 'n' B, Disco, Techno, started sometime in the mid and Trance, Rock 'n' Roll…etc; all late ‘60s, with bands like, The different genres of music Rolling Stones, Pink Floyd and developed and altered along the Deep Purple emerging. With a very years to become what they are different idea in mind, as opposed today. Some of which have died- to the then extremely popular out and fallen out of style; some image of The Beatles and similar still young and adolescent; and bands and artists, The Rolling some… that have survived the Stones established themselves as tests of time, endured all the bad boys… dirtier, louder and changes and obstacles and yet still sexier than all kinds of bands most managed to pull-through with a popular at the time. Pink Floyd strong and solid base of fans and employed a different approach, fanatics; two of the most still; that being to stimulate and significant of this elite class, of baffle people, and they’ve excelled course, being Rock and Metal. My name’s Jean-Pierre, and I aim to unveil what you don’t know about this somewhat hidden community of Egyptian youth, and found with bands like Scorpions, the pure roots by which they’re Aerosmith and of course the ever influenced. so showy, Kiss, all who have come And I further invite you to broaden to be considered icons in their your horizons to what some think styles. is just noise. The hard-hitting, dark and rebellious sounds of Metal, also Welcome to Teen Stuff Black-Pages Rock and Metal are basically at it, to say the least. And finally two Deep Purple, who were, more or cousins less, a mixture of both; yet who that also had their own unique style, have which helped set the stage for stemmed into two different branches of the same family-tree, yet both still remain closely related until this day. Rock generally being the calmer and less emotional side of the family, and Metal, of course, being the wilder, over-emotional counterpart. Both, however, are started appearing around the early often referred to as one genre, ‘70s, with bands like AC/DC, Alice loosely identified as ‘Rock.’ Cooper, infamous for their generally morbid stage-stunts; It’s hard to say exactly when Rock generations to come. But it wasn’t and of course world renowned (as in Hard Rock, not Elvis Presley till the early ‘70s, however, that band Black Sabbath, featuring Rock’n’Roll) came into existence. the true spirit of Hard Rock was Metal icon Ozzy Osborne; thus, all January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 36. change forever from that point message and quite a clear one at forward. that - Metal was here to stay! The period was also that of the Metal was simply the voice of dawn of such bands as Nirvana youth; for any teen who’s ever felt (who are an interesting blend depression, seclusion, rejection, between Rock and Metal), Guns injustice, anger, sorrow, rage or ’N’ Roses, Manowar (who didn’t just the need to belong or make a attain as much success as others difference, could relate to this at the time), and of course the music. It was a form of freedom - German band Helloween, who were the thing teens seem to need the said to have great potential, but most, to be able to learn about, ran into trouble, and unfortunately deal with, and ultimately live their never managed to make it back. lives... and Metal provided a taste of that. And believe it or not… it Now, Metal is a music genre; but still does. over the years Metal, in itself, has evolved and grown into its own By the mid ‘80s, Metal had sent a musical tree with its own many branches. Depending on a number of melodic, vocal, attitude, speed and other variables, Metal is further categorized into more than a few vines. Examples of such categorizations are Heavy Metal (which is basically the most classical and pure form of Metal), Black Metal, Power Metal, Thrash Metal, Gothic Metal, Doom…and many more. As you can see, the categorization itself is biased towards darker and gloomier naming, but Metal is a dark form of music, and to name its branches otherwise would not make much sense. It’s music that touches the soul like no other kind of music, in my opinion. Metal in its most basic form is a blend of blues and rock but much heavier than both. It basically involves a rough kind of harmony between drum-beats, base-lines and guitar-riffs, and includes stimulating guitar solos that give a whole new life to the music. Basic instruments used are drums, bass electric-guitars and lead/rhythm electric-guitars. The vocals are contributing to the general consideration of the early ‘70s as the time of the birth of the Metal genre. Throughout the ‘70s Metal grew steadily faster and stronger, with bands like Iron Maiden, Judas Priest and many others. Heading the movement, they went on making their marks, receiving all kinds of controversial reviews, and at the same time, earning themselves, and the Metal genre, a heavier and more solid fan-base year after year. It was nearly a decade later, though, before the earth-shattering tunes, riffs and attitudes of bands like Megadeth, Slayer, and of course the legendary, Metallica, dominated the wills, thoughts, hearts and emotions of youth around the world. It was the early ‘80s and the face of Metal would TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 37. the material from abroad (As there was no such thing as internet file-sharing at the time, of course). Generally, it was only the youngsters of the society’s elite who had access to this at the time, having relatives who came to visit from abroad, or were able to travel abroad often themselves. But it wasn’t long before the music was available, although still not sold in shops, but rather copied among young listeners. The growth of the Metal Head community, however, was extremely rapid, and quickly, it was not just the music, but shirts, posters, lyric sheets, accessories and all kinds of Metal merchandise in demand! A realization of the new trend had occurred, and many shops opened to accommodate this. And of course it was mostly all about the black gear for ‘Black’ , was officially the color of Metal. In no time, people picked up instruments and bands were made to try to imitate their usually of a dark nature expressing and/or sends a good message to music idols; then, after a while, one or more of the feelings youth… nor would anybody care even considered making their own previously mentioned, amongst to read about music that discusses new music. It was all happening others. And unlike most other kinds real matters of world war, famine, very quickly, and of course with of music (except maybe Rap anger, disease, greed and how the new fans that these local bands music), you’ll find over 90 percent things need to change. But news made from small gatherings and of Rock and Metal bands write their about music that has a bad word of mouth, it was just a matter own lyrics, compose their own influence on kids, and that is used of time before Metal concerts would music, and play their own songs to worship the Devil? THAT is news be held, and the true Metal scene without any need for playback, that would definitely sell! And the would officially declare its presence pre-recording for live shows, or media, of course, took advantage in Egypt. nearly any of that commercial crap. of this to the fullest. Before long, By the mid ‘90s, it was Metal They just create and play their songs like Metallica’s, Master of Mania! Regular concerts were now own music… plain and simple. But, Puppets, containing lyrics that being held, with numerous bands after all is said and done, to truly damn drugs and drug-abuse, and to play them, and tons of fans to know what Metal is, there’s no tell of how drugs take-over a better way than to listen to it person’s life and destroy it, are yourself… for no words can ever instead wrongly interpreted as sufficiently describe music. satanic lyrics that talk about how God is evil, and takes over one’s Today, the ‘80s and ‘90s are life! That being just a minor commonly regarded as the golden example of the countless songs, ages of Metal. However, the bands, and incidents deceitfully association of Metal with some misinterpreted over the years to bands who chose a path of portray Metal as a bad thing. Satanism and/or anti-religion (and And who knew that such a false the false accusation of other bands image would affect the Metal Scene whose songs were misinterpreted), in Egypt so profoundly later on? led to a rapidly increasing belief amongst conservative communities It was the early 1990s when Metal that Metal was directly related to started making an appearance in Satanism and was even accused Egypt. It took us about two of being some kind of cult and decades since its birth, but we ritual music. This was all nonsense, ultimately caught wind, and surely in fact, and nothing but media enough, it started spreading like hype. Of course there were some wild-fire. The fact being that Egypt bands that did choose such a path, still didn’t have an official foreign- and who did exploit the music to music record distributor, and that relay such blasphemy! But equally, all foreign-music tapes were there were those who used the practically unofficial copies music to preach, praise and spread (bootlegs); Egyptian youth just word of God and religion! But couldn’t wait for local bootlegs to nobody would care to hear news start being copied and distributed, about music that praises God so naturally they started buying January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 38. support them. singers…. Madonna. If that isn’t It was not before a few more years, "It was something else," was, all ignorance then you tell me what is! when another more highly publicized current day co-organizer, Ahmed Another just went happy with his concert was attempted. "It went Gamal, could say when I asked him imagination and decided to write relatively well, but the next day it about the Egyptian Metal scene in about how these satanic kids was met by an article claiming "The what we generally refer to now as performed demonic rituals, like resurfacing of the ‘Devil-Worshipers’ ‘the old days.’ The same words I’ve slitting cats’ throats and drinking in Egypt", by a journalist who hadn’t heard from so many of today’s their blood… (Yea, you tell me how even attended the concert!" Metalian veterans. "There were stupid that sounds…) commented radio-presenter Richard regular concerts of hundreds and However, gullible people believed it Woffenden, who hosts his own Metal even up to a thousand people,” and the media had a field-day with show every Wednesday night. Some recalls current-day-band X-Cube it; when in reality the whole thing minor unrest came of this, but it bassist, Mustafa (Frog) Galal. "I was just nothing but a pile of crap. was quickly ignored because of the even remember a concert where nonsense it was and the Metal scene nearly 3000 people showed-up to The real problem happened when has been growing back ever since. see local band VIRUS.” And if that an unfortunate incident took place Scores of old Metalians have since weren’t enough, some examples of at one of the concerts, where many resurfaced, and even more of a where some of these concerts were kids were wrongfully accused. whole new generation of Metal held included private villas, Cairo Thankfully, however, it wasn’t long Heads. More and more bands are Land, Toshka Hotel (now renamed), before every one of the youngsters being formed and re-formed every Family Land, the Russian Cultural was returned home safely. But the day, and even though still not as Centre in Dokki, El Gezira Sports damage had already been done and large or strong as before, the Metal Club and even the Arab Contractors naturally, a lot of people were afraid, scene is healing and expanding (Al Mokawoloon Al Arab) Stadium; and even if they weren’t, their rapidly, and with a steadily growing and some of these larger concerts parents were. The Metal scene fan-base again, and regular concerts were even sponsored by such being held. Metal in Egypt has been international brand names as making a truly remarkable come- Marlboro. "I would attend a lot of back for the past three to six years. these concerts with my older "The music now is more artistic, in brother…" says current-day Metalian my opinion…" says Mustafa (Frog) and vocalist, Yehya Khamees, "...and about the current-day scene; "Less there’d never be less than 500 noisy and more appealing and Metalians in a concert... even up to mature. Maybe not as big a scene 3000 in the stadium Marlboro as before, but musically better.” That concerts!" "Tera, Virus, Steel Edge, being the opinion of many; others Viper, Wheels of Fire, Apocalypse, still argue that the old days were Barzakh… just some of the bands better. Personally, I think today’s that played and left their marks in variety and better understanding the minds and hearts of Egyptian makes today’s Egyptian Metal, for Metal fans back in the day," the most part, as Mustafa said, according to Gamal, "…and of course "more artistic and appealing.” it’d be hard to forget The Cartoon Killers, who actually recorded their Finally, I’d say with all the new music and released their tapes to dedicated fans, and unmistakable be sold at kiosks all through Cairo talents, and with new vicinities to and Giza!" play like Sawy’s Cultural Wheel, in Zamalek (more for Rock bands than There’s no doubt that Metal in Egypt Metal though), and also the up-rise was HUGE, and nothing short of dissolved away into non-existence, of Metal concerts like Metal Gates phenomenal. But then, there was or so everyone thought anyway. (formerly known as Metal Gigs), and something in Egypt that was even Silent Scream concerts, Metal in bigger still, and that was the ability The fact is, even though many were Egypt has no where to go but up! of people to twist, amplify, and spooked and backed-off, the majority spread rumors and gossip faster just went into hiding, keeping to than anything known to man. Almost themselves and their small closed That said, I hope I’ve given you a overnight, the harmless, music- groups, in the safety of their private new perspective on the legacy that loving youngsters that, apart from places. What most also don’t know, some just write-off as noise (since their dark outfits, long hair, and loud is that it didn’t take the scene five they don’t know any better). And I music, kept a low and stainless years to make a comeback, but hope I’ve left you with a little more profile were transformed by the rather just two, although very than you originally knew, and with press into sinister, evil, devil- secretively publicized and organized. more to think about. worshiping monsters! ‘Satanics’ is The Russian Cultural Centre served I also hope to receive your feedback, what they called them, even though as one of the vicinities where some comments, thoughts and ideas on it’s an incorrect word in terms of of these hush-hush concerts were the subject soon. English language to begin with. And held. "Bands like Amnesia, Misery of course, they claimed the music Chord, Magnum Opus, Apocalypse, So look forward to the Black Pages was that of worshiping the devil, Jehovah (now known as Promised section from now on, bringing you summoning demons and calling- Dawn), Sirens, Allegiance, more about local and international upon evil spirits, and every other Necrology, Oblivion and of course bands and events every month. thing any… err… ‘person’ that wanted Virus (who survived the downfall Rock On! to write a column could come up and still remained) still kept the with. One magazine wrote about the torch lit for the next generation," Jean-Pierre, 21 new satanic music ‘habby metal’ according to Yehya Khamees, who’s (written in Arabic and supposedly older brother Ahmed Khamees aimed to refer to ‘Heavy Metal’) and played in some of these bands of attached to the article was a photo the clamp-down aftermath. of one of those ‘habby metal’ TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 39. Actually it's a never ending list of certain exam but then you get a guys but don’t let disappointment reactions of a person who's so fed bad grade, although you did your be the beginning of your failure. up even of himself. The word best. You should be satisfied You shouldn't just stop studying, "satisfaction" doesn't exist in his because you did your best and searching for a job or even trying life dictionary. Satisfaction is one tried your utmost. It's hard to to make the world a better place, of the most difficult things to attain apply but that's how satisfaction just because you failed once or or reach. But before we start is practiced. twice or even millions of times. talking about satisfaction, let's You should always have hope. define it first. Satisfaction lies in the effort, not Failure is always considered the As a vocabulary definition, the attainment. Full effort is full first step on the ladder of success. satisfaction is the good feeling of victory – Gandhi You’ll never feel how precious and that you have when you achieve good a thing is except after you something. Also another definition This means that without exerting try hard for it. is, an acceptable way of dealing an effort you won’t ever feel with a complaint, debt, or an injury satisfied with yourself and what's Laziness may appear attractive (in short, troubles, problems and happening around you. For but work gives satisfaction - Anne pain). instance, I don’t like that the Frank Taking the religious side, streets are dirty but I have two satisfaction means accepting options; either I try and clean When you don’t study for an exam whatever is happening to you and them and ask people and then get a good grade in it, thanking God for everything He to be clean and not although you didn’t cheat or gives you, whether good or bad, throw their rubbish anything, it won’t feel at all the which at the same time on the streets, and same as when you study hard and doesn’t mean to go whether I succeed then get a good grade. For sure, and relax and not or not I'll be if you get a good grade from try to satisfied. Or I have nothing you'll feel like a genius improve the other choice of just and a lucky person but not a ignoring the matter, waiting successful person. You won’t be for some miracle to happen and satisfied with yourself. It's a make the streets clean all of a pleasant feeling that lasts for your sudden. It's a matter of being hours, unlike the other one, when life. positive or negative. I know that you try hard and get what you Away from lots of people get disappointed need and then feel that you’re both, satisfaction after exerting a lot of effort in successful, a genius and maybe for me is, for example, something but don’t reach a lucky too. And that's when you'll when you study hard for a certain result. Well, it's your right feel so satisfied with yourself. January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 40. Some people, and especially would this person be like? How gold medal but then you Egyptians, think of satisfaction as would he feel about himself have an accident and accepting themselves the way they and the world around? break your leg…'c9 that's are without trying to change Would he then reach when you should anything. And sitting right there a state of nirvana practice your waiting for the miracle to happen. when the satisfaction. And if For some people satisfaction means world you’re trying to make the death of our energy and hope no the world a better in life. It means not trying to place but find no improve ourselves. And that was reaction from the people what Shakespeare believed around… that's when you should in. practice your satisfaction. If you study so hard for an exam but you As long as I longer get a bad mark and your classmate, have a want, I has control who didn’t study gets a higher one… have a reason over him and that's when you should work on for living. he's the one in your satisfaction. Satisfaction is charge?! Maybe…maybe Actually, for me satisfaction, death - William not. patience and a positive attitude are Shakespeare all related. I mean the more positive At the end, I hope that all you guys you are, the more satisfied you’ll With all due respect to try and start working on your be and the more satisfied you are, Shakespeare, but I disagree satisfaction and don’t pretend that the more patient you’ll be. with that. Having a ‘want’ in life you’ve reached satisfaction because, Guys, just work hard, never lose doesn’t mean not to be satisfied. I believe me, if you’ve reached it, hope, have patience, be positive mean you want some things and you wouldn’t ever mention that you and be satisfied! you go for them and try hard for did because you won’t be in need them but at the same time you’re to. satisfied with whatever may happen. So, if you’re having a match after Eman Ragab, 20 Sometimes I wonder if someone two days and you’re so excited Paradigm Shift Club reached absolute satisfaction, what about it and sure that you'll win the TeenStuff . January 2006.
  • 41. Introspection "Where should one Some think the meaning of belonging relates to the home, city, country, place belong?" All you need is to hear The voice of your heart to think about belonging to God's prayers and religious life and that we are in, live in, were born in or will In a world full of pain sounded good, but after a while I found die in. We don't even choose the place Someone's calling your name that I am already doing everything of the latter two important events. Why don't we make it true? that is good and doing what God wants Others understand it as belonging to Maybe I, maybe you from me and I feel God with me always. a time or an era or a period, for time I needed something different, some is transmitted in months, years and These words show how much he tried other different world. I wanted the one centuries etc…'c9 so time for people to search for another world, a world I build myself and have different traits is somehow connected to events and not existing or real, not seen by people in it than I see all the time around how much they belong to these events. around, but only with his eyes, in his with flexibility. I swear I spent years soul, inside his mind, between his heart and years trying to find one, going up But, if you look more closely, you will and mind. That world he would build and down in life all time searching till find that there are many other things, for himself, making it only for his soul I got tired. I would sit during night one can belong to. All of us think in a to belong to in time where there is no time, talking to my soul and asking different manner, but the idea is how place to belong - in time where no one many questions without even getting one can find out from around the world cares - where we cannot find time to one answer. him, where is his place of belonging. wait and see what is around. I found myself alone with only one Our lives may change paths in a But we can see that world; we can dream revolving around me, as if I second, but finally we will find the build it ourselves, be responsible for were in a closed room and the walls place and time. We might even feel its virtues, because they are all ours. were closing in on me, feeling I am that we belong to some one in This is what you cannot find around, going to die, screaming without anyone particular. Why not? the smile you cannot see in the faces to hear me in that terrible world I lived of people, the good word you cannot in. But later, I got up from all that and hear from any tried to find out where I am and what voice. This is I should do. I remembered the previous what I mean by questions, and started to figure out the perfect answers and made a promise that if I belonging. can't find the answers, I would let it go forever. I Belong When I was a Finally, a beam of light was shinning. child I used to I was tired, searching for my world love my home so that I wanted to belong to miles and much and the miles away, while in fact it was here idea of leaving it near to me…'c9 so near, inside me, was so terrible to my soul and my mind. I have a lot to me but it was a give, so there are so many places here must, as many inside, so many people I can share things around us with or leave. It is here inside where are. I moved I belong. Yes, to myself. My creativity from one country will lead me to more and more places to another, not inside. I now remember that when I feeling any of was a child I always used to dream them as secure that I am wearing all my clothes but or like home. In not wearing any shoes then I would each of them I jump from a high place and land on have different my feet without getting hurt…'c9a memories with rather mysterious dream. When I asked So where do we belong and who are different people, not surprised that I my grandmother about it she said that we? What do we represent in the remember them all because a child's I will always be searching for some world? What can we take from the memories are like markings on stone missing thing in me and that my life world? And what should we give to the In my school I once had a feeling that will not be all complete, but that I will world? I belonged to that place, to that event be safe. If you feel that you belong to a place, but that feeling was only when finished it may change as events around us my studies and prepared to leave. "Deep within each heart, there lies a change, so a place is not the ideal magic spark that lights the fire of our thing to say we belong to, but even if I once felt that I did belong to a certain imagination and since the dawn of we do not that place, our feelings place and to the people around me man, the strength is in just two simple towards it change by time. that I lived with for 15 years. I words: I can. And that takes us to another point; belonged to their traditions, to their Your mind will take you far and you' time is also not the perfect item. way of thinking and that was so strong will find your fate in your own creations A third point is people themselves. You when I left school and about to start as every one comes into this world may want to belong to someone university life and saw different types bringing the gift of hope and inspiration because of their traits, ways of living of people around. I felt that my school and having the full strength, so do not and thoughts, but surely you exist in taught me a lot, and my religious think you cannot. this world to be yourself and have your education and manners gave me the You will discover that 'you can' is the own ideas, so that may also not be a chance to be in a good position among power of the dream because no matter good idea. the people around. where you are, you can reach for your own star and realize that you are newly The following are words by the poet, But there was always a feeling inside born. Klaus Meine: me that also I couldn’t find where I You look up to the sky belong. To whom? Once some religious Nada El Gohary, 20 With all those questions in mind ideas came into my mind and led me January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 42. Thoughts The Dark Side of Me Once I was sitting and thinking Of the dark side of me I then realized that my life is swinging Between reality and dreams And that I am lost there In the middle of no where In between I cannot be that down-to-earth Because who always sticks to earth will never fly And I cannot fly up with birds Because sadly I am not one of them At that second I realized that I have always been a prisoner in this great prison called life Imprisoned in secret Terrifyingly lonely With a faint hope to survive Maybe you just think I am mad Maybe I am racing age and time But simply all I know is that Crazy am I to fall Searching for a new life is not a crime A smile changed it all Cinderella, 16 From fear to love to confusion First, I thought it an illusion But I never knew That a smile can make it be so sure Sarah Shabayek, 17 New Year’s Cheer Happy New Year Do we have to shed a tear? Of course not! It is a New Year So let us give up fear And make hopes near Let us say it dear And make people hear No jeer … no beer … not even something queer Let us make things clear And start up a brand New Year So cheer and have a pearly year Rozy, 21 The Curse Orphanages easily blown Handsome faces messed up Many cases still unsolved Acting as if they do not exist Oblivious to them all And they are suffering so far away Dark days go by, they can see no sun ray Being black, white or brown Is it really that important? A little scar and we fret… When it counts it makes people frown Exaggerating Why do they have to be intolerant? Can we not see? Hating a little scar Violated and thrown Scarred for life that is how they are Down to every bone A case of life or death, bleeding Difference is not a crime but so it bodies seems to be the case In this blowing So…'c9would you still scream when mine bruised? The world is going down by time Would you still eat amused? And all we do is make it worse Would you still lie dozed? This is what I call a crime Dying loved ones, living hell We are under the spell of a curse And what for? No one can tell Knowing they exist The conflicts so long ago Turning away Maliciously bombarding places But as time passes they do grow I am just one little person Acting as if it is a game With consequences hard to imagine That is what we say Hurting lots of races When the source was just a flaw This little person can do a lot Do they not feel it is a shame? With lots of determination and faith It is not worth the constant Religion, color and materialism Instead of watching there with an slaughters Separate two human beings aimless pace Victims all over the world, lonely Succumbed to racism So, you still want to act or not? mothers Injuries and dying teens Lots of babies left alone Turning away backs high as a wall Menna Ibrahim, 17 January 2006 . TeenStuff
  • 43. Dr. Tamer El Goueli so confusing day after day, tomorrow to God. knowing that he respects my principals so much. My second concern is, this Parents’ View person always seeks perfection especially in the one he cares for or loves. I can understand Dear Dr.Tamer, that, when he has the total right to interact with my First of all thanks for helping personal life, he might – no, us. Secondly I can’t deal with he will try to fix any the way my parents think. They Future Worrier disadvantages he sees in me as he believes that real love is are amazing and cool and they get me anything I want but, when we sacrifice our behaviors you know, they think just to Dear Dr. Tamer, have a relationship with a guy to please each other. While on the other hand, I think that a isn’t acceptable even if it’s just First of all, I'd like to thank you friendship. I hate this way! a lot for your generous words person with no disadvantages or a perfect personality is very Maybe I’m blind to see the you give to everybody that truth so please help me. Is it really makes all of us feel mysterious and scary. I would always ask myself, when will I wrong to have a thing between better. a girl and a boy - everyone Now I have a problem which I see his SURPRISING disadvantages? And how bad needs love. What should I do? think about all the time I’m desperate. because I always worry about will they be? So I believe that tomorrow and I'm always if I deal with someone knowing his disadvantages and I really Blue Girl,15 scared of losing people I love, so I try to avoid any problems love him, I'd accept him with by handling them early. everything he is. Is this great contradiction in Dear Blue Girl, I'm a 19 year old girl. I've never had a boyfriend and I our opinions so hard to get along with? I feel that there’ll I think you have to never will as I totally refuse understand how things such an idea but I have a friend be big problems ahead… real big ones! work on the other side. who's my age. We were school From their point of view, friends and I still know him till He's so loving but very jealous too. But I know I'm not such your parents think it’s their now except that he confessed duty to protect you. The that he loves me so much and an opened girl in my behavior that would do things he may definition of protection that he knows my principals differs according to the so he doesn't ask of me not like as knowing a lot of boys or calling some on the background. Anyway, anything now but he’s looking they’ll probably loosen up forward for us to being together phone for example. Sorry for being so talkative but their protection as you grow officially (proposing I mean). up. Be patient and gain their I like this person so much and I really want us together yet I don’t want to betray myself. trust. although we're a bit young to think of such a thing but I do Please tell me your true believe that it may happen. opinion... What should I do He's a good person and I'd be now that won't let me regret so glad to be with him later my future? on. Thanks a lot, Now I have two annoying questions going through my X.Y.Z, 19 years head. The first one is, am I doing something wrong? I Dear X.Y.Z, mean we're friends and best friends, we understand what You’re worrying too much. we feel and even if he You’re guided by the worst sometimes tells me his feelings case scenarios to the I never do in words, because extent that you can’t enjoy I don't know what tomorrow the moment. The guy will bring and I don't want to seems okay, he respects be dreaming of something that our principles and is may not happen. So am I in a obviously doing what he right relationship? Or should I can to make you trust him. step away and let time bring Stop being pessimistic fates together? But will this about the future. Just be push him away from me? It's yourself and leave TeenStuff . January 2006
  • 44. Taurus Libra Keyword: Partnership Keyword: Possessions Where you glow: Mediating Where you glow: On What the trading floor makes What makes you tick: you tick: A Rolex Charm Fitness forecast: Fitness Massage Capricorn Play date: Test-driving that new BMW forecast: Rowing Perfect jobs: Stockbroker, bank manager Play Best accessory: A scarf date: Keyword: Social Status Pleasure: Luxury, beauty, and chocolates Where you glow: In Flying first class to Paris Pain: Flexibility, low quality, being rushed Perfect jobs: Beautician, charge What makes you tick: personal shopper Hard work Best accessory: A bottle of Fitness forecast: Gemini water Pleasure: Cooperation, fair Golfing Play date: Dining at an play, and conversation exclusive restaurant Keyword: Communication Pain: Disharmony, solitude, Perfect jobs: News anchor, anthropologist Where you glow: Multi-tasking and decision-making Best accessory: Personal digital assistant What makes you tick: Trivial Pleasure: Patience, respect, and success pursuit Pain: Disorganization, miscalculation, and Fitness forecast: Doubles boredom tennis Play date: Two-wheeler Scorpio skydiving Perfect jobs: Librarian, lawyer Aquarius Best accessory: A shrug Pleasure: Options, ambidextrous, knowledge Keyword: Friends Pain: Being on time, commitment, red tape Where you glow: In a protest line What makes you tick: Charity Cancer Keyword: Alive Fitness forecast: Yoga Where you glow: Play date: Attending a Investigating technology fair Keyword: Home What makes you tick: Perfect jobs: Where you glow: Chess Environmentalist, Hosting a party Fitness forecast: Soccer computer whiz What makes you tick: Play date: Chatting on the Best accessory: A time Nostalgia Internet machine Fitness forecast: Perfect jobs: Private Pleasure: Innovation, Swimming investigator, surgeon originality, friends Play date: Redecorating Best accessory: Magnifying Pain: Conservatism, being categorized, Perfect jobs: Chef, nursery school teacher glass emotional outbursts Best accessory: Hand-knitted scarf Pleasure: Mystery, calling Pleasure: Baking, comfort, children the shots Pain: Snide remarks, forgetfulness, crab Pain: Exposure, simplicity, jokes and interruption Pieces Keyword: Subconscious Leo Where you glow: Helping others What makes you tick: Keyword: Happy Sagittarius: Writing poetry Where you glow: Fitness forecast: Center stage Meditation What makes you tick: Perfect jobs: TV Leading producer, Waiter/ Waitress Fitness forecast: Best accessory: A toe ring Walking Pleasure: Romance, helping others, Play date: Attending a compassion movie premier Pain: Reality, mean people, insensitivity Perfect jobs: Actor, cruise ship host Best accessory: Hairbrush Keyword: Philosophy Pleasure: Daydreams, generosity, courage Where you glow: Pain: Keeping up appearances, losing, being Globetrotting bossed around What makes you tick: Aries Airplane tickets Fitness forecast: Archery Keyword: Self Virgo Play date: Horseback riding Perfect jobs: Tour guide, Where you glow: park ranger Pulling the strings Keyword: Health Best accessory: A backpack What makes you tick: Where you glow: Pleasure: Travel, philosophy, Excitement Crunching numbers and optimism Fitness forecast: What makes you tick: Pain: Responsibility, details, Hockey Efficiency commitment Play date: Rock climbing Fitness forecast: Running Perfect jobs: Firefighter, aerobics instructor Play date: Cleaning up the Best accessory: Hats neighborhood Pleasure: Action, new beginnings, and Perfect jobs: Copy editor, affirmation nurse Pain: Follow-up, sharing, losing Best accessory: Dust brush Pleasure: Organization, routine and dedication Pain: Messiness, inefficiency, and lateness 64 . January 2006 . TeenStuff