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Dublin Innovation Declaration

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Open Innovation - Dublin

  1. 1. Dublin DeclarationEU OISPGMartin Curley & Bror Salmelin@OI2Dublin2013#OI2DublinIntroducingOpen Innovation 2.0
  2. 2. Richard Bruton T.D.Minister for Jobs,Enterprise andInnovationIrish GovernmentAlexander vonGabainEuropean Institute ofInnovation &TechnologyEliasCarayannisGeorge WashingtonUniversityLeif EdvinssonUniversity of LundVenkatRamaswamyUniversity of MichiganMeganRichardsEuropean CommissionAlexanderOsterwalderBiz Model InnovationWith video contributions from:Professor Stephen Hawking and European Commissioners Neelie Kroes, Máire Geoghegan-Quinn and Androulla Vassiliou.Justin RattnerManaging DirectorIntel LabsVP & CTO Intel CorpSean Sherlock T.D.Minister of State forResearch andInnovationIrish GovernmentThierry vanLandergemBell Labs /Alcatel LucentPaul SteinRolls RoycePeter VanManenMcLarenNaoise Ó MuiríLord Mayor of DublinSean O’DriscollGlen Dimplex2 days - 300 delegates - 3 venues - 1 technology showcase -public engagement activities – better cities competition -innovation luminary awards dinnerConferenceChairs:Bror SalmelinAdvisor DGConnectEuropeanCommissionMartin CurleyVP Intel Labs EuropeChair OISPG
  3. 3. …the Winds of Change“When the winds of change come, some peoplebuild walls, other build windmills”Brian and Sangeeta MayneLet’s go buildsome windmills!
  4. 4. OI2 Conference FocusWhat?• Sustainable Intelligent Living• Financial, Social &• Environmental SustainabilityHow?• Open Innovation 2.0FirmStart-upUniversityFirmNascentStart-upUserCo-innovatorCreativeCommonsGovernmentEcosystemsupport
  5. 5. Dublin Declaration• A co-created manifesto using open innovation2.0 to help achieve a trajectory for aSustainable Economy and Society
  6. 6. Mission: Develop a widespreadinnovation literacy in Europe.Vision: Open Innovation 2.0 –The next new Official Language of theEuropean Union.implemented by the following actions…
  7. 7. • Action No 1: Develop a new business model for the European Union• Action No 2: Design for a new end state• Action No 3: Create an EU Innovation Strategy• Action No 4: Move from European Research Area to European Innovation Ecosystem• Action No 5: Create a European Innovation System and Capability• Action No 6: Quadruple Helix Innovation• Action No 7: Focus on Innovation – Adoption Matters• Action No 8: Create incentives to encourage Openness to Innovation and Experimentation• Action No 9: Stimulate High Expectation Entrepreneurship• Action No 10: Drive Intersectional Innovation• Action No 11: Promote Successful Innovators and entrepreneurs as Hero’s• Name:• email address:Dublin Declaration – Open Innovation 2.0 May 20 & 21 2013Mission: Develop a widespread innovation literacy in EuropeVision: Open Innovation 2.0 – The next new Official Language of the European Union
  8. 8. Action No 1: Develop a new business model forthe European Union• Develop BusinessModel Canvas for EU• How we define, design, create andcapture value• Value = Wealth, Welfare, Wellbeing• Make it a Win-more, Win-moremodel• Agile evidence based policy making
  9. 9. Action No 2: Design for a new end state• SustainableIntelligent Living• Move from valuechain to value cycle
  10. 10. Action No 3: Create an EU Innovation Strategy• Drive Transformation tocreate jobs, improve qualityof life, resource efficiencies,services• Focus on Disruptive andarchitectural innovation• Appoint an EU CTO/ChiefInnovation Officer• Leverage US example
  11. 11. Action No 4: Move from European ResearchArea to European Innovation Ecosystem
  12. 12. Action No 5: Create a European InnovationSystem and CapabilityInnovation Systems• Closed Loop Control• Dynamic Capabilities• Drive alignment of strategyand funding to maximizeoutcomesInnovation Capability• Capability MaturityFramework• Closed Loop ImprovementSystem• Focus on outcome andprocess maturity
  13. 13. Action No 6: Quadruple Helix InnovationGovernment, Academia, Industry and Citizens collaborating together todrive structural changes far beyond the scope of any one organizationcould achieve on it’s ownInvolve all stakeholders in quadruple helix to innovate and experiment in realworld settings, in creating frictionless ecosystemsGovernment/PublicAcademicIndustryCitizen
  14. 14. Action No 7: Focus on Innovation –Adoption Matters• 80% of Innovation Value comes from the widespreadadoption of Innovation with 20% of value comingfrom the production of Innovation (OECD)• Prioritize Demand Driven Innovation• Innovative Public Procurement• Shift Horizon 2020 to prioritize on ideaimplementation and adoption
  15. 15. Action No 8: Create incentives to encourageOpenness to Innovation and Experimentation• We solve too many problems with taxes andpenalties• Create incentives to encourage experimentation andprototyping• Change our European culture where honourablefailure is seen as a badge of honour
  16. 16. Action No 9: Stimulate High ExpectationEntrepreneurship• HEE = High Expectation + Disruptive Technology• HEE = > 20 jobs in 5 years• HEEs contribute approx 80% of all jobs• 1 Technology jobs = 4.3 other jobs in longer term• Establish Co-creation platforms for young highexpectation entrepreneurs in Europe
  17. 17. Action No 10: Drive Intersectional Innovation• The breakthroughs happen at the boundaries ofculture, domains, nations and technologies• Prioritize support for innovation which targetintersectional, disruptive and architecturalinnovation• Create a de Medici effect to enable a new EuropeanInnovation renaissance
  18. 18. Action No 11: Promote Successful Innovatorsand entrepreneurs as Hero’s• Encourage European’s to have the courage toinnovate• Make the Innovation Luminary awards a centrepieceof the European calendar• Recognise and learn from failures