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  • 1. Photography By: Courtney Arnt Senior Project April 19 th , 2007
  • 2. Understanding
    • In order to be a successful photographer, you must understand the camera and equipment.
    • Also, you may be entitled to understand basic editing applications depending on which division of photography. (Photoshop CS2, etc.)
    • You also must be educated in both film and digital cameras
  • 3. Film
    • You must understand the proper developing skills needed and how to go about printing the photos.
    • Advantages – More professional outcome. Better cameras for cheaper than if using digital. More reliable.
    • Disadvantages – Time consuming. Developing process more pricey than digital.
  • 4. Digital
    • The use of a digital camera in photography requires the photographer to be more technologically inclined. Digital photography is more widely used among younger photographers.
    • Advantages – Fast results. Automatic playback.
    • Disadvantages – Equipment more apt to errors. Cameras more pricey.
  • 5. College
    • Four years of college is ideal for a photographer.
    • Depending on what division a photographer goes into, more or less may be required.
    • For lower photographer careers, college is not a necessity, however, the more education in the field, the more likely it is for you to get a job.
    • Higher jobs in photography will want the most impressive resume, therefore, more college and experience will impress the employer.
  • 6. College Continued…
    • Even after an individual completes an ideal amount of college and has a fair amount of experience in the field of photography, a job may be hard to find.
  • 7. Employment
    • Employment in Michigan is a challenge for any career, especially for photographers.
    • Photographers often move to places where the job of photography is in higher demand such as:
          • Los Angeles, California.
          • London, England.
  • 8. Salary
    • This career is more for the enjoyment rather than the salary.
    • However, depending on the division of photography that an individual goes into, the pay can be quite good as well.
  • 9. Salary Continued…
    • The division of photography with the highest pay is a Wedding Photographer.
    • The division of photography with the lowest pay is a general studio photographer.
    • Highest requiring the most college, lowest requiring little to none at all.
  • 10. Personal Plans
    • After high school, I plan to attend Southwest Michigan College for two years majoring in Photography.
    • I then plan to transfer either to:
    • -Santa Barbara, California - attending Brooks Institute of Photography.
    • - Chicago, Illinois – attending Columbia College.
    • - Pembrokeshire, Wales (United Kingdom) - taking part in a study abroad program.