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    Reported speech Reported speech Presentation Transcript

    • She told me that Bla bla bla... bla bla bla...REPORTEDSPEECH
    • CHANGES pronouns (personal and possessive) verb tenses time expressions place expressions
    • PRONOUNSDirect speech:Kate said : “ I am unhappy in my job”.Reported speech:Kate said that she was unhappy in her job.
    • TENSE CHANGES Direct Speech Reported SpeechPresent Simple Past SimplePresent Continuous Past ContinuousPast Simple Past PerfectPresent Perfect Past PerfectAm / is / are going to Was / were going toMust Had toWill Would* Modal Verbs (could, should, would and might ) do notchange
    • EXAMPLES Direct Speech Reported SpeechI am ill She said she was ill.They are studying Maths She said they were studying Maths.She phoned me yesterday. She said that she had phoned the day before.Simon has come back from He said that Simon had come back fromParis. Paris.He is going to prepare She said that he was going to preparedinner. dinner.You must finish before 9. He said that I had to finish before 9.I will bring you a blanket. He said he would bring me a blanket.
    • TIME EXPRESSIONS Direct speech Reported speech now ➙ then today ➙ that day tonight ➙ that night yesterday ➙ the day before the following day / the tomorrow ➙ next daynext day / week / month the following day / week ➙ / year / month / year
    • PLACE EXPRESSIONSDirect speech Reported speech here ➙ there this ➙ that these ➙ those
    • REPORTED STATEMENTS introduced by reporting verbs say, tell, explain, inform, state, decid e etc. often followed by thatDirect speech:“You must go”, Jack said.Reported speech:Jack told me (that) I had to go.
    • REPORTED QUESTIONS introduced by reporting verbs ask, inquire, wonder, want to know have direct !!! word order yes/no questions start with if / whether no question marks no polite words like please or well
    • EXAMPLES“Can you hold the door for me please?” the man asked.The man asked if/whether I could hold the door for him.“Where are you going?” asked Sam.Sam asked her where she was going.
    • REPORTED COMMANDS AND REQUESTS introduced by reporting verbs advise, ask, beg, tell, order etc followed by the infinitive with to followed by not to if the request is negative
    • EXAMPLES“Put the gun down”, he said to him.He ordered him to put the gun down.“Please, please, don’t call the police”, he said to Colin.He begged Colin not to call the police.