Language Learning through an online Community


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SUN.COM is an EU funded project which has developed an online community for language learning of less used languages. If you want to learn Greek, Latvian, Romanian, Russian, Italian, Polish, Czech, Albanian or Slovenian visit the website and make a profile. In case you need any further information contact us at

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  • 7German30Spanish58Latvian51Polish24Slovenian25French44Albanian36English66Russian105Italian56Romanian51Czech187Greek
  • Language Learning through an online Community

    1. 1. SUN.COM Sustainable Networking through a Language Learning Community Project Presentation Final Conference- Bucharest Insert your logo
    2. 2. Introduction Main aim: To form a methodology and develop a platform in order to promote language learning through informal language learning communities Insert your logo
    3. 3. Languages that are offered  Main emphasis on the less used and spoken languages  Greek  Italian  Russian  Albanian  Slovenian  Latvian  Polish  Czech  Romanian Insert your logo
    4. 4. Partners  Action Synergy (Greece)  HCC (Greece)  AΝUP (Romania)  LCC (UK)  IEIE (Germany)  BSW (Germany)  Universita’ Orientale (Italy)  Baltic Bright (Latvia) Insert your logo
    5. 5. Basic Concepts  Learning happening as a result of social interaction that is taking place between the users of the platform  There are no teachers and students: there are learners that are willing to learn a language, other learners and native speakers willing to support them in this learning process and moderators that coordinate the activities of the community  The users are able to share educational material with each other Insert your logo
    6. 6. Target Groups  Foreign language teachers  Foreign language learners  Native speakers of the languages that are being learnt Insert your logo
    7. 7. Data from the platform (until 8.4.2014) • For the period June 2013 – 8. April 2014 • 637 registered users • 615 active users • 309 forum threads
    8. 8. 0 20 40 60 80 100 120 140 160 180 200 Greek Italian Russian Latvian Romanian Polish Czech Albanian Slovenian SunLangCom Users per language"
    9. 9. Main Resources of the Community SunLangCom Platform Insert your logo
    10. 10. Main Resources of the Community Facebook Page Insert your logo
    11. 11. Activities realised in the community  Discussions in the forum Insert your logo
    12. 12. Activities realised in the community  Discussions in the forum Insert your logo
    13. 13. Language Learning Material  Practice the language through language learning material Insert your logo
    14. 14. Synchronous Events  Participate in Synchronous Language Learning Events Insert your logo
    15. 15. Meet other people that speak or learn the language  Meet people through the community Insert your logo
    16. 16. Learn about the culture of the country  Learn information about the culture of the country that you learn the language of Insert your logo
    17. 17. Competitions • Share a language and win a tablet (competition for the most active users of the community per language) Insert your logo
    18. 18. Teacher Training Seminars • SuNLangCom online seminars for teachers Insert your logo