Παρουσίαση Εύβοιας και Σκυρου


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Παρουσίαση Εύβοιας και Σκυρου

  1. 1. discover ΕVIA island www.goevia.com
  2. 2. BULGARIA Skopja TURKEY ALBANIA GREECE TURKEY evia Athens www.goevia.com
  3. 3. ΕVIA island Nea Achialos airport 10 ΙΙ 15 16 12 9 11 Places of interest 17 18 7-8 Skyros airport 6 13 Ι 2-3 4 5 14 20 21 19 23 22 24 1 28 25 29 26 1. Lichada, Lichadonisia 2. Curative springs. 3. Archaeological collection of Aedipsos and Roman valaneia. 4. Tower of Agia Paraskevi of Aidipsos 5. Monastery of Agios Georgios of Ilia. 6. Nissiotissa 7. Taurus of Orei 8. Castle of Orei 9. Natural history museum of Istiaia 10. Hydro-biotope of Kanatadika 11. Temple of Agios Nikolaos 12. Panagia Dinious 13. House and grave of Leivs 14. The unique flora of Telethrio 15. The area of the sea-fight of Artemisio (480b.C.) 16. Tower house of Drosinis 17. Pine forest of Artemisio 18. Kastradaki 19. Waterfalls of Drymonas 20. Silified woods of Kerasia 21. Culch of Arapis 22. Folklore museum of Agia Anna. 23. Monastery og Agia Irini Chrysovallantou 24. Monastery of Osios David 25. Τower of Rovies 26. Historical and folklore museum of Limni 27. Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Calatakis 28. Ancient Kirinthos 29. Sycamore-Forest of Kireas 30. Temple and shrine of Osios Ioannis Rossos 31. Konaki of Noel 32. Tower of Mpeza 33. Castle of Kleisoura 34. The unique natural beauty of Vlaxia and Sarakiniko 35. Historical and Polemic museum Liaskos 36. Mountaineering lodge of Dyrfi 37. Castle of Psahna 38. Tower of Psahna 39. Tower of Triada 40. Ruins of the temple of Agia Triada 41. House of Kriezotis 42. Folklore museum of Psahna 43. Vrysakia 44. Statue of Aggelis Govios 45. Tower of Politika 46. Monastery of Panagia Perivleptos of Politika 47. Monastery of Panagia Makrymallis 48. Monastery of Agios Ioannis Kalyvitis 49. Flume of Aghali 50. Tower Mostra (Pissonas) 51. Old monastery of Hiliadou 52. Hialiadou beach 53. Old monastery of Hiliadou 54. Castle of Halkida (Kara Mpampa) 55. Old bridge of Evripos (tide) 56. Archaeological museum of Halkida 57. Grave and museum of Skarimpas 58. Folklore museum of Halkida 59. Mosque 60. Kamares (Aqua-Duct) 61. Temple of Agia Paraskevi 62. Arethousa 63. Red House and neoclassic buildings of Halkida 64. Archaeological site of Manika 65. Temple of Avleidos Artemis 66. Area of ancient Anthidona 67. Tomb of Salganeas 68. Archaeological site of Xeropolis Lefkanti 69. Tower of Vasiliko 70. Twin Towers of Mytika Vasiliko 71. Castle of Fylla 72. Monastery of ARMA 73. Archaeological site and ruins of ancient Eretria 74. Ancient theatre of Eretria 75. Archaeological museum of Eretria 76. Temple of Dionyssos, Iseio and ancient temples of Eretria 77. House of mosaics 34 30-31 27 ΙΙΙ 32 33 52-53 35 45-46 48 43 97-98 ΙV 49 47 37 42 38 44 39-41 36 51 94 50 66 Landscapes of particular Natural Beauty (L.P.N.B.) A. Monoglia and Lichades Island. B. Strogili Island (Lichada) C. Settlements in the Mountainous Region of Kimi D.Mourteri and Manikiotiko Streams in Kimi Region. E. Rouklia Valley in the Karistia Region F. Dimosaris Gorge and Kastanologos on Ohi Mountain G. Cavo Doro cape H. Skyros Town I. Kalogria bay, Atsitsa and Pinetree Forest (Skyros) J. Sarakino Island of Skyros 96 88-90 91 83 95 84 67 93 92 54-64 65 69 70-71 68 82 72 73-79 81 80 Περιοχές - Places Natura 2000 I. Mountain Telethrio - Lichada - Ghialtra II. Megalo & mikro Livari - Delta Xiria - Riverine Forest of Ag. Nikolaos III. Kandili Mountain - Prokopi Valley - Delta Kirea IV.DirfisQ Forest of Steni - Delfi V. Distos lake VI. Ohi Mountain - Karistos Plain - Potami - Cavo Doro Cape VII.Skyros Island: Kochilas Mountain. 85 87 86 99 100-101 V 78. Ancient baths of Eretria 79. House of Kanaris 80. Old chapels of Amarynthos 81. Monastery of Agios Nikolaos Amarynthos 82. Tower of Gymnou 83. Cavern of Tharounia 85. Arched burial chamber of Katakalou 86. Castle of Mylaki 87. The tower of public electricity supply 88. Tower of Avlonari 89. Castle of Potiri of Avlona 90. Temple of Agios Dimitrios of Avlona 91. Aid temple of Agia Thekla 92. Old monastery of Karyes 93. Monastery of Leyka 94. Temple of Matzaris 95. Old Monastery of Kliavanos 96. Monastery of Metamorphosis Sotiros of Kymi 97. Folklore museum of Kimi 98. Monument of Velissarios 99. Tower of Koutoumoulas 100. Ancient Dystos 101. Lake of Dystos 102. Acropolis of Armena (Styra) 103. Complex of Dragon’s lairs of Pali Laka 104. Mill of Mavromichalis 105. Dragon’s lair of Kapsales 106. Folklore museum of Kapsales 107. Castle Fylagra 108. Culch of Dimosari 109. Dragon’s lair and ancient mines of Ochi 110. Red-castle of Karystos 111. Ciokalio archaeological museum of Karystos 112. Mpourtzi 113. Ancient Gerestos 114. Archaeological site of Platanisto 104 106 103 102 107 105 108 VI 109 1 hour trip El Venizelos Αthens airport 110-112 114
  4. 4. Evia island: The 4 seasons destination! Evia is the second largest island of Greece and is located east of the central Greece one hour away from the capital of Greece, Athens It is accessible via air from two airports: The Athens International Airport, which is the most modern and most functional airport of Greece; The Achialos airport which is located in the city of Volos, very close to the North part of the island Evia island disposes of a unique natural beauty and is famous for its cultural heritage 900 kilometers of coastline 110 small picturesque or big beaches 1.100 tourist accommodations of all categories: from 5 stars Resorts to self catered villas and camping. 70.000 beds in total 210.000 thousand inhabitants The island of Evia is 3.670 sq. meters big and the distance from the North to the South is 180 km in a straight line www.goevia.com
  5. 5. Why visit Evia island? In Evia one can see all Greece in one island Harmonic combination of sun & beach joys with mountainous and alternative tourism activities Just 45 min from Athens International Airport and 65 min from Volos airport Evia is the most accessible island of Greece. You can reach from the mainland by land (2 bridges), sea and airplane (Skyros) The transfer of guests from the airport to the island can be done with public transportation, taxis, chartered vehicles, rented cars Starting from Evia one can visit famous archeological sites (Acropolis, Delphi, Epidavros, Marathon, Cape Sounio) and beautiful natural sites of the mainland (Parnassos) www.goevia.com
  6. 6. What to see? Evia is highly attractive & unique island in whole Greece for the following reasons You will see and be astonished from the unique worldwide tidal phenomenon, at the narrow strait of Evripos in Chalkida, where the water changes direction every six hours It is unique too for its geological phenomenon: The petrified Forest and the Museum of fossilized mammals at the village Kerasia in North Evia Eretria was an important Greek polis in the 6th/5th century BC, mentioned by many famous writers and actively involved in significant historical events Drakospita ( Houses of Dragons) in South Evia, ancient buildings of 8th-3rd Century BC . They were built from huge stones with no using any connecting materials, places of worship for goddess Ira and Hercules Monasteries and Pilgrimages spread in whole island and on the top the relics of Saint John the Russian Scattered Archaeological sites, Museums of all categories, Medieval towers, Roman monuments all over the island Naturalist spots, like wetlands gorges and waterfalls www.goevia.com
  7. 7. What to do? In our island you can enjoy all kinds of activities Hiking Road and Mountain Cycling Off road excursions by 4x4 Climbing Water sports like diving, fishing, exploration of smaller islands and sea caves. Kite surf Riding Free Falls www.goevia.com
  8. 8. Where to go? Beaches with difficult access, that have not been discovered yet Beaches only accessible by sea Nudist beaches Enjoyment and Night life Events and Local Festivals Perfomances and musical happenings Culinary pursuits and local dishes Roads of Wine and Olive It is dotted with vineyards with variety of grapes, wineries, museums accessible to visitors www.goevia.com
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  24. 24. How to come to Evia? By airplane Athens: Airport, Eleftherios Venizelos Volos: Airport Aghiallos By car The capital of Evia is Chalkis which is just 80kms from Athens. KTEL-EVIA( busses) performs frequent daily schedules , from Athens Bus Stations( Liosion, Kato Patisia), all over Evia By train OSE (railways organization) has frequent daily schedules to Chalkis. From Central Train Station of Athens (Larisis Station) and through the Inoi Station, there is a correspondence from/to Thessalonika By ferries From Rafina port of Attiki to Marmari port it takes 1 hour From Santa Marina p of Attiki to Styra and Almiropotamos ports it takes 30’ From Oropos of Atiiki to Eretria port it takes 20’ From Arkitsa of Fthiotida to Edipsos port it takes 40’ From St. Konstantinos port of Fthiotidadto St George port of Lihada it takes 30’ From Glyfa port of Fthiotida to Agiokampos port it takes 30’ From Kimi port of Evia to Skyros it takes 1h and 45’ In Evia island belongs administrative, the small beautiful island Skyros www.goevia.com
  25. 25. www.goevia.com
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  36. 36. www.goevia.com
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  38. 38. www.goevia.com
  39. 39. Skyros An Aegean style island, with its Cycladic features, enchants with the rich changes of scenery, fascinates with its special island countenance and is suitable for any tourism activity. The tourism development has not altered at all, the character of the island. The imposing capital (hora) of the island with the Byzantine Castle on the top, with the picturesque villages, the beautiful sand beaches with the deep crystal waters, fill the visitors with unforgettable images. Visitors and particular the young ones, are made crazy with the cute and well known Ponies of Skyros. This Pony is a very rear breed, that does not exist, in any other place of the world. Being its height 90cm-110cm is ideal for children to ride. www.goevia.com
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  44. 44. όλη η Ελλάδα σε ένα νησί