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Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
Curriculum Vitae
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Curriculum Vitae


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The fast way to know my qualification

The fast way to know my qualification

Published in: Technology, Business
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  • 1. Curriculum Vitae
    Bo Kotian Lund
    BA, Legal Service Professional
  • 2. Contact information
    Name: Bo Kotian Lund
    Mobile: +46 0738 052895
    Address: Malmö, Sweden
    Born: 20 April 1977 in Denmark
    Civil Status: Married
    Degree: Cand. Merc. Jur.
    (Master in Commercial Law, Economics & Business Administration)
  • 3. Short Profile
    I am trained to integrate law and economics in solving complex business-related issues. Thus, I think in several dimensions, with a clear legal analytical approach - even on non-legal issues. I have maintained a generalist profile with a targeted focus on strategy and development, aiming at management duties.
    As a generalist, I am dynamic, versatile and flexible. IQ 122. Myers-Briggs Personality Type: Mastermind (INTJ).
    I have “Indian Private Origin” status and full EU citizenship (Danish Origin), giving me the possibility to work and live in India and EU without any further visa needed.
  • 4. Work Experience
    10+ years, here listed a selection:
  • 5. 02.2010 - 08.2010 : Trainee, Trade Commission of Denmark, India
    • Prepare bids according to prior communication with the customer
    • 6. Develop budgets and updating CRM system
    • 7. Market surveillance (news media, legislative procedures, policies etc)
    • 8. Develop marketing material and presentation’s (ppt. & publisher)
    • 9. Established joint platform with the Danish Business Council
    • 10. Responsible for a Danish delegation's representation in oil exhibitions
    • Experience in teamwork across hierarchies and self-management
    • 11. Knowledge of the Energy Industry in both Europe and Asia and an extensive network
    • 12. Knowledge of working in another culture and the challenges, that arise in the meeting of Western and Asian cultures
  • “Bo is a quick learner & is able to grasp the subject in a short time. He has been able to handle assignments in the energy sector independently. Bo has dealt with clients directly & closed business deals”
    — Harish Muthanna, Trade Counselor, managed Bo Kotian Lund at Trade Commission of Denmark, Bangalore India
  • 13. 02.2007 - 02.2009: Manager, part time, Student House Aarhus
    • Manage and distribute work on the venue
    • 14. Plan and coordinate job assignments, work plans and job descriptions
    • 15. Develop training programs and employee development plans
    • 16. Handle daily contact with volunteers (telephone / mail)
    • 17. Participate in management team on company development, implementation of initiatives and ad hoc problem solving
    • Ability to manage "on the floor" in the direct dialogue and motivation of employees, who works voluntarily
    • 18. Experience in designing and implementing workflow analysis and the challenges that arise between theory and reality
    • 19. Learned to navigate in a political house with conflicting interests
  • "Bo possesses a specialability to motivate his surroundingswith his good humor, goodplanning and breadth of view, to give it a littleextra. He is alwayshelpful to a fellow man - which I myselfexperiencedwhen Danish GreenKeepers Association should have a few tips for new statutes, an association where I am a boardmember"
    — Søren Nicholson, Volenteer, worked directly under Bo KotianLund at StudenterhusÅrhus
  • 20. 07.2001 - 06.2003: Deputy Manager, Bones, Aarhus
    • Head of the kitchen department, direct referring to chain management
    • 21. Manager for 35 employees and 3 middle managers
    • 22. Preparation of job descriptions, interviews and appointments
    • 23. Plan and execute long-term staff development
    • 24. Deal with ad hoc problems including lay-offs
    • The ability to manage, motivate and lead people to excellence performance
    • 25. Make planning and implementation form a synthesis by means of analysis and project management
    • 26. Extensive experience in leading middle managers, and motivate them to carry out activities I have created
    • 27. Conduct long term development plans through customer satisfaction and contractor management (purchasing, supplier, maintenance etc.)
  • Education
  • 28. 2008 - June 2011: MSc Business Administration & Commercial Law, Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University
    • Exchange student at Indian Institute of Management, Calcutta (top 2 in India)
    • 29. Internship at Trade Commission of Denmark
    Focus areas and profits:
    • Corporate international activities
    • 30. Cultural understanding and corporate behavior in foreign markets
    • 31. Problem-Based Learning and project management
    • 32. Insight in LEAN processes and ERP Systems (SAP, NAV, C5, SAS)
    • 33. Practical experience working in foreign cultures.
    • 34. Wide knowledge of India's development, especially within energy
    • 35. Large professional network (Asia, Europe and USA)
  • “During our study we have been working together on projects where Bo always has been one of the driving forces in solving the task at hand. Bo is capable of seeing alternative solutions to a problem, solutions most other people would not contemplate. He works with a very high standard and manages to tie loose ends together in a clever fashion. Bo is a valued team player with the ability to lead a group"
    — Daniel Bang Christensen, Legal Professional, studied with Bo Kotian Lund at Aarhus School of Business
  • 36. 2005 - 2008 BSc (Economic & Law), Aarhus School of Business, Aarhus University
    Focus areas:
    • Broad business economic and legal problem solving
    • 37. Cost, Operation, Supply Chain and Managerial Economics
    • 38. Tax Law, EU Law, Company Law , Private- & Commercial Law
    • 39. Specialist in Labour Union Law
    Thesis: (In collaboration with Grundfos A/S and Hedensted Municipality) "Flexible salary packages - in a legal and economic perspective”
  • 40. "I gave input to a bachelor project, where Bo Kotian Lund was the driver. He worked very
    professional and used the information well in accordance to his project. It was a pleasure to give input and Bo made sure that I received the final thesis"
    — Tina Halkiær Rasmussen, HR Consultant, Grundfos, worked with Bo Kotian Lund at Aarhus School of Business
  • 41. Volunteering and Trust Posts
  • 42. 08.2010 - 09.2010: Volunteer, SICEF Career Fair (DJOEF Student)
    Tasks: Promote the fair, person to person sales - holding the events, serve customers and businesses - In-house photographer
    12.2009 - 01.2010: Volunteer, Danish - Indian Child Care, Copenhagen Tasks: Visit four Danish projects in South India which support women and children in self-development - Studying the organization's micro-credit program and visit recipients - Evaluate the local organizations and report back to Denmark - Write articles about the work and the needs in India
    08.2003 - 06.2005: Trust Post, Aarhus Academy
    Tasks: Member of student council, policy committee - Board Representative for the Students - Promoted and drafted new statutes for the student council, recommended and granted a high cost physical alteration of school facilities on students' behalf
  • 43. Additional Qualifications
  • 44. IT Competences:
    Proficient in a number of MS Office software incl. Word, Outlook, Publisher, PPT, Excel, OneNote and InfoPath.
    Proficient on the SAS Enterprise Guide (Certified), SPSS (statistics), CRM systems and RefWorks (source management tool). Social marketing/network via LinkedIn, Facebooketc
    Intermediate (user-interface) level for C5, NAV, SAP
    Language Skills:
    Danish (native), good understanding of Norwegian and Swedish
    English at negotiation level, orally and in writing. I have worked and studied with English as main language for the last 3 years (TOEFL certified)
    Other Competences:
    Knowledge about LEAN, Six-Sigma and Supply Chain Management
    Knowledge about Project Management and (other) resource management
    Knowledge about EU-law – Invitation to tender (ITT)
    Knowledge about Contract Management
  • 45. Contact
    Phone: +46 073 805 2895
    Find more information and CV in pdfformat @