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  1. 1. October 2005 Issue # 92 www.teenstuffonline.com The Pretty and Perky FREE Posters: Kate Hudson - Black Eyed Peas
  2. 2. THIS ISSUE October 2005 Mail Bits and Pieces - G-articles - Flashback - Aregica - Elections - What If - Azhar Park - Teenz Comment From the Heart - Prose - Introspection - Open Letter - Poetry Spotlight Halloween Feature Star Corner Kate Hudson Darren Hayes Plain Talk It's Time To Wake Up The Foreign Obsession In Focus Ramadan: A Mixed Up Contemplation Story The Curse of the Black Cat Chill Out Confessions Teenz Stars
  3. 3. Hi Teen Stuff, I’m Sahar, 19 years old. I want to say that this is the only magazine which I read most because it’s full of energetic articles which help me so much and make me feel that I’m not the only one in this world who has such ideas. Anyway, thank you very much. The September issue is very, very good; it’s more than wonderful. Also, I want to send my greetings to Sondos. She’s really a very talented girl and I love her articles so much. I hope you publish my mail, because this is the first time to send an email to a magazine. Sahar,19 Dear Sahar, Thank you so much for your kind words and nice feedback. I’m glad that you like the September issue and on behalf of Sondos I thank you. We hope that this won‘t be your last mail to us and hope to hear from you again.
  4. 4. 3een Magazine Sunday, August 28th, 2005 Our Dear Readers When you are so proud of something you would like to tell the whole world about it. Teen Stuff to all of us is not just a magazine it is like a member of our big family. It is about time to show you all how others appreciate it just as we all do. The Daily Star Egypt Distributed with the Herald International Tribune Thursday, August 11th, 2005 My dear Teen Stuff’s fans Be proud of your magazine October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  5. 5. G-articles Have you ever thought that planned what he was going fiction movies of the last your life could be just a to study or work. He just Century were close to the dream? All the people around lived his life with no plans truth and what we thought you, all the places you go to, and used to dream so much was far from reality turned everything you do is just a and had faith that those out to be reality itself and so part of your imagination - you dreams would come true one on. That’s why imagination created it and you’re living it day, but he never worked for has no barriers when you with all your senses! that. He used to say that he’s think it has reached its What I mean is that we don’t going to be a famous and rich ultimate, you just find out it’s choose the life we live in the man in the country after a a new minimum to start all way we really want it to be few years. over again. but we still have our Can we call this man a imagination which I think is dreamer who lives over the the greatest blessing we’ve clouds and needs to return But should we be imaginative been granted. Imagination back to earth?! all the time? has no limits, no barriers and I think now you may think We can’t live in dreams all even no time. You just let that both characters aren’t the time. Also living in reality yourself go and escape from right but that something in all the time would be so hard. reality to the wonderful between can be great. So What we really need is to let moments you can ever have. how can we achieve this our minds - without any equilibrium between reality restriction - imagine and and imagination? dream. But not forgetting about reality and trying to make our dreams come true, by keeping faith that one day we can reach them by working and not giving up hope. We can’t know our future but we can imagine it and try to make it what we want it to be. Never have restriction on your Many people think that mind, but never stop striving whoever has a great just because you believe that imagination can’t be realistic living in dreams is better than and just lives in an illusion. reality. Believe me, reality Do you agree with this? Let’s can be more amazing as you see about that…. can’t control it all yourself Consider a man who has a How important is but with imagination, it’s just plan for everything in his life, always thinks that his plans imagination? you who controls this world! In reality you can be surprised are perfect and he doesn’t by things you never imagined consider the word maybe or I think imagination has a could happen to you. why not as an option. Since great role in living reality. It So just enjoy both and keep he was a little kid, he knew keeps you dreaming of a going! he’d be going to work, knew better life and trying to that he’d be getting married achieve what you want. It and even how many children helps you to have an ambition he’d have and their names and a goal to go for. It takes Nada Ayman, 18 as well. In his point of view you from a hard day and Paradigm Shift Club he’s living a normal and sends you to that magical arranged life, never letting world of your own. It also himself go or never leaving helps you relax and to have anything to happen by hope when you feel all doors coincidence. He never dreamt are closed. of that villa or that fancy car Everyone has his own way of and he never even liked fairy imagination depending on tales and used to call them how he thinks and what he nonsense. What do you think needs. Actually, imagination of this man; a complicated was the Mother of most or a realistic man? inventions; the plane was invented because of the dream of flying. You may Consider another, who never have noticed that science October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  6. 6. G-articles ELECTROBASH! You wake up in the morning feeling groggy because you’ve been at the computer checking out a new game. Every time you played, the computer beat you at it and you didn't want to give up until you won at least once. But you didn't and you fell asleep in the wee hours of the morning cursing the guy who devised the game. You wake up with a startle and remember that you need some information for a project you're working on. You try to log on to the Net but the server is down. You bang the computer in frustration and ring up a friend for help. He says he’s stuck as he has run out of floppies and his printer isn’t working. So, you ring up another friend only to be greeted by an answering machine. You’re in a foul mood and you go to school feeling all wound up. A typical day? But it could be tougher if you were actually trying to wrestle with these electronic devices to earn a living. Imagine working in an office where every move you make depends on the cooperation of these inanimate devices. You’d be all stressed out, right? Well, the consolation is that there’s a word for it. What you’re suffering from is called ‘Technostress.’ It’s a kind of stress that comes from working in a technological environment, especially with computer technology. It's a mental illness that affects people who have difficulty in adapting to new technology. ‘Technostress’ was first identified in the USA in the mid 1980’s as peoples’ working environments changed dramatically because of the onslaught of the technological revolution. In 1984, American Psychologist, Craig Bord, wrote a book on the subject and drew public attention to this strange ailment. You’re ‘technostressed’ not only when you can't cope with technology but when you spend an entire day in front of a computer. Some of the symptoms of ‘Technostress’ are paranoia, fatigue, low self-esteem, anxiety headaches, and over- stimulation leading to a highly alert brain that refuses to slow down and lack of interest in the opposite sex. In the Silicon Valley, psychologists recommended ‘Electrobashing’ as therapy. This consists of taking one's frustrations out on a computer to release the tension caused by ‘technostress.’ Until technocrats found other ways of letting their steam out, it was common for them to hurl malfunctioning TV sets, telephones and other gadgets out their windows. One of the reasons of ‘technostress’ is we have let our lives to be run by technology and avoid face to face human interaction. The telephone and the Internet do most things for us. So we can run our lives through remote control; well, ‘tele’ in Greek means far off, doesn’t it? ‘Tele’ seems to have spawned an entire family of words during the last century. We have ‘telemarketing’ where you get unsolicited calls from sellers; ‘teleordering’ where you order items like books directly from publishers or book sellers. In ‘teleshopping’ shopping is done from home through a computer and a telephone. Then we also have ‘telebanking’ ‘telemeeting’ and ‘teleconference.’ Things have reached a peak with ‘telecommuting’ or working from home and communicating with the office and other business contacts via data links. It’s become such a rage that you now can own a place in the suburbs filled with equipment for teleworking. This set up is termed ‘telecottaging’ and if you’re an expert in all this "tele" mumbo-jumbo then you’re a ‘telepundit.’ But, hey! All these devices are supposed to make our life a lot easier; right? But they often don't. No wonder we suffer from ‘technostress.’ Fatma Atef, 15 www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . October 2005
  7. 7. Confidence is one of the most essential qualities that each and every individual is required to possess in order to achieve his goals in life. To be highly successful, appropriately esteemed, and easily capable of being a person who walks through the crowd with his head kept high; you must acquire your self-confidence first. "To be or not to be that is the question" Hamlet “The healthy animal grooms. Take looks like the relieving point but care of your appearance.” on closer observation, this is where American proverb the hard work starts. That hard part is attaining success, or rather, Some people claim that physical maintaining it. Typically, there's appearance isn't a significant factor always a blinding aspect about in a person's character. On the prosperity and success. Reaching contrary, physical appearance is this point of "I finally did it" is the most important aspect when fantastic but it can also be very it comes to first impressions. intriguing because it makes you When you first set eyes on live and re-live the moment, someone, nothing is more forgetting all about how to keep it, obvious than his outer look and before you even notice, it which, in fact, manifests at brings your happiness to an end least some of his inner and you suddenly discover you’ve qualities. In addition, one been living in the past. should be feeling comfortable Have a firm grasp on your with his very own self. Being achievements. relaxed or tense is mostly revealed through the eyes, “A bad workman always blames which are the windows to the his tools.” inner soul. Yet, this initial American Proverb impression isn't the one that lasts; it’s only the key that No doubt that failure is an awful opens the door. experience. Everyone has, at Advice: Don't use the key to least, one moment in which he unlock the wrong door. thinks to himself "I'm a big failure, I'm not good in anything". The “Not everyone who chased a one huge mistake here is simply zebra caught it, but he who the narrow angle through which caught it, chased it.” you perceive yourself. It’s like African proverb building an extremely high block that separates all your recognizable Everything is worth a try. Mostly accomplishments away from this we assume we do know moment of disappointment. That everything we’re capable of; high block can be a split second which is incorrect. If you have that you may use as an instructive 10 things to do and you select point or a destructive one. Some five which, you believe, are the people go into a stage of denial; only ones that match your abilities, being convinced that other people, how would you ever know you can't or circumstances, obstructed their do it all if you didn't even give it a success and caused that distressing try? Being qualified is an acquired failure experience. matter. To know, you have to learn Advice: Don't lose faith in yourself. and to do, you should be totally Learn from your mistakes! confident that you can get things done. ‫ز‬Leadership is action, not position.” Advice: Select your target and American saying seek it out! Achieving Life doesn't always seem to be fair; ‫ز‬Have confidence that if you have done a little thing well, you can do a bigger thing well too.” success is every now and then it also happens to be very tricky. Sometimes you think you’re not in position to do American saying certainly hard this or that, while in fact, you’re right there or, at least, you’re Achieving success is certainly hard situated in the place that would but keeping success is twice as hard. First, you take care of your but lead you to your intended position but you don't see it. It's always appearance, crossing the first step. Next, lifting yourself up for the second step; you seize chances. keeping about action. You just have to believe that wherever you are, you can be whatever you want to be. Subsequently, you seek success, devoting all your senses for this success is Advice: Use what you have to get what you lack. one and only aim. Then comes the hard part which on the surface twice as hard Sherihan Adel Hassabo, 21 October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  8. 8. Do You Remember… Flashback The news, films, music and fashion that rocked our world 32 years ago… Compiled by Ahmed Raafat The idea itself is quite simple. So simple that October 1973 Chart Toppers we don’t feel the need to explain it, but we will anyway in case someone completely misses the Half-Breed - Cher point of this fresh new section. Let’s Loves Me Like a hypothetically assume that this fine publication Rock - Paul had existed beyond its nine years plus run; that there was Teen Stuff back in 1984, in 1965, or October1973 Simon who knows, maybe they had it published back Higher Ground in the medieval times, although the magazine - Stevie Wonder would have had a hard time reaching its 10000 You’re the Best plus readers circulation without the presence Thing That Ever of printing techniques. How would the magazine Happened to be like? Each month we’ll pick a year with Me - Ray Price relevance to the month in question and for the sake of argument, fun, and everything else, imagine that Teen Stuff existed back then. Our choice of the year 1973 for this month is an October 1973 obvious one: it’s the most significant date in our Box Office modern history. But make no mistake: this isn’t Smashers the kind of lazy, lame type of October war tribute that magazines are expected to run at this time The Way We Were of the year. While in no way undermining the American Graffiti marvelous achievement of our armed forces, The Day of the we’re stressing more the social circumstances that surrounded that particular time: the lives Jackal of the average ordinary people, with emphasis Live and Let Die on teens. So hop into the time machine, buckle Paper Moon your seatbelts and take off to the good ole’ days! Testimonies: October 1973 Headline Hoggers Fashion: ‘To find work back in the 70's was a lot easier than •The entire Arab world followed in speculation of the news flying today because the in from Sinai as a coalition between Egypt and Syria launched government was already a surprise attack in Sinai and Golan Heights and , respectively. employing fresh Both regions were captured by Israel during the in 1967, and graduates and more job the October war was the attempt to regain the previously occupied opportunities were available territories. Two weeks later, a United Nations cease-fire came back then than they are into effect, paving the way for the peace process that followed. today. However, this didn’t stop graduates from fleeing •On the other side of the ocean, the Watergate scandal was just to foreign countries that taking off. American President Richard Nixon was under heavy offered better opportunities, pressure to turn over some tape recordings he had made of or higher pay, in particular conversations with various folks in the Oval Office. The taped the Gulf area. There, an conversations were regarding the break-in at the Watergate immense fortune had been apartment/office complex in Washington DC. Nixon eventually very recently found thanks did turn over those tapes, and suspicion about the President’s to the petroleum industry involvement in Watergate grew to the point where he resigned that had just taken off. from office on August 9, 1974 rather than face (almost certain) There were less concern impeachment. about terrorism and graduates found it easier to •And in a place called Graceland in Memphis, Elvis and Priscilla go study abroad.’ Presley were divorced after six years of marriage and one child, Lisa Marie. ‘Life was more laid back. It wasn’t stressful and quick like today. There was time for everything. Like family time, or going out. People weren't in a rush in everything. Like love for instance, it had more romance in it because things would go slowly between couples.’ October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  9. 9. Book Review The Princessv A thriller novel that reveals Secrets in the History of Faith Hugo, Botticelli, and Leonardo Da Vinci were one time members of the Priory Diaries which usually have "Exceedingly clever. Both fascinating and fun... a considerable achievement." The Washington Post of Sion. The Da Vinci Code is a mystery thriller that can take you on a heart- pounding non-stop race through France to find the Bored of school already? beautiful and heroic main As an outstanding work of truth and protect a secret Looking for some good characters, but Meg fiction, all the artwork, that could shake the world! books to keep you going? shows that you do not architecture, documents, Dan Brown said that his hope Well, look no further! have to be gorgeous and and secret rituals depicted in writing this novel was that Luckily, Meg Cabot is here smart; all you need is a in this novel are true. Dan the story would serve as a to save the day! I know loving heart. Brown, the author, interprets catalyst and a springboard that many people may and debates these aspects for people to discuss the not have heard of Meg, Anyway, enough about of society through fictional important topics of faith, but I am sure that her books. What about characters. In Dan Brown’s religion, and history. everyone, especially girls, Meg herself? own words the summary of has heard of her series of the story plot goes like this: Even though some critics books that has made her Meg was born in "A renowned Harvard might argue that The Da Symbologist is summoned Vinci Code acts as an anti- famous worldwide, Bloomington, Indiana as to the Louvre Museum to Christian novel, Brown The Princess Diaries. You the eldest sibling to two examine a series of cryptic clearly states that the novel are probably all saying younger brothers but she symbols relating to Da Vinci's is not anti-anything or Oh! The films starring now lives in New York with artwork. In decrypting the anyone. The Da Vinci Code Anne Hathaway! The films her husband and two cats code, he uncovers the key has simply sparked renewed are based on a series of (Henrietta, a one-eyed cat to one of the greatest interest in grave topics books known by the same and Jenny, a diabetic). In mysteries of all time... and concerning faith and name. Until now five her spare time, Meg he becomes a hunted man." Christian history. books have been mostly likes to lie around, published and the watch TV or read a book Many scholars believe that Finally, this novel has sixth,The Princess Diaries, and eat cookies. She was even Leonardo Da recently been turned into a ‘sixsational’ is coming first inspired to write The Vinci's most famous movie, directed by Ron soon. All I can say is that Princess Diaries, when her art works such as Howard, and is yet they are great books (for mother, after her father’s Madonna of the to be girls) that once you start death, started dating her Rocks, The Last reading you just can’t put teacher, just as Mia’s mum Supper, and even the Mona Lisa, down. does in the books. The contain anomalies princess thing comes from that all seem to They are all about Mia, an that when she was little, be pointing to a ordinary, ninth grade New she kept on insisting that cryptic message. Yorker who finds out one Such scholars day that she is heir to the believe that this throne of a European message hints principality called at a shocking Genovia. Written from her historical point of view in the form secret of a journal, Mia reveals which the problems in her everyday life, such as the fact that she has a boyfriend but she is in love with her best friend’s brother who is a senior and graduating soon. Then once she gets the guy of her dreams, she is terrified that he will leave her for someone else, a really smart girl who her real parents, the king knows how to clone fruit and queen, were going to flies, and how. Just how come and restore her to is she supposed to get her rightful throne! Mia’s him to ask her to his character is based on Meg senior prom? Add to that as a teenager who was, the fact that she has to according to what Meg take these weird princess says, a major geek as lessons everyday with her well. crazy grandmother and Rommel, her hairless Meg has also written miniature poodle. It is a books other than The wonder that she gets Princess Diaries such as through the day at all! All-American Girl, which is about a girl who saves has been kept and guarded released. The release date The best thing about The the life of the President. since 1099 AD by a European set for now is May 19, 2006. Princess Diaries is Meg I recommend this book, secret society called the And guess what?! The movie Cabot’s style of writing which will be made into a Priory of Sion. Since many is starring Tom Hanks, Jean and originality. The witty film soon. She is also of you might not be familiar Rbeno, Audry Tautou, Ian style of writing makes you writing a new series called with this name, the Priory Mckellen, Alfred Molina, and laugh out loud and the The Mediator. It will of Sion is a secret society Paul Bettany. crazy situations that Mia definitely be as good as consisting of people who finds herself in are all her other books! have a different perspective Check out this book to reveal hilarious. This is one adult on the faith and the values the secrets and uncover the who has clearly not of Christian beliefs. In 1975, truth yourself. the Bibliotheque Nationale forgotten what it is like to Yasmin Sherif, 14 of Paris discovered Raghda Salama, 15 be a teen. Meg’s books documents known as Les are different from others, Dossiers Secrets, stating that Sir Isaac Newton, Victor www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . October 2005
  10. 10. When Imagination Becomes the Only Fact… Just free your imagination and live the new fashion styles, we're the with his friends. If he succeeds in the moment with Aregica News New Generation," Zaza claimed. the elections, Zaza will be able to Room! Zaza will offer one free cap for each pay the delayed rent of his room citizen and the second with a 50% on the roof of an old building! Let's begin with the headlines: discount as long as the caps are Despite all the suspicions of political bought from his father's store. critics, who agree on the weak 1) Go, Zaza, Go! Regarding the reasons that pushed chance of Zaza's success, he still 2) Summer Movies Resume Zaza to take the eylection step is insists on continuing the elections 3) Towards Solving the Means the 500 battle. One of our trusted sources of the Transportation Problem pounds knows that Zaza isn’t bet he qualified enough for this Time for detailed news! made position, only, because he lacks the two conditions stated in the 1) Go, Zaza, Go presidency law. The two conditions are: His name should begin with "M" and his mother should be Aregica's first Zaza, 30 years old, the young lady!! Aregican presidency candidate, has revealed his program and future plans in a press conference, yesterday. All political critics were delighted with the smashing speech of the young candidate. Young as 2) Summer he is, Zaza is one of the strongest candidates, among the 300 of them Movies Resume in the next elections battle. One of his main goals is to eliminate Ending one of the hottest summers unemployment. It's worth ever, we have to comment on some mentioning that Zaza, himself, was facts about it. never employed. And that's why First of all, only one new movie he declares that if he was chosen was released every week and that as the President, he would succeed means a big loss in the Aregican to solve, at least, one of the million box office because producers should unemployed cases all around have made good use of those Aregica. thousands who have nothing to do Zaza, declared, that the first except go to the cinema every other decision he'll take is the obligation day.. of wearing sporty caps all over Unfortunately, those thousands are Aregica. "In the past, they used obliged to see the movies more to wear the ‘Tarboosh’, but now than once. On the other hand, we we must be up to date with have to admit that there are some, October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  11. 11. not all, movies that deserve watching more than once. For breakthrough to solve the crowded means of the transportation Breaking example, that spicy tragedy of a medical student over 40 years problem in Aregica, the Ministry of Transportation decided to News: The old, who dreams of being a singer. Another one presents the booming increase the number of microbuses on all lines. These Unmask of the microbuses, flying on the grounds of Aregica, are Terrorist Attacker assumed to take the journey from the beginning of the Two hours after the terrorist attack line to the end on Aregica, the Aregican Police of it in less was able to reveal the truth about than 10 that guerrilla who murdered more minutes. than 200 citizens in a terrific These explosion! microbuses Habala Barmeel, 25 years old, drivers are accused of this attack, works as given the a garbage collector down town. license to His atomic bomb which was used break all in the attack was cleverly made traffic rules so of small pieces of glass, rubber as to achieve and nails. the above goal. The only evidence against that The lunatic asylum despicable guerrilla is that he in Gabassya is emptied the garbage car 15 offering to send 150 minutes late and that, patients to work as consequently, meant that he spent drama drivers on these the whole 15 minutes carrying on of a butcher microbuses only to make up this cursed attack. and his beloved for the huge number of injured All reasons that pushed Barmeel one in the drivers in microbus accidents last to prepare for the attack are totally slaughterhouse. It’s considered month. Observers predict a emotional and not political, as one of the best in the series of declination in the Aregican mentioned by some satellite TV the educational movies that population very soon! channels. teaches us the new fashion in the Barmeel wanted to take revenge Arabic accent. On the other hand, the air on his fiancée who works as a Finally, I advise the film producers conditioned buses called BTA, are babysitter in the house of the to work on increasing the number no longer conditioned after the friend of the cousin of the woman of movies during the summer big number of complaints written who lives in a building on the months since the majority of by citizens who caught flu because same street where the attack took movies are released in the other of that. In addition, the Aregican place. months of the year!! Ministry of Transportation is It's worth mentioning that Barmeel making a 50 piaster discount per had two partners to help him in the attack. The first is Dr. El 3) Towards Solving ticket to encourage citizens to use the air conditioned (unconditioned) Bashar, who works as a NASA the Means of the buses. Take my advice; better stay home! scientist abroad. The second is Soha Karrara, a journalist who fell Transportation in love with Barmeel! Barmeel used to collect the Problem garbage from Dr. El Bashar's mother who made the In a step that’s considered a communication between her son and Barmeel using a secret code transceiver. On the other hand, Karrara got to know Barmeel when she was carrying out a wide survey about garbage collectors and street beggars for her magazine. Karrara decided to help Barmeel take revenge on his fiancée, hoping that one day Barmeel would forget his fiancée and love her! Finally, investigations are still going on through a wider scale to verify if Barmeel had other partners or not. Waiting for more information about the attack so keep updated and stay with us!! Noha Samara, 21 Illustration by: Adnan Hesham www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . October 2005
  12. 12. My Elections Experience: Some tiring thoughts from my diary TV programs, newspaper pages, ads and a number of video clips. A whole month of slogans, words and endless speeches! Ten candidates remained for the Presidential elections after eliminating dozens of unknown and unqualified citizens who dreamt of the ‘POSITION.’ Ten was still a large number to choose from, but it wasn't difficult because most of them were never known or noted by the average Egyptian citizen like me! I'd been asking myself during that long month, does it really matter who’ll be the next President? Do I have to choose? And if not, who’ll vote then? When I reached this point I decided to take the initiative. Maybe moved by the emotional patriotic video clips and the TV ads urging you to vote, but never by the candidates' promises! 6th of September: the university. When we arrived home and after taking lunch, I decided to go to the police station to take I couldn't resist switching on the TV. I kept on watching ‘Al my voting card as I was born in 1984 and it Kahera Al Youm’ (Cairo Today) and it was having a full was announced that the voting cards were coverage on the elections. An hour later, I became so automatically available for those who were enthusiastic to try again and called my friend asking her to born between1982 - 1986. go together to the Nasr City police station where my ID was I entered a dull room where a man welcomed issued from. me with a smile. He was really friendly and We first went to a school in front of her house where there kept on searching for my name through the was an electoral council. I was sure we would find her name very long lists he had. I took my first shock in the lists because both her birth certificate and her ID were when we failed to find it although I was born from Nasr City. When we arrived there we didn't pay so in a hospital located in the area in accordance much attention to that man who was shouting and asking with that police station and that's written in them loudly why they tore his paper! my birth certificate! After watching the same scene of yesterday but this time I was just asking myself, how come we can't happening to my friend and then to myself again, we found find my name? And the next question, which others having the same problem. They were either ‘84 or I asked out loud that time was, "What shall ‘85 born and they didn't find their names. They told us it I do now?” seemed that ‘84 and ‘85 born aren't listed and that it was With the same big smile, he told me, “Come our fault because we didn't apply for the voting card last in November, you may find it!” November. I went back with my memory to last November Right then, I found myself taking my ID, when we knew nothing about the modification of Article 76 putting it into my bag and heading to the in the law and then kept on remembering all the responsible door with a quick move when I heard him figures who had appeared on TV last month saying that we saying, "Come tomorrow, maybe it will work are entitled for a voting ID card, automatically. I was startled with your ID.” I wondered if ‘come tomorrow’ by the voice of an old man shouting, for our sake, to the was just a phrase he uses with everyone or men of the council. In the background of the scene, I found if he really meant the word! a man of the council offering my friend to modify a somehow That day I convinced myself, or let's say, similar name to hers written in the list and went back to the starting point of a month my friend refused because the case would before, that my vote won't count. complicate if that person came to vote after us. It was a melodramatic scene and I didn't The Big Day - 7 th of September: know what to do then. I then found my friend grabbing me by the arm and telling I started the day not caring to read any me, "We'll go to the police station." papers talking about the elections and trying to avoid any TV channel discussing it. That On our way to the police station, we were was really hard - obviously! discussing the case. I was sure now that I, then, decided to go to the cinema with my I must find my name there besides hers sisters since it was a day off (because of the of course or where else would we find elections) from my programming course in them?! October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  13. 13. The police station was so crowded. Asking about our he wanted money voting card, a man quickly asked us about our birthdates so as not to fine me! and instantly answered that ‘84 born are not listed. After moving to the We concluded that there's something wrong with our other school, I guess you birthdates; they seem to bring us bad luck!! know what happened there by Just before we were about to leave, we found a woman, now; we were no longer shocked. who was a member of one of the known political It was as if watching a boring parties, suggesting that we go movie for the fourth time! to another school which may I drove my car back home, accept us voting with just our unresisting the sarcastic tone in my voice. I couldn't ID. In front of the gates of the find my name anywhere and neither could my friend. police station, we were shocked I concluded four things at the end of that tiring day: to see the same old man again. First, don't trust all that's said on TV or in the papers He asked us about what we did Second, 1984 born are not defined as Egyptian citizens and smiled with a sarcastic smile Third, Maybe it was all because of that pen which my when he knew we did nothing! friend was holding each time we went to vote. That Moving to my car, I found a pen must be thrown to keep away the curse! policeman stopping me and Fourth, I must change my birthday!! telling me I was parked in a forbidden area. I was supposed to be shocked because his colleague was Noha Samara, 21 the one who told me it's ok to park here. I then realized Frustrating but True On committee in the school which is living in nowadays, why can’t we Wednesday, nearby my house. When I reached vote online? Or why don’t they use September there, they told me that my name computer networks to supply the 7th 2005, isn’t included. They recommended names of the people so it would be we, as another school where I might find easier for them to reach the names Egyptians, my name. So I went there. I found rather than putting them in piles witnessed a it only for women voters, so I went and so on. For example, the very to another committee. They told hundreds that are suffering from important day, filled with tension me that they don’t have the unemployment, why weren’t they and challenge. It was the day of alphabet letter ‘M’ in these papers. taken to help in the committee the Presidential elections. I went to another but I had to look services? Truly, we need For more than 50 days, all streets my name up through six piles of organization in our work. were filled with posters of papers; each pile was 90 papers! candidates running for Presidency. Each paper contained 12 names The most striking event was the We had 10 candidates in that which weren’t chronologically ‘20 L.E. and a meal’ promise after election. They were too many. Were ordered. So I went up to the the vote; one candidate promised they all qualified to apply for such Committee Head who told me, “If to pay 20 L.E. and a meal to a position? Or were some of them I were you, I would go home.” But everyone who would vote but after just running so as not to give our I still had the enthausiasm to look the vote, nothing was received!! President the chance to stay in his for another place where I can vote. position? While, still, others were Until 9:30 p.m. I could do nothing. When I was walking in the streets pushed by some unknown sources So I returned to the same to turn the laws upside down and Committee Head and threatened creates disturbances and troubles. him; if he didn’t let me vote I’d go to ‘Al Jezira’ station office and tell What happened on that particular them about what's been going on day? Can we as teen writers know during the last 12 hours. Only by the truth and its explanations? saying that did he let me vote!" What's the story of the candidates’ promises of the 20 L.E and a meal That was one of hundreds, after voting for them? What's the thousands and maybe millions of truth behind the youth who weren’t youth, who did their best to share able to vote that day? in the destiny of their country. Some did like him but others While I was looking around for new weren’t able to reach their target information, I met someone and in voting. and saw people rushing to vote, I he told his story on the day of The disorganization made youth felt happy that people have such elections. lose their enthausiasm and faith. enthausiasm. But I never knew Mohamed el Awam, 22 years old They were deprived of their what lay behind the curtains, until had this to say: minimum right which is to vote and the show was over and everything choose the person who is supposed was discovered. "A week ago, we were told and it to represent them. They felt so was written in the newspapers that humiliated that they weren’t able youth born between 1982-1986 to be recognized as adults and the Mahie Ahmed, 20 may vote with their ID number and world to take by their opinions. that they need no voting cards. So I went down at 9 o'clock to a Among all this technology we’re www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . October 2005
  14. 14. A Lady, a Mother and an Artist: Dr. Fatma Ismail Head of the Central Administration of the Centers of Art year 1978 showing book ever written to document the artists great interest in the and their works in the Modern Art Arab-Israeli conflict. My Museum. mother had been a very sincere nationalist Another major project that was also one who cared about Egypt of a kind was the Kom Ghorab Project, more than almost which was a squatter area on the anything else in the outskirts of Cairo. Fatma and her artists world and who believed colleagues Adel el Siwi and Mohamed that with her Abla decided to renovate and paint the knowledge of Hebrew, facades of the houses in that area she could help a great making it actually habitable rather than deal. Later onwards a ‘planned-to-eradicate’ government when the Camp David project. Kom Ghorab was also meant Treaty was signed, to be an artistic experiment that included eradicating Israel as the interaction between the art-critique being our official and the artist and their relation to the ‘enemy’, at least on the materialistic reality of the city. official level. Haven been extremely Lastly and most importantly is the film shocked by the new titled, Windows which was carried out realities, Fatma by Fatma. Windows is a five-minute completely lost interest documentary which embodies a critical Despite the fact that I haven’t written in her field and one day while she was experiment, which according to Fatma, for a long time, I always thought I could tearfully wandering around the district enables the critic to replace the lingual still write whenever I want. But now of Zamalek, she went into the Center text with the visual image as “a way of that I’m turning 22 on New Year’s Eve, of Arts in Zamalek, and accidentally met seeing” to comment on the artwork. In it struck me that I simply have to write the famous Egyptian artist and the the same year of producing this my retirement piece. Director of the center back then, Mr. documentary, the year 2000, Fatma was Ahmed Selim, who offered her an invited to present Windows in the Modern Never had I imagined that this administrative job in the center. Just Tate Gallery in London. Windows was retirement piece of mine would be then Fatma had her life and dreams definitely Fatma’s favorite project, as it attributed completely to the dearest turned unexpectedly upside down and made her feel and believe that she was person in my whole lifetime; my mother , what seemed to be like a dead-end, an artist, and not merely a critic, only she won’t be able to read it. turned out to be an extremely bright throughout its five minutes duration. and newly planned future. I can’t really say who she was or what Later in the year 2001, Fatma finally she did or used to do. I might’ve not Since she had not studied art received her Ph.D. after one year of realized it back then but to me she’s academically in university, Fatma decided hard work and concentration, in addition simply everything and now she’s gone… she must go for post-graduate diplomas to also reaching the position of being to my awe and disbelief until this very and degrees to achieve prosperity in the Head of the Central Administration moment… gone forever. her new world which she dearly of the Centers of Art. Nevertheless, the cherished as being as creative and position never stalled Fatma from her When you lose someone, it will always energetic as she was. So in 1988, she energetic and creative ongoing projects. feel like you never gave enough, that received her Diploma of Art Criticism you never let out all the floods of feelings from the Academy of Arts. She kept I feel art is so lucky due to the amount that would burst your heart and shake going up the ladder reaching the post of love my mom had for it. I can consider your whole being instantaneously, the of the Deputy Director of the Center of myself the luckiest person on earth if moment you know and you realize that Arts. Fatma still decided she didn’t have love is the criteria. Having talked to you this flood will remain locked up within enough and later in 1989 she went on briefly about my mom definitely brings you… forever. The problem is that she an Italian scholarship for Contemporary about the impression of how amazing wasn’t just anyone; she was simply Art Studies in the Faculty of Art, Rome and unique a character she was. She everyone. University. She finally received her can be your best friend, your sister and Master’s Degree in Fine Arts Criticism your mother. She was a ‘Lady’ with all The unique Dr.Fatma Ismail was an art in the year 1990 in Cairo. Moreover, she the meanings the word carries. But most critic and the General Director of the became the Director of the Center of of all, she was an ‘Artist’… with all the Centers of Art. Despite the fact that she Arts from 1992 till 2001. Back then, meanings the word carries. was a graduate of the Faculty of Arts, Fatma started to be one of the most Eastern Languages section (Hebrew), famous and important Fine Arts critics Dedicated to the 1st year memory of my she had been able to, amazingly, work in the Arab World, in addition to the mom; Dr. Fatma Ismail her way up the Fine Arts field ladder international conferences, exhibitions I miss you and I will always love you and become one of the most important and projects that she participated in art critics on both the whole Arab level, world-wide, which made her quite well Maha Afifi, 21 and the international level as well. This known on the international level as well. is due to the fact that she was the During this period, between receiving Secretary General of the International her Master’s Degree and her Ph.D., Association of Art Critics ‘AICA’, the Fatma became very active in her field. Egyptian section; which is an She participated in a flood of artistic international organization that includes events, created dozens of new artistic all art critics from all around the world, projects, conducted a lot of research in addition to her also being a member and wrote tons of papers and articles of the International Committee for in famous Egyptian newspapers like El setting the policy of this association. Wafd and Cairo’s Magazine. After finishing her Bachelor’s Degree in The most important projects and my 1976, Fatma (allow me to refer to her personal favorites, are what I’ll highlight as Fatma, having been my best friend) for you. First, a book that she wrote in finished the Diploma of Semiotic 1995, titled 29 Artists in the Egyptian Civilizations in the Faculty of Arts by the Modern Art Museum, which was the first October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  15. 15. “Hehehehe,” I But NOOO … How can I bear Do you accept to take it off? to meet my best friend Smiling is your soul’s mirror grinned. without a greeting smile? that reflects your kindness When my mother’s birthday and your “Take care, YOU! You’ll comes, how can I present simply be arrested next time her my gift without a warm you do it! I don’t have the smile? What about my little chance to catch you now; cousins and babies in the I’m running out of time!” family … will they accept yelled the police officer to to let me play with them? my face while passing by Won’t I get to talk to me, riding a white car with them and laugh while a blue stripe on the top telling them stories and where you can find that acting them out noisy thing placed. together? What now? My school graduation party was four months Guys! I was just smiling not ago. I can’t describe how even laughing out loud! I happy I was because can’t truly shape a picture actually the professors of of a frowning clown or a pale linguistics haven’t invented neutral face neither smiling a word yet that I find could nor grinning. I can’t hold carry my feelings and myself from giggling when express them. So, I won’t hearing a funny joke or describe myself because I pure spirit. I won’t stop watching a comedy! want you to imagine my showing my white teeth face. What do you think I’m ever! nor shouldn’t you :) When I was discussing the doing? Grinning? Smiling? topic with my brother, before Laughing? Ummm… actually Now, unfortunately I have I started writing, I was more! to end right here. Hope to shocked to hear him say, have drawn a smile on your “Wow! It’ll be great!! I hate Don’t know how to say it, face! After all – don’t trust smiling to people I detest. but I’ve never felt that that impossible law that I It’s really stupid, you know!” feeling before! I think if that invented above - I understood what he was so-called law that forbids trying to say then. Maybe smiling was declared two I get to shake hands with sometimes you find people months ago, I would choose the broad, eye-catching that you must smile to their to smile, giggle and laugh smile of all of my sweet faces and appear at ease with all my senses as deep smiling readers. As always, when you see them. as I can. Then the policemen I’ll wait for your feedback or Personally, I extremely can freely put me under even an email saying that dislike doing so - and I rarely arrest. Don’t be surprised to you now, more than ever, do. The worst thing is when know I’d really do that. I’m believe in a smile’s effect! you feel other people smiling not worried at all, know Waiting for your opinions at: to your face while they don’t why? For the reason that I’ll info@teenstuffonline.com actually like you! never be alone; all my schoolmates would surely Sincerely, ‘Hypocrites!’ Yes, hidden be with me :P eh? Doaa Samy, 18 behind the smile. Well, does it mean that we can live ‘BE UGLY PEOPLE!’ the law honestly, for instance, clearly stated. My God! without fake smiles here and Imagine your world’s full of there? Will it make life more people, but ugly people. clear and pure? I can grant Never smile, never say that we’ll get rid of loads of thank you, with even the untrue feelings that some tiniest leer decorating people can show their faces! halfhearted yet hide, behind their smile, Smiling is which is even beauty’s worse! crown! October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  16. 16. Like You’ve Never Seen … “Throughout history, strong links have been forged between Islam and the civilizations with which it has come into contact; these links remain alive in the Islamic heritage today, nowhere are they more evident than in art and architecture…” The entrance to the park is a beautiful Aga Khan gate acting as a portal to another realm where you can feel, while going through it, that you’re being transferred to a world of its own. Historic layering merged with new found landscaping, blending the society with nature, and providing that breath of fresh air that we all miss here in Cairo. Azhar offers. Azhar Park aims at using its historically rich context that Park: is made of unique compositions of Islamic The Biggest Park in the Cairo that can be found no Middle East? Sure! where else. Inspirations from traditional styles for Fountain of water rising from the If you have not heard of it public places, combined with floor will greet you as you step in already, then the first thing vast green areas beautifully and if overwhelmed by the you should do when you and designed in geometrical and magnitude of the place, you’ll still feel the place very familiar. your friends go out is pay free form patterns, with this breath taking park a water fountains and paths visit, if not to enjoy the all merging in a rhythmic beautiful scenery or the symphony that enriches all historic sense of the place the senses, makes this place Water as an element isn’t just for , then just go to enjoy a one of a kind here in creating a certain mood, feeling or yourself in the marvelous Egypt. humidity but is considered a symbol of life and purity in Islamic landscape that this park It also acts as a ‘Green Lung’ architecture, which can be found all through the park. October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com
  17. 17. Landscaping in the park is mixed, between perfect geometry and free form and you’ll probably find yourself feeling light, and wanting to run - I suggest that you community, including apprenticeship probably shouldn’t fight it, and do it! arrangements, housing rehabilitation, micro-credit and health care facilities. So you see, it is not just a place for going out, having fun, or sight seeing. It is now considered a place of utmost importance for the surrounding community, as children are encouraged to learn and have fun in natural surroundings. It is a place for thinking and meditation, a space of multiple dimensions that is truly a must-see. Tarek Rakha, 20 for Cairo. It is clear that we need more green space. One study found that the amount of green space per inhabitant was roughly equivalent to the size of a footprint; one of the lowest proportions in the world. So besides the fact that we needed a park, it seemed critical to have a place to breathe! The project funded by the Aga Khan was not just the (US) $30 million park - no! It also included the excavation and extensive restoration of the 12th Century Ayyubid Wall, which is directly facing the park, and also the rehabilitation of important monuments and landmark buildings in this historic city. It also encompasses an extensive social development program for El Darb El Ahmar Cafés can be found in the park, also restaurants and playgrounds for children, all in a historical sense that makes the park a unique space for outings for all ages all the time. www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . October 2005
  18. 18. El Wafd Newspaper We herby declare that there is no truth whatsoever in this report “PS: We are paid to say that” :) Al Destour Newspaper Too bad such news doesn’t shock us anymore. We know humans are worthless here. The less the merrier! Al Destour Newspaper That is great! Now I know that my late grandmother is not the only loyal dead citizen Al Destour Newspaper I guess now we can’t accuse the government of not providing the proper job opportunities … Wa7edoooooooooh Al Ghad Newspaper After all this poverty they still voted for him … Miracles will never cease October 2005 . TeenStuff
  19. 19. Search for your goal … Find yourself! Most people have accept this state of people aren’t really their life planned ennui adequately living! They’re just Have you ever found out, while others enough just to move moving with the something you believe don’t know yet what on with their lives; wind. I just have a in that’s really worth it? the future holds. not thinking of their question to be kept Most people aim at purpose in life. Not in the minds of those … achieving their even remembering people: Why are Have you ever dug deep dreams even if their what they want or you living? That’s a into one thought? … life depended on it. wanted to do. When question that’s But others don’t asked what talents always running Does a dream sound that have a clue what they possess, their through my mind difficult? … their goals are. And answers are, mostly, when I see people Or is it YOU who never even if they did, they filled with pauses who’re always going feel incompetent to and stutter, until out, having fun fought? … attain such dreams they resolve to the twenty-four hours a or goals. fact that they don’t day and also the No, you’re not too late … Unfortunately, the have any talents. people who’re never majority who lead They can’t preparing for the Just need to start NOW! these aimless lives … are teenagers. It’s your life…don’t let They’re the foundation of the go… future but without Come on…walk and their goals or aims run… to build; everything will topple to the Think… search … and ground. always know: You can reach the sun! Why is it that they lead such aimless lives? Why is it that Doaa Samy, 18 they don’t exert their efforts to achieve what they’ve been dreaming of since remember what they future; people they liked to do when who’re always were they were young or moving towards little? mainly believe nothing. If they look Why is it they’ve grown out of behind or in front, that once it. they see nothing; they hit nothing the phase When we consider accomplished and of being the youth who lack nothing to be teens, ambition in the Arab accomplished. their aims societies in general, become we can find different They lack experience elusive? types. For example, and have no Basically, there are those who example to follow in the only rarely wake up early their footsteps. common in the morning, Sometimes, answer given striving in their life however, you find is the to earn a living or ones who can think shrugging of even studying to deeply and organize shoulders and reach what they their lives but the the uttering of want. They actually problem is losing one word; don’t know from confidence and LIFE. where to begin; how support. They tried Life’s to have a goal and once or something considered the set the steps to but failed. Here, obstacle safely reach it. These some people around blocking the are the types of just stop caring way. Its cruelty people who’re just anymore. We have is too much to living. They’re to stress the bear. Instead of targeting nothing. All society’s view right facing it valiantly, what they do in their here. As long as we’d rather lives is just eat, we’re short of huddle in a corner, drink, have fun, encouragement and fearfully, or escape hang out and finally always feel down, it by just go back to where people just see the indifferently letting they came from. I’m negative parts in our it pass. Most teens sorry to say these characters, which www.teenstuffonline.com TeenStuff . October 2005
  20. 20. isn’t the true us!! face ourselves that there are certain people in person. responsible to make you give up We can find youngsters When we find your aims in life, just because who truly need a chance ourselves very they don’t have ones and to be boosted! That reminds exhausted and never want you to be me of a story. There’s a guy I used not in the better than what they to know who had nothing to live for mood of are. Your job is to until he met a girlfriend. But his moving defend your little girlfriend got sick and suffered from forward, thought till it becomes a kind of illness that needed these older and stronger and physiotherapy twice a week. He was dreams act then it’ll talk on your bewildered and felt even more lost as our behalf. All people will see but what concerned him the most power that what you did and how you was to help her endure her pain and bump into tolerated days and conquer her illness. He wanted her our body stress to be in such to be stronger although he knew saying, a successful position. she’d never be cured. But how? hey, come Never confer the He had nothing to help her, meaning; on I’m chance for anyone to he actually had nothing to offer. here to destroy your dream. How could he lift her up before lifting push!! You must never lose his own self? How would she ever hope, even if you find believe in him before believing in “To be or not to be…” we all know everyone and all the himself? circumstances standing against you, because that Here was the start! may happen and for sure Find He focused all his life on working. sometimes you’ll find everything He worked day and night and he had against you, but never should you two related desires; earning money lose hope because it’ll turn on your yourself! to reach a further thriving position side one day. Just bear it! and, more importantly, to help restore his girlfriend’s health - at Yes, life has its ups and downs. It’s least by spiritual means. Earning mainly about succeeding but when money was the reward as a result failure knocks on your door, greet it of his hard work. But unfortunately, with acceptance and learn from your he couldn’t help easing her pain long mistakes. If you fall off the wagon because God chose to do so. once, that doesn’t mean you can’t See! Even in her worst situation get up and try again and keep trying. ever, the girl pushed him to the top Sadly, most of us don’t have that and so the best change took place kind of will power and are already in his life. What do you think now? consumed with a deadly venom Is it a situation that can suddenly known as ‘lack of interest.’ It’s been change the person? Or is it a planted inside of us due to getting challenge where you must prove to shunted in life, again and again. It’s yourself and to others that you can a major problem and is growing more stand tall and face life’s hardest hits? and more inside of us. We’ve gotten used to it to the extent that we’ve No one grows because of a talent or given in easily to it. some kind of passion. Anything can be done if you set your mind to it Now, time to wake up! It’s never because it’s just an ability to achieve late. something, nothing more. Yet, some Love your goal! And always don’t bother to search for their talents remember, if there’s a will, there’s a or gifts to make them fruitful. These way… gifts can create aims that can accomplish a person’s wildest this We really hope you could picture dreams. If teens give themselves a quote but have we ever thought anything in the future by now. Never chance to revive their talents or their about it deeply? How can you satisfy wait and start on your way …bear, effective ability towards certain yourself when you don’t know if you fight, and be optimistic till you things, then whatever they’ve want to be or not to be? The word capture your goal and achieve your dreamed for can come true. Their ‘dream’ makes the person who owns aspiration. problem is that they never look to it really rich! Every thing in life has If you’ve got any thoughts concerning the future. All their dreams are stuck circumstances, except for dreams. our issue, go ahead and write you with the current time. For instance; You can dream to be a pilot even if feedback. We’ll be waiting to know a boy who’s in high school and his you’re a little five year old kid. You what you think about it. Write to us only dream is to get good grades can dream of being the President at:info@teenstuffonline.com never asks himself, why? Is it to be even if you know it’s a hard thing to better than his friends, is it to get achieve. Many people think that to By Think Green Club: rewarded from his parents, is it to have a goal is completely different make them happy, or is it a one step than having a dream. I believe that Doaa Samy, 18 towards achieving the bigger dream? dreams build up goals. If you have Esraa Hegazy, 18 a dream and you really love that Mahie Ahmed, 20 One should have a dream in life. A Mohamed Bahar, 19 dream’s the reason why we exist. dream, you’ll work extremely hard to bring it to life. And you’ll consider Reem Ahmed, 15 Everything that you do in your life is just supporting this dream to come it your ultimate goal too. Then at the end, you’ll find that what you already Compiled by Doaa Samy true. It’s the reason of existence and (Head of the club) why you fight the daily problems that achieved now was just a hazy picture you face. These are the motives that that once popped into your head, make us struggle when we face which you can actually call a dream! everything. Sometimes they help us On the other hand, you must know October 2005 . TeenStuff www.teenstuffonline.com