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Dutchfintechhackathon : pitch training
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Dutchfintechhackathon : pitch training


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The slides of the Dutch FinTech Hackathon pitch training

The slides of the Dutch FinTech Hackathon pitch training

Published in: Business, Technology

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  • ONE THING – aan start – rondje langs de velden; ieder doet mee; + aan het eind van de rit nogmaals. Je kunt ook een vraag stellen. Feedback krijgen.. Transactie…
  • CONTACT MAKEN – waarnemen + eigen presence. Presenteren. Presence heb je altijd – presenteren doe je maar soms… Hoe krijg ik dialoog voor elkaar … Gunnen.
  • Transcript

    • 1. 1 Food for thought: pitching tips from the Pros Dutch Fintech Hackathon July 5 2014
    • 2. 2 Sieuwert van Otterloo • Editor • Investor in startups • IT and strategy consultant About us Rob Bakker • Manager ADM PDS Change office • Presence trainer at Rabobank
    • 3. 3 Make sure your product gets the pitch it deserves! Our goal
    • 4. 4 Part 2: Practice, practice, practice Each group can practice their pitch and watch one other group (in slots of 30 minutes) Agenda Part 1: Food for thought • Rob (2 tips) • Sieuwert (2 tips) • Your questions
    • 5. 5 What the jury is looking for: 1. Innovation: is it new and interesting? 2. Validation:What did you do/test this weekend? 3. Presentation: Does it look right? 4. Excitement: Are you excited about your product? All this in 2 minutes, without powerpoint, including a demo Pitch criteria
    • 6. 6 We stole for you the actual judging instructions – here they are
    • 7. 7 Step 1: Choose your ‘OneThing’ • Presentations and workshops are transactions • Determine what exactly people buy when they buy your story • Emphasize your one thing in word, position and nonverbally (contrast, speed, tone, visuals)
    • 8. 8 Step 2: emphasize your ‘One thing’ The OneThing should feature clearly in the pitch: • Strong start • Strong End • Remarkable middle Make sure it stands out
    • 9. 9 Tip 2. Make contact Right posture • Relax • Talk clearly • Use breaks Roaming • Look around and make eye contact Interaction – Dialogue • Watch if people nod ‘yes’ or ‘no’
    • 10. 10 How does it work Tip 3: Focus on the need for your product, not the product What is the solution? Is there a problem? 70% 20% 10%
    • 11. 11 Tip 3b: proof your need Trailer and signup Dropbox: better file synchronisation Food truck The Blaxican: Mexican soul food
    • 12. 12 Tip 4: Use your time wisely Scheme for a 2 minute pitch 0 min. 1 min. 2 min. Problem/ need Solution / product Results this weekend Demo Team Hinting at a Business model
    • 13. 13 Final tips: Presenting in a foreign language • Prime yourself: use keycards if you are worried about forgetting words or lines • Keep it simple: focus on basic English words.You are not the only non-native speaker • Slow down • Practice