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My trawling presentation on brand monitoring / social media reputation mining.

3 principal concepts in play, listening, farming and engaging.

All of which will change the face of research for both marketers, advertisers and product design to degree. The point of this presentation is to layout the forces at work and to educate researchers on what is happening in this space.

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Trawling | Research Online

  1. 1. trawling
  2. 2. imagine a world where everyone is online and talking about you lextant |
  3. 3. what’s going on with consumers? empowered: opinions, blogs, reviews, customer support forums, videos, music, presence, my stamp right here pal why they do it: to express themselves, first!, pwn’d you, get answers, find reviews, seek advice, my vote plenty of outlets: amazon, youtube, myspace, blogs, facebook, ning, screw it i’ll make my own voice portal no barriers to entry: its all free, sometime I even get PAID lextant |
  4. 4. trawling also known as: brand monitoring, social reputation monitoring who's doing it: big brands, advertising, marketing, and innovation players why: because they're talking about their experiences and you can listen in and learn something who's talking: moms, geeks, students, consumers, everyone lextant |
  5. 5. 3 big aspects at work here listening farming engaging lextant |
  6. 6. listening goal: help company X listen in on what consumers are talking about in regards to their brand how it can be used: •monitor the affect of a new product launch / ad campaign / insert anything here •competitive intel •listen in on pain points •goes into your know book •inspiration from customer suggestions lextant |
  7. 7. success in listening Set a goal. Leverage unique keywords. Analyze for sentiment and frequency. Map to related timeline, events, trends. You’re getting a whiff of what could be happening. lextant |
  8. 8. listening twitter and radian6 lextant |
  9. 9. farming goal: launch a product/service and actively seek insight, ask them to innovate your rough edges, listen + care method how it can be used: •promotion •project a sense of connection/care •engage and ask people to innovate your idea for little $ •establish presence •establish a mechanism that allows the user to experience you and improve you lextant |
  10. 10. success in farming Have a place. Ask for help. Reward for engagement. Keep them updated. Make them a partner. You gain direct participatory innovation, presence, and sustainability. lextant |
  11. 11. farming hasbro’s cafemom lextant |
  12. 12. engaging goal: collect and act on consumer satisfaction issues faster how it can be used: •evoking change faster •listen + act fast •create listening posts for consumers to engage in •you employ farming methods •share the road map to innovation •communicate clarity in that people have been heard and that change is afoot lextant |
  13. 13. success in engaging Identify who is saying what. Intercept the call. Have a place. Ask them to come. Beg for interaction. They are your staff. lextant |
  14. 14. engaging starbucks - my starbucks idea lextant |
  15. 15. examples listening farming engaging lextant |
  16. 16. players, outlets and glue players.... trend firms, major brands, insight portal market research houses, web companies niche aggressive brands, PR listening farming engaging social networks outlets.... high speed broadband, RSS, API, glue.... lextant |
  17. 17. Your level of effort LOW HIGH SHALLOW Forums Digg Facebook / MySpace LinkedIn Amazon YouTube Consumer’s level of engagement Mechanical Turk Dell Ideastorm P&G Moms Playskool Innocentive LEGO Cafe Mom Kraft Café Press Threadless DEEP Zappos User Voice Get Satisfaction My Starbucks Idea lextant |
  18. 18. Your level of effort LOW HIGH SHALLOW Forums Digg Facebook / MySpace Listening Listen in LinkedIn Amazon Posts YouTube Consumer’s level of engagement Dell Ideastorm P&G Moms Insight Build it and Innocentive they will come Portals Kraft Café Press Threadless Engagement DEEP Zappos Seek & Act Mechanisms User Voice Get Satisfaction My Starbucks Idea lextant |
  19. 19. Your level of effort LOW HIGH SHALLOW Forums Digg • Undirected, unsolicited information Facebook / MySpace Listening • Large amounts of shallow data LinkedIn Amazon Posts • Get a whiff of the data YouTube • Ear to the ground for emerging trends Consumer’s level of engagement • Deeper engagement with Dell Ideastorm P&G Moms smaller number (hundreds Insight vs thousands) of consumers Innocentive • Test and evaluate ideas Portals Kraft • Targeted inspiration Café Press Threadless • You listen & ACT in near Engagement real time DEEP Zappos Mechanisms • Prolonged engagement User Voice • Customers see you acting Get Satisfaction on their issues / ideas My Starbucks Idea lextant |
  20. 20. Thank You Dan Rockwell aka @floozyspeak on twitter special thanks to: Jim Couch and Taylor Lies, and of course Lextant : @lextant on twitter : 614.228.9711 : lextant |